Boost Your Connectivity via Streamtech’s Faster Fiber Internet Promo!

Need to do simultaneous online activities at a time? Living in a home where you share the same wifi access? Tired of experiencing slow internet connection? Worry no more! Streamtech’s Faster Fiber Internet Promo is here to cater to your needs! Now, you can level-up your internet experience and #ExceedLimits !

Below are the general mechanics of the promo:

     1. All new applications and accounts for reconnection are eligible to avail of the Faster          Fiber Internet Promo of Streamtech.

     2. Such promo is applicable to the following existing Streamtech’s plans:
        a. Fiber Internet Only Plan (PhP 1,499)
        b. Fiber Internet and Cable TV Bundle (PhP 1,499).

     3. Enjoy up to 40 Mbps speed (previously at 25 Mbps) for the same price of PhP 1,499             for those who will avail of the fiber internet only

     4. At the same time, for the fiber internet and cable TV bundle, experience a fiber                 connection of up to 35 Mbps (before, also at 25 Mbps) plus cable TV, for the same              price of PhP 1,499.

     5. Furthermore, deposit fee is also waived for those who will avail of the promo.

     6. Promo runs from March 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021.

     7. Terms and conditions apply.



     1. Streamtech’s Faster Fiber Internet Promo is only applicable to the following areas:

  • Cavite
  • Batangas
  • Laguna
  • Antipolo
  • Taguig
  • Las Pinas
  • Muntinlupa.

     2. Those who will avail of the promos are subject to a 24-month lock-in period.

     3. Accounts for reconnection will not pay any cash-out amount. However, the new                 plan rate shall automatically apply.

     4. In contrast, new applications will have to cash-out an amount of PhP 1,000.

     5. More so, an installation fee of PhP 1,000 is applicable to both new applications and             reconnections.

     6. Pertinent device fee/s will still be paid.

     7. Actual channel line-up and internet speed may vary, depending on the availability in           your location.

You may reach Streamtech via the following hotline numbers for questions and/or concerns: (02) 8808-2323, 0919-057-8888.

You may also send us a message via the following email addresses: [email protected], or [email protected] .