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Fun And Meaningful Ways To Celebrate Online Graduations 2021

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In the Philippines, March equates to the “Graduation Month”. It is the time of the year that academic institutions hold commencement ceremonies. This is to celebrate the accomplishments and triumphs of students. Nonetheless, most institutions have adjusted their academic calendars to follow international standards. But regardless of date, graduations of this year will most probably share the same fate as last year. Accordingly, they will be held online. And it is a must for students to have fast and reliable fiber optic internet to enjoy such occasion.


Graduation is significant in a student’s life. It is the culmination of a long and tough journey for any individual who has invested diligence, dedication, and perseverance for the sake of education. One cannot play down the importance of such a moment, as every student’s pursuit towards graduation is chock-full of challenges and trials. This ceremony itself is also important for parents as this serves as their “reward” for all their effort to support their children’s aspirations. 


Truly, students look forward to their graduation rites as these bring wonderful moments, including walking towards the stage while garbed in a toga, mortarboard and tassels, to receive an important document that attests to years of hard work. It is also an opportunity to reminisce memories of school life amidst the hardships and obstacles. Ceremonies may also involve singing together a graduation song, symbolizing all of the students’ success and achievements.


However, the pandemic changed the way graduation ceremonies were held last year. The implementation of a nationwide lockdown coincided with the graduation season and several schools and universities had to cancel their ceremonies to ensure safety among students and teachers and to adhere to quarantine regulations. The threats of the health crisis have made it impossible for commencement exercises to be held in person.


Trust the Power of Fiber Optic Internet

Fortunately, the internet, specifically fiber optic internet, paved the way for academic institutions to conduct ceremonies online. Indeed, various universities have turned to online resources and platforms to give students the recognition they rightfully deserve.


Specifically, the University of the Philippines Diliman, the country’s premiere university, held its commencement exercises virtually for the first time last year, via live streaming online. Unsurprisingly, a total of 3,778 candidates participated in the virtual ceremony. Further, 28 summa cum laude graduates from different fields of study led the ceremony. 


Instead of being physically present, there’s a virtual and artistic show of students’ photos and videos in the live stream. During the online ceremonies, the graduates were also able to shift their ‘UP sablay’ from one shoulder to the other. Of course, this signified their status as graduates.


Also, schools under Ateneo De Manila University, including Loyola Schools and their Basic Education departments, celebrated graduations online. Certainly, the ceremonies gathered their students online to recognize and honor the graduating classes. Through programs specially designed to exhibit the solemnity, elegance, and dignity, the commencement was what’s it’s traditionally known for. 


Further, the pandemic brought changes to the graduation ceremonies of both the Philippine Military Academy and the PNP Academy. Simultaneously, these country’s top military and police academies held virtual graduation rites in Baguio City and Silang, Cavite, respectively.


With the pandemic still not over, there are still on-and-off restrictions on mass gatherings this year. And it may cover the graduation season. Hence, a virtual or probably a hybrid ceremony may still be safer options to avert the transmission of the virus. But what will definitely ensure a smooth conduct of online graduations this 2021, is the availability of unlimited fiber optic internet.


Make a List of Graduation Traditions, and Achieve Them Virtually with Fiber Optic Internet

Schools and universities may have learned their lessons on how to hold graduation ceremonies amidst the pandemic. They may not have prepared for it last year, but 2021 can be a good year to step-up virtual graduation ideas and make the ceremonies more creative and more memorable for students. Let’s face it, graduation was way different from the conventional ceremonies held prior the health crisis. Even so, there are ways that can make the celebration meaningful and purposeful even if students remain in the comfort of their homes. 


Through virtual ceremonies, classic graduation traditions, including presentation of graduates, commencement speeches, photo shoots, award announcements, and even the most awaited cap tossing, is still achievable. Schools, staff, and even family designated to execute such plans may just have to be ingenious and innovative. 


While students may want a traditional graduation ceremony this 2021, with the future still uncertain, they may have to resort again to an online one. With the following more specific virtual graduation ideas, you are sure to bring out your creativity and make incredible memories.

Creative Video and Slide Shows


You may opt to do a pre-recorded video or slideshow showcasing the members of the graduating class, and their many feats and accomplishments. You may include images and videos of significant achievements and unforgettable memories in school.


Fun Graduation Regalia Photoshoot


Virtual graduation doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. It is an opportunity to take and share photos of yourself in your graduation toga and cap. In fact, it is the perfect reason to wear your best amidst the quarantine and do a fun photoshoot. You may even still toss your cap, but with your backyard as your backdrop. 


Zoom Party with Family and Friends


Distance is no longer a problem as there are several online videoconferencing platforms that can gather family and friends. You can organize a virtual party via Zoom and have everyone share their congratulatory messages to the graduates. You may even create unique virtual backgrounds to celebrate with people who have been there for you through the ups and downs of college life. 

Party online at home via fiber optic internet of Streamtech

Food Treats for the Graduate


What is a celebration without food? Traditionally, the whole gang would proceed to a restaurant after graduation. Though dining establishments are slowly opening up, it will be more special—and safer, given the current quarantine mandates—if you can just prepare all the graduate’s favorite food at home. This is an amazing opportunity for family members to whip up recipes together in the kitchen. Or another option is to order all these favorites dishes online and have them delivered to your doorstep.



The marking of one’s graduation is indeed different under a pandemic. Graduates will still not be able to physically celebrate this momentous occasion with teachers, classmates, family and friends. Nonetheless, the beauty of technology has made things easier for everyone to connect virtually.


With Streamtech, one of the newest internet service provider in the Philippines, all these incredible and creative plans for a virtual graduation ceremony is possible. Certainly, with its high-speed but affordable fiber internet, it is a guarantee that the online celebration goes perfectly.


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