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Your Guide to the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

May 9 marks this year’s Mother’s Day. You might be wondering what you should get for the special lady in your life. After all, your mother was your first friend, supporter, mentor, cook, and guiding hand throughout your life.

As you get older, you realize that bringing you up took a lot of sacrifice and hard work. That’s why it feels good to get to give back to your mother. Amid the pandemic, mothers have stepped up to the plate for their families. Most working mothers have had to shift to juggling their professional and home life. Stay-at-home mothers have had to take care of their kids all day everyday. Single mothers have had to take their work hustle to the next level. Taking care of a family is difficult, but keeping the family afloat amid a pandemic is extra challenging. The most heartwarming part is that all of these efforts were made out of unconditional love.

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So what do you give your mother to show how much you appreciate her? This is that it is unrecommended and unsafe to treat her out to a nice restaurant. It’s also not the best idea to go out of town or country for a nice vacation. However, there are many ways for you to make her feel special even while staying safe at home.

Here are some of the best gift ideas you should consider this Mother’s Day: 

Cooking her favorite dish

This coming Mother’s Day, consider giving your mom a break from kitchen duties by whipping up her favorite dish. It doesn’t matter if you treat her for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can surprise her by serving her breakfast in bed. You can even go all out by preparing all the meals for the day. 

If you’re not confident about your kitchen skills, you can simply search for recipes online. There are a lot of articles and videos that teach even the basics of everyday cooking. There are also more sophisticated ones for skilled cooks looking for a challenge. All you need is to maximize all the items in your pantry. If some things aren’t available, you can even buy the ingredients and pieces of equipment online. The possibilities are endless. 

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Help her follow her passion

Aside from taking care of you and the family, your mother probably loves other things, too. After all, before she became your mother, she had more time for other hobbies and interests. Well, you can help her pick up old passions. Ask her what activity or thing helps relieve her stress, and support her passion. What matters is that you think of something that makes her happy.

If she’s interested in arts and crafts, consider buying her art materials or enrolling her in a virtual class. If she’s a wine connoisseur, buy her a wine tasting kit. If she’s a fitness enthusiast, buy her fitness equipment or accessories in her favorite color. You have to figure out what gives your mother joy. From there, you can figure out what you can buy or do for her even whilst at home.

Restore her old photos

Help her reminisce down memory lane in clear definition by restoring her old photos. There are a lot of free and paid apps you can turn to enhance vintage photos. You can also enhance the color quality if you like. It’s a nice way to bond with her as there will be stories behind every picture.

If you want to give her something tangible though, have her restored photos printed. You simply have to contact the nearest camera store near you via Facebook or their website. Send the photos via email then choose however you’d like to present them. You can have them resized so she can have them hung. You can even make her a photo book with little anecdotes. This is something she can turn to even in the years to come. 


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Join the plantita movement

Does gardening help soothe or destress your mother? Does she have a green thumb? Does her garden need a little upgrade? A lot of people have joined in the plantita/plantio movement. Plants give your space a beautiful splash of color after all. They also give you some fresh air.

If your mother is already a certified plantita, buy her equipment and items to help her tend to her plant babies. If she’s not a plantita just yet, you can purchase seedlings and even grown plants for her. There are a lot of stores online you can turn to. There are super low maintenance plants newbies can care for. There are more sophisticated ones that need more attention. All that matters is that you give her something you know her house or apartment can accommodate. You’d be giving her space a design upgrade, and help her breathe fresh air as well.


Balance her stress with aromatherapy candles

Unfortunately, a lot of spas and wellness centers will still be closed on Mother’s Day. And for those that may be open, it might not be ideal to visit places with heavy foot traffic and a lot of physical contact, too. However, you can bring the spa experience at home with aromatherapy candles.

If your mother needs something to help her relax, buy some lavender scented ones. If you want to relieve her headache or body pain, try buying the peppermint variety. You just have to figure out what scent she’d appreciate the most. There are a lot of high-end and affordable options on the internet. You can even research for the best scents she might fall in love with. If you don’t know where to start, try buying candle sets like the one from Oonah Handcrafted instead.


Turn the house into a smart home

Managing a household is no easy feat. However, you can help your mother automate a lot of things. This way, she can focus on more important matters that require her attention. All you need is a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo Dot. The 4th generation model costs PHP3,189 on Lazada

From asking questions to playing some music, a smart speaker can help your mother juggle things better. They’re small and portable too, so you can position them anywhere in the house. You just have to install the device, connect it to the web, and teach her how to operate it patiently. This way, she’ll be able to use her smart speaker even without your assistance. You can even take this opportunity to bond with her. She’ll appreciate the time and effort. 


Clean the house

Cleanliness is next to godliness. That’s why you should help ease your mother’s burden by deep cleaning the house. If your space is too huge for one man to handle, consider asking your dad or siblings for reinforcement. It can be time-consuming and laborious, but she’ll appreciate the effort nonetheless. Plus, it’s also good training for taking care of your own space someday. She’ll appreciate the fact you’re learning, and that you value her hard work.


If you want her to have a little cleaning assistant, consider buying a smart vacuum mop. The XIAOMI Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop costs PHP14,990 on Lazada. As its name implies, it can function both as a mop and vacuum, making it a hardworking investment. They’re equipped with a lot of smart features, making them super low maintenance. You just need to connect it to your smartphone, read the instructions, and you’re ready to go. 


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Give her kitchen an upgrade

If your mother is a gifted cook, you can help her hone her gifts with new equipment and ingredients. There are a lot of high end and budget-friendly kitchen gadgets for you to choose from. Basically, you just have to figure out what kind would be most useful to her. Also, remember to check out user reviews to make sure they’re actually effective and durable. While the goal is to maximize your budget, you don’t want to end up with poor quality gifts that will end up in the trash can.

If your mother’s kitchen is already fully decked out with equipment, consider shopping for food items online. From fresh fruits to frozen meat, there are a lot of online grocery options for you to choose from. There are even stores that offer niche food items. You just have to find out which ones cater to your area. There are some options that offer same-day delivery. There are also those that require you to shop in advance. Choose the most viable option, and you’re ready to order.

Make it personal

There’s nothing like a little personal touch. Is your mother a steak or charcuterie board enthusiast? Well, you can give her serving board a bespoke touch by having a personalized one made. The 12X6 kind from Treen Manila costs PHP1,200. Guaranteed sturdy and great quality, it’ll serve her and the rest of the family for a long time.

You can also consider having bespoke trinkets like mugs or even a necklace made. If you’re not keen on having her name printed, consider putting a special symbol or an inside joke. All that matters is that you choose something you think she’d appreciate, something to make her smile. The personal touch will make all the difference. It will make her feel seen and loved. It will also display how thoughtful you are.

Go on a movie marathon with her

One easy way to bond is by watching movies or television series together. Stream or download her favorite old movies, and watch them with her. What’s great about technology is that it’s made even old, indie films available online. Amid the pandemic, a lot of people have turned to the web for entertainment. That’s why you should take advantage of your time at home by spending them with your mother.

If she’s into Korean drama, consider downloading a series or movies for her to indulge her inner fangirl. If she’s a hopeless romantic, look for the best classic romantic movies on the web. While there are a lot of great options on popular streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can also purchase the titles not available on those platforms. Basically, you just have to figure out which titles she’d appreciate. You want her to enjoy the films you’ll watch after all.

These are only some of the lovely gift ideas you should consider buying or doing this Mother’s Day. Above all else, it’s important that find something she would like. This gift is all about her after all. Aside from putting some thought into these gifts, there’s something else they all have in common. All these gift options are made possible through the help of strong internet connection.

Staying connected with fiber internet


This Mother’s Day and beyond, it’s important that you equip your mom and the rest of the family with strong and reliable fiber internet. A great supplier for budget-friendly and fast fiber internet connection is Streamtech.


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Hence, every smart and technology-savvy home should make the switch, and go for the latest player in the Philippine internet game. Gifting your mother and the rest of the family with a fast and reliable unlimited fiber internet is not only practical, but will also help make your lives at home so much easier. You wouldn’t have to stress about your WiFi connection, and you get to focus on strengthening your bond with each other.