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The Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms You’ll Use This 2021

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Written by Gab Angeles

We understand how attractive the entire crypto market has been looking for the past months. But starting to get into it may prove to be quite a stretch. It’s a tricky situation for one to put himself into. The fact is crypto itself, as a concept and means of exchange, is too complex for one to understand and comprehend overnight. But aside from setting yourself up a trustworthy enough cryptocurrency wallet, the next thing you’d definitely need in this endeavor would be to find yourself a cryptocurrency trading platform that works best for you. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

When you search for it, you’ll discover that cryptocurrency markets have tons of crypto exchanges. These cryptocurrency exchange platforms allow you to get yourself any crypto or digital currency you want, without needing to mine for it. Each cryptocurrency market works this way since crypto mining requires quite a hefty capital, additional know-how, and quite a large space for you to have all those graphics cards at work 24/7.

Case in point, several cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been bustling in the community. This is because they managed to prove that they’re an easier gateway into crypto. Also, they’re very easy to work with. They allow for use of fiats and digital currencies for you to be able to buy and sell, and trade crypto with them at your liking.

List of the Crypto Trading Platforms an Investor May Consider a Priority

So without further ado, here’s a list of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms for 2021 that you’d surely love!

1. eToro

All the cheesy YouTube ads aside, eToro is actually a great platform when it comes to trading stocks and cryptocurrency. It definitely flourishes in cryptocurrency markets. All the Warren Buffet referencing and Alec Baldwin features might not convince you. But eToro succeeds in becoming a great trading exchange platform due to the fact that it’s super convenient to use and very accessible. Its application is available for both PC and mobile users.

They also have an interface that’s not that hard to understand. And this easy information on trading cryptocurrencies page is important for a successful digital currency transaction.

Where’s eToro at cryptocurrency trading?

eToro has over 140 countries supporting the platform. It also has a vast selection of financial assets to buy, sell, and trade. Thus, eToro proves to be competitive enough and manages to bring itself up the ranks despite the ton of trading and exchange platforms out there. They also have their own integrated wallet app to make trading cryptocurrencies easier for you. This then instantly made them a one-stop shop for all things about trading and exchange.

They’re best known for their CopyTrader™ technology that allows for clients to compare their performance alongside other top traders. They can also opt to copy the top trader’s trading activity automatically and in real-time if they deem it fit to secure themselves from price moves. It’s a very attractive feature that has gotten most people into having eToro as their sole trading platform and wallet.

2. Coinbase

Prior to eToro’s mainstream resurgence, Coinbase was the top best crypto-only trading platform. It was well known because it’s one of the largest bitcoin exchanging websites. Couple it with their world-class security and investor-friendly levels of liquidity. Such is a lower risk. They also offer extra features such as API for developers (for use in third-party apps), trading, and a digital wallet (for your assets, deposit boxes, and vaults for reserves). 

That platform’s UI is easy to understand, making it the perfect gateway for crypto neophytes. They also allow for payment via Visa and Mastercard. Thus, it is inclusive and accessible to anyone who wants to start trading. Credit cards bank accounts are also allowed, but with a buying limit so as not to exploit the system. Also, despite its large base of customers, transactions are fast. The buying limit is high, and the fees are comparatively low – making it perfect for both newbies and experts alike. 

3. Kraken

Targeting mostly the beginner demographic, Kraken is a great crypto trading platform to become acquainted with the system and inner workings of crypto. Newbies will easily spot trends, and will know when to move assets around until they become an expert. Kraken manages to perfectly draw a spotlight on how people get themselves a grasp of how finance and money works. 

Kraken offers great portfolio management and is very simple to use. They are also known to offer world-class safety and security. So, you know your assets are safe even if you’re just starting out. They also have 24/7 global customer service and support, investor pairing, a quick list of financial resources, and quick enrichment of your portfolio. Their best way to compete in the dog eat dog market is their competitive pricing plans and their flexible processes. It makes them a great choice for investors with assets of any size.

All these investors need to secure is a secured and fast internet so they can thrive in trading cryptocurrencies.

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4. Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a more complex trading platform for experts, making it not that for mainstream use. It boasts an advanced list of tracking interested sellers and buyers, and eight variations in order typeset for all scenarios. More so, they’re proud that one only needs a smart phone to get started with his crypto trading journey. 

What they offer instead

Bitfinex offers a highly interactive user interface. They have demos that help you get acquainted better with the platform. Addedly, they have the following:

  • a vast selection of digital assets to be acquainted with;
  • trade leveraging to make sure you get the best possible rate at a specific point in time;
  • and five more order types alongside the three known basic ones.

The site doesn’t require you to deposit money for crypto. Still, the platform successfully manages to make your portfolio attractive for trade demanders that want your digital assets. 

5. Bittrex

Bittrex is another crypto exchanges platform for well-trained and highly knowledgeable crypto investors. It’s a high-level crypto trading platform with cutting-edge technologies up to the increasing demand for crypto. This is alongside keeping up with the currency’s ever-changing landscape. Bittrex mostly focuses on minimizing the time needed for transactions to proceed. It also makes sure the entire ecosystem they have created is secure enough for hackers to be unable to penetrate it. 

This crypto exchange platform is also known for incorporating cross-sectional layers and having quite a diverse set of security schemes. It can also generate dynamic API and algorithmic trading. Thanks to the scalable engine it has that not only ensures the minimum time for every transaction but also allows attachment to third-party trading platforms. This innovative (and borderline ideal) blockchain project aims to bring crypto to the mainstream, with global adoption always at the top of their minds. Their modernized approach to record data and the digital wallet that they offer are also notable products of Bittrex.

6. Poloniex

Poloniex is an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange platform that has managed to double its monthly traffic and customer base within a few months. It’s a platform mostly lauded for people who are into altcoins. In which, traders and investors had managed to make Poloniex popular just by word of mouth. They allow for transactions of any crypto of your liking. They offer relatively lower trading fees (which usually is at around 0.20% or below).

Poloniex allows for a vast array of cryptos and bitcoin to buy, sell, and trade. From BTC, ETH, altcoins, and even stable coins, you may use them to invest in innovative projects and reach those objectives. Their endgame in mind is to become a key tool in pushing through the financial revolution. Thanks to their platform, cryptocurrencies are promoted for global adoption. Poloniex makes use of an algorithmic approach for initiating trading. But the real competitive advantage happens when researched strategies are mixed in (which they also provide).

Poloniex is also known for supporting a lot of crypto pairs that are also available on other crypto trading sites. This makes them quite adaptive while also making sure that their high level of security features are well taken care of. They do it by having the maximum amount of data be saved offline, while they only store exact amounts as funding for seamless and hassle free trading. 

7. CEX.IO 

Boasting a customer base of over 3 million investors, CEX.IO is proud to be a trusted and reliable crypto trading platform for people to exchange their cryptocurrencies on. They are well capable of managing fund deposits, buys, sells, and even the use of Visa and Mastercard for payments. 

Advancement due to market capitalization

CEX.IO offers an advanced trade engine that is more than able to support order listing algorithms while also processing high-volume orders, both in real time. They’re more than capable of protecting your assets from fraudulent behavior. This is through security protocols that are more than ready to deal with DDoS attacks and full data encryption. They have compliance with PCI DSS standards which ensure that the level of security is indeed strong.

CEX.IO is also known to protect their traders from experiencing negative balance impacts, which in turn, has boosted their trading for up to 10 times than before. Your transaction history and balance can be checked with full transparency. Also, the platform is able to offer:

  • high liquidity;
  • minimum time per transaction (to allow for real-time rates to push through upon deciding to transact);
  • and less spreading (to easily pair up with top currencies and fiats).

CEX.IO proves to be quite the elite crypto trading platform, thanks to its competitive strategies and difference price plants that target different demographics of investors – from market makers up to the traders.

8. Changelly

Changelly is the perfect crypto trading platform for you if you’re all about anonymity on the internet. Disclosing one’s identity on the internet can prove to be quite the troublemaker. That’s why Changelly allows for the exchange of digital assets with only an email. No need for government issued IDs anymore. 

Changelly has managed to take on a global market, allowing for quite an array of options when it comes to buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies. They also offer a widget to make tracking and moving assets around a lot easier, as it can also work with third party applications to make conversions easier. But what people really like about it is the fact that its investors have full freedom when it comes to transacting, as Changelly offers zero maximum and minimum limits. With their intuitive and UI friendly desktop website and their just as high-class mobile apps, its easier to trade anytime and anywhere you need to.

Make getting a secured connection a top priority.

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With all these crypto trading platforms in tow, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see you succeed in this endeavor. But of course, what would make everything extra secure would be to avail a trustworthy internet service provider. You should choose the one that not only can ensure your data privacy is kept in good hands.

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How the Beautiful Golden Victory of Hidilyn Diaz made Her an Instant Digital Celebrity

Photo by Bloomberg

There is most likely not a single Filipino in his right mind who wouldn’t be proud of the country’s history-making achievement last week, when our homegrown weightlifting goddess Hidilyn Diaz—now definitely a household name—accomplished her golden Olympic feat. As expected for momentous victories such as these, headlines and news coverages are sure to banner nothing else but this pivotal win. It is a moment so unprecedented, so singular in its place in history, that it changed the atmosphere of online discussions. 

Having lifted the whole nation, as it were, it caused many of us, not just sports enthusiasts, to celebrated ecstatically—with our golden girl instantly becoming an social media celebrity in her own right. 

How the Olympic gold medalist swiftly made glory on the Internet

The sudden social media fame that Hidilyn currently enjoys is not from sheer luck or mere coincidence. There are a lot of factors that brought her to the limelight. After all, her lifting a total of 224 kilograms (97 kg in snatch, 127 kg in clean and jerk) is not just record-setting, but solid proof of strength and, indeed, star quality. 

The succeeding sections will tackle said factors one by one. 

That victory and Olympic gold medal lifted the whole Philippines.

Hidilyn Diaz a gold medalist - fiber internet - streamtech
Hidilyn Diaz bags gold medal on her weightlifting sport – Getty Images Photo

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform, news about the Olympic games swamped the internet. Couple this with the longstanding trivia of the Philippines being populated by among the most social-media-savvy people in the planet, and the online havoc caused by our nation’s raucous celebrations over our first-ever Olympic gold medal is not surprising.  

After all, it’s not just some bit of good news coming out of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is the story of our country’s pride. Hidilyn Diaz bringing home the Olympic gold represents what a determined athlete and hardworking Filipino can do. It proves that any of our Filipino athletes can have a place in their own sport. And with hard work, our nation’s sporting idols can even bag an Olympic gold. 

More so, it has been almost a century since the Philippines longed for gold in the Olympic Games. And here comes Hidilyn Diaz—now deemed our Queen of Olympic Games, the first Filipino to ever win an Olympic gold—decisively and finally quenching that thirst. 

The journey of Hidilyn Diaz to becoming an Olympic gold medalist was a dream turned into reality.

The early part of her life in her hometown was not easy. Her father worked hard as a tricycle driver, then farmer and fisherman, to support her and her five other siblings. But despite the lack of ample financial support, she continued on with her journey to the pinnacle of weightlifting glory. 

Go for the gold mindset!

And yes, that ardor toward her sport powered her every attempt to win every competition she participated in. As early as the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, she competed as the youngest Philippine delegation’s youngest athlete and the first female weightlifter. Then, in 2012, she also competed in the London Olympics. In 2016, at the Rio Games, she almost rose to the top of her event, but she was fortunate to bag only the silver back then.

But according to her cousin and first coach, Catalino Diaz, Hidilyn almost quit her dream prior to Rio. He just told her to stay focused and never give up. It paid off. Between Rio and Tokyo, she bagged a bronze in the 2017 and 2019 World Championships, as well as silver in the 2019 Asian Championship, and a gold in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. She picked up another gold in the Roma 2020 Weightlifting World Cup, a qualifier for the 2020 Olympiad. 

Products of training

Hidilyn then trained for almost two years in Malaysia for the 55-kg event in Tokyo. Together with her is the so-called “Team HD”, her close-knit band to help her clinch the win—her nutritionist and a set of coaches. While she and Team HD were there, the pandemic struck, and all of them could not go home. While Hidilyn missed her family so much, she was eager for the 2020 Olympics. 

Hidilyn did not give up on her chosen sport. TV host and athlete Gretchen Ho shared on Twitter how Hidilyn trained for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. She was using makeshift weights in preparation for the event. What Rappler termed as “a product of years of dedication and training” is, indeed, our golden girl herself. 

Her Olympic gold medal unearthed issues some Filipinos have with their government.

Our golden Olympian’s version of sports and road to success is not only her roller-coaster experience. Some of our fellowmen set ablaze on Facebook the old issues that Hidilyn were dragged into. Most of these are about the government. Some netizens posted old content on how Hidilyn begged private companies’ support for the Tokyo Olympics. They reiterated that the government should have full support on our athletes. Some other netizens provided old information that Hidilyn was in the total list of those who wanted to oust the President back in 2019. Some other netizens question how officials are now congratulating Hidilyn on her win despite not giving her the support and services she needed prior the Tokyo Olympics win. Similarly, even some media employees claimed that it is not surprising Hidilyn’s victory overshadowed the President’s sixth and last State of the Nation’s Address or SONA.

Hidilyn Diaz puts women in the gold medalists lane with her weightlifting career.

Definitely, Hidilyn Diaz’s win exemplified women empowerment. In a sport traditionally dominated by men, having a weightlifting queen is truly phenomenal. Indeed, we can say that our new Olympic champion picks made clear the case for gender equality in the highest levels of sport.

She is an inspiration to Olympic and Paralympic games athletes.

Many an athlete in the Olympic and Paralympic games gained confidence after Hidilyn’s historic win. When it’s the Philippine Paralympic team’s turn to compete next month, their goal is definitely to exhibit improved performance, and no doubt they would be drawing inspiration from Hidilyn. Being a bearer of hope has definitely added to this golden girl’s online stardom.

Companies basked on moment marketing.

This last one is another major factor in the transformation of Hidilyn, the golden girl, into a digital celebrity. Various brands posted congratulatory content for Hidilyn on their social media pages. When you log on to your Facebook account, you will see that almost every page of these brands ride on this historic event. Additionally, some of the Philippines’ famous businesses and companies even rewarded her with lavish gifts and incentives. This is apart from the promise of President Rodrigo Duterte to give her a fully furnished house in her hometown. News about this bounty worth millions awaiting the golden champ made the rounds online as well. All this is a clear and real-life example of moment marketing—when brands jump on a hot topic and further create noise and content about it for further traction and mileage. Certainly, this added to Hidilyn becoming an instant digital star! 

Availability of fast internet made it all possible.

It would be tough for anyone to catch up on news about the Olympic Games if he had no internet connection. And Olympic content won’t swiftly make the rounds on social media if the connection is lagging or not fast enough. In the same light, all factors contributing to the debut of our Olympic Queen and Social Media Star would not have come together, without slow internet connection. All her previous ups and downs, all who were inspired, all brands riding on this wave of marketing, won’t be known if businesses and people alike have no connection.

That’s why in moments of gold like this, we need to make sure we have fast and unlimited internet. For businesses, to take the opportunity to ride on what is trending. And for the ordinary person, to show our true Filipino spirit and celebrate our nation’s triumph! 

Streamtech, the hard working internet provider, will not just usher you to the gold!

Streamtech Fiber Internet like Hidilyn Diaz - Exceed Limits
Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet

Great news! Just like the eager Hidilyn, Streamtech, your trusted internet service provider, also dedicates to provide the nation with the best internet services. As the pandemic drastically changed how we do things, we understand the situation. There is an incessant need for an affordable, fast and reliable connection to accomplish things. That is why from as low as PhP 1,499, you can already get up to 25 Mbps fiber internet. It can also come as a cable-internet bundle, in collaboration with Planet Cable. 

What are our other products and services?

In addition to our residential packages, Streamtech also offers add-on products perfect for each of your needs. There is Extendifi Wifi Extender so you can expand the signal of your wifi to anywhere in your home. There’s also the Digiclass bundle for teachers and students alike. And for aspiring vloggers and gamers, Streamtech offers ZPacks vlogging and gaming kits. We also have plans for micro enterprises and huge businesses, to power up their operations. 

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