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Why People are Hooked on Purchasing the “Mystery Box”

Written by: Aiya Rodjel

If you’re fond of shopping online, most especially now that it’s the 11.11 Big Sale, you might have noticed that a lot of platforms and sellers sell mystery boxes. These mysterious packages take surprises to the next level. It gives recipients the thrill of receiving something unexpected, just like how people feel on Christmas morning as a child. The difference is that the recipients pay for the surprise they’re getting at a special price.

In this article, we’ll discuss more about why people are so fond of shopping for mystery boxes. We’ll talk about the history of these special packages, and why they’re still popular to this day.

You might even get inspired to buy your own. As long as you have fiber home internet, you can surf your heart out to find the perfect curated box for you.

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What are mystery boxes, anyway?

To phrase it simply, mystery boxes are essentially collections of items, all of the products are unknown to the recipient until the box is opened. Sometimes, they can just be one or two items. There are instances when it’s a big haul of various items.

The contents of these surprise packages aren’t totally random though. They’re usually narrowed down by a certain category. For example, a shopper can choose a general category like, ‘fashion.’ Then, this is specified even further by subcategory. This could mean a certain brand or specific kinds of fashion items, like accessories or resort wear.

While the items in the actual cart are out of the recipient’s control, they still have a certain degree of control as to what kind of items they’ll be getting from the shop. While some platforms offer a more general surprise package, like that of the Lazada Mystery Box or Shopee Mystery Box, most of these packages are themed.

Plus, the recipient has control over how much the prices of the items are. Sellers choose products according to the budget of the recipient. Sellers usually offer different price ranges so people know the worth of the stuff they’re getting.

On the flip side, some of the stuff in these special packages are discounted. This means that there’s a chance that the recipient will receive things that are more valuable than what he actually paid for. This factor adds to the allure of the concept.

what is a mystery box - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

Where did these mystery packages come from?

Interestingly, the origin of these special packages isn’t a total mystery. These packages can trace their origin to gamer culture. People have often compared these boxes, which contain physical goods to Loot Boxes.

Loot Boxes are basically a kind of in-game mystery package containing virtual goodies. These can include special skins or other visual customization options they can use in that particular game. Loot Crate was one of the first companies to capitalize on the gaming community’s interest in these special packages. They offered mysterious gifts with various game-related stuff.

Sometimes, these were narrowed down to a certain game. There are cases when the theme pertains to the era. The creativity behind these special packages adds to the reason why people love them so much. They’re basically a special care package from the shop people actually like.

From that basic concept, more stores have embraced the fun of mystery boxes. Some specialty stores offer products pertaining to a certain pop culture franchise. Some stores, like beauty shops, offer their latest products. The possibilities are endless.

While the actual stuff people receive is unique, what’s common about mystery boxes is that they bring together like-minded people. The boxes allow them to discover something new and enjoy novel content together.

More than a box of mystery

Gone are the days that these special packages are just a box of surprising content. A lot of stores take these boxes to the next level by carefully choosing the packaging itself.

The packaging of the mystery box adds to the whole experience. Unboxing videos have become popular content on social media. In order to entice more shoppers to add to cart these special packages, they make sure the process of opening the package is exciting.

Some stores not only curate the content but also how the package is received. This could mean special wrapping paper or a bespoke box. There are even cases wherein the things in the box pop out or are arranged in a special way. In a way, this adds to the whole thrill of the experience.

The fact you don’t know what you’re getting while receiving things in a special way makes the concept so exciting. These special packages don’t usually come cheap. Recipients pay for the whole experience, and the world will get to see what the shop is offering.

Making things personal

There are cases wherein shoppers choose to buy a certain item, and then the seller packs more stuff to add a flair of mystery. This makes the concept more personal.

If shoppers add to the box, what makes it mysterious? Well, the shop essentially adds things that they think the recipient would appreciate. The possibilities are endless as to what things are added to the box.

touch of personal - mystery box - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Bong Hyunjung on iStock

This is what makes niche stores so popular for those looking for special packages. These stores already offer the things that would pique the interest of the shopper. There’s an added element of excitement when secret products are added to the loot bag.

For example, if a shopper bought a certain kind of face cream, the store could add special applicators or masks that would enhance the effects of the product. Since stores know best which product would work well with their other offerings, they’re in the position to give the best recommendations.

To play it safe, some stores ask shoppers before adding things to the special package. Sometimes, they ask what ingredients the shopper is allergic to or what kind of item he would like to receive. In the end, the store is still the one that gets to choose what goes in the cart.

There are stores that give free sample products to shoppers as a way to entice them to shop again. Some shops take this to the next level by offering a small premium price in order for them to gain some profit from the mystery goodies.

For the fans

Another element that makes the mystery box so enticing is how curated it is towards a certain target audience. For example, fans of the K-POP super boyband BTS spend a lot of money on merchandise. While physical events may not be allowed, they can still get special niche gifts through the mystery box.

In addition to the latest trends and groups, the concept also caters to old franchises. For example, fans of the Harry Potter franchise might find it difficult to look for merchandise. Specialty stores have the contacts to source for things at the best price.

In a way, the niche stores that offer the curated boxes help other suppliers sell their things while making the rest of the fandom happy. The fact that people don’t know what they’re getting makes it so exciting. However, they do know that whatever they’re getting is something related to a thing they love.

As long as the shoppers have fast fiber home internet, they can look for special boxes of what makes them happy. This is a great way to market merchandise even without an in-person event.

Spreading the mystery

There are a lot of specialty stores on the web. Through a new internet provider in the Philippines, you can discover new concept shops that cater to your personal interests. So how do specialty stores spread the word on their special boxes?

Because the mystery box is essentially curated from the products to the actual packaging, there is great value in the box in itself. In order for more people to know about the special boxes, these stores usually send some top social media influencers.

These boxes don’t just go to anyone with a high follower count though. The stores usually add people who have similar interests to their target audience. In a way, the people who get to see the special package are those who are most likely to check the store itself.

While the purpose of the special box is to increase sales, the followers of these social media influencers have the purchasing power to buy their own mystery boxes. Plus, social media influencers usually chat with their audience. This gets the word around faster.

There are also stores that give out free care packages to select followers. The contest is usually conducted in a way so that the store gets marketed to more people. Social media has leveled the field in a way more shops can get creative in order to market their offerings.

A different month, a different theme

Big e-commerce platforms have the inventory to keep the audience guessing. They also have a lot of offerings that don’t get sold. That’s why some stores have monthly mystery care packages.

Before they ship out the parcels, they usually add some flair of excitement, like a theme or a clue as to what’s inside the box. Shoppers can subscribe to these special packages every month so they have something to look forward to.

In a way, it’s like they’re gifting themselves curated gifts. It just so happens that someone else will be handling the shopping on their behalf.

This is especially popular among concept stores with a lot of sample products. For beauty stores, they get to give shoppers a peek of the new offerings in their store by giving them a sample. If the recipient likes the actual product, he can buy more.

This is a smart way to give away samples without having to give them in person. Plus, stores even get to make a little profit from paying customers. What makes this endeavor profitable for the store is that the recipient is someone who already trusts the store. This means there’s an opportunity for patrons to shop even more.

More recipients, more fun

Another element that makes mystery boxes so exciting is that you can spread the fun and the mystery. Stores offer the option for shoppers to gift these special packages to others who might be interested in their offerings.

This is a fun way to get your friends something new and exciting. You can choose recipients of the same shared interest so they would appreciate what’s in the box. Even while social distancing, you can bond together through mystery packages.

This is why some stores offer the option of sending one box to yourself and another to a friend or loved one. It’s a way for people to shop for something thoughtful while the store gets to market its offerings in a fun way.

More than a mystery box

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Throughout the years, the concept of the mystery box has evolved from being just a box of exciting new things. It has become an experience people have come to enjoy.

It’s a cool concept to try something new without exerting the effort of researching for interesting trinkets or specialty goodies. For you to shop mystery boxes for yourself and others, you need a fast fiber home internet connection. After all, how will you be able to search for specialty stores, right?

As a new internet provider in the Philippines, we at Streamtech Systems Technologies Inc. allow you to exceed your limits and unearth more mysteries. Not only can you entertain yourself with these care packages of joy, but you can also search for other fun ways to fuel your interests.

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Who are the Most Famous Philippine Tiktokers?

Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has taken over the world. This social media platform is popular in the Philippines, especially among Gen Z. It’s become so mainstream a lot of TikTok influencers or Philippine Tiktokers have made a living through their social media accounts. A lot of popular celebrities also joined in on this particular social media platform to connect with their followers.

From celebrities to TikTok influencers, we’ll discuss the most popular TikTok accounts in the country. This article will also delve into the type of clips these influencers specialize in. As long as you have a reliable internet service provider in the Philippines, you can jump in on the craze and follow these accounts today.

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What is TikTok anyway?

Millions of people around the world scroll hours on this platform and the Philippines is no different. Launched in 2016, TikTok is a video-focused social media platform. Through this free social media site, users can access short-form videos that range from 15 seconds to 3 minutes.

A lot of people use TikTok for entertainment and business purposes. What makes this particular site so fun is that it allows users to use a wide selection of song and sound snippets. It also enables content creators to add special effects and filters easily.

Because editing videos is made easy through TikTok, a lot of users perform dance covers and even song covers on the platform. Some people become famous on TikTok for their comedy and singing clips.

Amid the pandemic, a lot of people, including Filipino stars, have been creating cool content like dance challenges. One’s TikTok account, if made public, can be viewed by anyone all over the globe. That’s why a lot of influencers gain fame through the website. That’s how some people garnered more than a million followers worldwide.

Aside from being the source of people’s daily dose of good vibes, a lot of businesses utilize TikTok to promote their services. Through influencer marketing, they tap popular TikTok accounts to market their products or services.

The website also has become a resource for a lot of information dissemination campaigns. Hence, top TikTok influencers not only get to develop fun videos but also make money through their TikTok accounts.

Who are the top TikTok influencers in the country?

TikTok gives users access to millions of people or possible fans all over the globe. That’s why a lot of content creators have utilized the app to become modern social media stars. Interestingly, the most popular TikTok accounts in the Philippines are not just celebrities.

While TikTok allows singers and actors to interact with their fans, the app has also launched the social media influencer careers of a lot of Filipinos. From funny netizens to kids good at making dance covers, it’s amazing how an average Filipino can become a social media star on TikTok for different reasons.

As long as you have fast fiber home internet, you too can become a popular TikToker in the Philippines. The fact a lot of famous faces on the website are so relatable has undoubtedly leveled the field. It’s like a sign that you can also be famous if you have a great internet service provider in the Philippines.

The TikTok account with the most followers: Niana Guerrero

Niana - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Niana Guerrero’s Official Instagram Account

The most popular TikTok influencer in the country is Niana Guerrero. With over 27 million followers on the website, she’s the most famous Pinay on the social media platform. To date, her videos have garnered over 454 million likes.

Her content comprises mainly dance covers for people’s entertainment. She usually posts videos of herself with her brother, Ranz Kyle. The video that put her on the map was her cover of ‘Teach Me How to Dougie.’ From there, she’s become a prime example of Gen Z influencers thriving on the social media website.

While she may be best known for her creativity on TikTok, Guerrero has used her videos to increase her following on other social networking websites as well. She not only has a vlog account on YouTube, but she also posts a lot of content on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Because of her big following on various social media platforms, she’s become one of the top choices for influencer marketing, especially among the youth. If you ask a young TikToker who their favorite creator is, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if her name gets caught up in the mix.

Dancing to the top: Yanyan de Jesus

Yanyan - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Yanyan De Jesus’ Official Facebook Page

At first glance, he may look like a KPOP boyband member. However, Yanyan de Jesus is proudly made in the Philippines. This particular TikTok account specializes in dance and choreography content. He’s become so popular that he was part of the G-Force Tween social media collective.

With over 18 million fans on TikTok, de Jesus has amassed an amazing 577 million likes on his video clips. Aside from posting dance videos, he also gives his followers some access to his life through TikTok. He posted his personal experience during quarantine and even shared some food videos.

What makes Yanyan such a hit is that he has a lot of funny content. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s a person a lot of young people can relate to. That’s why he’s a bonafide social networking star.

The biggest Filipino celebrity on TikTok: Andrea Brillantes

Andrea brilliantes - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Screenshot of Andrea Brilliantes’ Official Tiktok Account

She may be well known as an actress in the Philippines, but she’s amassed more than 14 million followers around the globe thanks to TikTok. The most famous celebrity on the video-sharing website is none other than Andrea Brillantes.

To date, her videos have garnered more than 123 million likes. Some of her videos tend to be on the sexy side, which comes as no surprise as she’s a total beauty. But of course, she didn’t get millions of supporters just because of her good looks.

Andrea is definitely more than a pretty face. She’s become such a hit on the social networking site for her entertaining videos. Not only does she create original content that ranges from fashion to dance, but she also gives her followers a funny peek into her life through TikTok. She even makes video clips of her and her co-stars on set in between taping.

Heart of a Filipino: Vladimir Grand

Vladimir - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Screenshot of Vladimir Grand’s Official Tiktok Account

He may be Ukrainian, but this head-turner has the heart of a Filipino. Vladimir Grand has distinguished himself among the myriads of handsome foreign models in the Philippines through his fun TikTok video content.

With almost 13 million followers, he’s garnered over 261 million likes on the website. He’s famous on the platform not just because he’s fit and good-looking, he also has a very Pinoy sense of humor.

As you click on his link, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see posts in Filipino. He’s white on the outside, but he’s admittedly a Filipino at heart. Grand isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, which is why people have fallen in love with his videos.

Not your typical med student: Vanessa Alvarez

vanessa - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Screenshot of Vanessa Alvarez’s Official Tiktok Account

Upon first glance at her sidebar and picture, you might think Vanessa Alvarez is just your everyday Filipina. However, she is actually one of the most-followed people in the country. With almost 12 million followers, Vanessa exceeds the following of even some of the biggest actors in the Philippines. Her clips have amassed over 271 million likes, which is astonishing considering she’s not an actress or singer.

What makes Vanessa so huge on the social networking site is that she’s just like everyone else. She doesn’t have access to glam teams or staff to make great videos. However, she uses the social networking site’s various features to develop clips that people have come to love.

While she has partnered with a lot of brands to promote their products and services, it seems that she has no intention of becoming a full-time celeb anytime soon. Alvarez is currently pursuing her medical degree, which means in the future, she’ll be posting videos of herself as a dancing doctor.

An actress for the masses: Sanya Lopez

Sanya - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from the Official Facebook Page of Sanya Lopez

While most people might know her as an actress in the popular Filipino soap opera, The Half Sisters, Sanya Lopez is known all over the world for her videos. To date, Lopez has amassed a following of over 11 million people. Her clips have gotten more than 84 million likes.

Like most TikTok influencers, Sanya is one to post videos of herself following the latest dance craze. However, she also posts her workouts and travels. She gives access to her busy lifestyle to her funny yet self-deprecating videos.

Not only does she post videos of various categories, but Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most relatable celebs in the Philippines. This is why a lot of netizens search for her account on TikTok. And of course, she’s one of the most gorgeous faces around.

The biggest comedian in the country on TikTok: Vice Ganda

Vice ganda - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Vice Ganda’s Official Facebook Page

Born Jose Marie Borja Viceral, he’s officially known to the rest of us as Vice Ganda. As a comedian, host, actor, and entrepreneur, he has millions of followers even outside of TikTok. Among mainstream celebs in the country, Vice Ganda is the only one who has nearly 8 million followers and nearly 32 million video likes.

Vice Ganda uses his TikTok page primarily to promote his various endeavors. As a famous multihyphenate, he has a lot on his plate. He keeps his followers updated on his latest happenings on the website.

Vice Ganda is known for his larger-than-life looks on and off stage. He uses the website to showcase his latest beauty and fashion ensembles through the website. What makes Vice Ganda so big on the website is that his videos contain his signature sense of humor.

More than music: Ella Cruz

Ella cruz - philippine tiktokers - streamtech fiber internet
Photo from Ella Cruz’s Official Facebook Page

As an actress and dancer, it comes as no surprise that Ella Cruz is very talented. She’s utilized her skills in order to become one of the biggest TikTok influencers in the Philippines. With nearly seven million followers and 30 million likes on the video-sharing website, she’s a hit on and off the big screen.

Cruz may have been in showbiz for over a decade, but she’s made a name for herself through her entertaining dance covers on the site. She also posts a lot of clips of her traveling and working. Like most celebs, she gives people access to her busy life through TikTok.

Aside from dancing to the latest trends, she also posts a lot of clips with her friends. As you search her page, you might even spot other famous faces. While it’s a given that she’s a great dancer, what makes Ella so big on TikTok is that she’s so relatable.

Getting on the TikTok Video craze

Streamtech Fiber Internet

These influencers may use different tags and develop unique videos, but what they all have in common is that they’re so relatable. Through TikTok, you can save their songs and special effects so you can make videos just like them.

As long as you have a dependable internet service provider in the Philippines, you too can also become famous on TikTok. In order to explore and save videos on the popular social networking website, you must have fast fiber home internet.

As one of the newest internet service providers in the country, Streamtech Fiber Internet, allows you to exceed your limits and check out the latest trends on TikTok. With Streamtech, not only can you entertain yourself with dance videos and lip sync clips, but you can search for more trends to have some fun.

Plus, Streamtech allows users to enjoy their fiber home internet no matter how big your home is through the Extendifi WiFi Extender. If you want to join the TikTok bandwagon today, Streamtech will pave the way for great content and fun times.

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