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What are the functions of the National Telecommunications Commission?

Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Have you ever wondered what the National Telecommunications Commissions or NTC is for? Well, you are not alone. In this article, we’ll discuss this bureau’s roles in the country, most especially on improvements on internet connectivity. This will give you a better understanding of this government agency, and help you with telecommunications matters later on.

If you’re interested in fiber internet connection, knowing the significance of this organization will make you appreciate the bureau even better.

What is the National Telecommunications Commission anyway?

The establishment of the NTC was under Executive Order No. 546 promulgated on July 23, 1979. The creation of this government agency paved the way for the abolishment of the Board of Communications and the Telecommunications Control Bureau. Under this particular law, the commission was under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

Basically, the NTC is the sole body that has supervision, adjudication, and control over all telecommunications services in the Philippines. These include radio stations, wired or wireless telephone systems, cable companies, satellite television providers, and internet services. If you’re an internet service provider in the Philippines, you need to get permits and licenses from the NTC before starting operations.

The vision of the NTC is to become a world-class regulatory agency meeting the challenges of the digital world by the year 2025. Its mission is to maintain a responsive regulatory environment for an effective telecommunications/ICT sector.

Currently, the National Telecommunications Commission is an attached agency of the Department of Information and Communications Technology. It became an attached agency of the DICT when former President Benigno S. Aquino III signed Republic Act No. 10844.

To date, the National Telecommunication Commission works to make sure it reaches the Performance Pledge and E-Government Master Plan 2.0 (2016-2022). This Master Plan basically aims to improve processes in government, to provide better services to both citizens and businesses, as well as promote public participation.

Radio Control Law and Public Telecommunications Policy Act of 1995

radio law - ntc philippines - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Lars Kienle on Unsplash

It is important to understand that the NTC has regulatory and quasi-judicial functions. Technically, it is under the administrative supervision of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT). However, the decisions the NTC makes are appealable to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court.

To understand the power of the NTC, you should look into the Radio Control Law. Also known as Republic Act 3846, this law gave the National Telecommunications Commission the mandate to regulate the installation, operation, and maintenance of radio stations both for private and public use.

Alongside the Public Telecommunications Policy Act of 1995, the NTC has the power to regulate and supervise the provision of public telecommunications services. It also has the mandate to manage the radio spectrum. Plus, it has supervision adjudication and control over the broadcasting stations.

Through executive order No. 546 and executive order No. 205, this sole body exercises jurisdiction over cable television and pay television.

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Who runs the NTC?

Given the authority this particular agency has over the telecommunication environment of the nation, who is in charge of the NTC? Primarily, this agency is headed by a commissioner and has 4 divisions, 6 branches, and 15 regional offices.

Since 2009, when he was appointed by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the NTC has been under the supervision of Gamaliel Cordoba. The agency’s deputy commissioners are Edgardo Cabarios and Delilah Deles. The commission secretariat is Adriano Consunji. Deles is also the regional director of NTC’s National Capital Region office.

The main office of the National Telecommunications Commission is located in BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

What are the main services under the NTC?

Fundamentally, the NTC offers a number of services related to telecommunications services. These include consumer welfare and protection, and issuance of permits.

The broadcast services division is primarily responsible for the issuance of permits to stations that allow them to purchase, possess, construct, and import. At the same time, gives the licenses for radio and television broadcast stations and cable television stations.

Amid the pandemic, the NTC was the subject of much controversy because the government didn’t grant media network giant ABS-CBN a permit to continue its operations in the country. It was also responsible for giving the newly formed Dito Telecommunications Corporation license to operate in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the equipment standards division has the jurisdiction to issue the certificates and permits for communications equipment. Companies that want to bring in radio and telecommunications equipment have to be inspected and approved by this office before commencing operations.

The legal branch of this organization has the jurisdiction to handle all requests for blocking lost or stolen mobile phones. They also handle complaints on spam messages and other communication threats, and complaints regarding services from telecommunications service providers.

To streamline the process of obtaining licenses and permits, each region in the nation has NTC offices that issue operator certificates, permits, and licenses within their jurisdiction. It’s best for smaller companies to contact a regional office to speed up the process.

What does the NTC mean for Telecommunications Services?

Before a telecommunications entity is allowed to operate in the nation, it needs to secure a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) or authorization predicted on a valid congressional franchise. Obtaining this certificate is a lengthy process, which is why it took years for DITO Telecommunications to officially start operating within the archipelago.

While the agency is in charge of overseeing the entire telco industry in the nation, it is also in charge of other pressing matters that affect consumers. This includes the regulation over push messages, which are basically information transmitted to the mobile phone, either subscribed or unsolicited messages without a user request. These are initiated by the public telecommunications entity or content provider.

According to NTC Memorandum Circular No. 03-03-2005, push messages are only to be sent to the device of a subscriber who has given prior consent to such messages. This Memorandum details how people shouldn’t receive messages from unauthorized entities if you have not given them your approval.

This is an especially pressing matter in line with the upcoming elections. Some organizations have been using push messages to lobby their advocacies and candidates. In turn, the NTC is in charge of the maintenance of consumer consent. You shouldn’t receive messages unless you’ve given your official consent.

The same applies to spam messages, which can be an annoyance to a lot of everyday people. The NTC makes sure private and public entities don’t take advantage of the consumer information available to them. For the agency to address your concerns, you simply need to contact them through their website.

Mobile Number Portability

mobile number portability - ntc philippines - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

One recent triumph of the government agency is the implementation of mobile number portability. Mobile number portability has made it possible to switch mobile carriers without changing their mobile numbers. At the same time, people can switch from postpaid to prepaid or vice-versa without having to change their mobile numbers through this service.

This service was intended to be rolled on in the first quarter of the year. However, the ongoing pandemic has delayed its implementation.

Aside from mobile number portability, the agency is currently working on a way to make sure mobile load doesn’t expire. However, the newly implemented mobile number portability has caused some challenges as to the details of this law.

For more information on this service, you can visit the announcement page of their website. This details the regulations and protocols under this monumental service.

Internet speed

speed - ntc philippines - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

Despite being a nation full of people constantly on the internet, there are challenges as to the internet speed in the nation. Even people with fiber internet connections at home have difficulty with their internet speed.

In order for the internet speed within the nation to meet the demands of its users, the agency supervises the rollout plans of telecommunication companies. This government entity ensures the implementation of all plans, according to the intended timeline. Also, there’s regulation for the welfare of consumers all over the nation.

In turn, the NTC gives regular updates regarding internet speed within the nation. To date, they have been updating Filipinos on how much internet services in the country have improved thanks to their services.

While the telecommunication companies are in charge of the roll-out of these plans, what this National Telecommunications Commission basically does is to make sure they perform up to par with their promises. This ensures that these companies deliver all the services they advertise. Essentially, they hold these parties accountable on behalf of the Filipino people.

What does the NTC mean for radio stations?

radio stations - ntc philippines - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Fringer Cat on Unsplash

At the same time, the National Telecommunication Commission is in charge of giving entities permission to procure radio communication equipment to for use in the Philippines. In order for entities to legally operate within the nation, they need to obtain a permit from NTC Regional Offices.

Basically, where you need to obtain a permit depends on your location within the nation. The rules apply to the operation of even small operations. The department makes sure only commercial type-approved/accepted equipment. The list of these tools of technology can be found in the Equipment Standards Division at the NTC Central Office.

Fortunately, regulations and the list of service offerings of the department are accessible through the internet. As long as you have fiber internet, you’ll be able to obtain all the information you need by simply going to their web page.

The organization is also in charge of monitoring all radio stations within the nation. It makes sure they perform up to industry standards and that these entities respect the environment of the Philippines.

In fact, through the National Telecommunications Commission, there had been a boost in distance learning system of the nation. Not all people within the nation have access to speedy internet connections. That’s why the government intervened by making educational programs mandated by the Department of Education available through radio stations.

Their intervention in the education sector has made it possible for Filipino children to have access to educational materials. Certainly, this is true especially in rural areas. And a lot of people who can’t afford online learning turned to radio learning instead. This is because radio access is far more affordable than an internet connection.

Building the Nation through Telecommunications Services

Streamtech Fiber Internet

In essence, the National Telecommunications Commission makes sure all telecommunications and radio companies perform in accordance with the law. At the same time, the NTC makes sure there’s protection of the welfare of Filipino people. Addittionally, they ensure that people’s privacy is respected.

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Sing along with the Beautiful Christmas Station IDs this Holidays

As a country that celebrates the Christmas season from the start of ber months, Filipinos have a lot of Christmas traditions. Among the most anticipated yearly tradition is the Christmas station IDs of major television networks.

You don’t even have to watch TV to watch the Station ID of your favorite local channel. As long as you have fiber home internet, you can watch their respective music video clips online.

In this article, we’ll discuss details of this year’s Christmas station IDs. From the stars present in the theme song to the songs people will be singing this season, we’ll talk all about this heartwarming Christmas tradition.

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When did Christmas station IDs start?

The first Christmas station ID dates back to 1974. During Martial Law, the major television networks in the country came up with their own themes. These networks include GMA 7, IBC 13, ABS-CBN 2, and ABC 5, which is now known as TV5.

Some networks came up with new ones every year. While others participated in selected years only. Amid the pandemic, major networks opted not to gather their biggest celebrities for safety reasons. To uplift people’s spirits, they’ve come up with modern videos that utilize technology to bring the stars together virtually.

Christmas Station ID: Inspiring the Nation

start of christmas station id - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by ABS-CBN Entertainment

A lot of people anticipate these special videos every year. What these videos have in common is that they’re emotional and enduring. They give people hope and remind them of what matters most. They always tend to tug on people’s heartstrings and signal that indeed, it’s the season of Christmas.

Plus, Christmas stations IDs are a rare occurrence when some of the biggest talents of these networks come together. Every year, people try to spot when their favorite actor or singer would pop up in the video.

Among the major networks in the country, the most anticipated ones are from ABS-CBN and GMA, and for good reason. Here are some of the most iconic Christmas ID videos from these networks to date:

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2009: Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko

You probably heard of this before, and you might even know the lyrics by heart. One of the most memorable Christmas Station IDs ever is ‘Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko’ 2009.

This special song not only invites people to thank the true reason for the season. This song was released in the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy, which devastated the country in October of that year. The video was specially made to spark joy and optimism, which was hard to find considering how much people lost that year.

All of these factors make Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko 2009 so special. To this day, Star ng Pasko ignites hope and positivity in people.

ABS-CBN Station ID 2013: Magkasama Tayo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko

To mark its 60th year in Philippine television, ABS-CBN took its annual Christmas ID to the next level. Through this video, the station reached out to their viewers within the country and overseas. Seven unforgettable stories were interwoven for this special tribute.

Each celebrity present in the video focused on their personal advocacies like women’s health, helping the elderly, or supporting war veterans. Famous crooners from the Kapamilya network, such as Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, and Lea Salonga lent their voices for this particular project. Needless to say, The Voice fans were thrilled to see them work together.

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2014: Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo

Inspired by the colloquial Christmas jingle, ‘Thank you Ang Babait Ninyo,’ this video puts a special twist on the caroler classic. The Kapamilya network added some depth to the song with its heartwarming video.

Plus, the song was performed by The Voice Kids Season 1 Top 4 finalists Lyca Gairanod, Darren Espanto, Juan Karlos Labajo, and Darlene Vibares. The video itself focused on everyday Filipino. The celebrities in the video added to the drama of the project by expressing their gratitude towards special people in their lives. They also paid tribute to all those who willingly serve other people.

ABS-CBN Christmas ID 2015: Thank you for the Love

Kapamilya stars once again thanked Filipinos who inspired them in this special video. This was a hit among the Filipino people as it featured some of the hottest love teams in the country. These include James Reid and Nadine Lustre, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, and Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.

The song in itself highlights how Filipinos always remain genuine and that they never fail to give back to others. This timeless message proves how Filipinos are natural givers at heart, which is why Christmas time is so special for the nation.

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2016: Isang Pamilya Tayo Ngayong Pasko

What made this particular ABS-CBN Christmas station so unique is that colorful medallions were given some of the network’s biggest stars to people that inspired them. It also highlighted groups that continue to help others despite the adversities they encounter in life.

These special Christmas station ID featured Voice Philippines coaches Bamboo, Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, and Sharon Cuneta, and kids edition winners Joshua Oliveros, Lyca Gairanod, Elha Nympha, and Antonette Tismo. The song reminds us that as long as we have God in our lives, our hopes and ambitions live on.

ABS-CBN Station ID 2017: Just Love Ngayong Christmas

In this particular year, a dreamy lyre set the tone for the heartwarming video. The message highlighted in Just Love Ngayong Christmas was how love and compassion can resolve conflict. This timeless Christmas station ID zeroed in on the fact that sometimes, love is all you need.

Various Kapamilya stars lent their singing voices to make this particular song so special. Talents and artists from ABS-CBN’s News and Entertainment programs and subsidiaries can also be seen writing notes to cheer up and console the people in Marawi city. They were also seen doing their own acts of charity.

ABS-CBN Christmas ID 2019: Family is Forever

The year before the pandemic hit was extra special, as it was the last time people got to see their favorite stars altogether in the annual ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID. The song was sung by The Voice coaches Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo Manalac, and Lea Salonga. They were also joined by The Voice contestants, Vanjoss Bayaban, Carmelle Collado, Cyd Pangca, Angel Andal, Rhadni Tiplan, Alexa Salcedo, and Gaea Salipot.

This particular ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID exudes a mix of profound messages of generosity and forever love of family. It also united Filipinos from different walks of life, which added to the heartwarming factor of the video.

GMA Christmas Station ID 2013: Sundan Natin Ang Bituin Pabalik sa Kanyang Piling

The theme for this particular year was to remind everyone to go back to the true meaning of the Yuletide season. It was a reminder for Filipinos to go back to their Christian roots, and highlight Jesus Christ amidst all the celebrations.

The video featured GMA’s Entertainment and News and Public Affairs personalities. It revisited the night of the Nativity with the Kapuso stars paying homage to the Child Jesus. It was the station’s way of reminding people of what truly mattered during the Christmas season.

GMA Christmas Station ID 2015: MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko

As a quirky twist, the Kapuso network had a special pun in its Christmas ID for this particular year. Performed by Alden Richards, its lyrics were written by Brian James S. Camaya and the song was mixed by Jeremiah Manuel and Weena De Leon.

This was released during the height of the AlDub love tandem. They were rumored to be sweethearts in real life as well. This is what made this year extra special for their fans all over the world.

GMA Station ID 2018: Ipadama Ang Puso ng Pasko

What makes this edition of the Kapuso network’s station ID so special is that it highlighted different non-profit organizations which help improve the lives of Filipinos. Plus, some of the network’s biggest stars, such as Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Maine Mendoza, and Alden Richards participated in the video.

This station ID was so popular it became the top trending video on YouTube at the time it was launched. Plus, it showcased different parts of the Philippines, as opposed to just its main studio in Quezon City. The fact it showed the world the beauty of the country made it all the more special.

GMA Station ID 2020: Isang Puso Ngayong Pasko

For this year’s edition, GMA put the spotlight on its biggest talents. These include Marian Rivera, Dingdong Dantes, Alden Richards, Jennylyn Mercado, Dennis Trillo, Heart Evangelista, Lovi Poe, and Barbie Forteza. People applauded how the video utilized real-life couples to step up the kilig factor.

The station also let its strongest vocal talents, such as Julie Anne San Jose, Gabbi Garcia, Golden Canedo, Aicelle Santos, Maricris Garcia, Christian Bautista, and Mark Bautista lead the song. People commended on how catchy the song was, and how it highlighted how people should stay united even while social distancing.

This year’s ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID: Andito Tayo Para Sa Isa’t Isa

new abs cbn christmas station id 2021 - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by ABS-CBN News

The Kapamilya network recently launched its Christmas station ID. In lieu of gathering artists and staff together, they opted to create a lyric video instead. This year’s video gathered some of the Kapamilya network’s veteran and up-and-coming singers and love teams.

Some of the talents that sang for the Christmas Station ID include Sarah Geronimo, —Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid, Piolo Pascual, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, and Sharon Cuneta. To add some kilig factor to video, popular love teams such as Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin (SethDrea), Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan (DonBelle), and Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla (KathNiel). joined the project.

The lyrics of “Andito Tayo Para Sa Isa’t Isa” were written by Love Rose De Leon, Robert Labayen, and Thyro Alfaro. The music was composed by Xeric Tan.

Love Together, Hope Together: GMA Network’s Christmas Station ID for 2021

new gma christmas station id 2021 - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by GMA Entertainment

The Kapuso network also produced a lyric video for 2021. This special video saw some of its biggest stars singing along to the song “Love Together, Hope Together.”

Some of the crooners included in the station ID were Julie Anne San Jose, Rita Daniela, Christian Bautista, Maricris Garcia, Aicelle Santos, Anthony Rosaldo, Mark Bautista, Hannah Precillas, Jeremiah Tiangci, Jessica Villarubin, XOXO, Thea Astley, Garett Bolden, Arra San Agustin, Faith Da Silva and Lani Misalucha.

The description of the video said, “Sa dami ng pagsubok na dumating, lahat ito’y ating nalagpasan sapagkat sama-sama natin itong pinagdaanan. Sa dami ng pagsubok na dumating, lahat ito’y ating nalagpasan sapagkat sama-sama natin itong pinagdaanan.”

Sparking Hope Every Year

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Whether or not you’re a fan of GMA or ABS-CBN’s station IDs, you can’t deny how these station IDs make people feel good. Plus, it’s always fun to spot your favorite artists such as Toni Gonzaga, Vice Ganda, Piolo Pascual or even Gary Valenciano in the video.

For you to enjoy these unforgettable songs, you need fiber home internet. This is so you can enjoy all your old favorites while discovering the latest ones. Through Streamtech Fiber Internet, you can take a trip down memory lane and go through the old songs of ABS-CBN and GMA.

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