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Easy DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Try this 2021

It’s time again for the Christmas holiday. This is an opportunity for the family to come together and celebrate. No matter what you’re doing this holiday season, getting ready for Christmas is one of the most fun things you can do. In the Philippines, where Christmas is considered the longest holiday, people make certain to decorate their houses beautifully by creating amazing ornaments and making sure that everything is perfect.

Changing up the decorations every year brings joy and excitement. Some people would even check the web for some new ideas. With this, an amazing fiber internet from a reliable internet service provider in the Philippines can help do this task smoothly. If you are also looking for unique yet affordable ways to prepare your homes for the holiday season, then read on to these easy DIY Christmas decor ideas for 2021.

1. Easy DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

Because of the strong demand, typical Christmas trees in stores are expensive. People rush and slither their way past a throng of customers just to acquire one. It’s fortunate that you don’t have to leave your house or spend a lot of money to have a Christmas tree at home. There are many DIY Christmas tree ideas that are one-of-a-kind, imaginative, and sure to brighten up the holidays.

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A. Pipes Christmas Tree

You may purchase PVC pipes and plywood from a nearby home improvement store. PVC pipes should be available in a variety of diameters, ranging from 1 inch to 4.5 inches in diameter, and plywood may be cut to any size. Cut the pipes into little rings that may be used to hold various Christmas decorations. Make a tree form out of them by gluing them on the wood. This unique Christmas tree will undoubtedly pique the interest of your guests and will serve as a focal point for your home’s holiday festivities.

pipe christmas tree - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Martha Stewart Living on Pinterest

B. Felt Christmas Tree

The felt tree is for you if you have toddlers roaming around the house and you’re worried they’ll trip over the tree or pick the decorations off. Cut a tree-patterned green felt paper to fit the wall and glue it in place. Allow your children to help with this DIY project by cutting out ornament patterns from colorful felt and gluing them on the tree.

C. Woody Christmas Tree

This driftwood-only DIY Christmas tree is certainly one-of-a-kind. Gather driftwood of various lengths and drill a hole in the center of each one. Place them on a wooden foundation with a metal rod. Make a tree out of them by twirling them around. To give it a Christmas feel, put soft lights around it.

D. Newspaper Christmas Tree

Newspapers are one of the most dependable resources for do-it-yourself projects. To build a Christmas tree, cut newspaper pages into cones and place them in a wooden stand. You may spray paint them in Christmas colors, but the rawness of the newspaper should still be visible.

E. Very Sentimental Christmas Tree

Here’s a festive design idea that’s both beautiful and heartfelt. Print and hang some of the photographs you’ve saved on your phone. You may print them in natural color or black and white for a more dramatic effect. You can utilize postcard-worthy photographs from the Internet or glossy publications in addition to your own photos. Arrange the photos in a Christmas tree shape. Or you may hang them in a traditional Christmas tree. Your guests will certainly be amazed by your creativity.

2. Make your own Christmas Parol

The Filipino celebration of Christmas will not be complete without the Parol. The parol represents a guiding light, one that offers happiness, hope, and love. Here is a simple way to make a basic parol.

Photo by Jake De Jesus on Flickr

A. Gather the Materials

The kit includes ten (10) flat sticks, ten (10) rubber bands, and five (5) dowels. You will also need a pair of scissors, a glue gun and glue stick, and a spool of string.

B. Steps on Making the Frame

a. Using a rubber band, join two flat sticks together. Repeat this step with the remaining sticks.

b. To construct a star shape, tie the ends of the sticks together with rubber bands.

c. To complete the top of the star, weave a stick through the upper half, then bind with rubber bands.

d. Use the hot glue gun to attach the star frame’s intersections.

e. To make another star, repeat “steps a to d,” giving you two (2) star frames.

f. Glue the 5 dowels to the 5 intersections of one star and then top it with the other star.

g. Put all of the loose ends together using a rubber band.

​h. Place the colorful paper on the stars using adhesive but leave the center open.

i. As embellishments, crumple up little pieces of colorful paper and glue them on the tips of the stars. You may also add a battery-operated light in the hollow middle to make your parol glow.

3. DIY Tin Can Ornaments

cans - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Rold Drather on iStock

If you are one of those who do not want too much expense in decorating your houses for this season then, here is another great idea for you. You just need 3-4 empty tin cans to make this beautiful Christmas-themed ornament. Aside from the empty tin cans, you will need some sheets of paper in different colors like red, green, blue, scissors, glue sticks for paper cutting and gluing purposes, a stapler, and ribbons in matching colors with the decoration theme.

First, cut out the shapes from colorful papers like stars or other simple shapes that can be easily traced a can perfectly. Now use these shapes to trace the same on the cans and cut them out. You can also paint these cuts or leave these natural. After this, carefully glue all these stars in different places like the lower side of the can for hanging purposes.

4. Fused Glass Christmas Ornaments

Glittering glass ornaments in trees is one of the best ways in which you can make your house look more beautiful in this Yuletide season. This idea is not only affordable but it looks good too when you decorate your house with fused glass ornaments 2021. However, before starting with these fused glass ornaments ideas, do a little research about what color goes well with what other colors and how they will blend perfectly to create a wonderful theme.

There are mainly two ways in which you can make these amazing fused glass ornaments. First, you can use some empty plastic soda bottles and cut them into the shape of your preferred theme like stars or bells. After this, use paints to paint all over the bottles with different colors so that they do not look too uniform when you hang them up on a tree. You may also use pre-made fused glass stuff from shops near you.

5. Christmas Twinkling Trees

Wrap individual tree trunks in strands of sparkling LED lights or other Christmas lights to make your front yard appear like a professional light display. To begin, start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up, loosely wrapping the lights around and around the trunk. Only use approximately half of the strand on the way up so you can wrap it down again. Apply the same procedure to each trunk; if you run out of lights, just add another string. Connect the male plug to the extension cable at the base, plug it in, and enjoy your work. You may also use fairy lights to do this decoration.

6. Magical Mason Jars

It’s all about re-creating that warm and fuzzy feeling throughout the holidays, and this craft is ideal for doing just that. A couple of extra-large mason jars, black adhesive film, a craft knife or other cutting tool, a cutting board, and candles are all needed. Then, on the backside of the black adhesive, cut a festive silhouette or landscape (the more cutouts, the better). Remove the paper backing from your design and adhere it to the jar’s front. Insert a candle or LED light, and presto—holiday magic.

7. Holiday Candy Canes

candy cane - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by arbyreed on Flickr

In this Christmas lighting design, a little PVC tube goes a long way. You should purchase P-traps, an elbow, a drain, and pipes in the necessary lengths in order to assemble the parts into a candy-cane form. Wrap the assemblage in painter’s tape to produce the iconic twisting, striped pattern, then spray paint it with many applications of red spray paint before removing the tape. Finish by drilling holes large enough for your lights to fit through and stringing them through. Put it up anywhere you need a little festive happiness, whether it’s indoors or out.

8. Christmas Table Decoration

Add a personal touch over your home tables this festive season by creating DIY Christmas table decorations that will not just beautify your dining area but also gives a great ambiance to the entire room. All you need is spray paint, acrylic craft paints, and paper mache items along with some other decorative items that could give an excellent look to your table for this special day.

9. Christmas Mug Crafts

candy cane - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Deidre Schlabs on Unsplash

Mugs are also highly useful items that come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. So, why don’t you turn them into beautiful crafts this festive season which can be used as Christmas mugs or just place them around your house for an extraordinary charm over your simple-looking house? You can use paper mache ideas along with some other craft items like red and green laces to enhance the appeal of these DIY ornaments.

10. Wreath on your Door

Do you want to give a pleasant look over the front door of your house? Then why don’t you place a lovely Christmas wreath on your door that can grab the attention of anyone visiting there at first glance? You can use different colors like red and green or as per your choice as well as keep certain items like bells and ribbons over those simple wreaths to make them look even more stunning. Try out these easy Christmas wreaths decorations right away and let everyone know that this festive season belongs to all.

11. Christmas Card Holder

Let everyone know about your festive season by making some lovely Christmas card holders that you can place in front of your house or on the dining table. You can create them out of any material like cloth or twigs or anything else according to your choice. So, why don’t you pick up something simple yet attractive for yourself right away? You can also write or add amazing Christmas quotes by checking the web using the best fiber internet that can be provided by a new internet provider in the Philippines.

12. Paper Snowflakes Decorations

paper snowflakes - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by arbyreed on Flickr

Even though it doesn’t snow in the country, create a lovely winter ambiance by making some pretty snowflakes from recycled paper that will spread the holiday cheer as well as happiness all around. You can use simple materials like paper, glue, and scissors to make the most amazing snowflakes decorations which you can place anywhere at home or outside as well.

13. Easy Christmas Angel Craft

angel - diy christmas decorations - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Bugdan Kurylo on iStock

If you want to give an angelic look over your house then what better thing than angels to do that. You can easily create some pretty-looking angels from cardboards or even newspapers along with other craft items like ribbons and bells to enhance their beauty further. So, why don’t you safeguard the beauty of your house this festive season by creating those amazing angels right away? This is surely going to be an easy DIY Christmas decoration with great ease.

14. Christmas Candles

Nothing can be more pleasant than candles to welcome your guests during the festive season. So, why don’t you try out these easy DIY Christmas Decorations that will not just look amazing but also give an enchanting charm to any place where they are placed? You can use different colors along with bells and glittery ribbons to add to the look of these decorations.

Best DIY Christmas decorations on the web

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You don’t need to spend so much on Christmas decors to make the celebration of the holiday season truly special. These lovely decorating ideas will surely uplift the holiday spirit in your respective homes. And if you would like to know other DIY ideas, the web is a haven of wonderful but affordable ways to spruce up the Yuletide season.

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List of the Best Christmas Gifts for Mom: What to Get Her This 2021

It’s only a matter of time till Christmas. And you’re probably stumped for a Christmas present for your mother. This year will be more significant because we will be able to reunite after nearly two years apart. Indeed, you’d like to add to the occasion’s significance by giving her a thoughtful gift.

Whatever your relationship with your mother is like, you owe her gratitude for her sacrifices. And Christmas is the ideal moment to express your love and appreciation for her.

As the Philippines’ newest internet service provider, we strive to help you in every way we can. Aside from improving our facilities, we have prioritized presenting you with the most up-to-date information on technology, health, business, education, entertainment, and other global events. This time, we’ll help you find the perfect Christmas gift for mom, treating her like royalty and making her feel loved in no time.

25 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom

Since Christmas Day falls on the 25th, we’ve opted to come up with the same amount of gift ideas so that you have a broader range of choices.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

diffuser - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

Alternatives to natural health and well-being are becoming increasingly popular, especially in light of the current health crisis. One of them is the essential oil (otherwise known as plant extracts), which are known to have medicinal properties. 

On the other hand, an essential oil diffuser is one of the most common methods to benefit from nature’s healing powers. They provide mood-enhancing and healing benefits by infusing every space in your house with the lovely aroma of essential oils. Hence, it’s the ultimate present for the queen of the household.

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2. Air Fryer 

Air fryers are a healthier alternative to deep fat frying. They broil rather than cook at high temperatures with oil or fat that can cause artery inflammation. Any mother would appreciate a quick and tasty supper that is also healthful and low in fat. She’ll enjoy it even more for making her daily household chores simpler.

3. Garden Tool Set

We all know that moms are the best at what they do. So it only makes sense to give them tools for their craft, right? A charming garden tool set will motivate your plant mom to improve her planting abilities and care for her garden. Include a set of pots or planters to round out her gardening supplies to inspire her further.

4. Outdoor Camping Tent

camping - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

You can be sure that your outdoorsy mom is looking forward to getting back to nature now that the likelihood of travel is increasing. It’s the perfect opportunity to buy her some new outdoor gear. Even if shelter-in-place regulations remain in effect, she can set up a tent at home and sleep under the stars. While backyard camping isn’t as exciting as hitting the woods, it may be a fun way to introduce kids to sleeping in tents and get them interested in future camping and hiking adventures. If you already own an outdoor camping tent, you may choose to consider a portable camping stove or hammock.

5. Warmies Slippers

Moms are often on their feet, so those plush, microwavable fuzzy slippers will come in handy. A good pair of soothing warmth and comfort slippers are terrific for alleviating tired, hurting feet and lowering tension. Alternatively, she can refrigerate or freeze them to keep cool on hot summer nights. These slippers are machine washable, too.

6. Soft Robe

Giving her the most delicate symbol of luxury will inspire her to pamper herself more frequently, whether after a bath or after a long day. She can also use it to be warm and comfortable while reading a book.

7. Mom Portrait

portrait - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Zach Lucero on Unsplash

Give her the most excellent present she’ll ever receive: the chance to relive her most memorable moments. A life-size portrait of her as the centerpiece of your living room is a lovely memento of her youth. After all, she has given up a large portion of her youth to raise you and your siblings.

8. Pampering Gift

You can quote us on this, but whether you’re shopping for a stressed-out new mom, a soon-to-be mom, stay-at-home mom, a career mom, or an aging mom, you can’t go wrong with a pampering gift. A full-body massage will relax her tired and aching muscles, making her feel refreshed and ready to face the day. It does not have to be an upscale spa; any spa will suffice as long as it is clean and hygienic.

9. Shiatsu Foot Massager

Moms are constantly on their toes. Sending her a heat-infused, high-powered Shiatsu foot massager will help her unwind and relax while boosting circulation. She can even do this while viewing her favorite television shows. Besides, maintaining excellent foot health offers numerous benefits. 

10. Custom Jewelry

What is the most pleasing way to express affection for your mother? It’s a bracelet or necklace with your handwritten statement on it. She can gaze at it whenever she misses you to remind herself of your love. Also, it’s a terrific way to get your entire family engaged in the project.

11. Photo Album

photo album - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

A custom-made photo album with all of the moments captured during your life journey is one of the most thoughtful gifts, especially for an elderly mother. Surprise her with this treasure trove of memories by compiling your best family photos. Then, carefully put it on her lap as she sits in her bed or rocking chair while sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee made affection. Better still, make a collage of those photos and hang it on the wall opposite her bed so she can stare at it all day. 

12. Spa Gift Set

If you’re on a budget or your mother dislikes going to the spa, you can give her this glorious self-care package of goodies that includes a scented candle, sea salt, body butter, a bath bomb, lip balm, a travel-size perfume, and herbal tea.

13. Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

When we are anxious or stressed, our body’s natural reaction is to stiffen up. Over time, this can produce muscle strain, leading to pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Let Mom rest with this weighted heating pad to avoid muscle spasms. She can use it whenever she feels the need to ease discomfort in her aching, laborious upper body, which will leave her feeling refreshed.

14. Family Portrait

Nothing compares to looking up at a giant family portrait. Family photos are the most effective means of passing down memories from one generation to the next. They’re an excellent way to keep memories and track progress. Give your mother this classic present she will treasure for years to come. Whether you’re taking a new family portrait or framing an old one, it’ll put a smile on her face for sure. You can also replicate an old photograph to create a before and after image. It will surely be a fun moment with your family.

15. Cotton Cooling Blanket

Cooling blankets aid in the regulation of body temperature. They are often lighter and made of more breathable materials than standard comforters or bedding sets. It’s perfect for hot summer nights and if mom has night sweats or has trouble falling asleep.

16. Cocoa Butter

Because of its high fatty acid content, cocoa butter is excellent for hydrating, moisturizing, and increasing skin suppleness. It forms a protective layer over the skin that keeps moisture in. As a result, it is appropriate for smoothing scars, wrinkles, and other skin flaws. Perfect for mom’s busy hands.

17. Health Care Plan

healthcare - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Total Shape on Unsplash

Women have a higher tolerance for discomfort than men, so they may not realize they’re experiencing a stroke or heart attack until it’s too late. Consider gifting your mom a comprehensive health care package instead of waiting till there is an issue. Treating an illness sooner rather than later can lead to better outcomes. 

18. Manicure Set

Give your mom the gift of pampering by putting together a DIY manicure kit that includes everything they need to make their nails look salon-worthy at home. Don’t forget to include a rich hand cream and fashionable nail polish.

19. Red Lipstick

Know the saying, “when in doubt, wear red?” Women have much higher feelings of confidence when they wear red lipstick because it symbolizes passion and power. Show your mother that she can still look gorgeous despite her hectic schedule. A crimson lip is an incredibly “simple” way to feel more put together. 

20. Blueberry Merlot Tea

blueberry merlot tea - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Alisher Shatip on Unsplash

This artisan-crafted full-bodied blueberry tea combines the health-promoting antioxidant qualities of wild blueberries with Mediterranean sage for a slightly minty finish to this tart-sweet, tasty brew. It’s a juicy and satisfying steep that your mother may enjoy at any time of day or whenever the mood strikes. Serving it cold or over ice enhances the flavor even further. Instead of a teacup, she can use a wine glass.

21. Portable Charger

Having a device shut down unexpectedly because the battery is running low may be excruciating, especially when you need it most. You will need a power bank or a portable charger to prevent this situation. It is a little gadget that offers backup power for various devices such as phones, computers, cameras, and other electronic equipment.

22. Rustic Cookbook and iPad Tablet Stand

Apart from everything else, moms are famed for their cooking prowess. A thoughtful gift would be a wooden cutting board with a stand to easily reference her favorite recipes. It will undoubtedly please her to have her name engraved on it. 

23. Coffee Maker

coffee maker - christmas gifts for mom - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels

Give your favorite person a fresh start every day with a portable coffeemaker. Investing in a high-quality personal coffee machine is well worth the money. Not only will you save money per cup, but it will also be faster and more convenient to drink a cup of fresh and hot coffee every morning.

24. Smart Robot Vacuum

It’s not always a good idea to give someone a vacuum cleaner as a present. But mom, especially a dog mom, will love it because it will help her clean the house. The task of cleaning never ends. More so, if you have pets. So why wouldn’t she want a gadget that reduces her workload by half? On top of that, it’s safe to use on soft leather couches as well.

Furthermore, robotic vacuum cleaners with Wi-Fi connectivity are now far less expensive than before. Among the advantages of having fast fiber internet is the ability to remotely program and control smart robot vacuums via your smartphone.

25. Bluetooth Tracker

Moms, no matter how adept they are at organizing, sometimes misplace their belongings. A Bluetooth tracker is a special gift that you can give to your mother to help her keep track of her stuff. It connects to a mobile device and has a unique signature that the device’s owner can only decipher. 

Significant Point to Consider

Now that you’ve compiled a list of gift guides, it’s up to you to choose the ideal Christmas gifts for mom. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on Christmas presents. Moms adore anything a child gives her. Even if there isn’t any gift, she’ll still love you. However, if you’re low on cash but still want to provide her with something, running errands like picking up some items at a grocery store will warm her heart. 

The Perfect Gift 

Streamtech recognizes how difficult it is to shop for loved ones, especially when you have no idea what to get. Rather than buying her something, why not give her the most thoughtful gift of all: a fiber internet subscription to Streamtech?

With unlimited fiber internet, she can work on her business, stay in touch with loved ones, search for new crafts or recipes, or binge-watch her favorite TV series. A new modem is also included, allowing access to high-speed internet, which every mom deserves. By the way, as a Christmas gift to our clients, Streamtech is offering a higher speed limit for the same price.

Creating A Unique Internet Environment

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Our fiber-optic network is unsurpassed in terms of both reach and capability. Using a dedicated line, it can deliver high-definition video, gaming, and other telecommunications services without interference from rival networks. 

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These are the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids this 2021

Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you should shop Christmas gifts for kids. You wouldn’t want the stores to run out of the presents you’re eyeing so you should already buy gifts for your kids to open on Christmas morning. This year is unlike years past. However, as long as your home has fiber internet, you can buy the perfect gift for kids.

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what to buy for kids yet, this article is just the thing you need. In this article, we’ll discuss Christmas ideas kids of all ages will surely enjoy. Your kids will absolutely flip if you buy these great gifts for them this Christmas.

Gifts that are All The Rage with Kids of All Ages

christmas gifts for kids of all ages - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by sorrapong on iStock

If you’re looking for gift ideas regardless of kids’ ages, you should consider buying gifts for kids that the whole family can enjoy. These gift ideas are great for family game night. They’re so much fun, and at the same time, they’re the best gifts for family bonding.

Plus, what’s awesome about these gift ideas is that they encourage human interaction. The kids won’t be glued to their phones all day if their Christmas gifts are more fun to play with.

Board games

Kids love competing with one another. A Christmas gift that can bring young kids and older kids together is board games. To this day, playing board games is extremely popular. This is because all family members can join in on the fun.

From a fun card game to a classic board game like monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, these are great gifts kids from different generations can enjoy. There are even fun play sets the can test the skills of the whole family.

Most kids are always preoccupied with their gadgets. This Christmas gift will help all the kids live in the moment, and strengthen their bond. You can play games even after the holiday season wraps up. That’s why this is the perfect gift for long-term usage.

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Arts and Crafts sets

Nurture the creativity of your young kids with this awesome gift idea. From necklaces, hair clips to their own works of art, this is the perfect gift for kids that love expressing themselves through art. Even if they’re not totally artistically inclined, this Christmas gift is so fun to experiment with.

You don’t even need to limit yourself to the crafts in the set. You can also make your own tie-dye shirts and sew your own scarves. They might even come up with cool gift ideas for other kids as well.

The whole family can get involved with the project so it’s also a great gift for family bonding. With this gift, you might even discover if you’re gifted in the arts. These types of gift ideas also pave the way for fun bonding sessions for your kids and their friends.

Baking sets

You can have some fun while bonding with the kids with the use of kid-friendly baking sets. From cupcakes to cookies, you and your kids can make delicious concoctions for the holidays and beyond. Your kid gets to participate in the whole baking process, which gives kids a sense of accomplishment.

To make sure the dish turns out great, it’s important you get involved with the whole process. Your kids get to do the measuring and pouring of ingredients, but you make sure they’re safe.

No matter what your kids’ ages are, they can join in on the fun. That’s what makes these collaborative gifts for kids such a great idea. You kid might even be gifted in the kitchen. This allows your kids to use their gifts in a safe and controlled manner.

Bluetooth Karaoke microphone

With this Christmas gift, you don’t need a Karaoke machine to belt out your favorite songs. Younger kids will get to practice their singing skills. At the same time, you can take center stage and belt out your old favorites as well. You just need to type keyword of the song of your choice and you’re ready to rock.

For you to use this super fun gift idea, you simply need to plug it into your Smart TV or computer. The product comes with a free app where you can songs in your library. This great gift will be a hit among the kids and guests in your house for a very long time. As long as you have fiber internet and a reliable internet provider in the Philippines, you can update your song library with the latest hits.

Gifts for the Little Ones

christmas gifts for kids the little ones - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by yongyuan on iStock

When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for kids, you should be careful about the Christmas toys you buy. Toys with small parts like Hot Wheels cars might be potentially dangerous so your gifts should be non-toxic and fun at the same time.

When shopping for little ones, you should think of items that would be fun to play with. You’re only a little kid once after all. These Christmas gift ideas will be all the rage with little ones this Christmas. While these gift ideas are all unique, what’s common among them is that they encourage your young kids to stay off their gadgets using their imagination.

Star Wars toys

Journey to a galaxy far, far away by buying a Star Wars-themed push toy for your little ones. In recent years, The Mandalorian has become a hit show among fans of all ages.

Baby Yoda has become a fan favorite among all Star Wars fans in recent years. There is a lot of Baby Yoda merchandise available in the market. Aside from a machine washable toy, you can buy your kids a t-shirt or even an interactive doll. It’s popular among kid testers so your kid will surely love this gift.

Play-Doh kitchen oven set

Your little ones can pretend like they’re top chefs with the use of a Play-Doh kitchen oven set. The Play-Doh is this gift idea is non-toxic. This means all the kids can get in on the fun. What’s great about Play-Doh is that there is no limit as to what your kids can make.

From pizza to cake, there are a lot of fun fake dishes kids can play with using this toy. Play-Doh has always been fun to play with, and you can even join in on the fun along with your little ones.

Learning Card Game

If you’re thinking of Christmas gifts for kids that are both fun and beneficial, you should buy a learning card game. With experiment cards, they get to learn simple concepts as they play with you.

From shapes to colors, numbers to the alphabet, you can start schooling your kid at a young age. You can even consider buying alongside a stacking toy for them to build their own buildings and make-believe cities. The carrying case the game comes with makes it easy to store.

Educational gifts for kids

educational christmas gifts for kids - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by PRImage Factory on iStock

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of STEM learning toys for your little budding scientist can use. These educational gifts for kids help them appreciate coding, develop their fine motor skills and even fine-tune their math skills. These gifts ideas are a fun way to learn something new and appreciate the lesson they learn at school.

Educational gifts are also the best gifts if you’re trying to make learning so fun for your kids. Kids learn as they play, so it’s a total win for parents and kids. They’re the perfect Christmas toys for kids to appreciate school more.

Space and Planetarium Projector

Is your kid interested in space? Your kid can live his dream of being an astronaut at home with a Space and Planetarium projector. This is a super fun way for kids to have educational insights into the solar system. Little ones will get to appreciate the planets in real life. Plus, they have something cool to show other kids.

What makes this gift so fun is that you get to see what’s out there in the universe. You might even encourage your kids to pursue a career in science through this cool toy.

DIY Stem Toy

If you want your little ones to be introduced to robotics at a young age, you should consider a DIY stem toy. By playing with this today, your kids will have a better understanding of STEM concepts. This gift idea has special sound effects, which makes it so awesome to play it.

Interactive toys like that pave the way for imaginary play. You also learn coding robot educational insights with this multifunctional gift idea. You don’t even need batteries to power this Christmas gift. All you need is solar power for the imaginative play to begin.

Science Experiment Kit for imaginative play

While kids learn science at school, you can take their appreciation to the next level with a science experiment kit. This gift is ideal for older kids as they learn scientific concepts in class. They get to have a better understanding of the possibilities you can explore through science.

This diverse Christmas gift lets you learn a lot of STEM concepts along the way. It comes with some instructions for you to unleash your inner scientist, and let the fun begin. This is one of the best gifts for kids that are currently studying at home. They get to test what they learn in the virtual classroom in a fun way.

Soap and Bath Bomb Lab

Make bath time something your kids look forward to by letting them make their own soap and bath bomb. This kit comes with all the things little ones need to make their own fragrant and fun bath time companions.

This gift idea can also pave the way for more Christmas gifts as the kids get to make their own soaps. You can make soaps in different cool shapes and sizes, which makes it so awesome. You can fashion one after your favorite character. Your only limit is your imagination.

Shopping for the perfect gifts for kids

shopping the perfect christmas gifts for kids - streamtech fiber internet
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When it comes to gift ideas, you should think about your kids’ ages as well as their interests. If they’re into racing, you can buy a Hot Wheels toy set. If your kid wants to learn how to ride a bike, you can start with a ride-on toy first.

What’s awesome about the gifts for kids detailed above is that you can buy these gift ideas right in the comfort and safety of your very own home. All you need is fast internet connection to order these gifts for kids on the internet.

While shopping for gifts for kids online, however, you should make sure the store you’re checking out can deliver before Christmas. With so many people doing their holiday shopping online, your gifts for kids might not arrive on time if you shop at the last minute.

Streamtech Fiber Internet

That’s why you need a fast and reliable internet provider in the Philippines. With the use of a high-speed connection, you can research all the details you need to find the perfect gift regardless of kids’ ages.

One of the newest internet providers in the Philippines, Streamtech allows you to exceed your limits and shop online to your heart’s content. You can find cool gift ideas for kids’ ages through the use of Streamtech’s unlimited fiber internet.

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Plus, through Streamtech, the entire household can enjoy the Streamtech experience. Our Extendifi WiFi Extender lets you shop gifts for kids wherever you are at home. That’s why this Christmas, you should invest in the affordable fiber internet plans of Streamtech. Shopping for gifts for kids will be a breeze with a lightning-fast internet connection.

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These are the Best Christmas Gifts for Dad this 2021

The holiday season is in full swing, and now’s the perfect time to buy Christmas gifts for dad. As long as you have fast fiber internet, you can find the perfect gift your dad will appreciate. If you haven’t gotten started yet, this gift guide is just the thing you need to buy the best gifts he’ll love.

From funny gift ideas to the best your outdoorsy dad will love, these best gifts are the things you need to put a big smile on your dad’s face this Christmas season.

Great gift ideas for techie dads

If your father is the type who loves all things technology, you should consider getting him items that he can wear or use in the house. While gadgets of sound quality may come at a hefty price tag, not all of them are very expensive. As long as you have an internet provider in the Philippines, you can find the perfect portable gadgets that fall within your budget.

Amazon Alexa

If you’ve got a dad who loves using his gadgets around the house, this gadget will help your father make your house a smart home. Not only can it play music he’ll love, but it can also be used to connect with other smart gadgets in your home.

Smart technology products such as Amazon Alexa may cost a few thousand pesos, but you should consider it an investment. If you take care of it well, you, your mom and the entire family can make use of it.


In recent years, different tech companies have launched multi-tool products your old man can wear. If your dad is a total fitness buff, he can track his steps, heart rate, and even sleep quality. This will be his favorite tool to wear every day.

Smartwatches are not just go-to gadgets for fitness buffs. Because you can connect the product to your smartphone, you can take your calls and even answer your text messages. This means that your dad doesn’t have to look into his bag to get important notifications. This gift is the perfect idea for your techie dad who’s always on the go.

Overhead projector

It doesn’t matter if your dad likes old movies or the latest blockbuster, you can watch his favorite movies at home with a projector. While cinemas across the country may be opening already, a lot of people are still hesitant to go to the cinema. With this gift, you can bring the cinematic experience wherever you are.

What’s great about this gift idea is that it is something your father, mom, and the whole family can use. All you need to do is connect it to your computer or smart gadget, make some snacks and you’re ready to go. This is something you can use to bond this Christmas and beyond.

Just the thing for home chefs

If your dad is the type to hang out at the kitchen counter all day, you should get him gifts that he can use in the kitchen. With these kitchen gadget choices, he can improve his cooking skills. This means you and the whole family will get to experience his awesome cooking.

Serrated edge knife

A great quality stainless steel construction knife is something you can use for life. That’s why this Christmas, you should consider buying your dad a gift he’ll always get to use: a knife. Every kitchen is incomplete without a chef’s knife. However, you can take your kitchen gadget options to the next level with a multi-tool like a serrated edge knife.

As long as you have fiber internet at home, you can find a good pair or set of stainless steel knives that fit within your budget. This gift will surely turn into his go-to items on the kitchen counter. With all the possible dishes this gift can make, it is surely a gift that keeps on giving. It’s the best gift for dads that are wizards in the kitchen.

An apron with dad jokes

If your dad loves to tell corny jokes while he’s grilling, the one gift you can give your dad to fit his sense of humor is a funny apron. This unique gift is not only stylish but also gives your dad some protection while he’s cooking.

To find the perfect gift for your dad, all you need to do is browse the internet for apron sellers. If you have time to make the gift personal, a great gift you can gift dad is one with his own dad jokes. It’s something only dad will appreciate, and the personal touch makes it extra special.

Coffee mug for his morning cup

If your dad swears by a cup of coffee as he reads his daily paper, you can gift him a coffee mug he’ll appreciate. You simply need to find a design your dad loves and you’re good to go. This is a great gift because you can use it not only during the Christmas season but for life.

With this gift, he’ll remember your thoughtfulness every time he drinks his cup of coffee. You can even take this gift to the next level by making a personalized he’ll love. You can opt to print his picture or a witty saying he swears by.

Great quality hot sauce

If your dad likes his dishes spicy, the perfect gift you can give him is a hot sauce set. There are a lot of options on the internet for you to buy. As long as you have an internet provider in the Philippines, finding a great hot sauce will be easy peasy.

What makes this option one of the best gifts you can give your dad is that your dad can use it even beyond the holiday season. He can spice up any dish he pleases, and he might even find a new hobby in making new spicy dishes. This gift works best with beer if your dad is a beer drinker.

Awesome gifts for outdoorsy dads this holiday season

If your dad loves having adventures in the great outdoors, you should give your dad presents he can use during his escapades. With these gift ideas, your dad gets to rest easy knowing he’ll be safe and stylish during his outdoor adventures.

Folding chair

For your dads to be comfortable around the campfire, you can buy a sturdy chair he can easily carry. Not only can use this gift in your own home, but it will give your dad some much-deserved relaxation after a long hike.

To find the perfect chair, all you need is fiber internet. You can find uncommon goods your dad will appreciate as long as you have an internet connection at home. You can even opt to buy a pair for more for the whole family to be comfortable.

Ray-Ban sunglasses

To shield your dad from the harsh sun or the colder months, you can buy him a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Wearing this will not only make him look cool, but it keeps him protected from the sun’s UV rays as well.

When shopping for branded gifts like this, it’s important that you find a legitimate store. You wouldn’t want your dad to wear a poor-quality knockoff gift. Your dad deserves the best. This bad boy will take your dad’s stylishness to the next level.

Hiking shoes

Wearing good-quality hiking shoes is important for your dad to stay safe. That’s why you should consider getting him a good pair of new hiking shoes. It’s not ideal to wear black leather shoes during one’s hike. That’s why you should look for functional shoes that provide protection.

Once you find the perfect pair that mirrors his style, he’ll be wearing his fresh pair in no time. You can even get a matching pair for yourself so you can tag along with your dad’s adventures. He’ll appreciate the fact you want to spend priceless time together.

Great gift ideas for stylish dads

If your dad tends to be too busy to groom himself, you should buy your dad gifts for his self-care routine. With these gifts, he’ll be able to take care of himself better. Dads will become more self-confident knowing he looks and smells good.

Face wash set

Most dads are used to just using soap on their faces. However, this is not enough to address the skin needs of dads. With this gift, your dad will learn how to give his skin the care it needs. You can even add shave cream or moisturizer to take his routine to the next level.

There are a lot of face washes that come in a masculine scent. This means that your dad doesn’t have to worry about smelling girly. To find the perfect set he can use for life, you simply need to figure out his skin type. From there, you can find uncommon goods for his skincare routine.

A cool leather jacket

One awesome gift you give your dad this Christmas is a cool leather jacket. This gift idea is something he can use all winter long if you’re spending the holidays abroad. Plus, your dad will feel more confident knowing he looks edgy.

When it comes to finding the perfect leather jacket your dad loves, you simply need to find one that is in his size. It’s important you find an option of great quality so he can use the product for life. The only time he will want to take this gift off is when it’s too hot.

Sensible pair of socks

This may sound a bit boring for some but your dad will appreciate it for sure. He probably has to dress up for the office. With this gift, your dad can inject some of his personal styles without violating the office dress code.

To find the perfect pair of socks for your dad, you simply need to look for online stores that offer designs he would appreciate. Your dad will surely appreciate this gift idea especially if he’s the sensible type. You can even buy more than one pair since socks usually don’t cost too much anyway.

Finding Christmas gifts for dad

While this gift guide may give you an idea of what you can give your dad this holiday season, it’s important you consider your dad’s interests. While gift guides give people a general idea of what to give, there’s nothing like adding a personal touch to the presents you give your dad.

On the flip side, you can come up with awesome gift ideas even in the comforts and safety of your home. As long as you have a fiber internet connection, you can connect with online stores for awesome gifts. Not only will you get to find cool gifts for your dad, but you can also look for options for the entire family.

That’s why this Christmas season, you should do yourself a favor and invest in a fast fiber internet connection. As one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines, Streamtech allows you to shop for the best gifts this Christmas and beyond.

With the power of Streamtech, not only can you shop to your heart’s content, but you can also find fun activities you and the family can enjoy. You can enjoy a good Christmas movie or even find fun games for the whole family to participate in.

What’s great about the Streamtech connection is that we have our own fiber-optic backbone link. This means you can rest easy knowing that you have a fast and reliable connection. Plus, through our partnership with Planet Cable, you can even connect to your favorite TV channels. Our cable bundles allow you to enjoy both fast internet and the best channels around.

Discover why more people are making the switch to Streamtech today. It’s the perfect gift your dad and the whole family can enjoy this season and beyond.

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