Get access to a reliable, high-speed, and unlimited internet plan with huge savings. Streamtech offers a variety of promos for its fiber internet and cable TV services.

The selection includes additional speeds, discounted prices for the subscriber, and many more. For instance, you can have internet access at higher speeds for the same price as the original home fiber offering. Other inclusions are free cable TV services.

Just always visit the Streamtech Promo Page and its Official Social Media Account (Facebook) to get in the loop with our list of updated offerings. And don’t forget to see the promo’s validity and the terms and conditions that apply.

Experience the best Cable TV and Internet Promos in the Philippines!

Some Filipinos always look for internet promos so that they will have access to better services at a lower price. We, at Streamtech, offer various kinds of promos, such as the list below:

Upgraded Speed

This type of promo usually includes access to higher speeds. Each user gets an added speed on top of the originally offered internet plan.

The good thing is that people enjoy better services simultaneous with paying just the same price as the original, non-promo plan.

Discounts, Rebates or Free Monthly Service Fees

This promo category includes a reduced price to be paid by the subscriber, upon satisfying the terms and conditions of the specific promo.

Free Cable Services

As the type suggests, it is getting a free additional service on top of your original application, upon satisfying the terms and conditions of the promo.

Raffle and Others

These are any other special promos offered or to be offered by Streamtech. They can include long-standing draws.

Why are we interested in these special offerings?

In this digital age, we do a lot of internet activities. That is why we often look for additional data allocation or discounts. We are fond of surfing different sites. Many of us enjoy watching our favorite video creator on Youtube or viewing various Tiktok uploads.

Gamers delight in playing mobile legends, using other apps for mobile games, and downloading any other useful apps from an app store. Some even manage their own specific site.

That is why we need access to reliable, high-speed, and unlimited internet.

Hence, it is beneficial for each user or his home to be able to avail of appropriate discounts, freebies, or upgrades. And Streamtech understands such a need. That is why we are offering different promos in different areas, for the use of our dear subscribers.

This drive enables our existing and future customers to be in the loop of our fiber networks, so they can experience upgraded internet connectivity.

Existing and Future Subscribers, Know the Promo Details!

Streamtech’s promo offerings have different guidelines and requirements. Some may be applicable to your homes, while some to your work.

Anywhere you are in our serviceable areas, it is always best to check with your nearest Streamtech branch. Raise your questions, like if the promo is available in your specific area, or what are the complete inclusions and conditions.

More so, in choosing that one promo that fits your needs, you can also send us an email, at [email protected] or [email protected] .