Disclaimer: The 10 Mbps Plan is only applicable to the following areas: Lumina General Trias (in Bacoor), Lumina Tanza and Phases 1-5, and Bria Grandiosa Lane (in Tanza), Bria General Trias, and Bria Trece Martires.



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Previously just a part of Silang, Carmona is now a 1st class municipality of the Cavite province. Even if it generally an agricultural locality, just like any other Cavite town, it is transitioning to industrial. Various information say that the there are various business enterprises that found Tanza as their house or base.

These include garment industry, steel fabrication, semiconductors and/or microchip production, and other manufacturing and operations businesses. Its places of interest include Manila Southwoods Golf and Country Club, Manila Jockey CLub, and Carmona Racing Circuit.


Streamtech’s Service Areas in Carmona

  • Motecarlo
  • Woodland Hills

A Panorama of Cavite and Its Industrialization

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The province of Cavite is, indeed, a thriving locality. Every account and information says that it initially is an agriculture dependent area. However, with its proximity to Metro Manila, people started to migrate and investments started coming in. Hence, it is now in transition to becoming more and more commercial and industrialized.

The province is a highly industrialized one, with economy, commerce, industry, and entrepreneurship fueling it. Such locality houses various manufacturing firms, and investors loved and trust growth in the area. Since it offers one of the cheapest costs of labor, most news say that it is the reason for the increasing amount of business enterprises coming in.

Industrial estates powered by PEZA

And the above conditions can be expected since most of the province’s gigantic industrial estates are PEZA-registered. This Philippine Economic Zone Authority helps industries by promoting investments in the export-oriented category. Primarily, it assists in the registration and facilitation of operations, plus providing tax incentives.

Among the PEZA-registered industrial estates in the province are SMDM IT Center, Lumina Point, Suntech Park, Suntrust Ecotown and the Cavite Economiz Zone. They also have the FCIE, People’s Technological Complex, EMI Special Economic Zone, Gateway Business Park, Cavite Technopark, Golden Mile Business Park, and Daiichi Industrial Park.

The role of internet service providers in such progress

Basically, there is one important thing that links each company and the province to a huge success. That is, having swift access to information through fast internet speed provided by various internet service providers.

Since each internet provider has networks that can provide ample amount of signal, these enterprises have seamless experience in digitizing their operations. And since most of them have plan upgrade offerings, from DSL to fiber internet, their business subscribers can now do more in their own industries.

Streamtech brings its packages to the province

Here’s the latest! Streamtech, one of the Philippines’ newest internet service providers, is holding its main office at Cavite. Hence, at a very affordable price, subscribers, both residential and enterprises, can avail of a service application with us.

For homes and micro enterprises, you can already have fast internet for as low as PhP 1,499. You can also add a product that will suit your specific home online needs. We have a wifi extender, digiclass bundle, vlogging kit, and gaming kit. On the other hand, for enterprises, installation of a dedicated internet access can availed starting from as low as PhP 6,999.

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