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Sometimes spelled as “Baliwag,” this municipality is commonly known for its various native delicacies, bakeries, and of course, the famous Baliuag Lechon Manok.

Founded in 1732 by Agustinian friars, it was previously a part of Quingwa, now called as Plaridel. The area, in its early times, is initially agriculture-dependent. Each family rely on farming as a source of livelihood and business. But now, industrialization kicked in, proven by various huge establishments such as SM City Baliwag, A Square, various Puregold branches, Savemore, Megamart, Waltermark, and many more.

Additionally, one can experience a baroque vibe entering one of the municipality’s places of interest, the St. Augustine Parish church. Its gigantic bell tower is one of the things tourists come for. The municipality also has the Baliwag Clock Tower which seems to welcome visitors who set feet in the bustling town.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Baliuag

  • Camella Baliuag
  • Camella Prominenza


Another 1st class municipality in the province, its name came from the tree called Kalumpit. It is a hardwood species that amply grew in front of St. Baptist Church, located at Poblacion-Sucol. Data also site that the municipality is already existing prior the Spaniards setting foot on the locality.

The town’s famous places of interests ranges from historical to ecological and vacation sites. These include Meyto Shrine, St. John the Baptist Church, Bagbag Bridge, Calumpit River, and Jed’s Island Resort. They are also known for their elaborate fluvial procession called the Calumpit Libad Festival.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Calumpit

  • Balite
  • Baguion
  • Calumpang
  • Creekstone Subdivision
  • Hazel Heights Subdivision
  • Iba Este
  • Iba O’este
  • La Residencia
  • Longos
  • Northville 9
  • Palimbang
  • Pio Cruzcosa
  • San Marcos
  • Sergio Bayan


Malolos is the capital of Bulacan. It is also a 3rd class component city in the province. The city is only 28 miles away from Metro Manila which makes it one of the major outskirts adjacent to the National Capital Region.

There are a number of reasons why we easily remember the city. When we review our history books, we will see that it is the site of the 1898 Convention, resulting in the Philippines’ First Republic. It is also where we can find the famous Barasoain Church. It is also where the Museum of Philippine Political History is situated.

Additionally, the city prides itself to be the Banking Capital of Bulacan because it holds the most number of banking firms in the locality.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Malolos

  • Camella Malolos


Networks and water pipelines of the NCR and most towns nearby won’t have much of a source if not for the Angat Dam, located at Norzagaray. The area also hosts the Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project.

Additionally, the 1st class municipality also delight in being the 4th richest in the province in 2017.

Some places of interest in the town are the Monument of Sinfroso de la Cruz, and the Pinagrealan Cave which is said to be the camp where revolutionaries hid in 1986. But in terms of potential tourist spots, the town also has the Angat Watershed Forest Reserve.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Norzagaray

  • Bria Norzagaray

Santa Maria

Previously known as Santa Maria de Pandi, the name of the municipality was after the patron La Purisima Concepcion (Immaculate Concepcion).

The town has an amazingly fast population growth rate due to migration. The reason behind this is the fact it also is in a state of rapidly increasing commercialization.

For the longest time, the locality is also known as the Egg Basket of the Philippines.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Santa Maria

  • Camella Santa Maria, Bulacan

San Jose Del Monte

Officially the City of San Jose Del Monte, it is a recently proclaimed highly urbanized city and also known as the 18th most populated city in the country. The city came to these terms because it hosts some of the biggest resettlement areas.

Its main tourist attractions include Kaytitinga Falls and Mount Balagbag in San Isidro, and the Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Shrine which is a pilgrimage church for Roman Catholics. Lastly, some portions of the Angat Watershed Forest Reserve is still situated in SJDM.

Streamtech’s Service Areas in San Jose Del Monte

  • Northridge Grove
  • Northridge View

A Roundup of the Bulacan Experience

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Photo by Net1 PH

The province of Bulacan, in itself, is a mixture of rich cultural heritage and fast-paced industrialization. That is why it became synonymous to being the “Northern Gateway from Manila.”

A review of history will tell us that Bulacan, as it is right now, is a product of triumph from its vivid historical conditions. Even if already home to great artists such as Francisco Balagtas, Nicanor, Abelardo, and Guillermo Tolentino, the town people exuded to their hearts’ content, still bagging renown for commerce and industry.

Its strategic location, wonderful heirloom celebrations, commercialization and infrastructure, rich culture, and kind people made it an ideal location for businesses and habitation, alike.