Naga City

Penafrancia Basilica – Photo by digishooter on Flickr

Officially called the City of Naga, it is a 2nd class component city in the province of Camarines Sur. It is also considered one of the oldest royal cities in the Philippines. Other names of the location include the “Queen City of Bicol” and “Heart of Bicol.”

The city houses the Archdiocese of Caceres which guides the whole Catholic community of the region. Addedly, being the cultural center of the Bicol region, it is famous for the Penafrancia Festival. Other festivals extolled in Naga are Kamundagan Festival and Kinalas Festival.

Certainly, this city has a rich mix. It is also home to a list of famous native delicacies. Lug-lug is a Bicol-style noodle soup. Buduya, commonly known as maruya, is a version of fritter. They also have their version of banana cue and camote cue.

Lastly, the city has plethora of tourist attractions. Below are some of them:

  • Penafrancia Basilica
  • Naga Metro Cathedral
  • Our Lady of Penafrancia Shrine
  • Oragon Monument
  • Caramoan Island
  • Aguirangan Island

Streamtech’s Service Areas in Naga

  • Camella Heights
  • Camella Naga
  • Lessandra Heights Naga

The revered Camarines Sur

Photo by Life TWOgether

Indeed, information and reality will tell us that the province of Camarines Sur is admired by the world for its natural attractions and pilgrim sanctuaries. There are various white sand beaches located in the area. Among the prominent ones is the Caramoan Island, which is really something looked forward to by travelers and tourists. It also has Mount Isarog and Mount Asog. And of course, we have the beautiful Naga City.

Connecting to the Pilgrim City

Indeed, the City of Naga is one of the venerated places in the Philippines in terms of solemn pilgrimage. The experience it gives to sojourners is one of a kind. However, the continued industrialization of the area makes it inevitable to get connected not only locally but internationally.

Why is there a need for internet service?

Even though the city is mostly known for its old-age churches, its economy tells us that it is a center of trade in the region. It has various business districts, each of which houses local businesses and enterprises. And lastly, the city is also home to commercial business establishments such as huge shopping malls, banking and financing institutions, and BPO and IT centers.

This makes the need for reliable broadband service at an affordable cost to be available in the locality.

Streamtech makes fiber internet available at CamSur

Excellent news! Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, makes such internet services available in the province. Initially, it is servicing some portions of Naga City. But eventually, it will expand its networks to the province so that each business and residential home alike will have access to fiber internet.

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