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This town is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Guimaras, Philippines. And according to history, it is also the oldest town in the province. Its name also came from the Spanish word buenavista, which means a good or beautiful view.

Truly, there are a lot of beautiful places that are on the list for Buenavista.

An example would be the Navalas Church, that is, the oldest church that can be found in the whole province of Guimaras. Natives of the town are proud of the pristine garden in front of the church. Another one is Roca Encantada, a national heritage house that is considered one of the perfect summer gala sites in Guimaras.

The town also has the Guimaras Mango Plantation, in barangays Mclain and Pina. One will be awed to see vast hectares of land filled with mango trees.


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On the other hand, Jordan is a 3rd class municipality in Guimaras, Philippines, and the province’s capital. It is deemed the center of commercial activities in the whole Guimaras since it is also the town closest to Iloilo City. Its name was after the town’s patron, Saint John the Baptist.

The wharf in brgy. Rizal is a port for cargoes and passengers to and from Iloilo City. Thus, the town is instrumental to the whole trade of the province of Guimaras. Economic activities were also strengthened by the RoRo facility at brgy. Hoskyn. And of course, the improvements in infrastructure, utilities, and communication services enabled commercialization and industrialization.

In terms of tourism, the town also has a list of locations. Among the famous ones are the Trappist Monastery, Ave Maria Island, Smallest Plaza, and Balaan Bukid Shrine.

Nueva Valencia

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This town is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Guimaras, Philippines. Originally, the town was called Valencia.

It is known to have a rich amount of mineral resources such as iron and prospectively, limestone, gold, and copper. The area is also abundant in coastal mangrove resources. The account of the municipality says that its diverse mangroves area consists of 25 species and 17 associates.

In terms of tourism, it is famous for the following sites. The Guisi Lighthouse and Guisi Beach contain the ruins of a watchtower that used to guide vessels crossing the area.

On the other hand, Lamurawan Island has the grotto of the Virgin Mary. Aside from that, it has an overlooking view of the islands surrounding it.

Lastly, the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center or SEAFDEC is the center for research for marine life. Travelers often cite it as the first spot if one avails an island hopping tour in Guimaras.

How Guimaras is the Island that will Fit Your Taste

Known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines, this province is located in the Western Visayas portion of the country. And it is obvious that the area is highly agricultural. The major industries thriving in the locality are fruit processing, tourism, mining, fishing, and handicraft making, among others.

The natural beauty and rich history and culture of the province paved the way for the boom of its tourism. With mainland and clusters of islets as its land structure, people are fond of island-hopping during vacations.

Simultaneous with this, sojourners enjoy the luscious taste of its native food. Its seafood, kakanin, and of course, mango-made food are some of the best. Plus, since it is the home of the sweetest mangoes in the world, natives of the province pour their creativity into creating ways to savor them. Some of these are mango pizza, mango beer, mango ketchup, mango bulalo, mango bibingka, and mango jam.

Given that the province is reachable by boat or plane, people not just in the country but also around the world are waiting for their turn to visit.

Expanding its internet service capacity

Aside from the abovementioned, one good thing about the island of Guimaras is that it is consistently improving its platforms for communication. It has warmly opened its area to various internet service providers so that its people will have access to broadband services.

Now, more than ever, the demand for internet access and services has significantly increased. Since things drastically changed and most people are working from home or are engaged in online classes, a reliable wi-fi connection plus good customer service are must-haves.

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