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Mexico, Pampanga

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Nuevo Mexico is the former name of this town during the Spanish colonial era. It is a 1st class municipality in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. Available information about its etymology says that the name came from the much number of chico trees in the area. On the other hand, other information states that the name was derived from the word siku which means elbow, because the Pampanga and Abacan Rivers formed such bend shape.

Since the Spaniards greatly influenced this part of the region, the town celebrates various religious festivals. These include solemn celebrations every Good Friday, Encuentro during Easter Sundays, Feast of Virgen dela Consolacion y Correa, and Lubenas Pascu. Of course, they have the Mexico Town Fiesta, in honor of their patron, Saint Monica.

The municipality is also home to various places of interest. They have the San Jose Matulid Chapel, Sta. Monica Church and St. Benedict Convent, and Sto Domingo De Guzman Parish Church. They also have heritage sites like the Catigbak Residence and Panlilio Residence.

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City of San Fernando, Pampanga

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Known as the Home of the Giant Lanterns and the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, it is a 1st class component city and the capital of Pampanga, Philippines. It was even referred to as the Christmas Capital of Asia by a number of media. Its name was after King Ferdinand VI of Spain, and Saint Ferdinand III of Castille and Leon is its patron saint.

As expected, a lot of commercial businesses and establishments in Pampanga are found in the city. Various gigantic malls, markets, educational institutions, financial and insurance firms, and many more are in this location as well.

In terms of the industries, the city is an important rice and sugar producer. Major manufacturing businesses and food and beverage companies also housed their stations in the city.

Certainly, the city has a lot of choices to offer in terms of beautiful places to visit. So, if you plan to experience the beauty of San Fernando, you may consider visiting the following:

  • Pampanga Eye
  • San Fernando Heritage District
  • Archdiocesan Museum and Archives
  • Everybody’s Cafe
  • Monumento Fernandino
  • WOW Philippines Hilaga.

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Pampanga and Its Broad-Strokes

The province of Pampanga, located at the Central Luzon region of the Philippines, is a great mix of everything: history, culture, and aggressive development. During the colonial times, the province is one of the Philippines’ rebellions against the colonizers. More than anything, the province is one of the Philippine flag’s sun rays.

Eventually, as times pass by, doing business in the location became easy. Really, its proximity to Metro manila makes the location is perfect for a modern business to thrive.

Doing business in Pampanga

We all know what the province is mostly famous for. Want grandiose and sophisticated cooking? The food products of the province is superb. Pampanga’s Best and Mekeni Food are, each, a famous brand name.

A great number of food-related businesses are famous in the area. From delectable dishes to native delicacies and even cookies, these are the things the location prides itself. Addedly, thanks to the creative minds of Kapampangas, their giant lanterns is something they also made a money out of.

Last but not the least, the province has its own version of a global city. The famous Clark Global City is indeed a site of industrialization and growth. It is a hub of commerce and progress.

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