Tayabas City

Photo by The Official Website of the Province of Quezon

Officially called the City of Tayabas, the location is a 6th class component city in the province of Quezon, Philippines. The town was founded by Franciscan missionaries from Spain. And it was also considered the “most novel villa” in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era.

The city is notable for its lambanog or coconut arrack. Even people from Metro Manila will pay the cost of buying such product of the city. It is also known for various ancestral homes located in its vicinity. These are referred to as Tayabas’ cultural properties.

Ancestral Properties

One example is the Ruins of San Agustin Mansion shows off the distinction of the San Agustin family which is the most prominent during the 20th century’s first half. Addedly, the Nagar House is one of the houses built during the pre World War 2. Its characteristics include ventanillas, wide windows, and high ceilings. More so, the Sumilang House is another ancestral home located near the public market. And history tells that Japanese occupation is the reason why the house was never completed and in ruins.

Places of Interest

Aside from these ancestral houses, the city’s places of interest include the following:

  • Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel
  • Malagonlong Bridge
  • Sanctuario de las Almas
  • Casa Comunidad de Tayabas
  • Nuestra Señora de las Angustias
  • Calle Budin
  • Camposanto de los Indios

Streamtech Service Areas in Tayabas City

  • Camella Quezon

The Natural Beauty of Cocolandia – Quezon, Philippines

Pahiyas Festival – Photo by Culture Trip

As the name suggests, the Province of Quezon is the Philippines’ top producer and provider of coconuts. This stems from the fact that agricultural activities drive its economy. People mainly engage in farming and fishing operations.

But aside from these driving forces of the economy, the next spot is tourism. It was previously mentioned that the City of Tayabas is home to a variety of tourist attractions. And the same is true for all the other municipalities and cities in the whole province.

What Quezon, Philippines has to offer

According to the website of the Province of Quezon, it is home to 709 destinations for tourists. The bulk of these is natural sites, and hotel and resorts.

Natural attractions in the province

Mount Banahaw – Photo by Vigatin Tourism

Of course, the most famous one is Mount Banahaw. Even if in reality it is an active volcano, people consider this natural gem of the province a sacred place. It is a popular site for mountain climbing and pilgrimage. But the spiritual beliefs are not just Christian or Catholic in nature. Some of the locals in this holy mountain believe that Dr. Jose Rizal is a divine being – the so-called Rizalistas.

Other famous spots in the province are:

  • Cagbalete Island
  • Polilio Island
  • Kuwebang Lampas
  • Balagbag Falls
  • Aliw Falls
  • Rizal Hills
  • Tikub Lake.

Cagbalete Island – Photo by Grid PH

Also, since the province celebrates various grand festivals, a lot of people who wanted to experience such really visit the province.

List of Quezon’s festivals

There are famous festivals celebrated by the people of the province. The most notable one is the Pahiyas Festival celebrated by the inhabitants of Lucban to honor their patron, Sanit Isidore. The other renowned ones are the Niyugyugan Festival and the Katang Festival, celebrated by the people of Calauag.

Some other grand and colorful festivals across the province are:

  • Agawan Festival of Sariaya
  • Mais Festival of Tiaong
  • Pasayahan sa Lucena of Lucena City
  • Candle Festival of Candelaria
  • Papag at Bilao Festival of Pagbilao
  • Buhusan Festival of Lucban.

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