Stream Your Life and Make Money with Streamtech’s Affordable Home Fiber Plan

Stream your life with Streamtech - Affordable home fiber Plan
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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Streaming live videos and keeping up with social media content takes a lot of hard work. Many users are unable to stream live regularly due to the challenges with signal quality and speed. Thus, it’s crucial to have an affordable home fiber plan to carry out this job.

“There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people realize it’s a tool that we use in this world” 
– Tim Berners-Lee

The entertainment industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors in this pandemic. And we understand there is an extensive reservoir of talent in our own country. But, aside from that, we have a culture that values music and having a good time. Making light of a stressful situation or expressing our feelings through song and dance is one of our coping techniques for being resilient.

It’s even more tragic when clubs and lounges were closed owing to health regulations. It not only displaced a large number of musicians and entertainers, but it also took away a form of amusement. We’re used to getting together with friends or colleagues after a long day at work to listen to music or jokes. It truly takes our minds off from the stress and strain of the day.

That looming gloom, on the other hand, did not last. Well, Pinoys are known for ingenuity and resourcefulness. And it was while looking for different ways to express our creativity; we recognized the value of having unlimited fiber internet. Sure, we’re aware of the convenience it provides, but we didn’t realize its importance as much as we do now. Without it, we wouldn’t discover alternative platforms for showcasing one’s qualities and capacities. Thus, we found a new stage, albeit a virtual one. Nonetheless, it’s a terrific way to function in the manner in which we used to.


Live streaming is a method of sharing, watching, and producing videos in real-time. It’s similar to watching television. The difference is that you can use your smartphone or laptop to broadcast. It’s not as complicated as you may think, and a technical background isn’t necessary to set it up. However, you’ll need a reliable, fast, and unlimited internet to watch or stream smoothly and without problems. You won’t gain an audience if there’s a delay or glitches. If you do, they’ll leave you. 

It’s worth noting that, unlike pre-recorded videos that can be trimmed and edited, live broadcasting is unedited and uncut. So, before you start airing, make sure you’re ready. You must be confident in your abilities as you will be performing in front of an audience even if they aren’t visible. Comments and emoticons allow viewers to communicate with you.

Private live streaming is also possible through video conferencing systems like Zoom or Skype. However, it’s often used for exclusive events and conventions. 


Photo by Ella Don on Unsplash

It’s as simple as turning on the camera on your Wi-Fi-enabled device, adjusting your focus, and then starting to broadcast. But keep in mind that even with the most advanced equipment, you won’t be able to air without a stable internet connection. It is the prerequisite that will connect you with your audience. That is why it is important to secure an affordable home fiber plan.


Because everyone can do it, anyone can broadcast regardless of age (well, at least 18 years old), gender, nationality, and location. If you have something to show that you believe would be helpful to others, then you can do it. It’s not limited to professionals or to performing arts. You can show other skills like cooking, animation, art, gaming, or simply chatting with your viewers. Additionally, it’s an excellent opportunity to boost your confidence and improve your communication skills, as well as meet new people who share your interests.



1. Facebook Live

Since it has billions of users worldwide, it decided to introduce streaming to the service in 2016. While many people did not immediately see the benefit of this feature, some did. Using video, one gets to connect and share events and experiences with family and friends in real-time. It’s as if you’re with them right now, even though you’re not. 

Since it’s free, entertainers, event organizers, and bar owners found this platform beneficial. They can draw more people to the venue and attract potential clients by broadcasting their events and shows live. Furthermore, because Facebook has a built-in audience, it will almost certainly be seen by many people. What’s more, the video remains on the account’s page after the live stream has finished.

However, if you’re utilizing music in your videos or even as background music, make sure you’re not breaking any copyright rules. If Facebook discovers any violations of this law, it may mute or stop your video from airing. Therefore, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with their copyright regulations. Though sometimes, despite your best efforts, Facebook’s algorithm can be overbearing. It may identify a song or a portion of a song as copyrighted property.

2. Youtube Live

Unlike Facebook, it’s harder to get started on YouTube. You’ll need to set up a YouTube/Google account first. After that, you can only begin using the platform after the verification process. Then you can choose the method with which you can broadcast.

  • Stream now – is a quick and straightforward way to get started streaming. You can use your webcam or another connected camera with this method.
  • Events let you plan a live event, send out invitations in advance, and set up backup streams. In addition, this technology allows you to use encoders with higher-resolution cameras.

Since Google owns it, your content will be easy to find. Something you won’t be able to do on Facebook. However, the disadvantage is that you lose control over your material. YouTube can utilize your video for commercial purposes once you’ve put it on your channel. Furthermore, YouTube is the most frequently restricted website which can be limiting your visibility. Lastly, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers to live stream on a mobile device.

3. Kumu

live stream with kumu - affordable home fiber plan - streamtech
Screenshot form Google Play Store

Kumu is a Filipino social media network that combines all the best elements of other social networking and online retail sites like Lazada and Shopee. You can make money by becoming a live streamer on this site. But, if you don’t wish to be a live streamer, you may still win cash rewards by participating in their numerous promotions and playing live games.

Besides that, you may also buy items and interact with celebrities and fellow Filipinos. You can also create a group or join a “Kumunity” to participate in discussions using the messaging system.

4. Bigo

Bigo Live is a live streaming platform founded in Singapore in 2014 acquired by the Chinese company Joyy in 2019. It is accessible in over 150 countries. It’s not only available for android and IOS users; you can also download it on desktops. It even has a version for those with low-end devices. The best method to ensure the best BIGO Live experience is to use the appropriate application based on the capabilities of your devices.

Furthermore, BIGO provides a seamless and high-quality streaming experience by utilizing cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

5. Chamet

It is a one-on-one and multiplayer online video chat program that lets you meet people from all over the world. You can communicate with strangers face to face via video calling at any time and place. It’s a fantastic technique to overcome social anxiety and have a better understanding of diverse cultures!

You don’t have to worry about language barriers because real-time translation is available. Hence, you have the option of selecting streams from other nations and conversing with strangers. It also offers a quick and straightforward login process, and you can sign in using Facebook or Google.

6. Livit

Livit is another live-streaming network that features the world’s most prominent live streamers. It aims to transform the way musicians, performers, models, dancers, and others exchange material by providing them with a platform to stream long-form live videos, expand their careers, and earn money.

Perhaps it’s the only platform that hosts virtual concerts aside from regular live streamers who cook, game, dance, or converses with other people.


What’s great about live streaming is that it’s not just for experts. Anyone can express their creativity and demonstrate their abilities. In addition, it brings out the best in you by assisting you in overcoming anxiety and developing your individuality.


Photo by Joanne Cooper on

There are different ways to earn from live streaming. It all depends on the platform you are using.

Through Money Transfer

Unlike other platforms, Facebook does not offer a monetization tool. However, it’s standard practice to either declare or post your bank account details in the comment section during your broadcast so that people can send you “love” presents.

By Joining an Agency

For other sites like Bigo, you can earn money by working as a host or a recruiter for an agency. The host does the live broadcast. He/she will be paid once the monthly goal is reached. The quality of the content, the number of followers, and the amount of time spent broadcasting will determine the amount of money earned. 

Joining an agency will be advantageous if you’re new and want to build prominence quickly. These firms host regular events to showcase their performers’ abilities. The recruiter, on the other hand, is compensated for each host he brings on board.

Virtual Gifts Conversion

Another option is to convert the virtual gifts that your fans have provided you into cash. If you choose this, the funds are transferred directly to your account. So, the more followers you have, the more gifts you will receive. 

Through Ads

While it is feasible to monetize YouTube videos, it is not as simple as other apps. Before you can earn, you must first partner with the site and meet the requirements given below.

  • 4,000 watch hours 
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • Google AdSense account 

To generate excellent stuff, you must put in a lot of effort in both planning and production. When you have a lot of content, it is easier to get the required amount of views. Ads, membership benefits, and services like Super Chat, which allows viewers to pay to have their messages highlighted during a live stream, will earn you money.


  1. Show something remarkable regularly 
  2. Concentrate on the audience rather than the gifts.
  3. Use a high-quality gadget.
  4. Plan and publicize your broadcast.
  5. Connect and support other hosts
  6. Have a reliable internet connection.


Streaming live videos and keeping up with social media content takes a lot of hard work. Many people cannot stream live regularly due to the challenges with signal quality and speed, which leads to a drop in viewers that eventually leads to a lack of content.

Although relatively new, Streamtech prides itself on being the fastest internet service provider in the Philippines. The internet services it provides are not unique, but Streamtech is created to address an issue that most internet users face today – sluggish internet speed. 

In the same vein, Streamtech recognizes the needs of broadcast hosts, so they are constantly working to enhance their internet service to make it less prone to buffering and outage during live streaming, as this can contribute to a poor user experience. It’s the reason most online workers and video streamers favor them because it gives them the freedom to connect, stream, and watch. 

Streamtech also intends to give the same resources not just in the city proper but also on the outskirts of Manila. Thus, it has provided fiber internet in Rizal, as well as in other provinces and key cities all over the country.


Streamtech maintains an appealing set of features that are not only useful but also adaptable to regular use. Aside from providing lightning-fast internet speeds, Streamtech provides its customers with affordable home fiber plan that include a free modem and installation.

Aside from that, Streamtech offers solutions that are ideal for live streaming.

Both products are available to new and existing residential fiber internet and fiber internet with cable TV subscribers. Check their website and social media pages to sign-up or to ask for more information. Also, keep up with their latest news and promos.


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