Modern Perfect Match: A Quality Home with Quality Internet Access

An Unusual Valentine's Day with Streamtech Fiber Internet
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A Bizarre Valentine Season

     You can feel it—love is in the air. Flowers bloom everywhere, the aroma of chocolates permeates, and gifts and surprises are being delivered left and right. It is the time of the year when people proudly proclaim their love and affection for a certain special someone—their match made in heaven. It is the season when one expects to hear—almost nonstop—the lovely melody, “you’re all I need my love, my Valentine.”

    But despite seeing and hearing all these, Filipinos’ usual grandiose celebration of Heart’s Day is quite toned down this year, making it an almost completely different experience from that of past years’, due to the health crisis we are still currently facing. With restrictions still in place, couples of all stripes face different struggles to hold a successful commemoration: those living together opt to stay at home for a special candlelight dinner instead of eating outside at fancy restaurants; some long-distance partners resort to having extra special gifts delivered, while others explore alternative options barring physical dating.

     Essentially, the pandemic has been and is continuously testing how far relationships can go—and perhaps, last. More so, one thing was made crystal clear: they must value harmony, and understanding each other’s situations, if they are to conquer this predicament together.

Moving to the Right Direction

     In touching the idea of valuing harmony most especially during the pandemic, couples might consider a “strategic pacing” of their relationship, moving towards a steady and safe situation that will be most beneficial to both sides. This could be through various joint investments, in preparation for their future.

     Among all windows of opportunity to grow together, it is still of paramount importance to prioritize the “basic needs” as demanded by the current situation—which are, a secured home and stable internet connection.

A Wonderful Pair Just for You

     As you search for an affordable but quality home, Bria Homes can be your best find. As one of the premier home developers in the Philippines, it offers a variety of house-and-lot packages and affordable condominium units that are ideal for couples or even individuals enthusiastic about owning a quality home. The price for house-and-lot ranges from as low as PhP 460,000 to PhP 1.5 M, while condominium units go for PhP 1.5M to PhP 3M.

Streamtech fiber internet bria homes


     What makes this housing brand more amazing is its commitment to address the housing problem in the country. We all know that the poverty rate in the Philippines is still very high, with average wages way below standards but prices of goods soaring, compared with our neighboring nations. This reality gets in the way of most Filipinos acquiring a good home that they deserve. But with Bria’s budget-friendly properties, the chances of achieving that goal have been extended to average income earners. Hence, more Filipinos can now take the first step to living a better life.

     Aside from that, Bria homes provide a soothing feeling to the residents because there are trees all over the vicinity, that is just perfect to take away all the stress and anxieties brought by the pandemic.  Additionally, it had launched within its communities, campaigns such as “Project Communitree: An Adopt A Tree Program,” and “Sa Bria Lulusog ang Pamilya,” all for the promotion of healthier and greener living.


     Bria homes are also present at locations that are of proximity to key cities. The brand is present in major provinces and cities across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, ensuring that every Filipino will have access to a taste of quality living. Together with its good customer service, isn’t it an excellent choice?


    Yet, to complete the package, it is but a necessity nowadays to have fast internet access that will let you seize the day. This is where Streamtech comes in. Streamtech is the Philippines’s newest wave in fiber internet that will enable you to #ExceedLimits. It offers various affordable quality packages, with a minimum speed of up to 25 Mbps, that will meet your specific internet requirements, be it at home or at your office.


Streamtech offers affordable home internet plans perfect for your residential needs, fast fiber internet for your office and business requirements

     For your homes, Streamtech offers packages that can be either of the three (3): purely fiber internet connection, purely cable TV services (through Planet Cable), or internet-and-cable-TV bundles. You can enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows through its digital cable plans, and engage in diverse activities with its high quality fiber internet. In some areas, it also has some special offers to accommodate the needs of the communities.

     For small and medium enterprises, Streamtech also offers fiber internet bundles that will meet your needs, via its fully-redundant fiber-optic cable backbone. Lastly, for larger corporate businesses, it offers reliable and dedicated internet access with multiple fiber redundancies, that will enable you to prosper even more.

      Been thinking of taking the next milestone of your life? You have invested feelings, time, and effort on your match made in heaven, so it might be the best time to do the same in preparation for the coming days that you will be spending together. A house-and-lot paired with a car is, of course, ideal. But, as mentioned, the current situation makes it evident that the “modern perfect match is a quality home with quality internet access.

      Get a Bria home and subscribe to Streamtech now!

A Synergy of Love

     Having understood the current situation and needs of their clients and customers, Bria Homes and Streamtech collaborated to best serve them. A special offer was given to all the Bria Homes locations that are being serviced by Streamtech. For as low as PhP 999.00 per month, customers can avail of an internet connection up to 10 Mbps when they subscribe to Streamtech. This also comes with free installation and first month service fee. All will be through Planet Cable, powered by Streamtech.

Bria tenants can avail of Streamtech Fiber Internet's special promo, through Planet Cable

     With the abrupt digitalization of almost everything right now, being equipped with the necessary tools has been quite difficult, most especially to those who, unfortunately, cannot afford to prepare. This cooperation protects every Filipino’s right to continue with their lives, adapting to the current strange reality we have all been thrown into. Indeed, with love, we can conquer against all odds.

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