How to Celebrate Easter Sunday 2021 Amidst the Surge of the Health Crisis

Celebrate Easter Sunday 2021 online with Streamtech's Fast Fiber Internet
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Easter Sunday is one of the most important celebrations in the Christian world. It may be a religious tradition but people around the globe have been taking part in various activities to commemorate this event. For Filipinos, it is a time when families gather together to celebrate the culmination of Lent. As it is also the end of fasting for some people, Easter is also an opportunity to hold family reunions and get-together festivities. And with the current surge of the health crisis, having high-speed fiber internet is the key for FIlipinos to extol such occasion online.

Below are some ways you can commemorate this age-old tradition this year without having to worry about COVID-19.

Ensure to Have a Reliable Fiber Internet Connection

Easter, which is considered a primary festival of the Christian church, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion. According to some sources, the earliest recorded observance of an Easter celebration can be traced during the 2nd century. This year, Easter Sunday is slated on April 4. 

The week leading up to Easter is called the “Holy Week” and this includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Black Saturday.  This religious tradition is significant to Christians, as Jesus, the Son of God, fulfilled prophecy and through his death, has granted the gift of eternal life in heaven to those who believe in His death and resurrection.  

However, with the COVID pandemic still gripping people’s way of life in the country, it may seem that the celebration of Easter will still need to conform to health and safety protocols. Although vaccination roll-out has kicked-off, cases of COVID-19 continue to surge. Consequently, your home is the best place to hold your Easter activities.

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Attendance to Online Masses

Traditionally, our celebration of Easter may not be complete without attending church service. However, with restrictions on mass gatherings, the safest option is to attend mass online. Since the pandemic began last year, many religious organizations have been offering digital religious services that you can stream via fast and reliable internet.

Online mass schedules in your local community can be accessed through their websites or social media pages. With fast internet, you can truly feel connected to your religious community even without being physically present. 

Virtual Gathering of Family and Friends

It cannot be denied that physical, face-to-face interaction is irreplaceable when it comes to celebrating special occasions. However, with the virus still very much present, it is recommended to make use of available technology such as videoconferencing platforms to connect with family and friends. 

Gathering on a Zoom party will certainly keep our spirits up, despite the distance. What’s important is that you can see the faces of one another, and you can hear each other’s voice.

Reading the Scripture Via Online Apps

Lent may be over but it does not mean that saying our prayers will come to an end. Aside from joining online religious services, you can also read powerful words from the Scripture through online Bible applications. Whether you do it alone or with family members, reading biblical accounts on the resurrection of the mighty Savior will enlighten our minds and nurture our soul.

Online ‘Egg Decoration’ Session

Do online easter egg painting via Streamtech's fast fiber internet

In keeping with the tradition of the Easter Egg Hunt, one popular Easter party activity is decorating eggs. Through fiber internet, various applications allow you to design and share digital eggs. With different themes and graphics to choose from, you can certainly unleash your creativity.

Or perhaps, you may want to boil real eggs and do an online session on egg decoration. What you need to do is set up a video call and do the adornment of your eggs with friends online. You can exchange ideas on what color palette to use or what image to put. Fun time is assured as you share with one another your egg design masterpiece on real-time through fast and reliable internet.

Fun Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Enjoy Easter Sunday Egg Hunt Online Game with Streamtech's Fast Fiber Internet

The celebration of Easter will not be complete without the Easter Egg Hunt. For those wanting to continue this Easter tradition, you have options on how to conduct the egg hunting. One way is to do it via online games which can be downloaded for free. Another is to do virtual hunting with family and friends using platforms like FaceTime, Zoom or Skype. 

With reliable internet connection, you may also try this idea in doing your Easter egg hunt. You can involve different households in various locations. Simply assign a representative for each household. This person can place series of eggs in the different areas of their house and take a picture of these. Just make sure that the egg will be visible in the photo but hidden in bare sight. 

Afterwards, collect all the images and create a photo gallery in your preferred digital application. Participants in this online egg hunting may zoom in or pan out for the viewing options of the hidden eggs. Those who can find all the eggs will get a prize. 

Digital Easter Gifts and Cards

Send Easter Sunday Card with Streamtech's Fast Fiber Internet

Since it is quite a hassle to give Easter baskets this year, you may consider giving digital gifts for a change. You may want to purchase and download new selections of movies for your family’s binge film viewing. Or for kids, they will surely love new games to play on their gadgets. 

If you have collected several quotes in the past year as a result of the quarantine, you can craft your own ‘e-card’ and sent them to family and friends. Nothing beats personalized gifts shared to your loved ones made possible through fast internet.

Easter Sunday Cook Off

What’s a celebration without sumptuous and delicious dishes? Since it is the end of fasting, it is also an opportunity for families to showcase their cooking skills. You may check celebrity vlogs on Youtube for personalities doing virtual cooking sessions presenting their specialties. 

It will be interesting if you can invite friends on a video call and share amazing family recipes while cooking. This will definitely stir up wonderful virtual interaction and whip up great moments in the kitchen.

Online Food Delivery for an Easter Sunday Feast

If you are still cautious of taking a trip to the grocery store to buy some ingredients for some Easter specialties, you may opt to order online. Check the web to see which restaurants or cafes provide delivery service on Easter Sunday. After several days of fasting, you definitely deserve to treat yourself to savory dishes and delectable goodies from the menu of your favorite restaus.

Indeed, this health crisis has taught us valuable lessons that we can apply even when this pandemic will be over. While keeping ourselves safe in the comfort of our homes, it is wise to invest in great tools such as unlimited fiber internet. Not only can it make our lives more convenient, it can also help us remain connected to the rest of the world. Moreover, fast internet enables us to still celebrate special occasions such as Easter Sunday.

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