Benefits of Reliable and Fast Fiber Internet Connection to Huge Businesses

Streamtech enterprise fast fiber internet for huge businesses
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In this digital era, the internet has changed the way we do business. The advancement in communication and the development in information technology have underscored the significance of fast fiber internet in the business realm.

Now, as reinforced by the current pandemic, people’s activities have shifted online. Individuals have turned to the internet to search for products and services they need. Consequently, it is imperative for any business to have online presence. Any business that does not utilize these new digital platforms may find it hard to succeed and risk losing profitable opportunities.

Though large businesses have already established their niche in their respective industries, it is still crucial for these firms to make use of the internet. They may have greater access to funding and enjoy more repeat business, but it is still essential to take advantage of various digital platforms to generate more sales and larger profits.

The Significance of Online Presence

It is vital even for big companies to boost their visibility in the market. Online presence can help businesses to generate more clients and sustain sales and profits. Businesses can apply different strategies to boost their online presence. With the help of a fast internet connection, here are some approaches your company can use to optimize your presence online:

Use Streamtech's fast fiber internet for social media
  • Social mediaA company must be visible in social media and must maintain pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, etc. These platforms provide opportunities for promotion of products and for establishment of linkages and partnerships with the community and other firms.

         Through social media, a company or enterprise can propel business outputs through           brand awareness, customer reach, lead generation, and increasing sales.


  • Website: This platform is a massive boost to the success of a business. It affords a company the platform for target clients to get information on the firm’s resources, product and services it offers, among others.

         Companies can also utilize their respective websites to ‘stand out’ among their                 competitors by conveying quality and credible information to clients. Also, it is a                 strategy to intensify traffic and exposure.


  • Search Engines: The process of search engine optimization is crucial in business. Through this, a company can draw in more customers. It can also provide a clear and distinct direction to a company.

         Any business that utilize this method over the traditional means can secure strong             foundation of continued progress. It provides remarkable business visibility and                 bring business traffic and credibility.



With fast fiber internet, optimize your business in searches

Internet as a Valuable Tool for Big Businesses

The internet has become a valuable tool for a great deal of companies in the Philippines. Through the internet, these firms have been able to find mechanisms to improve key business processes. As a result, they are able to save money, enhance performance, and gain access to useful information. Being able to leverage the power of internet, the company is guaranteed to gain full advantage and reap benefits from this technology.

Uses of internet in business

The internet can provide vital data—from media insights and analytics tools—to generate consumer behavior and preferences. These data are indispensable as enterprises must sustain their viability and stature. Companies can surely tap the internet to derive new business ideas and strategies. Moreover, the internet has constantly brought new business models that firms can adapt.


It is given that people’s “work from home” set-up cannot be effectively accomplished if not for the presence of the internet. With companies resorting to alternative work arrangements to protect employees from the virus, the internet is necessary to sustain their operations. It is safe to say that “internet has become the heart of business”.


Innovations for doing business

If not for the internet, time and distance may still be major concerns for doing business, or perhaps basic business activities would still be somewhat more complicated to conduct. Due to various innovations introduced online, the world of business has become simple and more manageable. Internet technology launched new approaches in doing business. Companies are able to effectively manage time and distance concerns, reduce multifarious business operations into less complex activities, and has paved way for fostering new partnerships and contacts.


In addition, the internet has become the new marketplace where people can find online shops and establishments that cater to various products and services. Definitely, this innovation has led to better competition, more platforms for enterprises, and more choices for customers.


Ensuring business success via the internet

In this period of digitization, success may be quite impossible without the help of fast and reliable internet connection. Marketing and visibility are two important factors in winning the game in the business perspective. With this, the internet helps your business achieve your goals, exceed your targets, and become successful amidst stiff competitions.


Benefits of Fast Fiber Internet to Huge Businesses

Even for large industries, it is strategic to know how the internet can be applied in various facets of the business organization. With reliable and fast fiber internet, a company can maximize these internet applications and gain more than what they target to achieve.


Advertising and Marketing

Digital marketing is better with fast fiber internet of Streamtech

Internet advertising and marketing are prime options for a big business to reach more people. These are potent means to also reach global clients. Not to mention, advertising and marketing done online may prove to be equally, if not more, affordable and practical. As compared to traditional marketing platforms, companies boosting their virtual presence and posting ads on Facebook, Google, or Youtube, may find that they have similar or even better mileage for their products and services, as befits this digital age.

Big businesses need websites and social media platforms to maintain their brand reputation and advertise their products. It is also helpful that internet platforms are able to assist businesses to learn more about customers. Likewise, social media and search engine ads have been compelling for targeted marketing campaigns.

Improved Business Communication

Undeniably, the internet has changed the landscape of organizational communication. Now, with tools like Skype, Zoom, and Teams, communication has become fast and cost-efficient. Meetings and conferences can be done through video calls and video conferencing which make communication hassle-free. Emails, of course have always made communication—whether between managers and staff, or a business and its clients and suppliers—easier and less expensive.

Customer services and inquiries can also be done 24/7 as internet has made available the online chat and social media messengers.

Better Customer Service

Digital platforms have unlocked numerous opportunities for businesses to have efficient communication with customers. Applications and software geared towards customer relationship management have enabled companies to engage clients using current, cutting-edge approaches at minimal costs.

Websites and social media pages have provided the necessary connection between the firm and the prospects. By using e-business solutions, companies can optimize upselling and generate good insights into their clients. Thereby, the company can personalize customer experience and deliver better service.

E-commerce Platforms and Online Shopping

The internet has paved the way for the emergence of e-commerce websites and platforms and online payment portals. Amidst the pandemic, the web has given people the ease and convenience to purchase products online even while staying indoors.

E-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora, among others have provided opportunities for companies to establish online stores. Moreover, automation and uploading product information including pricing have become easier.

Companies can also do transactions and get amazing deals on supplies, inventory, and services online. They can even negotiate with vendors and suppliers to get better discounts.


Recruitment and Networking

The internet has opened doors for virtual recruitment and has allowed companies to hire the best people online. Through customized software, you can advertise vacant positions, schedule and conduct interviews, and get the best pool of candidates that suit your preferences.

Social networking sites have enabled firms to connect professionals in the business world with each other. Subsequently, companies are able to widen their networking activities and found new business partners in any parts of the globe.

Online Training and Capacity Building

Online training requires fast fiber internet - Streamtech-min

Learning and training have shifted to online platforms. Online training and webinars have continuously provided opportunities for employees to seek for further professional development.

The good news is that online training and webinars cost less than the conventional face-to-face seminars. The internet is also a good avenue for employees to find and get access to learning materials.

The Importance of Fast and Reliable Connection

In the midst of the pandemic, it is central that businesses invest in fast and reliable internet in order to remain successful and competitive. Here are various advantages of fast fiber internet that can make your company remain on top:

Access to High-Speed Internet

Research showed that “slow internet connections” lessen employees’ productivity. A study of research group Sandisk revealed that with slow connection, an average employee wastes one week per year waiting for their company’s network to respond. Sluggish internet can bring losses in output and income for the company.

Investing in fast fiber internet is a must to sustain the firm’s productivity. Through fiber internet, your staff can run your business smoothly. Not only does it offer fast connection but also provide security as compared to other forms of internet technology.

Fiber optic internet means fast connection

Superior Reliability

With the ongoing pandemic, access to the internet has never been in such high demand almost all the time. Fiber-optic internet can deliver the fastest and most reliable internet connection. Download and upload speeds can reach up to 1 gigabit per second.

Compared to DSL which runs on copper signal, fiber internet is less susceptible to severe weather conditions and corrosion. Thus, providing unimpeded and consistent connection for your business operations for a longer time.

Unparalleled Signal Strength

For DSL internet which uses copper wiring, a major concern is that signal weakens as the location becomes farther from the main distribution point. This is not the case for fiber internet. According to a research, copper cabling can lose 94% of signal strength for a distance of over hundred meters. While signal strength in fiber optic remains strong, with only 3% signal strength loss for the same distance.

The importance of signal strength will be more critical as business continues to grow. With a large enterprise that steadfastly grows along with its number of employees and workspaces, you do not want your staff to struggle with bad and intermittent signal. For huge businesses, fiber internet is really a must.

Enhanced Security

Streamtech's fiber internet is secured

It is indispensable for any company, particularly huge businesses to prioritize online security. One huge advantage of fiber-optic internet is that you can monitor your security systems and surveillance anywhere 24/7.

Your business can also be protected against cybercrime as fiber internet features a fast internet circuit that gives that layer of safety against online delinquency and misconduct.

Support for Cloud Applications

According to the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report, more enterprises in the world have utilized multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies due to the COVID pandemic restrictions. As more businesses use cloud applications for data storage and information sharing, this would place high demands on bandwidth. Nonetheless, with fiber-optic internet technology, your company will have hassle-free access to data and applications stored in the cloud. With this, your daily operations will remain unhampered. Thus, maintaining the competitiveness of your business.

Maximum Speed for Multiple Users

Fast internet is imperative to support numerous employees working online simultaneously. More staff using multiple devices can result to traffic congestion and slow access speeds for everyone. Only fiber-optic internet is the solution. It doesn’t matter if several employees are videoconferencing, or a number of staff are accessing cloud applications on a daily basis. It is guaranteed that fast fiber internet will suit your business’ needs.

Fast Speed Alleviates Stress

Time is considered one of the most valued assets for any business owner and his employees. Certainly, spending time waiting for web pages to load and files to download can be stressful. Likewise, worry levels among staff will definitely shoot up if workloads are not accomplished on time. Ultimately, high-speed internet brought by fiber connections can save employees from all these necessary stress and worries.

Reduced Costs, Higher Revenues

All the aforementioned reasons can bring savings for your business. Fast internet connection enables workers to work faster with reduced downtime. The efficiency derived from high-speed internet can also diminish costs. Also, fewer hardware are necessary and maintenance expenses are cut down. Similarly, your company is assured of protection and security against cybercrimes.

Initial expenditures may cost more but in the long run, your company will reap the benefits of increased business productivity and higher revenues.

The Power of Fast Fiber Internet Connection

Large businesses can gain various benefits from having fiber internet installed, such as faster speeds, superb connection, increased security, and money savings, among others.

Indeed, fiber internet defines this digital age. And the wonderful news? Streamtech, one of the Philippines’ newest internet service providers, offers reliable fiber internet connections for large businesses and enterprises.

Why Streamtech Enterprise?

Get fast fiber internet for business with Streamtech enterprise

Streamtech Enterprise affords a variety of packages that delivers the highest level of fiber internet and data services. You can choose from the various products and services including Domestic Leased Line (DLL), Dedicated Internet Access Premium (DIA Premium), Dedicated Internet Access Lite (DIA Lite), Bandwidth on Demand (BOD), and Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS).

Streamtech Enterprise also offers flexibility through its services and provides a strong technical support team deployed to do quick installation and deliver quality service.

Subscribe now to Streamtech now and experience high-quality internet and data services.

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