Ingenious Ways to Spend Summer 2021 at Home

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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Summer is when many of the best memories are made. It means a pause from the routine and quality time for us and with our loved ones. Sometimes, some of us evade fiber home connection, most especially during quality time in the long roads.

Alas, the health protocols have once again derailed our vacation plans. However, there is no reason to grumble. We have been through the motions, so coping with these constraints will be much easier. 


Now, staying at home won’t be dull or dreary. There are numerous activities that you and your family can engage in to pass the time. To kick-start, here are some innovative ideas for making the most of summer.

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To most of us, summer signals bulk of time for fun and entertainment. Below are some activities we can do to make this summer as vibrant as ever. Some of them requires you to have fast and reliable fiber home internet.




For once, let technology reign. Have your gaming kits ready and let your adrenaline rush. Make a bet with your family members to double the fun. Set the rules for the tournament. You can either play for days or streaks. Once everyone agrees, begin the battle. Keep a tab of everyone’s scores and strive to outperform one another.  


Extend the fun and play with more people via online gaming. This realm supports multiplayer. You can interact with your friends without physically being there.


Playing as a family is an enriching activity, especially for the kids. It aids in the development of their cognitive skills, which may offer them an edge in education. Game-based learning tools like Kahoot are suitable for the whole family. It’s a thrilling game that’s also good for mental conditioning. It’s a user-generated multiple-choice quiz that can be personalized to make them more appealing. If you prefer games for logic and reasoning, try Among Us.


You can find several other related games on the web. 


Note: Streamtech is not affiliated with any of these platforms




Most of us enjoy singing as a hobby. We are undeniably a musically gifted lot. For sure, you will find a singer in every household. Having said that, a sing-along would be a much-anticipated event. 


Never mind if you don’t have a karaoke machine. You probably know YouTube, where you can find karaoke versions of nearly all the songs. All you must do is make a playlist of your favorite songs. Get your hairbrush and pretend it’s a microphone, and the stage is all set. Now you can sing to your heart’s desire. Oh, don’t forget to give others a chance and make sure you do not disturb your neighbors’ peace.




Sing-along is remotely possible, too. Exceed your limits and organize a virtual get-together via Zoom or Google meet with your relatives or close friends. Use a random picker wheel to determine the order of the performances so everyone will have a chance to sing. Ask everyone to donate prizes for the best performer.  Cap the event with group singing. Choose songs that everyone is familiar with. It will undoubtedly fill you with joy and laughter. You’ll wish it would never end.  




While cinemas have reopened, they remain on the list of high-risk locations. Even with distancing, the risk of viral transmission remains high due to the confined environment.


So, if you miss going to the theater, recreate the feeling at home. Create film festivals based on a theme and spend the whole evening bingeing. There are a lot of movies to watch. Viewing options are limitless when you have fast and unlimited internet with cable TV


For a full-fledged movie experience, microwave some popcorn and pull some chips from the pantry. Don’t forget to get the cold drinks from the refrigerator. Then, gather your pillows and sheets for a more relaxed viewing experience. Switch off the lights and hit the play button.




If your trip abroad is canceled, then bring that place to you. Try to recreate the environment that you wished for as nearly as possible. 


Let’s say you want to go to Korea. Play out the scenario. Put on the outfit you planned to wear on your trip and start vlogging. Edit the images to make it appear like you were there. Download some traditional Korean music, rather than just K-pop, to make it distinct. 


Next, prepare the table for an authentic Korean meal. Samgyeopsal and other traditional Korean foods, such as ramyeonkimchi, tteokbokki crackers, or crispy seaweed snacks, even soju can be ordered online. If you can, eat on the floor like most Koreans do.   


Lastly, if you have spare cash (the money you’re supposed to spend on your trip), import keepsakes from said country to complete the experience. As a prominent psychologist, Dr. Catherine Sanderson, said,

“Small shifts in the environment can have a major impact.” 


Aside from amusement, summer usually signals people’s drive to flaunt their summer-ready bodies and crackerjack recipes. Nevertheless, since the pandemic limited our mobility, much of our practices have been sedentary and confined at home. Hence, we must have a conscious effort to remain active, for our health and wellness.





Staying at home and not having access to a gym are not valid reasons for not exercising. Keep in mind that physical inactivity raises health risks in a variety of ways. It predisposes us to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and hypertension, among others.


On the other hand, physical fitness provides us with endurance, resilience, and suppleness. It could even be our best defense against the lethal virus. Several exercise regimens are available online; find one that works for you.




Growing your own vegetable garden can seem complex, but it is elementary. You don’t need to have a green thumb to do this. Diligence is all it takes. Just consider the benefits that you will get from having your own fresh produce to motivate you. 


Explore container gardening if you don’t have a yard. You can grow seeds in used plastic bottles and cans. Display them on your windowsill or hang them on your patio. You’ll be delighted as they begin to bear fruit. Be amazed by how much you can harvest from a single pot. There’s a sense of fulfillment that you get from reaping your own produce, and it’s immeasurable.


Moreover, newly harvested garden vegetables have a sweeter flavor than store-bought vegetables. They are even more nutritious. When you’ve tasted it, you’ll never want to purchase it at the store again.




Cooking your own meals enables you to monitor what goes into your dish. It allows you to choose the quality, consistency, and portion size of the ingredients. Hence, nutrition is ensured. It also saves you money. 




Getting your partner or family members to help you in the kitchen can be challenging. True, kids and teens would rather watch TV and play computer games. Plan a cook fest. Let them choose what they want to try. For big families, divide yourselves into two or three teams. The last to finish will clean up and wash the dishes. It is common knowledge that it is one of the most dreaded household chores. To be exempted from this task is akin to winning a tournament. If they learn about this, they would even volunteer to join. 

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                                                  by Hell’s Kitchen at GIPHY



Meditation - Streamtech fiber home internet

                                                  by Mamma in Citta

We all need a much-needed break from everything that is going around us. We’ve been in this situation for more than a year now. Meditation can help you clear your mind and restore your focus to the present moment. According to research, cultivating mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety. Precisely what we need right now. Besides that, meditation can also help you manage traumatic situations more effectively in the future. 


Five minutes of uninterrupted concentration will already work wonders. Just find a quiet spot where you can meditate without being disturbed. Although it is said that morning is the best time for it, doing it at any time of day would be just as effective. 




Apart from enjoyment and wellness, some, if not all of us, always up their game of self-improvement during summertime. Below are some fruitful activities we can achieve during this season.

Continuous learning online - Streamtech home fiber internet

                                                                 by Quotefancy



Continuous learning is an essential element for personal and professional growth. It is the key to success as it helps you reach your full potential. Thus, education should never cease. It isn’t always academic. Anything that stimulates your mind and sparks creativity is learning.  It will brace you for any upcoming changes.


Maximize your free time by discovering something new. It might come in handy, especially now that the global economy is experiencing a radical shift. Human resource experts notice that the level of competency is also changing. Higher education is no longer rated as highly as skills. 


If you think of doing virtual freelancing, improving your skills could put you ahead of the competition. Better take advantage of the massive open online courses with digiclass




Channel your emotion and express your creativity through arts.  Crafting has a therapeutic effect. It helps in releasing anxiety and making sense of what is going on around us.


Summer is an excellent opportunity to refine your skills. Think of something that you have wanted to do. There are many ways to show creativity. It can be through music, poetry, painting, photography, drawing, and so on. Whatever your heart desires, make it a reality. It’s better to set up a station where you can leap straight into a project if inspiration hits.




Of course, since we are staying at home, it is worthwhile to conduct amazing home projects. The following are some of the things you can do at and to your home, with the help of fast fiber home connection.



Have you ever wanted to spruce up your own room or some other space in your house? Now is the time to get down to it. Check Pinterest or Google for ideas. Once you find your inspiration, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. It does not have to be costly. A fresh coat of paint and furniture rearrangement would suffice. 


If you like new decorations, replace them with those from the other room. Alternatively, you may sell it online and use the proceeds to purchase new pieces.  




When we are preoccupied, we often stack our belongings without giving them much thought. Always putting it off for tomorrow (that never really happens). We only realize it when they’re all piled up, and we don’t have any more room to put your stuff.

Organizing home - Streamtech fiber home internet

                                                              by The Every Girl

Putting them in order is a lovely idea. Start with your closets and pantries. They are the typical places for such negligence. We often muck up these areas in our haste. However, this task could be daunting, especially if you have accumulated a lot of things. Parting from your cherished possessions won’t come easy. But it will be a gratifying experience. You’ll be in awe when you see the outcome.


The value of photo journals in preserving our memories and sharing our stories for future generations cannot be overstated. Although it may seem antiquated, the immense joy it brings is unrivaled by digital albums.

With all that’s going on right now, it will be helpful to keep track of our everyday activities. Yes, as corny as it may sound, start living each day as though it were your last. Take pictures, compose captions for them, and put them in an album.

In any case, you can always make and share a collage or slideshow of your favorite pictures on Facebook. It has a unique function that will remind you of what has happened in your life in the previous years.


Having a reliable fiber internet connection gives you the freedom to explore all possibilities.

The worldwide web is a vast resource of information and entertainment. Ideas are never scarce when you have a high-speed, reliable, and unlimited internet connection.  It provides you with a great deal of flexibility. Plus, it makes communication simpler. 

If you’re seeking an internet provider, Streamtechone of the newest telco players in the Philippines, offers the finest and reliable fiber internet connection. It provides fast and unrestricted internet that allows you to explore cyberspace without a snag. 

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Streamtech has affordable broadband plans for both residential, small-medium enterprises, and huge businesses. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of high-quality solutions to help you improve your home’s connectivity, such as:

Really, the most innovative idea this summer 2021 is to equip your home with high speed and reliable internet. It’s the wisest decision you’ll ever make. This way, you can #Exceedlimits. 

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