Did you know how fast your 150 mbps connection is?

150 mbps - fiber internet - streamtech
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Written by Aiya Rodjel

Nowadays, it’s a must for everyone to invest in strong, reliable, and unlimited internet. If you’re a student continuing your studies online, you need a good broadband service to attend your classes. If you’re an office worker or businessman, fast internet speed helps you stay productive even while at home. It’s an important investment for businesses to stay afloat amid the pandemic.

Whether you’re on your mobile phone or laptop, you need to be connected to a reliable internet network. Now that most people are at home, it’s only practical that you invest in a broadband connection that helps you stay connected. After all, the internet is not just a want, it’s now part of our way of life.

In this article, we’ll be discussing concepts connected to internet speed. These include Mbps download speeds, the number of devices, and the impact of fast internet on one’s activities. It will delve into what kind of a difference investing in a plan or wi fi system with over 100 Mbps can make to households.

The Philippine Internet Speeds Situation

So how’s the internet speed on a national scale? The good news is that the country’s internet speed has risen by over 700% in the past five years. According to Ookla’s Speed test Global Index, the country’s average download speed for fixed broadband has climbed up to 66.55 Mbps. Meanwhile, mobile speed is reported to be at 32.84 Mbps. With this rise in internet speed, the Philippines now has the 75th fastest mobile internet speed out of 137 countries.

That may be the case on a national level. However, a lot of people still complain about slow internet connection. Unfortunately, not all internet users throughout the country get to enjoy a speedy internet connection. One reason for this is because a lot of people think that fast internet speed is too expensive. Not everyone has access to reliable internet providers as well. With the right internet service provider, you don’t have to put a dent in your wallet.

We at Streamtech Technologies Inc. empower households throughout the nation with internet plans that have high speeds at an affordable price. Our most powerful fiber internet connection enables you to surf at 150 Mbps. While it’s important for you to get the right internet plan for your needs, you may be wondering what 150 Mbps can get you.

How fast is 150 Mbps internet speed?

To help put things into perspective, the typical internet plan is 25 Mbps. At Streamtech, we offer up to 25 Mbps for our Plan 1499. This type of connection is neither too slow nor too fast. If you’re a small household with light web usage, this should be fine. However, now that more people are at home and using the internet using multiple devices at the same time, subscribing to an ultra-fast internet plan can make a huge difference.

As mentioned, the average download speed in the country is 55.66 Mbps. Subscribing to our 150 Mbps internet packages gives you thrice the power of the average net speed. With a download speed of 150 Mbps, you can do almost anything you like at the same time.

With this ultra-fast connection, households like yours can stream their favorite television shows or movies on multiple devices without a hitch. This means you can Netflix and chill without fear of lagging. At the same time, you can download your favorite songs and host multiplayer gaming in your household with ease.

Upload and Download Speed

Download and upload speed - 150 mbps - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by Frederik Lipfert on Unsplash

To understand just how fast investing in an internet package of more than 100 Mbps is, it’s important you learn the meanings behind upload and download speed. Essentially, download speed refers to how quickly your Internet connection can retrieve data from the Internet. Meanwhile, upload speed refers to how fast your internet allows you to send data from your devices up to the Internet.

When looking at new internet plans, the download speed is more important to the average user. You only take notice of upload speeds when sending large files, basically. It’s actually quite normal for your upload speed to be a tenth of your download speed. However, those with fiber connections enjoy symmetrical (or identical) download and upload speeds. That’s why it’s recommended for more households to invest in unlimited fiber internet.

Another net buzzword you should familiarize yourself with is latency. Basically, latency is a measurement of the amount of time it takes for data to be transmitted from one point to another. If your usual online activities include online gaming, you should check your home connection’s latency. This will affect how fast you can send commands to your games via the internet.

Online activities at ultra-high speed

If you’re using an internet speed of more than 100 Mbps, expect that you won’t be experiencing quality or lagging problems on Netflix. You’ll be able to enjoy that new music album you’re eyeing without a hitch too. This type of connection would support basically all kinds of activities web users like you wish to do online.

Basically, streaming an online video in ultra-HD (4K) quality would require a download speed of 25Mbps on each device. With a 150 Mbps connection, you can watch on up to 6 devices at the same time with excellent quality. This means you don’t have to ‘fight’ with other users to enjoy Netflix with ease.

Web browsing usually requires less than 1 Mbps. With 150 Mbps, more than a hundred mobile devices or computers can surf the net or scroll through social media with no problem. When it comes to video calling, it ultimately depends on the platform you’re using. HD group video calls on Zoom require about 3 Mbps, while WhatsApp calls need only about 0.1 Mbps. If your home has less than 50 devices though, using them at the same time shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re streaming videos on YouTube or Netflix, it would depend on the video quality you’re eyeing. Watching a video on YouTube in 1080p quality requires about 4Mbps. That’s ultra HD in YouTube standards. If you’re streaming a show or movie on Netflix though, 4K UHD would need about 25 Mbps. To put things into perspective, 6 people can watch on Netflix with the best quality possible at the same time with this type of connection.

Online gaming requires a very fast internet speed. Installed PC on console games need an average of 4Mbps to function without a hitch. Meanwhile, Stadia/PS Now/Xbox Cloud needs 10 Mbps. 4K Stadia games need 35 Mbps to run without lagging. If you’re a competitive gamer, you definitely need the best internet plan available to you. It would also be best if you’re connected directly to your router. After all, you wouldn’t want your online game to get interrupted.

Aside from internet connection speed, you should ensure your home connection has good latency. This will help ensure your gaming is not interrupted, even if there are multiple devices connected in your household.

Downloading in a nick of time

So how long does it take to download items with an internet plan of over 100 Mbps? Well, you can download a full music album in under 5 seconds. Downloading a two-hour movie would take you about 53 seconds for films in SD quality. If you’re downloading a movie with ultra HD quality, that’ll take you around 4 minutes only. A PC or console game would need about 40 minutes to download, and you can download an app on your mobile device in as fast as two seconds. High definition photos, emails, and messages would take less than a second to download with this type of internet speed.

If you’re downloading other files, just bear in mind that 150Mbps stands for 150 Megabits per second (where 8 Megabits are equal to one MegaByte). Following this rule, a 150MB file would take you about 6 seconds to download. The number of files you’re downloading and the links opened at the same time will affect the download speed of users as well.

Working at Home with a 150 Mbps wi fi network

Before the pandemic, one used the office internet for productivity. Now that most people are working from home, having a fast broadband connection has become a need. If you’re trying to run a business, you need a fast internet connection to contact your suppliers and connect with your customers. You need to be able to offer your services at a great pace after all.

With internet speeds of more than 100 Mbps, you can expect your workflow to proceed without interruptions. You can offer your services online without worrying about lagging. At this rate, employee training videos and webinars would only take seconds to download. As long as you’re not sharing your connection with a gamer, your work should not be affected at all. Thus, investing in speed internet service providers is good for business and households.

Studying at Home with 150 Mbps

Since the onset of the pandemic, students from all over the country have had to pivot to online learning. This requires students to go on video calls regularly. They also use the internet a lot to conduct research for projects, and submission of school requirements. They also go online to connect with friends through social media. A lot of school activities nowadays involve web browsing and video after all.

This means students typically use multiple devices at home, and of course, you need internet speed that can support all the activities you’re participating in. Online learning requires a lot of downloading from the internet so you need a connection with swift download speeds. At the same time, your connection should be able to support a large number of devices. After all, most students use their computers and mobile phones for school.

Slow internet can deter students from understanding their lessons. Given that online learning present a lot of challenges already, it can be a burden to have to worry about internet speeds. Thus, investing in a fast internet speed can help students succeed in the online learning space.

Home Connection Considerations

If you’re subscribed to a plan with more than 100Mbps internet speed, don’t expect every device to enjoy the same speed. If you’re connected to the internet via wi fi network, download speeds on your mobile device might be slower. This is why individuals using their mobile phones have a slower speed than those using a laptop with an ethernet connection.

At the same time, the more internet users are connected at the same time, the slower the internet service will be. The number of devices connected to your wifi will affect the quality of your internet speed. To check just how fast is the internet speed on your device, you can check a speed test tool. This will reveal the download speed and upload speed your device is experiencing.

The Streamtech Difference

Get the 150 Mbps fiber internet plan of Streamtech

Now that you understand the impact of great wi fi speed at home, it’s also important you realize the value of investing in a good internet service provider. One of the newest internet providers or ISPs in the country, Streamtech, allows you to enjoy fast internet service at an affordable price point. Our Plan3499 lets you enjoy up to 150Mbps, which means it is one of the most budget-friendly plans in the market.

Aside from fast internet speeds, we at Streamtech offer cable connection through our partnership with Planet Cable. We also enable your household to enjoy the same quality of service. Our Extendifi WiFi extender is basically a wi fi repeater that enables households to enjoy fast unlimited fiber internet. This means your wi fi signal can extend to the farthest corners of your home through Streamtech.

Subscribe now and upgrade your internet experience!

With the services of Streamtech, households can enjoy video calling, gaming, and other activities on the internet without lagging and worry. Visit our website or official Facebook page to get to know more about us and our services, and find out why more people are switching to the Streamtech wifi network today.

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