What is the Axie Infinity Update Today?

axie infinity update - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Axie Infinity has some exciting news for all of the players out there. For months, the developers have been working tirelessly to make numerous changes to the game. But before we discuss the recent changes, let’s start first with the good news! 

Axie Infinity is now the most profitable application in the entire crypto industry. Since its inception in May, it has grown tremendously from 38,000 players to over 2 million daily active users. And it continues to grow. Indeed, it is the biggest NFT game in the market.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s been going on in Axie Infinity. You can now sell your axies. Previously, you could only trade them with other axies, but this is no longer the case. Axies can also resurrect after some time. As a result, even if they die in combat, you will not lose them. There is also a slew of new features, both big and small, on the way. So, if you want to take advantage of all of these new features, you should make sure you have unlimited internet access.

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Because of the recent surge in new players, Axie Infinity servers have experienced overload or even downtime. Hence, the engineers have been performing regular server maintenance. 

In addition, they have hired community members to lead their support system and have added more people to scale up their servers. They are also seriously considering upgrading their mainframes to accommodate a growing player base.

Having unlimited internet from a reputable internet service provider in the Philippines is also essential for Filipinos playing this game.


Battles V2, also known as Origin, is an upcoming battle system that will bring a completely new gameplay experience to the Axie Infinity community. It will be significantly faster and more dynamic. Additionally, players can try out a free version of the game before fully immersing themselves in it and spending real money.

This new competition system, however, has yet to be released by the game creators. They’re still putting together an internal Origin test. If it passes this round of internal testing, the game designers will then launch the trial version to a small group of veteran battlers.

The following is a preview of the new battle system:

Adventure Mode

The team puts considerable thought and effort into this mode. Developers are making the different chapter bosses exceptional and rewarding by modifying the season structure and continuously expanding it through future patches.

PVE and Deck Building

Origin’s engineers and game designers are also working on the PVP system. Additionally, they are also enhancing the stats for body parts and abilities for the cards. They want to add new mechanics and retain the spirit or concepts of their old versions. Axie Infinity is also considering expanding the team and deck-building customization. 

In the meantime, they are concentrating on balancing the cards, improving art and animations, and simplifying the user interface. They have already completed 70% of the new card art, but the enhancements still need a lot of work before actual testing.


In the Axie homeland, Lunacia is the partitioned tokenized land that serves as the home and base of operations for many Axies. You can upgrade these plots by collecting various assets and crafting ingredients while playing the game.

The new model is still under development. Once this mode is complete, players can establish a base by gathering materials and constructing structures and decorative elements such as trees and fences. Then, they will fight for control of neutral territory and create custom experiences on top of their land plots later on.

So far, the developers have completed the following tasks:

  • increased size of plots for more functionality
  • determined the inventory management rules and requirements
  • defined the various map and camera views
  • built structures and tech trees
  • stipulated the benefits and bonuses of different land types.
  • begun the research and experiments on upgrade resource requirements


Ronin Wallet is an Ethereum-link sidechain created by the Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis. It is the scaling solution for NFT games. Currently, it has deposited assets of over $5 billion and over 2 million downloads. 

Ronin Dex will allow Axie players and investors to trade SLP, AXS, and WETH directly, saving them gas fees associated with other crypto wallets and exchanges. However, Ronin has yet to be released. While a date has already been set, the developers are still mum about it. In the meantime, players and investors can purchase AXS and SLP on Ronin using a card via Ramp Network.


However, as the good news continues to pour in, some players are pretty disappointed with the new matchmaking ranking update. Gamers with less than 800 MMR can no longer obtain Smooth Love Potion and Small Love Potions (SLP rewards) from adventure, arena, or daily quests.

Previously, upon game completion, all players received a guaranteed 75 SLP per day (50 SLP from adventures and 25 SLP from daily quests). That is no longer the case. Sky Mavis, Axie’s game founder, said this new measure would prevent players from abusing the MMR system to score easy wins.

Furthermore, they want to ensure that players enter the arena to compete, not just to earn rewards. The new system also intends to limit SLP rewards to those who devote more time to the game.

Consequently, the game server will no longer save match records. It will only be accessible via the player’s device.

improved breeding - axie infinity update - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Pinoy Tech Saga


The upgraded breeding methods and Axie level reset announced by Axie Infinity on the first week of October should now take effect. It means that Axies will reset to the first level whenever they change owners. 

Furthermore, the friendly competition is back in the game. You can now challenge any trainer on your friends’ list to a cordial fight.


More Competitive Approach

The game’s developers stated that the objective of this update is to eliminate bots, which steal SLP and reduce its value for genuine, hardworking players. They also want to encourage players to learn how to be more competitive in the arena. Lastly, they want scholarships to be more focused on teaching and educating.

More Balance

The new system will be very beneficial to the game in the long run. New features such as crafting, burning, and dex will create balance in the economy.

More Rewards for Skilled Players

The game developers recognize that these changes may be stressful for players with weaker teams, especially the elderly and disabled. But they reiterated that Axie is a game that should reward players with high skill levels.


You must update your app to enjoy the game’s improvements. To implement the changes, follow these steps.

On desktop

  1. Open Mavis Hub
  2. Log out from the Axie Infinity App
  3. Log out from Mavis Hub
  4. Then, log in again and click the update button.

On Android & IOS

  1. Log out from the Axie Infinity App.
  2. Uninstall the game.
  3. Download the Axie Infinity Latest Update.
  4. Open the file and click install.
  5. After installation, open the app to launch the game and apply the update.


Axie has decided to roll back the game to the previous version due to problems discovered during the patch. In the end, they determined that the problem was a performance issue that would take a significant amount of time to resolve. You can still restore the previous version anytime, even if you have already updated your game.

While the community was disappointed by the unexpected delay, the developers did not want to displease the players by delivering a shoddy product. In addition, there is some exciting news to cheer you up.

Sky mavies series b - axie infinity update - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by The Lunacian on Substack


Unlike traditional gaming, where only game publishers and app stores hold power, Axie provides equal opportunity to all participants – creators and players alike. Thus, it has grown in popularity, drawing millions of players worldwide.

Axie has received $152 million in new investment to boost the play-to-earn revolution. With this additional funding, Axie will bring in incredible talent worldwide to help scale its infrastructure for future growth. Furthermore, it can assist game developers in creating NFT-enabled games and developing distribution platforms.

With the addition of institutional investors, Axie can expand its reach and strengthen its legitimacy in terms of regulatory protection. Furthermore, it will allow the community to scale and hire without depleting the AXS token reserves. 


Axie is the first game created to be owned by the community that plays it. It gives equal importance to its players by sharing its merits with them. 

When it comes to their core values, the Axie Infinity team is resolute that they will never compromise on these principles: value recognition, collaboration, and partnership even if they keep breaking new grounds. They are adamant about making their mark on gaming history.


Relentlessness is a part of our DNA, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Sky Mavis said. Thus, players can look forward to a slew of new and exciting features in the game. Undoubtedly with the new funding, they will be able to accelerate these improvements in their roadmap.

Since each Axie is a ticket to a growing collection of experiences, game creators are also looking forward to transforming Axie into an ecosystem where experiences will be built by external game studios and dedicated community developers.

By the way, the game founders are looking for builders and missionaries to assist them in ushering in a paradigm shift in game design.


  • Origin is getting better by the day. It will include improved art, animations, mechanics, and the ability to try Axie for free before purchasing their team.
  • The launch of Ronin DEX, a decentralized exchange for trading in-game tokens (such as AXS and SLP) on Ronin.
  • Continued work on Project K, our land-based game in Lunacia, to allow you to harvest resources, build structures, and battle for territory.
  • The introduction of AXS staking was a huge success. More than a quarter of the circulating AXS supply is now secured.
  • announcement of Sky Mavis’s 152 million dollar Series B funds


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