Amazing Benefits of Using YouTube for Your Business

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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

YouTube is a terrific site to watch videos for entertainment; it can also be a valuable business tool. Enterprises can reach a broad audience with minimal effort by making educational and entertaining videos. And since YouTube videos are highly shareable, they have the potential to go viral and reach a far larger audience.

That’s unsurprising, considering the availability of an affordable fiber internet plan so dependable that viewing and distributing information is a breeze.

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There are numerous other reasons why YouTube for Business is advantageous. That is precisely what we will be looking into in this post. But before discussing the benefits of YouTube marketing, let’s look at what it is and what it means to use it.

Understanding YouTube Marketing

Promoting a company, product, or service via YouTube is referred to as YouTube marketing. It may use a combination of approaches, such as creating organic promotional videos, collaborating with influencers, and advertising on the platform. 

Incorporating YouTube into your digital marketing strategy may be a cost-effective approach to expanding your company’s reach. The biggest reason is that YouTube is readily accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices.

7 Benefits of Using YouTube for Business

While YouTube is a competitive platform, it gives every business incredible potential to increase traffic and customers. Listed here are some of the advantages of using YouTube to promote your business.T

1. Higher Conversion Rates

Videos not only spark viewers’ interests but also ingrain themselves in their minds for an extended time. They are so effortlessly relatable that they provoke strong emotional responses and resonate with people on a deep emotional level. 

Another benefit is that videos make your brand seem more real. 

They term it now “more human.” If the videos make you think and feel, you won’t forget them. That powerful influence increases the likelihood of your potential audience believing in and trusting your brand. And they will spread the word to as many people as they know, after gaining their confidence in you. 

2. Improves Google Rank

Online visibility is critical for any business since it allows users to find your site independently. Having a good online reputation helps your business attract new visitors.

Increasing your visibility in search engine results and boosting your rankings is effortless when you regularly use YouTube for your business. Because Google company owns YouTube, videos appear frequently in search results, particularly local searches.

Nowadays, each company or brand should seek to optimize its online presence to the greatest extent possible. Using the services of this popular search engine will help provide your company with a modest edge in Google universal search results. 

3. Everlasting Content 

YouTube marketing uses many types of videos to promote your business online. Hence, you may do a lot with your content.

Furthermore, repurposing already published material is a successful content marketing strategy because it allows you to reach an audience interested in a specific type of material. A single piece of content can be used for multiple purposes, such as sales videos, social media posts, presentations, and explainer and sales video formats.

To keep visitors on your site longer, you may also embed YouTube videos on static web pages and blog entries. That will even reduce your bounce rate.

4. High Volume of Qualified Traffic 

YouTube has over a billion worldwide audience and is constantly growing. That alone gives you access to more traffic than other social media channels. People from all over the world will see your video content on YouTube, no matter how little you know about other languages.

It doesn’t even matter if you don’t make a lot of video content for your business. You can still reach a huge audience by advertising in other videos.

Additionally, you may reach new audiences by including closed captions in your videos to accommodate individuals with various needs. Interestingly, videos with closed captions get 4% more views and subscriptions. And 80% of people who prefer closed-captioned videos do not have hearing impairments.

5. Efficacy in reaching out to the target audience

YouTube’s algorithm-based recommendations feature is particularly adept at reaching out to specific audiences. Most notably, it has a powerful advertising platform.

In the same way that Facebook ads allow you to include demographic groupings like age, gender, marital status, and income, you can do the same thing on YouTube. Another option is to target an audience based on broad, shared qualities, such as college students, property owners, or first-time parents.

Furthermore, you may precisely target an audience by advertising on videos that they are more likely to look for and view using Google AdWords.

As a result, businesses can target their ideal customers with pinpoint accuracy. Even better, you’ll only pay if someone watches your ad for more than 30 seconds.

With an unlimited internet connection, nothing can stop you from presenting yourself and your business before your target audience.

6. Opportunity to Grow Your Email Subscribers

Building your email list as you keep putting out great content is another reason to use YouTube for your business.

For this, you’ll need a sign-up form integration tool that works with YouTube videos. That will assist in redirecting your visitors to the landing page. But it will cause the video to pause for a while, allowing the user to subscribe to your email list.

Several of the most popular methods for growing email subscribers on YouTube include the following:

  • Using webinars, product trials, or training videos as lead magnets
  • Add annotations to create interactive YouTube campaigns or educate your audience about updates and other information about your video.
  • Insert interactive cards to give clickable connections to pertinent content throughout the video.
  • Run YouTube video ads

7. Lead Generator that Works

Did you know that you can use YouTube to generate leads for your business? That’s correct! You can include call-to-action buttons in your videos, encouraging viewers to contact you or visit your website.

Including CTA buttons in social media posts, blog posts, and other digital marketing materials cannot be emphasized enough regarding their impact on conversion rates. They have been proven to evoke more customer action than information that does not include a call to action.

CTAs on YouTube ads are even more effective because they can generate more clicks than a standard call-to-action.

A Complete Guide to Setting Up a YouTube Channel

After learning about the advantages of utilizing YouTube for business, it’s time to discover how to create an account on this great platform.

Creating a YT channel with only Google

The use of Google accounts to access YouTube content and interact with it does not result in the automatic creation of YouTube channels. However, creating a YouTube channel is a straightforward and quick process.

1. Go to the YouTube website and click the ‘sign in’ button in the top right corner of the page. Then sign in with the Google account you would like to associate with your channel. 

2. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select “create a channel.” 

3. Now, you’ll have the option of creating a personal or business channel. If you have a small business or brand, it’s best to use a custom name.

With each new channel name comes a new Google account, complete with its own set of preferences and past viewing habits on YouTube. You may manage this account, and all of your other Google accounts simultaneously using Google settings.

In addition to liking and commenting on other YouTube videos, you may utilize your new account to participate in YouTube as your brand to gain marketing exposure and more viewers.

In the next stage, you’ll be able to personalize your channel by uploading your profile picture, channel description, and links to your other social accounts. You can also insert customized links to your website or blog. 

Setting up a YouTube Account without Google

Even if you don’t yet have a Google account, you can still create a YouTube channel. It’s as simple as logging into YouTube and selecting the option. Once you have an account, you can set up your channel by following the procedures indicated above.

It’s simply the opposite of the processes stated above.

What is Channel Art on YouTube?

Channel art on YouTube is essentially the equivalent of a Facebook cover photo. It makes your channel more noticeable. For this reason, each YouTube channel should use customized artwork to help visitors get a sense of your personality or learn more about your brand.

Even better, you should also add a channel trailer to assist people in discovering more about your channel and its content. Enabling this option allows you to display a preview of your video content at the top of your page for visitors who haven’t subscribed to your channel.

YouTube Do’s

  • Create short and catchy videos. 
  • The video description should be explicit about the subject matter.
  • Include relevant tags
  • Make sure your YouTube channel matches your business email address.
  • Enable automatic captions on your videos.
  • Embed YouTube videos on your website (HTML code or iframe code).
  • Make use of hashtags.

YouTube Don’ts

  • Do not utilize copyrighted music or content in your videos without the owner’s consent. While free images are accessible, it is best to give credit to the owner.
  • Do not place ads before or during a video. You may put them at the end or between videos, but not within them.
  • Avoid creating content that is likely to offend viewers, such as pornography, unlawful selling or buying of items, or other issues likely to disturb viewers, unless your channel is specifically dedicated to this type of content.

Making YouTube videos is a wonderful online marketing strategy. It will be highly beneficial in driving traffic and improving brand visibility and sales. Additionally, you can enhance your content viewership and generate additional revenue by investing in YouTube marketing. And all business owners, especially those just starting, should take advantage of it. 

Perhaps most importantly, videos are relatively inexpensive to produce, making them a cost-effective marketing tool for even the most limited budgets. As a result, YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms globally.

Enhance your marketing strategy to the next level.

Any company’s marketing arsenal should include a YouTube strategy. According to statistics, YouTube is the world’s second-most viewed website, after only Google. With such a large number of users and viewers, businesses must have a presence there. While it may seem like a lot of effort and money to invest merely to reach a million people, it is entirely worth it.

Indeed, YouTube has grown into a digital marketing behemoth. Campaigns aimed at YouTube can be pretty powerful, but only when combined with a reliable fiber internet connection.

Staying connected is critical for anyone running a small business, maintaining a YouTube channel, or working on a start-up. We at Streamtech are well aware of this and much more.

Looking Past the Hype

The internet transforms our lives in every manner, from how we communicate to consuming information and conducting business.

In an age where uploading a video has become as common as taking a selfie or posting your lunch, it’s never been more critical to have a stable internet connection. Historically, people would have to pay much more for a reliable fiber internet connection than traditional cable connections. With Streamtech, the newest wave of fiber internet in the Philippines, you can get the fastest fiber internet without breaking the bank. 

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Most internet service providers (ISPs) limit the amount of bandwidth available to you, which slows down your YouTube uploads. The average user can only connect to download speeds of 10mbps to 20mbps and upload speeds of 1mbps to 3mbps. Streamtech, on the other hand, provides faster download and upload rates.

Therefore, if you want to increase your YouTube views, likes, and subscribers by up to 250%, you should look into Streamtech’s affordable fiber internet plans for the home and business.

Why not give your biz a boost with the newest wave of fiber? Visit our website and Facebook page for more information. You can also learn more about our products and services by watching our videos on our Streamtech YouTube account.

Streamtech Fiber Internet - Youtube for Business
Streamtech’s Official YouTube Account


YouTube contains a wealth of information, ranging from educational videos to funny music snippets and movie trailers. And all business owners, especially those just starting, should take advantage of it. 

Creating high-quality content is an excellent way to gain marketing exposure for your business or product. It will be highly beneficial in driving traffic and improving brand visibility and sales. Additionally, you can enhance your content viewership and generate additional revenue by investing in YouTube advertising.

Perhaps most importantly, YouTube videos are relatively inexpensive to produce, making them a cost-effective marketing tool for even the most limited budgets. Thus, YouTube is one of the most globally prominent among all social media channels.

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