Best Cooling Appliances You Can Buy Online this 2022

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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

While many people choose to enjoy the sun and unlock their travel goals this summer, there are those who opt to stay indoors due to unbearable heat. Even when you have unlimited WiFi to keep you entertained at home, you may still feel uncomfortable especially when your electric fan blows air that may actually be warmer than your body.

Your first thought for cooling may be air conditioning, but there are many other options that provide cooling. Air coolers, for instance, are one of the most effective cooling options for hot, dry environments. Choosing the best air coolers for your home, on the other hand, maybe a bit complicated. There are several options on the market, as well as numerous other characteristics to consider.

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Why Choose Air Coolers vs Air Conditioners?

In hot and humid countries like the Philippines, air conditioning has become a necessity. However, because of its expensive initial and ongoing expenditures, it may be out of reach for those on a tight budget. As a result, many individuals continue to choose the less expensive option – the air cooler. This gets us to the next question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of an air cooler vs. an air conditioner?

1. An air cooler is easier to install than an aircon.

Unlike split or portable air conditioners, an air cooler is easy to install. Also, compared to window air conditioners, it is also portable.

No need to cut a hole in your wall for the device or its plumbing; an air cooler doesn’t even require pipes or a compressor!

The method of installing an aircon differs based on the model. A window type is simple to install but heavy to move. Meanwhile, a split type is sophisticated and needs a skilled HVAC specialist to install.

2. The air cooler price is lower than an aircon.

Air coolers are the cheaper option since residential versions often cost less than $10,000.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, vary in price from $8K to $80K, depending on the manufacturer and model.

3. The air cooler is more energy-efficient than an aircon.

There is no question that an aircon consumes far more energy than an air cooler. One aircon unit consumes ten times the energy of a cooler in an hour. This makes an air cooler more affordable for individuals on a budget or for those with a conscience who consider environmentally responsible alternatives when buying a product.

4. Air coolers produce less noise than air conditioners.

Due to the fact that an air cooler does not need a compressor to operate, it is quieter than a window or portable aircon. If you want a quiet aircon, you should choose a split unit over a window unit since the compressor on a split unit is positioned outside your house, which reduces the audible noise level within your room.

5. Maintenance

Air coolers are easier to maintain than air conditioners due to their simpler architecture. You can even clean up after yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, you can clean and maintain an aircon on your own. However, certain maintenance processes are complex and will need the assistance of an HVAC specialist.

6. Con: An air conditioner has can produce cool air better than an air cooler.

Bear in mind that although the cooling performance of an air cooler against an air conditioner is unbalanced in favor of the aircon, an air cooler will produce cool air more effectively than a portable electric fan.

Additionally, you should examine the usual humidity levels in your area before purchasing an air cooler, since the additional moisture provided by an air cooler may exacerbate your condition.

Generally, the best air coolers are more affordable compared to installing an entire air conditioning unit, and also easier to maintain.

Top 12 Best Air Coolers in the Market

The desire for cutting-edge air coolers isn’t dead, as seen by a number of high-profile electronics manufacturers creating avant-garde models. On a hot day, air coolers provide the perfect amount of coolness. Cheaper to purchase, air coolers may help you save money on your utility expenses.

Below are the 12 best air coolers you can buy online:

1. EWA Air cooler

This stylish Ewa Air Cooler is ideal for people searching for a multi-featured air cooler. It’s a combination of a portable desk fan, personal air cooler, and mist humidifier! It has intuitive controls, three distinct fan settings, and a 7L capacity. Additionally, this value-for-money air cooler delivers a chilling punch. You can instantly chill down your space by just adding cold water!

2. Iwata Air cooler-Z10

Iwata’s Air Coolers are ideal for every space in your home. With three levels of speed, there’s one for everyone! It also has automatic oscillation control and is lightweight, making it easy on the arm. The Iwata Aircool-Z17 Air Cooler provides cool air and has a simple interface that enables easy preset switching. This air cooler doesn’t only have one wind speed, but three! It comes with two ice packs that you can place in the ice chamber to speed up the chilling process! You’ll like this Iwata air cooler’s elegant black and white look – it’ll complement any home design!

3. Dowell ARC-10P Air Cooler

Not only does this Dowell ARC-10P Air Cooler include a swing function, but it also has three different speed settings that will quickly cool your home. Apart from being water-compatible, it also has a 3L water tank. It has a honeycomb filter for enhanced cooling and humidification. No surprise this is one of the most sought-after air coolers! Get your hands on this air cooler immediately, since it is a necessary household item, particularly during the summer.

4. Iwata Jet S10

This air cooler, one of the largest devices from Iwata, can quickly chill an entire room. Plus, you won’t need cold water and just plain, lukewarm water. The Jet S10 is a robust and high-capacity 18-liter water tank cooling system equipped with cooling pads on three sides and an ice chamber. It’s strong enough to cool places up to 650 square feet, and you can use it to combat the heat and maintain a suitable temperature in any living space or office building.

5. Hanabishi Air HAC – 2100

Are you looking for a trendy and effective method to stay healthy this summer with your family? Consider the Hanabishi Air HAC – 2100! With a 7-liter water tank, three settings, and constant wind speeds, this cutting-edge air cooler can keep any area in your house cool and pleasant. The Fashion touch electronic control and remote control make it simple to use, while the vertical-horizontal blades that automatically swing provide a nice breeze. Additionally, an ionizer and low water alert ensure that you’re getting the most out of your air cooler.

6. AFT A-901

This one, on the other hand, is strongly suggested for home or family usage. This will look great in your living room or kitchen and will help keep the rest of your family comfortable. The AFT A-901 is a palm-sized indoor air purifier. This compact, easy-to-transport gadget effectively removes dust and other harmful elements from the air around you. It has three settings to choose from based on the sort of air quality desired. It has a 10x28cm filter and is suitable for rooms up to 12 square meters or greater. The filter detaches effortlessly, allowing for easy replacement while maintaining fresh, clean air inside your house!

7. VGL KTS-L601

The VGL KTS-L601 is brimming with convenient features designed to help you beat the heat. It features a 120° broad angle and a wind range of up to six meters! It is equipped with a timer that can be set for up to eight or twelve hours and will automatically shut off after that period. This air conditioner also functions as a purifier and humidifier, ensuring that the air in your room remains cold and clean. What more could you ask for in an air cooler than a strong motor, four ice crystals for quicker chilling, and a 5L water tank?

8. Iwata Aircool Z16 Air Cooler

Iwata is a name we can trust when it comes to cooling equipment. This manually operated air conditioning system is built to last and is very energy efficient. The Iwata Aircool Z16 Air Cooler is a cooling device designed to give additional coverage in any room of ordinary size. It generates 65 watts of electricity and has an ice pack chamber to assist you in cooling your room almost three times faster than previously. You’ll never have to battle again with those old, cumbersome schoolbags.

9. Asahi IC 009 Ice Cooling Fan

Is your standing fan just inadequate? With incredible features like three fan speeds, asleep or breeze mode, and a 7L water tank, the Asahi IC 009 Ice Cooling Fan will keep you cool without leaving you in a puddle of perspiration. Its large water tank capacity enables it to sustain a constant flow of cold air for hours! It’s also useful since the screen and filter are removable, making it simple to clean. Additionally, this air cooler has a remote control, which eliminates the need for you to get up to modify its settings.

10. Symphony Brim-8L Diet 8i Air Cooler

If you’re searching for an all-purpose air cooler, the Symphony Brim-8L Diet 8i Air Cooler is for you. This 8L capacity air cooler is designed with iPure technology, which has an incredible filter that can filter out dust, germs, and allergy-causing particles while also purifying the air. Additionally, it consumes the same amount of energy as electric fans, so you won’t have to worry about a hefty electricity bill, making it a must-have house necessity!

11. Big Brute Heavy-Duty Air Cooler

Do you despise the trouble of replenishing the water tank on your air cooler as much as we do? We guarantee that with the Big Brute Heavy-Duty Air Cooler, those inconvenient top-up excursions will be few and far between. It has a massive 20-liter water tank and an ice pack chamber for fast cooling! Everyone may breathe comfortably while enjoying the room’s pleasant wind, because of the humidifier and air purifier functions! When you consider its comparatively low price, this heavy-duty air cooler is an excellent value for money option for big homes or offices.

12. Retro Personal Portable Air Cooler

Consider if air coolers are trendy enough to complement your stylish home décor. Consider again! The Classic Personal Portable Air Cooler is a retro stereo style that complements any room in your house. Additionally, it has a solid handle and is lightweight (less than 1kg), making it easy to transport the portable air cooler anywhere – even on a picnic! Simply charge it using the USB port and you’re ready to go!

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