List of the Best Online Jobs in the Philippines This 2022

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Today, it is not an exaggeration to say that a lot of opportunities in the digital realm are more promising than in the physical world. This is because of the explosive popularity of the internet and the subsequent popularity of web-based jobs in the country. To earn through the internet, the most effective course of action would be to capitalize on the power that the internet has to offer.

There are a lot of job opportunities in the Philippines that people can do online. Even from the comfort of your home, you can make money online. This can be easier if you are equipped with an affordable home fiber plan from a reputable internet provider in the Philippines.

In this article, we will feature some of the best online jobs in the Philippines that you can tap.

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What are the benefits of online jobs?

Online jobs can be a rewarding career choice. And these opportunities have many benefits too. Some of these are:

  • Online jobs offer flexible working hours and allow you to work from home. You can work on your own schedule and set your own hours.
  • You can also choose the type of work that you want to do and the location where you want to work from.
  • Online jobs are a great way for stay-at-home parents to make some extra money or for people who have other commitments such as school or family obligations, because they don’t require you to commute or spend time away from your loved ones.
  • Online jobs come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from writing articles for websites or blogs to doing data entry for small businesses.
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What are the best online jobs in the Philippines this 2022?

Based from various online portals, here are some of the best online jobs this 2022:

1. Virtual Assistants

Applying for a virtual assistant position is probably the simplest method to acquire an online job. A virtual assistant is a person who works from a remote location and offers administrative support to clients. Virtual assistants are usually self-employed contractors, although you may also work for a virtual assistant agency.

Many candidates have also worked as administrative assistants or office managers in a professional office setting for a few years. They do activities such as scheduling, making appointments, entering data, doing financial reports, and more.

2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are essential in helping customers get the most out of their products and services so as to not have them regret any substantial investments. They’re the first line of support from a company so it really does start with them when it comes down to a client’s or customer’s operational experience.

Answering phone calls and emails, replying to customer queries and complaints, and coaching clients through basic troubleshooting or setup processes are all common customer service roles. Customer service tasks for a sales customer service representative also include selling items and services to clients and processing payments.

3. Content Creators

The need for content writers has increased in tandem with the rise of e-commerce. They’re the ones that write compelling copy, create elegant advertising for brand promotion and engagement, and are the reason people contact your company in the first place.

Creators are required to collaborate with the marketing team to ensure that marketing campaigns and content released are consistent. Candidates will also be expected to come up with new ideas and platforms for expanding their present client base and expanding their target market.

4. Online Tutor

Are you math, physics, or foreign language expert? If you are, you may apply for online teaching positions where you will be tutoring students from all around the world. Most businesses and employment boards demand that instructors have a bachelor’s degree, so be sure you have one before applying. A teaching certificate in ESL or any other topic would be beneficial.

Online tutors give students with powerful and encouraging support to help them finish assignments, improve grades, and stay on track in their studies.

5. SEO Expert /SEO Specialist

A search engine optimization (SEO) expert or specialist evaluates, analyzes, and edits a website so that it is search engine optimized, and the website ranks higher in search results on major search engines like Google and Bing.

An SEO expert optimizes each page of a website to ensure appropriate search results and a great user experience, increasing website traffic, lead volume, and brand exposure. In other words, an SEO specialist is no different than any other digital or conventional marketing professional in that they are all attempting to increase sales for the firm they work for.

6. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are often the persons in an organization who are tasked with social media management, monitoring, implementing, filtering, and assessing a product’s, brand’s, corporation’s, or even an individual’s social media presence.

This person is sometimes referred to as the “voice of the organization.” The position is also known as “Community Manager.” They manage their firm’s brand promotions, corporate information, and other social media marketing initiatives across many social media platforms.

7. Data Entry Specialist

Several overseas firms also recruit data entry workers. Data entry jobs demand you to enter data into a computer system using alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic characters. They also organize files to collect information for future use and manage and maintain excellent record keeping.

This person must have a keen eye for detail as well as outstanding written and verbal communication abilities. They should also be able to conduct repeated activities with great precision in a constantly changing work environment.

8. Software App Developers

Computer-related employments are the pinnacle of home-based jobs. Those with degrees in information technology or computer science, for example, are likely to be among them. 

Software app developers are persons who devote their lives to developing apps or software that are well-suited for human consumption. Every day, new applications are being produced. As a result, the demand for such employment is strong and will continue to be so in the future.

9. Digital Marketing Specialist

If you’re interested in marketing, particularly online marketing, a job as a digital marketing professional could be right for you. Digital marketing professionals help businesses launch successful marketing campaigns online and transform their goals into marketing efforts that work.

The objectives and goals of a digital marketing expert are similar to those of a marketing professional: to raise brand recognition, promote firm products or services, and convert prospects. Unlike conventional marketing methods, digital marketers can communicate successfully utilizing the right technological platforms.

10. Podcast Editor

This year may be the year of the influencer. Although podcasts have been around for a long time, most people were forced into them because they need to be driven, especially in these tough times. However, as the popularity of podcasts grows, so increase the number of editors.

Podcast editing is a way of preparing an audio file for podcasting. It includes not only the process of editing the recording but also the mixing and sound adjustments that give it depth and quality. If you have the chops to do these things, job opportunities in this realm are abundant.

podcast editor best online jobs - streamtech fiber internet
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11. Information Security Analyst

Another in-demand profession where IT and computer science graduates would benefit the most is in the field of information security. With firms’ data and private information vulnerable to hackers and malware, it is the sworn obligation of an information security analyst to secure them and maintain the integrity of the business.

Right now, cyber security is an excellent career to pursue because there is a huge need for workers with these skills. And the pay is good too.

12. Transcriber

Transcribers take notes on live events or audio and video recordings and then write them down. They operate in a variety of businesses, either freelance or full-time. Transcribers work with a variety of applications and can do administrative duties. If you have basic computer skills, you should be able to pick up these programs quickly.

To perform ordinary transcribing services, you do not need to be a college graduate. You just listen to audio or video recordings and type what you hear as a transcriber. Law, health, education, and engineering are among sectors that demand specialized transcribing skills.

13. Online Researcher

Are you a researcher who enjoys digging into new information? Get paid to scour the internet for information on a number of topics on the internet. Working as a freelancer, being a contract employee, or direct employee of an organization are options in this field. You must be a computer whiz and know how to use a search engine to locate information for any project you’re working on.

Alternatively, you can look for part-time work as a product researcher, which entails assisting customers in doing competition research or identifying in-demand items for their company.

14. Translator

Working as an online translator is ideal for putting your linguistics talents to good use and boosting your foreign language skills especially if you are a student of linguistics or have a foreign language college diploma.

As a translator, your job is to convert written information from one or more language sources into the target language. You just have to ensure that the translated version accurately reflects the original. Your mother tongue is usually the target language.

15. Copywriters

Many foreign and local businesses recruit Filipino writers to provide high-quality content for their websites, blogs, social media platforms, and marketing endeavors. Copywriters work for marketing or advertising firms or for organizations directly, including for-profit businesses, nonprofits, and even the government.

These persons are responsible for producing clear and succinct content for commercials, marketing materials, and websites for a wide range of audiences and industries on a daily basis. You may start writing part-time on the side even if you lack technical competence in a particular topic.

16. Graphic Designer

As a work-from-home job, the graphic design position is well-paid, especially for designers who can also code. Utilize your leisure time to create websites, periodicals, and marketing and advertising materials if you know how to use design tools.

Graphic designers are essential in product sales and marketing, and it is a key component of brochures and logos. As a result, graphic designers, also known as graphic artists or communication designers, frequently collaborate with persons in the advertising, promotion, and marketing fields.

17. Video Editor

Video editing is a lucrative side gig, but it requires creativity, attention to detail, and a lot of patience to succeed in this industry. A video editor also utilizes computer tools to put together a finished result from video and sound sources. To properly produce the vision customers have in mind, a video editor must possess both technical and artistic abilities.

Editing wedding films, commercial advertising, and clips for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the most common online projects and assignments.

18. Virtual Recruiter

Virtual recruiters assist businesses in recruiting qualified people to fill open positions. Posting job ads online, looking for and contacting prospects, reviewing and screening applicants, conducting initial phone interviews, and organizing candidate interviews with management

Similarly, the virtual recruiter may provide candidates with assistance during the recruitment process, as well as other activities.

19. Online Survey Participant

People who agree to engage in research are paid by companies and academic organizations. Taking online surveys is a simple way to earn money. Simply register for a survey website, wait for an email invitation, then do the survey on the date posted (takes only about 10 to 30 minutes).

Because your profile must fulfill the criteria for each survey, survey invitations do not occur frequently. Nonetheless, doing online surveys is an easy online job to supplement your income when you’re not working.

20. Proofreader

Lastly, proofreading is the most straightforward form of content editing. When proofreading papers, ebooks, legal documents, or website material, no significant adjustments are required. However, it is critical to take extra precautions to avoid grammatical and typo problems.

They also make corrections to printed proofs using specialized software. Proofreaders must keep up with emerging terminology and linguistic standards in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

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Find your perfect online job via Streamtech

Online jobs are a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home. You can start working online doing the things you love today. There are many available jobs, and the best part is that you can generate money doing them anywhere you want.

Streamtech Fiber Internet

The most important factor to consider is equipping yourself with high-speed internet from a trusted internet provider in the Philippines. The good news is that Streamtech, the country’s newest telco, offers an upgraded internet experience with its affordable home fiber plans.

Thanks to our fiber optic cables backbone link, we can provide one of the finest types of internet connections available on the market – fiber internet.  With this, you will absolutely excel in your online job. We also have a Facebook page where you can check out our daily updates.

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