Top 8 Poetry Apps to Express Your Powerful Verses

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February is the celebration of National Arts Month in the Philippines. Thus, it is high time to talk about different talents in terms of art.

If you have a penchant for writing poetry, you should have an outlet to express yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with writing your poems with a good old pen and paper, you won’t always have one at your disposal.

That’s why you should consider downloading poetry apps on your smartphone. With the right poetry app in your arsenal, you can write down poetry whenever you feel like it. All you need is fiber home internet, and you can write poetry to your heart’s content. Here are some of the best poetry apps classic and contemporary poets should consider:

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Poetry Foundation app

If you want to get inspiration from other poets, you should download Poetry Foundation on your phone. This poetry app features thousands of amazing poems from 300+ poets worldwide. All your favorite poems are probably in their database.

You can find the perfect poem that suits your mood at the swipe of a finger. You can even find works by famous poets even if you know just one line of their work. This poetry is available to download on both Android and iOS for free.

Poetry Creator Verses

Poetry Creator Verses allows you to write your own poems using a variety of dictionaries. This is an excellent writing app for people who have a penchant for playing with words. You can even share your new poem on your social media platform through this particular poetry app.

The mobile is exclusively available on iOS for free. However, you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock eight more dictionaries, like the hip hop dictionary and a Beatnik dictionary. If you want to take your poetry writing skills to the next level, you should have this poetry app on your phone.

poetry apps writer - streamtech fiber internet
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Poet Assistant

This smartphone app contains a collection of English rhyming words, a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a simple editor. With this poetry app in your arsenal, you can find words to rhyme with the verses in your new poem effortlessly.

What makes this an excellent tool for writing poems is how it’s available to use even when you’re offline. Hence, contemporary poets can use this app anywhere. This poetry writing app is available on both Android and iOS for free.

Word Mover

Word Mover is an educational app made especially for children. With this app, kids can write poems and phrases to explore the language through moving tiles. Users can use their own word palette or ‘Famous Works’ to shuffle words around and create their own poems. The app mimics poetry products featuring magnetic word tiles.

Word Mover is exclusively available on iOS for free. This poem writing app is a fun tool for your kids to unlock their inner poet. This is one of the most family-friendly poetry apps around. As long as you have an internet provider in the Philippines, you can access this app anytime you like.

The Poetry Hour

Whether you’re interested in contemporary poetry or classic poets, you can find excellent poems in The Poetry Hour. This popular poetry app is unique because it features renowned English actors like Eddie Redmayne and Lily James.

In addition, this poetry app brings beautiful poetry to life. You can watch, read and listen to the poem of your choice as long as you have an internet connection. The written word has never looked so lively. This smartphone app is available to download for free on iOS and Android.

Poet’s Corner

If you’re on the hunt for poetry writing apps that can help you craft lovely poems, you should consider downloading this writing app. Creating poetry will be a breeze on this app. You can even share your new poems anonymously with other users.

This is a great safe space for people who love creating poems. There are no rules, so you can create poems as you see fit. As long as you have an internet provider in the Philippines, you can use this helpful app anytime you wish. You can download Poet’s Corner on iOS and Android for free.

Pocket Poetry

If you want to discover new poems daily, you should download this particular smartphone app. Through Pocket Poetry, you’ll be motivated to read poetry regularly. You might even love poems in the process of using this app.

Think of it as something like a ‘quote of the day,’ but with poetry. You can even bookmark your favorite poems for safekeeping. This poetry app is available free to download for iOS users.

poetry apps on phone - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Gilles Lambert on Unsplash

Poetry Daily

You can talk about popular free poetry apps without including Poetry Daily. This smartphone app contains an anthology of works by modern poets. To maximize reading poetry on this app, you should subscribe to their updates.

With this app, you can read poems you’ve never heard before daily. You may even discover a haiku poem you can relate to. It’s your access to instant poetry wherever you are. You can download Poetry Daily on your iOS device for free.

Finding the perfect poetry app for you

Streamtech Fiber Internet

These are only some of the best poetry apps you should try out. Some of these apps are designed to make one’s writing process easier, while others help you discover new poems you might love. To enjoy all the features of these poetry apps, you must have reliable home fiber internet.

If you’re looking for home fiber internet that doesn’t break the bank, you should subscribe to Streamtech. At Streamtech, we help you exceed your limits through the power of fast internet. You can access all your favorite poetry apps and more with Streamtech in your home.

Aside from home fiber internet, we also equip our subscribers with cable television connections. Thus, you can write poetry and watch your favorite television show through Streamtech.

As one of the newest internet providers in the Philippines, we’re committed to giving you the best service possible. Contact our team to know more about Streamtech today. You may also lookup Streamtech on Facebook for updates.

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