Here’s Why You Need Reliable Online Delivery Services In Metro Manila

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Writtern by: Maine Dela Cruz

As Metro Manila is fast approaching another enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), staying at home remains to be the best way to limit the spread of the coronavirus. By doing so, many are turning to online delivery services and e-commerce platforms for their retail purchases. A survey conducted last year revealed that 89.3 percent of internet users in the Philippines have browsed and shopped for goods and services.

This is where we really value online couriers. Want to purchase from your favorite stores and restaurants? Or simply want to send an important parcel to a loved one? Running a business online? With a plethora of online delivery services available today, one can choose and enjoy all the advantages without having to leave home.

What is an Online Delivery Service?

An online delivery service is a web or app-based courier service that provides fast, often same-day delivery, within a particular area. With that, courier companies utilize motorcycles as the primary mode of transportation for speedy and door-to-door delivery of items. However, some courier services offer cars, vans, and delivery trucks as choices. With just a smartphone, users can access a mobile app to avail the service. Today, courier services are not limited to delivery: riders also serve as purchasers or gofers who run errands on behalf of their clients. Depending on the company, most online delivery services accept cash on delivery (COD) as the primary mode of payment, but some would require their clients to pay ahead of time through online banking or e-wallet.

So what’s the best delivery service?

Before we dive into the list of options, let’s explore what to look for in a delivery app and the benefits of having access to reliable delivery apps in Metro Manila.

What to Look for In Courier Services

In search for a courier service that you can trust? Take note of these tips before choosing one!

Excellent reviews

excellent reviews for delivery service - fiber internet - streamtech
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Online reviews and word of mouth is the language that can help you get a better idea about a delivery app systems. Search online or ask your friends and loved ones who have already used the service. From its system to its usability, speed, price, and its riders, first-hand experience of other users can help you in making the right choice. Look for an app with a reputation of professionalism and courtesy of its riders.

Budget-friendly rates

The pandemic has made us think twice about our spending habits. Even when your purchases are on sale or priced low, expensive delivery rates are a major turn off. Choose a delivery app that offers quality service at reasonable rates.

Promos and discount codes

promos of online delivery service - fiber internet - streamtech
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These are just among perks of using delivery apps but not all offer coupons or promo codes for lesser to free delivery fee. There is something special about services which go the extra mile. It’s a sign that they value customer experience. If you’re on a tight budget, you can check out services with these offerings.

Responsive customer support

customer support - delivery service - fiber internet - streamtech
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A reliable delivery service comes with a responsive customer support. For queries, complaints, or emergencies, they should always be at the other end of the line and ready to answer professionally.

Benefits of Reliable Delivery Services

What are the advantages of using online delivery services? Here are some of them:


Convenience is something that delivery services always aim for. While this is the most obvious benefit of availing a delivery service, it also the most important. Courier services’ top priority is always making life easier for customers. Hate sales ladies tailing you at the department store? Shop online and have your rider pick it up or have them buy your items for you! Book a rider at the tip of your fingertips. Within hours, you can have your purchased goods without leaving the comfort of your home or office.


With less mobility, you have less exposure to other people who might be carriers of the deadly virus. It’s even safer if you opt for a cashless transaction.

Cost savings

Delivery services help you reduce the costs for fuel or commute. For business owners, you can further avoid expenses like worker’s compensation, payroll taxes, overtime pay, and employee benefits – when you outsource to a courier service.

Reduced liability and risks

By outsourcing a licensed courier service provider instead of having in-house delivery drivers, you can relay the liabilities in case they get into accident and damage your products. Otherwise, it can significantly hurt your business financially and disrupt its reputation.

Customer rapport

For any business, building rapport with customers requires providing a top-notch service. High-quality product that is delivered poorly still results to negative customer experience. If you provide clients with a sense of satisfaction, they have no reason to choose another business. They will also write reviews about your services and bring more customers, which in turn will help you rake in more profit.

Best Courier Services in Metro Manila

Friends, admit it, you have experienced terrible delivery service at least once before, haven’t you? Ever heard of Totally Reliable Delivery Service? Otherwise known as T.R.D.S., this ragdoll physics simulation is about terrible package delivery couriers. As the pandemic goes on, the number of delivery services that work in noodly chaos also increases exponentially. Nowadays, it’s hard to tell which one you should trust. Be wary as some consist of ragtag crew claiming they’re “totally reliable delivery service”. Do not compromise your safety and quality of service for unbelievable cheap rates.

If you’re looking for a sign to up your delivery experience, this is it! You can engage a reliable delivery service. Fret not, here’s a list of reliable online delivery services in Metro Manila:


Get All - Reliable same day delivery service - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by GetAll

GetAll is one of the recently launched delivery platforms that provide same day delivery services. As a new venture, this delivery courier offers shipping or parcel delivery, vehicle rentals, shuttle, and shopper services. It caters to key cities inside and outside Metro Manila.

Reliable delivery service

Need a break from grocery runs? Beyond systems of delivery services and shipments to its areas, you can do more with GetAll’s delivery app. In each account, users are allowed to shop at All Day Supermarket, AllHome, and other businesses under Villar group. This is really something beyond our usual shippers’ teamwork to serve. And it is indeed a reliable delivery service.

Same day delivery service in metro manila - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by GetAll

What’s also great about this delivery service is that you can book rider for a day for only Php 1,000.00, inclusive of 8 hours or 50km distance.

Same day delivery

For small parcels like toys or documents, the logistics service’s motorcycle riders can have them delivered for you within the day. On the other hand, you can opt for MPV options or a Light Truck (LT) for larger items weighing up to 1000kg. And friends, all of these are same day delivery!

For more information, you can call them via phone, at 09152190003, or visit their website:


While Angkas is known as a premier motorcycle ride-hailing platform, it also offers delivery services. However, it is limited to food deliveries and for certain restaurants for the time being.

When ordering food, take note that you cannot book directly to this platform. Rather, browse the list of partners available in the Angkas website, contact the restaurant, and provide your contact details.

The restaurant will prepare the food and book an Angkas rider to deliver your order at your doorstep. Mode of payment available includes mobile wallet options and cash on delivery (COD).


Fastrack has a seven-year track record as a cost-efficient logistics solution for individuals and businesses. To avail of their services, simply register on their website, schedule a pick-up, and wait for your delivery to arrive. 

Governing rates

For Metro Manila and Rizal residents, the following rates apply:

  • Yellow Pouch (6” x 12”) – Php 60.00
  • Blue Pouch (9” x 14”) – Php 75.00
  • White Pouch (12” x 18”) – Php 90.00 (up to 3kg – +P20.00 per additional kilo).
  • Own Packaging – Php 100.00 (up to 3kg – +P30.00 per additional kilo).

Grab Express

Grab Express may seem pricier than its counterparts, but the delivery service takes pride in its speed and priority of delivery. Because of this, the service is considered the middle-class logistics solution of choice. Grab Express offers item indemnification for all accepted parcels up to Php 10,000 (as of July 2019). They also provide their riders intensive training to deliver top-notch service. 

Booking is also made simple: download the Grab app, book a rider, and track your parcel in real time. As of this writing, services are currently limited to Metro Manila and its neighboring areas. Since July 2020, the service has been accepting cash on delivery (COD) as a payment method.

Reminder: to avail of the online delivery of item and shipments, you’ll need a reliable internet connection.

get fast fiber internet for a swift delivery service - Streamtech

Happy Move

This delivery service lives up to its name. Online reviews commend their partner drivers and riders as some of the friendliest you’ll meet, which is always a major turn on for any courier service in Metro Manila. We often encounter or hear about rude drivers, lack of reliable movers, late and lost deliveries. Happy Move wants to address these through their on-demand delivery app.

To avail of Happy Move deliveries, simply choose from their motorcycles, cars, vans, and delivery trucks as your main courier. Next, indicate your pick-up and drop-off points. Then, track the service. The app lets you monitor the movement and location of the delivery in progress.


Lalamove can transport goods ranging from small parcels to bulky furniture and even commercial goods. Apart from motorcycle delivery, Lalamove includes four-wheel vehicle deliveries in its list of offerings for items weighing a total of 200kg to 2,000kg. Its delivery coverage for long-distance delivery truck includes Metro Manila to Bulacan, Batangas, Cavite, or Laguna.

Move It

Move It features an easy-to-navigate user interface, which aim to provide a hassle-free user experience. Its main services include parcel pick-up and delivery or padala, food delivery, and personal shopping. It caters areas within Metro Manila, as well as Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan.

Its padala service features two options: sidewalk and doorstep. Sidewalk delivery is ideal for small packages as riders stay on their motorcycle. Meanwhile, doorstep delivery requires the riders to carry packages to your door. Minimum rate per service is at Php 50 and Php 60, respectively, followed by an Php 8 hike per kilometer. Rates also vary for deliveries done in the evening, on Sundays, and holidays.

Mr. Speedy

This new express courier delivery service goes by its tagline, “The Standard of Same-Day Delivery”. Mr. Speedy offers its users the option to have their items delivered via motorcycle or car. They also offer Pabili Services and a cash-on-delivery option.

At a base rate of Php 60, Php 6 is added for every succeeding kilometer.

Mr. Speedy can be used over its app or at the web. Login, click the “Book Now” button, indicate the addresses for pick-up and drop-off, fill out the required info like contact number, pick-up and delivery time, and click the “Place Order” button. As of writing, Mr. Speedy website states that it only accepts cash on delivery (COD) option.


Transportify positions itself as one of the Philippines’ leading courier services. Its line of services includes online delivery, payment facilities, and reverse logistics. The latter is a unique offering that enables customers to return goods for replacement minus the common friction points you typically need to go through. 

Like other online delivery services on this list, customers can book via the app by inputting the pick-up and drop-off points, and selecting the vehicle required from its suite of economy vehicles, including closed vans and wing van delivery truck. What’s even amazing is one of its features which allows you to schedule deliveries as early as two weeks and even choose up to 15 drop-off points in one transaction. 

Its delivery rates start at P190 for Metro Manila deliveries and up to Php 8,000 for 10-wheeler wing vans.

While most of these apps use the English language, some like Lalamove, offer ease of use for those who opt to read information in Tagalog. All of them also require registration before availing their services.

Also bear in mind to sanitize any items, especially kids’ toys, before or after sending them to your trusted courier service.

Elevate Your Online Shopping Experience with Streamtech!

Connect with Streamtech Fiber Internet to get a reliable delivery service
Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet

Book, shop, sell, and connect with your family and friends while keeping a safe distance this pandemic. Get Streamtech’s fiber internet plans! From Php 1,499 to Php 3,499 per month, enjoy up to 150Mbps of unlimited connectivity.

Streamtech is one of the Philippines’ newest internet service providers. It is present in key cities and municipalities across the country. We proudly provide fiber internet in Bacoor, and other areas in Cavite. We are also one of the providers of fiber internet in Batangas and other major municipalities in the province. For the NCR, we provide fiber internet in Taguig, Las Pinas, and Muntinlupa. To get updates and know more about our amazing products and services, visit our official website orOfficial Facebook Page.

Online Delivery Services are Here to Stay

delivery service here to stay - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by rawpixel

The overall impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been catastrophic for the Philippines’ business sector. However, online delivery services have still made retail transactions safer and more convenient in the new normal. It has also provided our blue-collar workers a source of living. Often blue-collar workers such as laborers and truck drivers are the least appreciated but without them, the economy would collapse.

For customers, nothing beats the joy of experiencing quality service for reasonable rates. For business owners, your courier can make or break your services. Being responsive to the call of the times is key to improving your business. You don’t have to brave the streets of the Metro to connect with your customers! Let a reliable online courier service handle the job for you. Say no to noodly chaos, and yes to five-star customer service!

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