List of the Best Smartwatch You Can Buy This 2022

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It is hard to believe that we are already in the new year 2022. With all of the advancements taking over the world, the smartwatch industry has been booming. We have seen a lot of new products come out last year and many more are still on the way. It is a tough job to find the best smartwatch in the market. Technology is changing so rapidly that it is hard to predict what will be the best for this year.

The latest crop of smartwatches does a lot more than just tell time, from running apps to showing smartphone alerts to tracking your heart rate. If you’re looking to buy a smartwatch, it’s a good idea to look at all of your options on the internet. It is assured that you will find one that meets your needs thanks to fast fiber internet. But, which smartwatch should you get? Read on.

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What is a smartwatch?

A smartwatch is a digital watch with a variety of functions in addition to timekeeping. Monitoring your heart rate, tracking your activities, and setting reminders throughout the day are just a few examples. A smartwatch features a touchscreen display, similar to a smartphone, which allows you to conduct activities by tapping or swiping on the screen.

Several apps, similar to those found on smartphones and tablets, are available on modern smartwatches. Additional functionality is provided by these applications, which include weather information, stock prices, health features, and GPS tracking, among others. The majority of smartwatches may also be used to make and receive phone calls as well as text messages.

What smartwatch to buy this 2022?

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated options based on various gadget reviews on different websites. Also, knowing what to look for is critical, so make certain to consider the features and characteristics that suit your lifestyle needs.

1. Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch has traditionally been regarded as the gold standard in smartwatches, and the Series 7 is no exception. Nothing distinguishes it from the Series 6, yet it isn’t always a disadvantage. Apple has optimized the Series 7’s features, which include a polished software experience, a beautiful appearance, and a slew of useful fitness functions. For the same price as the Series 6, it features a bigger screen with a QWERTY keyboard for the first time, new color options, quicker charging, and increased durability.

The Apple Watch Series 7 includes all of the additions and improvements from the previous year’s Apple Watch – including an always-on altimeter and blood oxygen monitoring – as well as 33 percent faster charging and a new display that’s 20 percent larger, while bezels are around 40 percent thinner, giving the watch a more cutting-edge look while still remaining compatible with existing Apple Watch straps.

WatchOS 8 comes with expanded support for fitness activities like pilates as well as new safety features like fall detection while riding. For individuals who don’t care about capabilities such as ECG and blood oxygen monitoring, or other quality third-party apps, and want to save money on an Apple Watch, the Apple Watch SE is still a viable option.

The price for the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at P22,990.00.

apple smartwatch - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Rohan on Unsplash

2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a high-end smartwatch for Android users with a classic design and feel. This gadget is robust while remaining light and inconspicuous on your wrist, thanks to its stainless metal body. It’s ready for anything, whether you’re going to the gym, seeing customers at work, or going out with friends.

A spinning bezel surrounds the bright and brilliant AMOLED display, allowing you to browse between apps and menus without touching the screen. You won’t have to take the watch off whether you’re in the shower or pool because it’s water-resistant.

With the Galaxy Watch4 Classic, it’s simple to keep track of your overall wellbeing and take action to enhance it. Sleep tracking and breathing exercises will help you form long-lasting healthy habits that will help you minimize stress.

You can keep track of your blood pressure and heart rate with the built-in ECG monitor, and you can get a more complete picture of your health with fitness monitoring that recognizes when you’re working out. You may also establish daily goals to help you stay motivated throughout the day.

If you are on the move, you can always check your alerts. You can read and react to texts, WhatsApp messages, and social postings on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic, as well as make calls.

The price for the 42mm is P17,990.00 while the 46mm is P19,990.00.

3. Polar Grit X Pro

Considered by its makers as “the toughest Polar watch to date,” the Grit X Pro is aimed at individuals who want to work out in the great outdoors. Polar claims the Grit X Pro is water-resistant up to 100 meters and can function in temperatures ranging from minus 20 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, thanks to scratch-resistant sapphire glass lenses.

The Grit X Pro offers fitness monitoring features intended to suit nearly every workout regimen, so whether you’re into trail running or more likely to use the treadmill, the Grit X Pro will have something to assist you to measure progress and break your PBs, regardless of your training schedule.

Like other Polar gadgets, the Grit X Pro is primarily a fitness tracker. The ability to manage music on your phone from your wrist, receive mobile notifications, and check the weather are all wonderful functions; but, mobile payments aren’t enabled. Likewise, there is no smart home connectivity.

The price for this watch ranges from P16,264.00 to P27,490.00.

4. Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense is one of the best Fitbits on the market right now, and it builds on the Fitbit Versa line’s success with a number of intelligent updates. It’s supposed to empower you to take care of your own health by assisting you in understanding your body and mind, as well as making adjustments to improve your physical and emotional well-being — and it does so.

It features an ECG sensor to identify indications of atrial fibrillation, like many of the top smartwatches and fitness trackers, but its stress monitoring function is what really stands out, and is something everyone can benefit from and use every day – not only in a health crisis.

Many of the tools for controlling your stress levels (such as meditation sessions and mindfulness lectures) are exclusively accessible to Fitbit Premium customers. The Sense’s fitness features and tracking functions are also amazing, especially if you want to train using heart rate zones. With this watch, there are a variety of activities and monitoring choices. Once you’ve done your workout, the watch and Fitbit app will offer you a set of session-appropriate information.

The Fitbit Sense is priced at P19,490.00.

fitbit sense smartwatch - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

5. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Standard

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a smaller version of the chunkier Watch 4 Classic. It basically delivers the same Wear OS experience as the Classic because of its smaller size and different color options, but there are several major distinctions. It sports a digital bezel rather than the rotating physical bezel that the Galaxy Watch series is renowned for. This reduces the total footprint while maintaining some usefulness.

It has health and fitness tracking capabilities including blood oxygen, heart rate, and BMI, and runs Wear OS 3. Also included are Google Play store apps like Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Maps, Samsung Pay, and others. All of this results in one of the best Android smartwatches for smaller wrist sizes, albeit at the expense of user control.

The price for the 44mm is P14,990.00 while the 40mm is P12,990.00.

6. Oppo Watch

Oppo’s first smartwatch is available in two sizes, has a quality look, and has NFC and GPS capabilities. Unlike the smaller 41mm model, which has a flat display, the 46mm variant has a dual-curved glass front. As with the 41mm version, both sizes are shrouded in polished aluminum and available in a variety of colors depending on the casing size: black, Pink Gold, or Silver Mist if you choose the 41mm version, or black or Glossy Gold if you choose the bigger model.

While other basic and staple features include a timer, stopwatch, world clock, always on display (AOD), dedicated heart rate app, guided breathing app, and more, the Watch features stand reminders that prompt you to “Get Moving” and jump into a “5-minute workout” routine with a single tap after sitting stationary for an hour.

The price for this watch starts at P12,990.00.

7. Huawei Watch GT 3

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is a fitness-focused wristwatch with a new chipset that looks excellent and feels speedy and responsive. It comes with a slew of health and fitness features as well as incredible battery life, especially if you choose for the bigger 46mm version.

The watch’s array of physiological sensors measure heart rate, SpO2, skin temperature, stress, and sleep, so its lifetime isn’t sacrificed for features. Changes are recognized rapidly during tough interval training sessions and precision approaches that of specialist running watches, according to Huawei, which has upgraded its optical heart rate monitor this time around.

This smartwatch is capable of supporting over 100 activities (both indoor and outdoor), but it truly shines when you’re out jogging. When you use the AI trainer, you specify a goal and a deadline and it builds a training plan that adapts to your performance on the fly.

The price for this watch starts at P 11,999.00.

8. Amazfit GTR 3 Pro

Founder Zepp has intended to give extensive functionality packed up in a fashionable design with a high-quality display that costs less than the cheapest Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch. The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro is a smartwatch that’s compatible with Android phones and iPhones. It has long battery life and an appealing design. While it succeeds in making this a watch you’d want to wear, it still has to improve its software to compete with the big guns.

It has a 46mm casing that is 10.7mm thick, making it larger and thicker than something like the biggest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 for comparison. It does include a good number of smartwatch capabilities, such as simple notification viewing, an offline smart assistant, and Amazon Alexa, among others. Playback controls are more helpful than the built-in music player, which only works with your own purchased music.

The price ranges from P9,500.00 to P13,500.00.

9. Fossil Gen 5

The Fossil Gen 5 mixes in beautifully with anything you’re wearing or doing. On tiny wrists, its entirely circular display is somewhat hefty at 44mm, but it means you can readily view the display at all times with no fuss. With a resolution of 416 × 416 and a pixel density of 328ppi, it’s larger than most at 1.28 inches.

This is the fifth edition of the Fossil watch, as the name says. Improved battery life is one of the generational advancements, which may last more than a full day in one of the watch’s low-power modes. A fast charge takes less than an hour, and it recharges swiftly.

In contrast to earlier hybrid Fossil watch models, there’s a speaker that allows a smartphone user to answer connected calls while also hearing what Google Assistant has to say. It also has an additional 8GB of storage, which is useful for individuals who want to download compatible software.

The price of Gen 5 in the Philippines is around P 16,800.00.

fossil smartwatch - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Fossil

10. Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is a Wear OS wristwatch designed for sports monitoring and the company’s first foray into the field of full-fat smartwatches. The 50mm smartwatch has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, as well as the necessary technical components to make it an excellent outdoor companion.

It also has built-in GPS and the option to see color maps and save them to your computer for offline usage. Heatmaps are also available for a range of activities to aid in the discovery of popular routes in new places. Including cycling, open water swimming, and more specialist interests like dance and obstacle racing, Suunto supplies its own sports monitoring software that supports up to 70 activity modes and delivers more basic real-time stats.

The price for this watch ranges from P20,000.00 to P36,500.00.

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