What is the difference between a Blog vs Vlog?

what is blog vs vlog - streamtech fiber internet
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Blog and vlog are usually interchanged, or people tend to confuse them. It may sound the same, but the two of them are different platforms. However, even if they are different, the two platforms have some similarities. You might be wondering which one is better or best suited for you.

Don’t worry, you can earn money from either of the two if that’s your goal. You just need to make sure you have stable and fast internet for the continuous creation of quality content. So, let’s learn about the definitions and the key difference and similarities between a blog and a vlog.

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A blog is a written form that is commonly seen on the internet. It usually is an expression of feelings, thoughts, or even useful information. It may appear to be one of the many crucial communication and marketing tools.

Anyone could run a blog, from a single person to a group of people. Even a major corporation that advertises products and disseminates information can create one. A blog can include various text, images, animated gifs, and other elements. “Blogger” is the name of the person who runs the blog, and “blogging” is the activity of posting important content on a website.

Kinds of Blog Post

There are a plethora of blog categories out there. Below are the most common ones:

Personal Blog

It’s known as the “traditional” blog. When blogs started, it was initially connected with them. It used to be someone’s personal diary, where they could express themselves without regard for monetization or commercial strategy.

Personal blogs, of course, continue to exist and serve as online journals. When you’re in the mood to write, you do it without worrying about reaching a large audience or making a profit. When you’re reading this, odds are you have a personal blog.

Business Blog

Businesses have found that blogs effectively engage their customers, establish communities, and attract new customers. Some businesses use blogs to publicize new launches, ongoing projects, impending releases, contests, and other events. Through content promotion, blogs assist companies in increasing site traffic and improving conversion rates.

Independent of their corporate profiles, some companies use blogs to communicate their voices in the community by posting high-quality material. As a result, their blog becomes an authoritative publication in their field. It’s a good long-term strategy and an excellent technique to continuously promote your services over time.

blogger - blog vs vlog - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

Travel Blog

Travel blogs are known in the blogging industry since the audience uses them as their reference for visiting destinations. Bloggers under this category work hard since it is time-consuming to discover varied destinations. It is also tedious to look for places with the most outstanding prices and create itineraries. Even learning about a country’s culture, and sharing this information with their audience is part of some travel vlogs.

News Blog

These are the blogs that keep you up to date on what’s new in the industry. They are primarily concerned with presenting the most recent events, new releases, and programs in a particular field of interest.

Unlike other blogs, news blogs do generally not publish opinion pieces or unique content. News blogging tends to publish facts since it’s a form of communication on daily or weekly happenings in life.

Technology Blog

These blogs are devoted to assessing items or services in a particular market. The owners of these blogs review various products. These include their benefits and drawbacks, cost, and overall worth. They also provide recommendations based on their knowledge of the subject. These specific blogs are usually new releases of smartphone brands, laptops, smart TVs, etc.

Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle blogs include a more comprehensive range of themes than fashion blogs, such as productivity, wellness, workouts, nutrition, and other aspects of living a better life. People require frequent advice on excellent, efficient, and practical recommendations for a high-quality existence.

What is a vlog (video blog)?

Vlog is an acronym for video log. The term “vlog” or video blog comes from the word “blog.” It could be a short or long-form film on various topics such as company promotions, current events, technology goods, etc. Vlog posts typically have vlogging equipment using high-end cameras, high-quality microphones, and camera equipment to produce high-quality videos. Afterward, Vloggers post it online, usually on their youtube channels so that people can watch videos they have posted.

vlogging - blog vs vlog - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by senivpetro on Freepik

Kinds of Video Content for Vlog

Just like blogs, there are various types of vlogs. And content types depend on the vlogger’s forte or choice.

Personal Vlog

Just like in personal blogging, it is also one of the “typical” used in vlogging. Vloggers record videos about their own personal or daily routines. This is crucial since it has to be interesting to the online users for them to be watched.

Entertainment Vlog

Comedy and Gaming vlogs offer both energetic and amusing content with a terrific start and music accompanying your narrations. Adding captions to every image would make it clean for the audience. The entire video should contain energetic and being creative so that the viewers pay attention to you. Make sure your videos contain laughable and impactful content.

Technology Vlog

When a new phone is out, or new software is being developed, everyone pays attention to the reviews. To make the product visually available to everyone watching their videos, the individual assessing it should be well-versed with the product’s characteristics and settings. Animated intros, a lower-third for the product & creator details, and subtitles are all good ways to give a professional touch.

Travel Vlog

travel vlog vs blog - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by tirachardz on Freepik

People who wish to travel the world and explore new places are interested in viewing travel vlogs. Because they want to get a sense of the lifestyle portrayed in the videos posted and learn about the recommendations made by the person about a specific city or nation they wish to visit. These are enhanced by introducing better, precise shooting angles and a customized thumbnail briefing about the price and number of days. With the addition of some text and background music and some basic editing, a travel movie can become more realistic for the audience.

Food Vlog

These vlogs are commonly used as a food review or showcasing new ideas in cooking. Food vloggers tend to find restaurants on which they can go and create videos or content. Food vloggers need to be crucial on the food they’re showing in their videos. It needs to be appealing and can look appetizing.

Having a YouTube Channel is Common for Vloggers

As YouTube is one of the most used social media, it is common for vloggers to use the platform. Because the audience is into YouTube, vloggers who use the platform find a large number of shares in viewers and subscribers. And in talking about blog vs vlog, the latter definitely is the type of media that uses the said social site.

Differences and Similarities

Now, let us dive into the details of the topic of a blog vs vlog.

Blog vs vlog major differences

The major difference between these two is the form. Blogging is a written format while vlogging is a video format. Blogging takes place wherein the written content is in the editing software and posted on their web page. In vlogging, the content is on the video editing software and posted through the YouTube channel.

Vlogging is more costly since you’ll need good quality when uploading video content. On the other hand, blogging is cheaper since most of the time, you’ll just need a device and an internet connection.

The key difference between blog and vlog is, blog maintenance isn’t expensive since payment for web hosting is cheap. In some instances, it is free. While the hosting cost in vlogging together with its equipment is expensive.

Blog vs vlog similar aspects

The similarities of a blog vs vlog are much interesting. Blog or YouTube channel as vlog can be one of your digital marketing strategies. It will just depend depending on the content you are trying to produce.

Blog vs vlog needs to have relevant content so that the audience can relate to or have the interest in the topic shown. Earning money is also one of the similarities of the two. Most vloggers and bloggers receive payments from companies in promoting their brand or in short digital marketing. Lastly, both the blog and vlog should be impactful to the topic or content they produce so that the people would be interested in them.

Succeed in both blogging and vlogging with reliable internet!

Streamtech Fiber Internet

When you want to start blogging and vlogging, be crucial on your content. For you to have a successful blog and vlog, you’ll need to have unique and relevant topics so that you wouldn’t be left behind. You don’t have to worry about which platform will generate the most money since both of them has income potential, to begin with.

If you create content by getting the attention of business brands, then you would gain more money. Ads on youtube videos or directing an affiliate link on brands can help many bloggers and vloggers boost their profit. If you want to be successful in blog and vlog you’ll need reliable internet. Streamtech fiber internet will keep you connected so that you can have a smooth ride when using these platforms.

As one of the newest internet providers in the Philippines, Streamtech offers affordable home fiber plans perfect for your needs, may it be blogging or vlogging. So, start your journey on either of these two by subscribing to Streamtech now.

If you have questions or you want to know more, you may also check the Streamtech Facebook page.

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