How can I buy medicine online in the Philippines?

buy medicine online philippines - streamtech fiber internet
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The COVID-19 pandemic drove everyone to alter their shopping habits. Whether you prefer in-store or online shopping, undeniably, the pandemic disrupted shopping habits. As such consumer attitudes, behaviors, and purchasing habits are shifting, and many of these new behaviors will persist after the pandemic. These, of course, include our dependence on high-speed internet connections, whether at home or at the office.

People are shopping more consciously, buying local, and embracing digital commerce, even if their purchases are currently based on the most basic needs. Aside from the shopping habits, health becomes a top priority for many. Hence, medicine and supplements are needed more than ever.

Due to how everyone is going digital for safety, convenience, and other health concerns, medicines that we usually purchase in physical stores can now be found online as well via an online pharmacy. Thanks to the internet, we can get medicines only a few clicks away through our laptops or phone.

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In such situations, an online pharmacy that has a delivery service can practically save your life. It saves you a trip to the drugstore and the risk of contracting the coronavirus. You only need to place your order on the pharmacy’s website and wait for your medications to arrive. Thus, online pharmacy is an advisable option. This is specifically convenient for a senior citizen who is much vulnerable to the virus

How to buy medicine online Philippines

How to buy online medicines philippines - streamtech fiber internet
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If you are the type of person who wants to conveniently order online, worry no more because you can now skip long queues and order medicines or supplements online. Of course, you must ensure first a high-speed internet to have a smooth transaction.

However, this still may vary depending on your delivery location because some drugstores only cater to metro manila customers and do not cater to provincial areas.

Here are some ways how to buy medicine online:

Check out the Grab app

Grab also provides a pharmaceutical delivery service apart from food and groceries. You can check out their pharmacies option in the mart category to see which drugstores deliver to you. Grab’s pharmacies only deliver over-the-counter medications, so if you need prescription medicines, this may not be the best option.

Drugstore delivery services

Some pharmacies provide delivery services for healthcare products and other things they offer such as personal care products and baby care products. Watsons, Southstar Drug, and Medexpress all offer online services that allow you to place your orders and have them delivered to your home. By uploading a photo of your prescription to your account, you can even get your prescribed medication filled up online.

However, be prepared for delays. Although many pharmacy delivery services claim to have same-day delivery, you’ll almost certainly have to wait due to a high volume of orders.

Pabili services

Pabili services are available via apps like Angkas, Grab, and Mr. Speedy, where you may send money to buy products, including medicine. Simply schedule the service and send them on their way if you’re purchasing over-the-counter medications or other drugstore basics.

Some online pharmacies with a delivery service

Here are the several online drugstores where you may simply search on their website for the medicine you intend to purchase, add them to your basket, and checkout. These are the three actions you’ll need to take to receive medicine delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do now is relax and wait for your order to arrive. Here are some of the best online pharmacies in metro manila for your healthcare needs.


GetMeds is the Philippines’ top online pharmacy. It provides a one-stop shop for additional products such as over-the-counter drugs, healthcare gadgets (digital thermometer, pregnancy tests kits, etc.), prescriptions, bath and body products, and personal care medicines to pharmacies in Manila and throughout the Philippines. Just go to the GetMEDS website or app to purchase.

Delivery area

GetMeds delivers nationwide.

Delivery time

In less than 48 hours, they will deliver after confirmation of the order.

Mode of payment

They offer cash on delivery (COD), credit/debit, and online bank transfer.

Generika Drugstore

The Generika Drugstore’s e-commerce website and mobile app make it simple to purchase medications (over-the-counter, prescription, and maintenance) and other health-related supplies. Customers can order products directly from a Generika branch for delivery or pick-up via these online platforms.

Delivery area

They also deliver nationwide.

Delivery time

Amazingly, they do same-day delivery.

Mode of payment

They offer COD, credit card, GCash, and via MEDPadala credits.

Mercury Drug Gamot Padala

In the Philippines, Mercury Drug offers an online pharmacy through its website. However, as evidenced by the huge lines at larger Mercury Drug locations, many customers are unaware of this fact. Mercury Drug Online is one of the Philippines’ first online drugstores. Within Metro Manila, the country’s largest pharmacy chain provides a 24-hour mercury medicine delivery service.

Delivery area

Unlike other providers, they only deliver within Metro Manila.

Delivery time

  • Orders placed from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., will be delivered the same day.
  • Orders ordered after 12 p.m., will be delivered the next day.

Mode of payment

They offer payments through credit/debit card, PayMaya, and GCash.

Southstar Drug

You may also quickly order online via the website of Southstar Drug prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, supplements, and other products from Southstar Drug’s online drugstore. Southstar’s MedSubscribe, an on-demand service that allows you to specify a delivery schedule in 3, 6, or 12 months, is available for your convenience. You won’t have to place orders over and over again this way.

Delivery area

They also deliver nationwide.

Delivery time

  • Metro Manila and Rizal areas: 3-5 days.
  • Other areas: 7-14 days.

Mode of payments

They also have COD (in Metro Manila and Rizal areas only), GCash, bank deposit (Robinson’s bank), credit/debit card options.

Lazada Med

Lazada’s frequent consumers may now acquire healthcare needs on the online shopping platform. Indeed, customers may buy authentic health items online at LazadaMed, including over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and supplements, medical supplies, etc.

Delivery area

They have nationwide delivery.

Delivery time

It will take 8 to 17 calendar days.

Mode of payment

They included COD, GCash, credit/debit card (Visa/Mastercard/JCB/American Express), Lazada wallet as the payment options.

MedExpress Drugstore

Similarly, MedExpress is the Philippines’ leading hospital outpatient pharmacy. Prescription medications, over-the-counter medicines, medical supplies, and medical gadgets are also all available through the online pharmacy. Its drug delivery service is available nationwide for a minimum order of PHP 250. When ordering, MedExpress advises everyone to provide personal details such as full name, contact number, delivery address, photo of senior citizen id (if applicable), and the likes for them to process the order faster.

Delivery area

They also deliver nationwide.

Delivery time

  • Metro Manila and selected provinces: within 4 hours.
  • Cash or credit card upon delivery.

Mode of payment

They offer cash or credit card upon delivery payment options.

Avail medicines online with Streamtech Fiber Internet!

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Indeed, you can rely on this list of online drugstores to supply you with maintenance meds for your elderly, vitamins to strengthen your immunity, or anything else that will improve your health without the inconvenience. Buying in a physical store is what we get accustomed to however buying medicine online can also provide you with convenience without compromising the quality of the product. Just ensure to avail pharmaceutical products in trusted and reliable online drugstores to avoid acquiring fake medicines.

Since the pandemic has made digital technology relevant more than ever, we need to also invest in a fast and reliable internet connection to avail of products or services such as buying medicines online. Visit the websites mentioned above and purchase medicines or supplements with Streamtech Fiber internet for an uninterrupted online transaction.

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