These are the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids this 2021

christmas gifts for kids - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you should shop Christmas gifts for kids. You wouldn’t want the stores to run out of the presents you’re eyeing so you should already buy gifts for your kids to open on Christmas morning. This year is unlike years past. However, as long as your home has fiber internet, you can buy the perfect gift for kids.

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what to buy for kids yet, this article is just the thing you need. In this article, we’ll discuss Christmas ideas kids of all ages will surely enjoy. Your kids will absolutely flip if you buy these great gifts for them this Christmas.

Gifts that are All The Rage with Kids of All Ages

christmas gifts for kids of all ages - streamtech fiber internet
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If you’re looking for gift ideas regardless of kids’ ages, you should consider buying gifts for kids that the whole family can enjoy. These gift ideas are great for family game night. They’re so much fun, and at the same time, they’re the best gifts for family bonding.

Plus, what’s awesome about these gift ideas is that they encourage human interaction. The kids won’t be glued to their phones all day if their Christmas gifts are more fun to play with.

Board games

Kids love competing with one another. A Christmas gift that can bring young kids and older kids together is board games. To this day, playing board games is extremely popular. This is because all family members can join in on the fun.

From a fun card game to a classic board game like monopoly and Snakes and Ladders, these are great gifts kids from different generations can enjoy. There are even fun play sets the can test the skills of the whole family.

Most kids are always preoccupied with their gadgets. This Christmas gift will help all the kids live in the moment, and strengthen their bond. You can play games even after the holiday season wraps up. That’s why this is the perfect gift for long-term usage.

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Arts and Crafts sets

Nurture the creativity of your young kids with this awesome gift idea. From necklaces, hair clips to their own works of art, this is the perfect gift for kids that love expressing themselves through art. Even if they’re not totally artistically inclined, this Christmas gift is so fun to experiment with.

You don’t even need to limit yourself to the crafts in the set. You can also make your own tie-dye shirts and sew your own scarves. They might even come up with cool gift ideas for other kids as well.

The whole family can get involved with the project so it’s also a great gift for family bonding. With this gift, you might even discover if you’re gifted in the arts. These types of gift ideas also pave the way for fun bonding sessions for your kids and their friends.

Baking sets

You can have some fun while bonding with the kids with the use of kid-friendly baking sets. From cupcakes to cookies, you and your kids can make delicious concoctions for the holidays and beyond. Your kid gets to participate in the whole baking process, which gives kids a sense of accomplishment.

To make sure the dish turns out great, it’s important you get involved with the whole process. Your kids get to do the measuring and pouring of ingredients, but you make sure they’re safe.

No matter what your kids’ ages are, they can join in on the fun. That’s what makes these collaborative gifts for kids such a great idea. You kid might even be gifted in the kitchen. This allows your kids to use their gifts in a safe and controlled manner.

Bluetooth Karaoke microphone

With this Christmas gift, you don’t need a Karaoke machine to belt out your favorite songs. Younger kids will get to practice their singing skills. At the same time, you can take center stage and belt out your old favorites as well. You just need to type keyword of the song of your choice and you’re ready to rock.

For you to use this super fun gift idea, you simply need to plug it into your Smart TV or computer. The product comes with a free app where you can songs in your library. This great gift will be a hit among the kids and guests in your house for a very long time. As long as you have fiber internet and a reliable internet provider in the Philippines, you can update your song library with the latest hits.

Gifts for the Little Ones

christmas gifts for kids the little ones - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by yongyuan on iStock

When it comes to shopping for Christmas gifts for kids, you should be careful about the Christmas toys you buy. Toys with small parts like Hot Wheels cars might be potentially dangerous so your gifts should be non-toxic and fun at the same time.

When shopping for little ones, you should think of items that would be fun to play with. You’re only a little kid once after all. These Christmas gift ideas will be all the rage with little ones this Christmas. While these gift ideas are all unique, what’s common among them is that they encourage your young kids to stay off their gadgets using their imagination.

Star Wars toys

Journey to a galaxy far, far away by buying a Star Wars-themed push toy for your little ones. In recent years, The Mandalorian has become a hit show among fans of all ages.

Baby Yoda has become a fan favorite among all Star Wars fans in recent years. There is a lot of Baby Yoda merchandise available in the market. Aside from a machine washable toy, you can buy your kids a t-shirt or even an interactive doll. It’s popular among kid testers so your kid will surely love this gift.

Play-Doh kitchen oven set

Your little ones can pretend like they’re top chefs with the use of a Play-Doh kitchen oven set. The Play-Doh is this gift idea is non-toxic. This means all the kids can get in on the fun. What’s great about Play-Doh is that there is no limit as to what your kids can make.

From pizza to cake, there are a lot of fun fake dishes kids can play with using this toy. Play-Doh has always been fun to play with, and you can even join in on the fun along with your little ones.

Learning Card Game

If you’re thinking of Christmas gifts for kids that are both fun and beneficial, you should buy a learning card game. With experiment cards, they get to learn simple concepts as they play with you.

From shapes to colors, numbers to the alphabet, you can start schooling your kid at a young age. You can even consider buying alongside a stacking toy for them to build their own buildings and make-believe cities. The carrying case the game comes with makes it easy to store.

Educational gifts for kids

educational christmas gifts for kids - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by PRImage Factory on iStock

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. There are a lot of STEM learning toys for your little budding scientist can use. These educational gifts for kids help them appreciate coding, develop their fine motor skills and even fine-tune their math skills. These gifts ideas are a fun way to learn something new and appreciate the lesson they learn at school.

Educational gifts are also the best gifts if you’re trying to make learning so fun for your kids. Kids learn as they play, so it’s a total win for parents and kids. They’re the perfect Christmas toys for kids to appreciate school more.

Space and Planetarium Projector

Is your kid interested in space? Your kid can live his dream of being an astronaut at home with a Space and Planetarium projector. This is a super fun way for kids to have educational insights into the solar system. Little ones will get to appreciate the planets in real life. Plus, they have something cool to show other kids.

What makes this gift so fun is that you get to see what’s out there in the universe. You might even encourage your kids to pursue a career in science through this cool toy.

DIY Stem Toy

If you want your little ones to be introduced to robotics at a young age, you should consider a DIY stem toy. By playing with this today, your kids will have a better understanding of STEM concepts. This gift idea has special sound effects, which makes it so awesome to play it.

Interactive toys like that pave the way for imaginary play. You also learn coding robot educational insights with this multifunctional gift idea. You don’t even need batteries to power this Christmas gift. All you need is solar power for the imaginative play to begin.

Science Experiment Kit for imaginative play

While kids learn science at school, you can take their appreciation to the next level with a science experiment kit. This gift is ideal for older kids as they learn scientific concepts in class. They get to have a better understanding of the possibilities you can explore through science.

This diverse Christmas gift lets you learn a lot of STEM concepts along the way. It comes with some instructions for you to unleash your inner scientist, and let the fun begin. This is one of the best gifts for kids that are currently studying at home. They get to test what they learn in the virtual classroom in a fun way.

Soap and Bath Bomb Lab

Make bath time something your kids look forward to by letting them make their own soap and bath bomb. This kit comes with all the things little ones need to make their own fragrant and fun bath time companions.

This gift idea can also pave the way for more Christmas gifts as the kids get to make their own soaps. You can make soaps in different cool shapes and sizes, which makes it so awesome. You can fashion one after your favorite character. Your only limit is your imagination.

Shopping for the perfect gifts for kids

shopping the perfect christmas gifts for kids - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by eggeeggjjew on iStock

When it comes to gift ideas, you should think about your kids’ ages as well as their interests. If they’re into racing, you can buy a Hot Wheels toy set. If your kid wants to learn how to ride a bike, you can start with a ride-on toy first.

What’s awesome about the gifts for kids detailed above is that you can buy these gift ideas right in the comfort and safety of your very own home. All you need is fast internet connection to order these gifts for kids on the internet.

While shopping for gifts for kids online, however, you should make sure the store you’re checking out can deliver before Christmas. With so many people doing their holiday shopping online, your gifts for kids might not arrive on time if you shop at the last minute.

Streamtech Fiber Internet

That’s why you need a fast and reliable internet provider in the Philippines. With the use of a high-speed connection, you can research all the details you need to find the perfect gift regardless of kids’ ages.

One of the newest internet providers in the Philippines, Streamtech allows you to exceed your limits and shop online to your heart’s content. You can find cool gift ideas for kids’ ages through the use of Streamtech’s unlimited fiber internet.

Aside from fiber internet, you can also watch your favorite television shows through Streamtech. Our cable-internet bundle with Planet Cable allows you to enjoy your favorite Christmas movies so you can bond at home.

Plus, through Streamtech, the entire household can enjoy the Streamtech experience. Our Extendifi WiFi Extender lets you shop gifts for kids wherever you are at home. That’s why this Christmas, you should invest in the affordable fiber internet plans of Streamtech. Shopping for gifts for kids will be a breeze with a lightning-fast internet connection.

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