What Benefits Can MSMEs Derive from the Usage of Fast and Reliable Fiber Internet Connection

Fiber internet connection for small businesses by Streamtech offers MSMEs a lot of benefits
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Internet connection for small businesses, specifically fiber internet, has become a must nowadays. With almost everything being done online, our need for connection goes beyond just affordable home internet plans. And fulfilling such need is an adaptation strategy—as these mostly small- and mid-sized enterprises rely on the internet for business growth and development.

But there is a common misconception of the internet’s importance in these booming businesses. That is, it is only advantageous for marketing and advertising purposes. And to clarify such misunderstanding, it is important to know the other merits of having fast and reliable internet. Hence, the succeeding sections will outline some of the other actual benefits that MSMEs can gain from high-speed internet connection.

Internet as SMEs’ Tool for Lower Cost Communications

The internet has truly become among the most common means of communication in this modern age. Its pervasiveness has been further accelerated by our post-pandemic reality. For example, free chat applications downloadable via Google Play Store are used heavily in the Philippines. The ones at the top 5 are Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger Lite, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Viber Messenger.

In fact, businesses of all sizes use the internet for the same reason. They have become heavy users of these free apps to ensure smooth communications within the organization. This is especially true during those times when employees were working remotely. There cannot be a halt in operations. Communications, both to internal and external stakeholders, must go on. Now, meetings are increasingly being done online, through apps such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc. Most enterprises are transitioning from using physical documents to paperless modes, such as signing forms via Docusign, as well as sharing and working files together on Google Drive. Document exchange just became easier and more immediate. Government websites and third-party engagements are more convenient—now that they allow online submission and filing of (digital) paperwork. Everyone is reachable at any time, at lower costs—if at all—so long as they have the connection.

Reliable Connection Can Expand Your “Business Connections”

Gaining more business connections is one of the benefits of having a reliable internet connection for small businesses. Now, with numerous options to connect on the internet, the arena of business networking is widely open. A little bit of research, and a concise email or a quick call afterwards, are all it takes for one to start new business collaborations. And with everyone having access to it, the reliability of internet connections matters greatly. An investor, client, or customer wouldn’t want to engage in choppy calls and receive slow responses to their concerns.

Fast Internet Connection for Small Businesses Increases the Chance of Actual Sales Online

As mentioned, customers prefer the best quality of service for their money. Of course, this includes fast service. And now that a significant volume of sales are made online, high-speed, reliable internet is key to providing faster services to customers.

For instance, your business may have a new, high-quality product that you are confident of. A customer then inquires about that product by messaging your Facebook page. But having a slow internet connection could get in the way of you replying immediately. And if there are other firms offering the same product which the customer might also see online, there is a big chance he will also inquire with them. And if they have a fast internet connection, coupled with good customer service, they will respond immediately to such query. As a consequence, you might probably lose that sale.

Hence, small and mid-sized businesses must always have a reliable and fast internet connection, to ensure that they will be prompt in responding to and servicing possible customers. This then increases the chance of making an actual sale online.

Better Connectivity Enables Effective Market and Competitors’ Analysis

One secret of thriving businesses is that they always do their research. Market trends, consumer behavior, competitors’ strategies, as well as their products and services and the quality thereof, etc. are some important points to take to heart. However, the effectiveness of doing such research depends greatly on having a stable and high-speed internet connection.

For example, some important websites will have slower loading times if one has very slow internet connection. Similarly, some analytics software and websites also require high-speed connections for them to operate efficiently. As such, processing large volumes of data involved in business research requires a fast and reliable internet connection.

Thrive with the Right Choice of Fiber Internet for Your Small Businesses

Exciting news! Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet is here to serve the needs of our country’s MSMEs. Primarily for micro, small, and medium enterprises, it offers reliable, high-speed internet plans at affordable prices.

Micro enterprises, or those with 1-15 wifi users, can avail of the following plans:

  • 25 Mbps – PhP 1,999
  • 50 Mbps – PhP 2,499
  • 75 Mbps – PhP 2,999
  • 100 Mbps – PhP 4,099
  • 150 Mbps – PhP 5,999.

Additionally, since this type of connection is a Shared Internet Access (SIA), the prices are more affordable. On the other hand, below are the plans for small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • 20 Mbps – PhP 4,999
  • 25 Mbps – PhP 6,499
  • 30 Mbps – PhP 7,999
  • 50 Mbps – PhP 9,999
  • 75 Mbps – PhP 11,499
  • 100 Mbps – PhP 18,499
  • 150 Mbps – PhP 24,999.

In contrast to micro enterprises, those considered as SMEs have a higher number of wifi users. Small and mid-sized businesses with more than 15 wifi users belong to the category. Besides, they also have the option to choose whether they want a dedicated internet access (DIA) or SIA. Now, SMEs can meet their business specific requirements.

Streamtech assigns these MSMEs their own account managers to help address their needs conveniently. Hence, MSME clients can be easily given the technical support that they might need.

Also, these MSMEs can rest assured that the high-speed, reliable fiber connection provided to them are secure. Because Streamtech has a fiber-optic backbone link, data transmission occurs at the speed of light. Thus, it makes data transfer seamless and less susceptible to tampering.

Streamtech Fiber Internet Has It All for You!

Aside from internet plans for MSMEs, Streamtech also offers home fiber plans and reliable business internet for larger corporations. You can enjoy entertainment to the max at the comfort of your homes with internet plans starting from as low as PhP 1,499. Likewise, you can also choose a fiber internet and cable TV bundle. From as low as PhP 1,499, you can get up to 20 Mbps speedy connection, bundled with digital cable.

For more information, you can visit its website, official Facebook page or LinkedIn page. You can also call them via their customer service hotlines, (02) 8808-2323, 0919-057-8888, or visit any Streamtech branch nearest you.

#ExceedLimits with Streamtech!

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