The Best Affordable Smart Home Gadgets of 2021

Smart home - Streamtech Fiber - internet connection
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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Internet connection and technology has paved the way for a plethora of amazing innovations, like smart home gadgets, to come to life. It has made studying or working from home accessible and within a lot of people’s budgets. It has connected people from around the world while staying safe and social distancing. Amid the ongoing pandemic, it has made many things convenient, such as shopping for the essentials. Indeed, technology makes life so much easier. 


Thus, every smart and savvy household should equip itself with smart home gadgets. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t even have to spend a ton to turn your house into a ‘smart home.’ There are a lot of affordable and handy devices on the market that can automate many things in your home. Here are some super useful home gadgets you should consider that won’t break the bank today:


Easy Access Smart Gadgets


You can automate access to your abode without spending a fortune. Having an AI butler like Iron Man’s JARVIS may not be economical, but there are plenty of affordable smart doorknobs and doorbells to help you enter with ease.  


1. Cacazi smart doorbell

Waterproof and with over 50 melodies, this budget-friendly doorbell is eye-catching yet very sleek. It has a volume range of 20-110db in 4 levels so it’s easy to hear as well. Costing only PHP636 on Lazada, this is such an awesome bargain. 


2. Fingerprint doorknob

Smart Fingerprint Doorknob

                                                     Photo from Lazada

Have you ever wished to have an automated doorknob like that of a fancy hotel? Well, now you can without having to spend a 5-star hotel price. A useful gadget for people who often lose their keys, this is not only stylish but very durable. In case of an emergency, it has two pieces of keys in the package. This product will set you back PHP2,563 when bought from Lazada. Not bad, right? 


Smart Gadgets for Staying Secure 


There is nothing quite like having some peace of mind knowing you’re safe and secure at home. That’s why you should invest in gadgets that will help keep you safe from intruders or unwanted visitors. These smart gadgets are usually operated through internet connection.


3. LASCO motion sensor.

You can take your home security to the next level with this WiFi motion sensor device. Armed with a history record and push notification, this can be accessed via Google Home, Alexa, or the Lasco App Control app. Retailing at only PHP790 on Lazada, it’s a measly price to pay for your safety. 


4. TP-Link home security camera. 

Smart Security Camera

                                                      Photo from Lazada

You can rest easy at night knowing you can monitor your property with this budget-friendly security camera. A guaranteed bang for your buck, this gadget has a lot of useful functions. It has night vision as well as the capability to capture videos in 1080p Full HD. It also supports two-way audio and sound and light alarm. The icing on the cake is that one unit is only PHP949 through Lazada


Living Essentials in a Smart Home


Most people are staying at home as much as possible. Juggling school or work and your household responsibilities can be quite challenging. So, why shouldn’t make your home life convenient so you can focus on more important things, right? These gadgets make working or studying from home so much easier. 


5. Google Nest Mini.

Google Assistant will be at your beck and call with this budget-friendly purchase. You can play music, movies, and television series with the command of your voice. You can even set up appointments and reminders through this device. All of these and more will cost you just PHP1,580 via Lazada. What a steal! 


6. LASCO smart bulb.

Want to literally add more color to your house? Consider purchasing a smart WiFi bulb. Compatible with Google Home, Alexa, it can also be connected via WiFi through the Lasco App Control app. Through this app, even iOS users can use this gadget. What’s cool about this product is that you can even schedule the time you turn it on and off via the app. To top these all off, it only costs PHP649 on Lazada


7. WiFi smart plug.

Ecoplug smart gadget - operate through Streamtech - fiber internet connection

                                                   Photo from Lazada

If you’re looking to control your appliances from your device at a fraction of the price, consider buying a WiFi smart plug. This gadget has low power consumption and it can be connected via internet connection WiFi. What makes this product so awesome is that it gives you the ability to turn your appliances on and off from anywhere. All you would need is a connection to the net. There’s a super affordable on Lazada that retails only PHP254


Smart Cleaning Aids


You can cut your cleaning time short with the use of smart devices. While smart appliances may have a reputation for being pricey, there are a lot of budget-friendly picks in the market. They won’t even consume a lot of electricity, making them optimal for those trying to save energy as well. 


8. Mosquito repellent machine

Mosquitos are not only pesky but can potentially cause you and your family harm. This useful gadget helps keep them away. Plus, it’s whisper-quiet so you can use it even while you’re asleep. At only PHP399 on Lazada, it’s a pretty sweet deal. 


9. Smart vacuum cleaner

smart floor machine - needs internet connection - Streamtech fiber

                                                     Photo from Lazada

Smart vacuum cleaners have become popular in recent years. However, most of these appliances usually cost a ton. Well, there’s an economic version that retails at only PHP861 on Lazada. A single charge has a life span of about 60 minutes, enough to clean a single room. It even has sensors to avoid bumping into obstacles in the house. 


10. WiFi leakage alarm

You can make sure all your faucets are turned off and avoid water leakage in the house with this gadget. It consumes a small amount of power and can last you a very long time. For an uber-cheap price of PHP355 when bought from Lazada, what a bargain, right? 


Kitchen Smart Aids


You need the right set of tools to whip up delicious dishes at home. From cooking tools to handy equipment to keep your kitchen clean, these gadgets will make your culinary adventures so much easier. They’re so convenient you won’t even feel the need to have food delivered at home. 


11. Cordless smart grinder

Cut your cooking preparation time with this tiny but mighty tool. Compatible with various types of meat, fruits, and vegetables, it’s a total breeze to navigate. Retailing at only PHP782 on Lazada, it will make your life in the kitchen so much easier. 


12. Smart rice cooker

This is not your average rice cooker. This multifunctional gadget can cook other dishes such as soup and porridge with ease. Made with a non-stick tank and easy-to-clean materials, this has a capacity of 5 liters. This retails at only PHP1,443 on Lazada, making it such a steal. 


13. Xiaomi smart air fryer

Smart airfryer - Streamtech fiber - internet connection

                                    Photo from christophersarian on Shopee

Air fryers have become all the rage nowadays. Now, you can prepare low-fat and healthier dishes with this useful equipment. Small and convenient, it’s easy to store so it’s optimal even for small spaces. This costs only PHP2,750 on Shopee, which makes it such a good bargain.


Bathroom Smart Picks


Aside from keeping your bathroom clean at all times, you should invest in useful gadgets to make your lavatory more efficient. These will cut your general cleaning time a lot shorter, so what’s not to love, right?


14. Smart dental tray

If you’re looking to get whiter teeth without spending a ton, consider buying this smart dental tray. Super simple to use, it can whiten both your upper and lower teeth at the same time. Retailing at a super affordable price of PHP203 via Lazada, it’s such a nice bargain. 


15. Toothbrush UV light rack

You can keep your toothbrushes at home sanitized all day with this useful tool. You can charge it via solar power or USB, which makes it so energy efficient too. It also features a multifunctional storage rack for other bathroom essentials. At only PHP570 on Lazada, it’s such an awesome investment. 


16. Toilet smart sensor

You can take the ultra-sophisticated Japanese toilet experience at home at a fraction of the price with this tool. Fast and efficient, it’ll keep your toilet seat clean and sterilized. It’s tiny also so it won’t be an eye sore as you sit on the ‘throne.’ This retails at only PHP837 via Lazada, making it such a cool steal. 


Home Gym Smart Equipment


While most gym and fitness establishments are still closed, you can score affordable gadgets that will encourage you to get your sweat on even at home. Now, all you would need is the drive to actually get your workout done. 


17. EMS muscle trainer

Smart muscle trainer - needs internet connection - Streamtech Fiber internet

                                                       Photo from Lazada

Sculpt your core to the best version of itself with this workout gadget. It’s light and portable, so you can use it anywhere inside the house. It also works on other body parts so it’s such a bang for your buck. At only PHP249 via Lazada, what a steal! 


18. Wyze scale

Guaranteed to be smarter than your average weighing scale, this smart scale offers a lot of useful functions. You can track your heart rate, body fat, and yes, your weight with this gadget. It’s even compatible with other popular fitness apps such as Apple Health and Google Fit. You just need a reliable internet connection and you’re all set. More so, it can be used by up to 8 people and will cost you only PHP2,790 via Shopee


19. Xiaomi Amazfit

You can track your sleep, heart rate, and even blood-oxygen-level with this handy gadget. It’s even water-resistant so you can wear it throughout your sweat session. What a sweet deal for only PHP2,429 via Lazada, right? 


Smart Entertainment System


As most people are mandated to stay at home as much as possible, it’s a must to keep yourself entertained. Aside from using your internet connection for surfing to your heart’s content on your device of choice, you can take your entertainment system to the next level with these picks. 


20. JMS smart TV

JMS Smart TV - Streamtech - Fiber internet

                                                  Photo from Lazada

Yes, you can have your own smart TV without spending an exuberant amount of money. This particular unit is ultra-slim and packed with dynamic sound. You can even watch HD videos with it. Equipped with all the cool features of a smart TV, you won’t regret buying this one. Just ensure to have a reliable internet connection. It only costs PHP2,939.02 on Lazada

21. Mass professional speaker

If you’re looking to have a fun karaoke session with your family, consider buying this portable speaker. Equipped with a lot of awesome freebies, you can sing or listen to your heart’s content with this. At a super low price of PHP1,040 on Lazada, this is a definite steal. 

22. Smart home projector

A lot of people miss the uniquely enjoyable experience of watching movies in the cinema. Now, you can relive the experience through your smartphone and this useful gadget. This portable projector is super easy to use, and you don’t even need extra power to play footage. This cost only PHP696 via Shopee.

Keeping the House Smart through Fast Internet Connection

In order to power these cool and affordable smart gadgets, you need fast and reliable fiber internet. A great supplier of which is Streamtech. One of the Philippines’ newest internet service providers, Streamtech offers a fast internet connection for every Filipino home. 

Streamtech fiber inetrnet

Aside from offering affordable unlimited internet, Streamtech also empowers homes with cable TV services through Planet Cable. Plus, Streamtech can take your home connectivity to the next level with its amazing products. 

Streamtech’s Extendifi WiFi Extender ensures the entire household gets to enjoy the speedy internet connection of Streamtech. This is a must-have for those with large households. The DigiClass kit is an awesome tool for those studying at home. You can get a device of your choice alongside fiber internet with this particular offering. 

The ZPacks vlogging kit is a fun bundle for those aiming to start their own vlog or share more exciting content of themselves on the web. This will definitely help ease the boredom of being home all the time. 

Streamtech’s high-quality products and services take your home connectivity to the next level. With its many affordable bundles, it’s an economic yet reliable way to keep the home connected and entertained. As you and your family stay at home as much as possible, you should do yourself a favor and equip yourself with the best smart options in the market.

Subscribe to Streamtech now. You may visit its Official FB Page for more details.

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