When is the Demon Slayer Season 2 Release Date in the Philippines?

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Want to be updated about the Demon Slayer S2 release date?

Since it was initially released in 2016, Demon Slayer has become a worldwide phenomenon. The Japanese manga series has evolved into an anime series, animated film, and even a video game. The animated series has a huge following in the country, and that’s why people with fiber internet are excited to get Demon Slayer S


In this article, we’ll talk about when Filipino fans should expect Demon Slayer S2. It’ll also discuss why the show is so popular in the Philippines. It’ll help people understand what makes Demon Slayer so special.

What is Demon Slayer?

What is the fuss all about anyway? Demon Slayer, otherwise known as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba or Blade of Destruction, is a hit anime show. The anime series everyone has come to love is based on the manga series of the same name.

The story takes place in Taishō-era Japan. A secret society called Demon Slayer Corps has been waging war against demons clandestinely for centuries. The demons in the show were former humans that traded their humanity for power. As a result, they feed on humans in order to get supernatural abilities. These include super-strength, magic, and regeneration.

Demon Slayers, on the other hand, are entirely human. However, they’re able to fight demons thanks to special breathing techniques, known as “Breathing Styles. These grant them superhuman strength and increased resistance.

The epic saga follows a teenager named Tanjiro Kamado. Throughout the series, the show detailed his journey to becoming a demon slayer after his parents’ gruesome murder and his younger sister, Nezuko, turned into a demon. Motivated to help his sister turn back into a human and avenge his family, he journeys to train for the Demon Slayer Corps.

Why is Demon Slayer so popular?

The manga series, Demon Slayer, was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump. This long-running magazine has published some of the most iconic anime titles in the world. These include Naruto, Dragon Ball, and even Yu-Gi-Oh.

Demon Slayer was first introduced to the world in 2016 and ran in the periodical publication until 2020. While the manga series was relatively popular, Demon Slayer skyrocketed to fame when the anime adaptation was aired. The first season of the Demon Slayer produced by Ufotable aired in Japan from April to September 2019 had 26 episodes.

The appeal of the Demon Slayer anime show lies in its stunning fight sequences. Based on the battle scenes alone, Demon Slayer was regarded as the best action anime of all time. Because of the first season’s massive success, the manga series became the best-selling manga of the year of Japan in 2019, according to the Oricon chart.

Because of the show’s success, a sequel film, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train, was released in 2020. The Demon Slayer movie made history in the Japanese box office by becoming the highest-grossing anime film and Japanese film of all time. It also made an impact in other countries, making history in the box office in the US.

How did the anime series become popular worldwide?

While the first season of Demon Slayer and Mugen train movie were huge hits in Japan, both projects also became big worldwide. This is mainly because major networks overseas such as Hulu and popular U.S.-based, anime-focused sites Crunchyroll and Funimation, released the entire body of Demon Slayer season one.

The availability of Demon Slayer on these platforms made the show more accessible to international viewers. When several other streaming services such as Viu, WeTV, Netflix released the show on their platforms, Demon Slayer became even easier to watch wherever.

Netflix is mainly where Filipino fans get to watch Demon Slayer. That’s why as long as you have a reliable internet provider in the Philippines, you can watch all episodes of Demon Slayer, and even the Mugen Train movie online.

The impact of Demon Slayer goes beyond streaming services. The Mugen Train reached the top of the charts in the US. Japan even chose the film to be its official entry in the Academy Awards.

Aside from being a hit in the box office, the franchise has become huge in pop culture. Throughout the years, the franchise has amassed a huge following. It came to the point wherein the Japanese manga series was adapted into different languages. A lot of people around the world even wore Halloween costumes inspired by the show.

When will the second season of Demon Slayer be available to watch?

Demon Slayer season two will be divided into two courses. The first part is titled Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Mugen Train Arc, a seven-episode version of “Mugen Train” as seen in the film featuring new music and additional animation. Its premiere date was last October 10. A new episode was aired every week. All episodes of the Mugen Train arc are now available to stream on Netflix.

For the Mugen Train Arc, the opening theme is “Akeboshi” (明け星, lit. “Morning Star”) while the ending theme is “Shirogane” (白銀, lit. “Silver”), both performed by LiSA. “Homura” (炎, Flame) is used as the ending theme of episode 7.

The first episode of the long-awaited season two of Demon Slayer, also known as Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc, was launched last December 5 in Japan. It first aired on Fuji TV, and it was announced the Demon Slayer season 2 will also stream on Funimation and Crunchyroll. Like the Mugen Train arc, a new episode is being aired every week.

For the Entertainment District Arc, the opening theme is “Zankyō Sanka” (残響散歌, lit. “Song of Reverberation”) while the ending theme is “Asa ga Kuru” (朝が来る, lit. “Daybreak”), both performed by Aimer.[5]

As the title of Demon Slayer season 2 implies, the new chapter of the Demon Slayer saga will follow the Entertainment District arc from the Demon Slayer manga series, and will heavily feature the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui.

The new storyline will shift its focus to the Sound Pillar Tengen Uzui, who is joined by the protagonists Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu. They will be going up against Upper Rank Six demon Daki.

Unlike the first season wherein all episodes of the show were made available on Netflix, the entertainment district arc will have a new episode every week. There is no official announcement as to how many new episodes there will be for the entertainment district arc. In the foreseeable future, fans will be treated to a new episode every week.

Who are the core protagonists of Demon Slayer Season 2?

As expected, Tanjiro Kamado is front and center in both the series and film. He is still on an arduous journey to defeat Demon King Muzan Kibutsuiji and cure his sister, Nezuko, of her demonic transformation.

Nezuko Kamado also returns for the Demon Slayer S2. Fitted with a bamboo muzzle by the Water Hashira Giyu Tomioka, Nezuko has grown to resist the primal urges of a demon and aims to protect and co-exist with humans thanks, in part, to multi-year conditioning she underwent while asleep.

Fellow Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma accompanies Tanjiro and Nezuko on their journey. He comes off as a coward with a severe case of Impostor Syndrome. Another fellow slayer that joins the gang is Inosuke Hashibira. He is a wild man from the mountains clad in a boar’s head and with an equally boisterous attitude.

These four characters are mainstays for all the episodes. However, there are also secondary characters and new faces to be anticipated in the new season.

Do you have to watch the Mugen Train movie in order to understand Demon Slayer S2?

The Mugen Train arc of the second season basically fleshes out the movie even further. This version of the Demon Slayer movie will feature a new episode 1 featuring the day leading up to the film’s events, followed by a re-edited 6 episodes which will feature new scenes and new music tracks.

You don’t necessarily have to watch the movie in order to understand Demon Slayer S2 because the first arc covers the events of the movie with a lot of extra content. However, the film connects the events of the TV series seasons. This means that you’ll have a better appreciation of the show upon watching the movie.

On the other hand, you have to watch the first season of the show in order to appreciate the events that led to Mugen train. The first second is connected to the seven-episode arc so it’s a must to dive into the first season before you start on the second season.

Because all of the content you need to watch in order to keep up with the show is on Netflix anyway, it’s best to watch it all before you binge-watch the new season. It’ll be easier for you to follow the story once you’ve familiarized yourself with the previous episodes. You can even take this a step further by reading the manga series. After all, there are English adaptations available in stores and online.

Is Demon Slayer big in the Philippines?

Filipinos have always been huge fans of anime series. This is partly because a lot of popular Japanese titles have been dubbed into Tagalog and released on local television channels. Hence, alongside other anime fans around the world, a lot of Filipino fans have long awaited the next chapter of the story.

Because Demon Slayer Mugen Train alongside other animated content of the show and movie are accessible to Filipinos via Netflix, the franchise has a big following in the country. Plus, having fiber internet has made it possible for Filipinos to access different content to complement their viewing experience.

In fact, Demon Slayer is so popular in the country that a lot of media and bloggers have been reporting updates regarding the new season. This includes the show’s official trailer, release date, and theme songs. This goes to show that the Philippines has truly embraced the world of anime, and of course, Demon Slayer.

Watching Entertainment District Arc and Beyond

Unlike most of the shows on Netflix, the Entertainment District Arc drops a new episode per week. Hence, you need a fast internet connection such as fiber internet to ensure that you can watch the latest episodes without lagging or worrying.

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