How Can Digital Technology Save Your Time

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Photo by Pixabay on Unsplash

Digital technology has gradually taken over people’s lives. The advancement of technology has paved the way for innovations that have afforded us ease and convenience. In fact, technology is very much present in almost every corner of our homes and in our workplaces. Having a fast and reliable fiber internet connection in our homes is one example of such.

More so, if you take a minute to check what’s around you, it will not be surprising to see that you are surrounded by a number of big and small screens.  That will include the one you are using to read this article. Life now is unthinkable without technology. The great news is that technology has given us inventions that have become time-saving tools.

Impact of Technology on People’s Daily Lives

It cannot be denied that several technological advancements, particularly the internet, have changed the way people carry out their day-to-day activities. During this time of the pandemic, people have realized the crucial role modern technology has played in sustaining their everyday grind. That’s amidst the many imposed protocols and restrictions including the “stay-at-home” policy.

Being able to fulfill your routines at such incredible speed is one major impact on how digital technology has transformed people’s lifestyles. Before, it may seem challenging to perform tasks such as online shopping, virtual learning, or online banking. Now, by using your smartphone, equipped with a reliable fiber internet connection, everything is possible. With affordable home internet plans, you can do all things simply with one touch.

How Much Time Do You Save From Technology?

An article from Global Netwatch website cited a study conducted by mathematician Katie Steckles. The study determined the amount of time modern technology is saving the average person. She found out that, on average, technology saves the average person about two weeks per year.

An individual may spend these two weeks on common routines such as shopping, cooking, making bill payments, banking, or commuting. However, with the gift of technology, people can save at least an hour per week and devote it to other productive endeavors. In reality, this is particularly significant as we aim for convenience and efficiency in completing our daily tasks.

You may ask what facets in your life can technology help in saving time? Here are some examples:

Online Shopping

online shopping - fiber internet - streamtech
Business photo created by freepik

One of the blessings that technology has bestowed to people is the knack to do online shopping. Now, purchasing products and stuff for your home has become easy, stress-free, convenient, and most importantly, time-saving. With uncertainties and anxieties about the virus still grappling our communities, majority of people have opted to take advantage of online shopping.

Online shopping sites also provide excellent time-saving and money-saving mechanisms in order for you to acquire household essentials. You can get all the things you need and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Another interesting benefit of online shopping is that you need not waste time going from one store to another. Online shopping also offers individuals with an interesting experience while browsing from one shop to the next. With a variety of options, you can choose from among the products of top market brands or just be cool with practical and affordable stuff that may suit your needs.

Benefits of Online Shopping

Online shopping definitely saves you time and energy. An article from a marketplace website OjaExpress cited ten benefits that individuals can enjoy through online shopping:

  1. Avoiding long queues
  2. Avoiding the temptation of unnecessary purchases
  3. Hassle-free shopping for bulky Items
  4. Stress-free buying from one shop to another
  5. You shop at your own pace
  6. Save on your parking cost
  7. You save your gas cost/transportation cost
  8. You navigate the store easier and faster
  9. Easily track prices
  10. Enjoy more sales and discounts

Practice Safe Shopping

It is easy and convenient to shop online, but it is also equally important to be cautious and practice safety when purchasing products in virtual shops. Make sure that you are only doing transactions with legitimate stores.

It pays to be careful especially when you are supplying personal data such as your name, address, or your debit or credit number. Also, you should never use a public or office computer when shopping. Even if you may think that you have deleted the information, these details may remain on that system.

Online Teaching and Learning

online learning - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by Patrick Amoy on Unsplash

During the onset of the introduction of online learning in the Philippines last year, many were not in favor of the idea. Some people who opposed this new learning modality gave reasons like weak Internet connectivity and lack of equipment. But as more teachers and learners immersed in the virtual realm, they realized several benefits of doing online learning, including saving time.

Apps and Tools for Teaching

Teachers can leverage on available online tools and application softwares to efficiently fulfill their functions and teach their lessons. With the right apps or tools, they are able to reduce the amount of time for administrative tasks and devote more for instruction. In addition, teachers can use their creativity to make learning more engaging. What’s amazing is that the web offers a plethora of interactive educational sites and platforms that teachers can use to make learning more fun and interesting for students.

There are also online apps that allow teachers to collaborate with fellow instructors to organize their resources and materials online. What’s so cool is that there are online forms that teachers can use to create quizzes or assessments, student portfolios, class attendance, or feedback forms.


Technology has made possible the conduct of e-learning. Students and professionals alike have taken online courses as academic requirement and professional development, respectively. The e-courses allow individuals to take them at their convenient time. They are also able to save money because they don’t need to worry about transportation cost or meals eaten outside their homes.

Online Banking

Imagine on a hot humid morning or perhaps a rainy afternoon when you have to go to the bank just to deposit cash. It is already exhausting just thinking of a long queue you have to join in to accomplish your transaction. Now, with modern technology, you can do any banking transaction such as depositing or withdrawing money, or electronic fund transfer, whenever and wherever you are. All you need is your smartphone and a fast and reliable internet connection.

E-banking or net banking has become popular for retail banking customers. Through the aid of the internet, individuals are able to process bank applications and documents, leading to reduced processing time. Through the bank’s online access system, customers are allowed 24/7 access to the bank account. They can also get real-time updates of their finance and account statements.

Electronic Payment System

Due to the growing popularity of online shopping and internet-based banking, more and more people have turned to the electronic payment system in making transactions. E-payment systems are utilized to process the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions. It has become a must for online customers to use these payment portals in order to do their online activities.

electronic payment - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by tirachardz on freepik

Using credit cards or debits cards are the most popular payment forms for online transactions. Aside from these methods, other alternative payment options include electronic wallets, smart cards, and bank transfers.


Technology had definitely changed the way we communicate. There is no doubt that digital technology has made human interaction easier. Whether you are calling a family member, having a video chat with a friend, or sending messages to a colleague, you will notice how technology has improved our platforms for communication. Not only are you able to share information quickly but save time and money by using communication channels that can reach a far wider audience.

Faster and Reliable Communication

Before smartphones and other similar digitally-enabled forms of communication were invented, people relied on sending physical letters which take a long time to transmit and receive. Digital technology has immensely helped improve the medium that people use for faster and reliable communication. Aside from electronic gadgets and mobile phones used for video calls, text messaging, and emails, various apps have been introduced to ensure real-time communication takes place.

Messaging Apps

A messaging app refers to a type of software that allows a person to send a text message to another individual, call by audio or video, exchange files, and even work together on tasks. Messaging apps have become vital tools in people’s day-to-day activities.

If you have a smartphone, you will certainly have at least one messaging app on your phone. We have various apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype, among others. Speed and efficiency are key attributes of these apps. Also, these tools are simple and easy to use. You just have to encode your message and click ‘Send.’

You may check this online article that tackles the best mobile messaging apps. For internal communication in the workplace, you may explore this list of remarkable apps that you may apply in your organization.

Online Maps and Navigation

            People who aren’t so good at directions have found an ally with digital technology. The use of online maps and navigation is another example of how technology is able to save time for individuals who regularly drive from their respective homes going to the office. Not only do these helpful tools provide driving directions, they also keep track of traffic stops and other incidents that may cause delays.

online navigation - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo from Freepik

            Online maps and navigation saves you time on your regular travel by providing the most efficient and quickest route to your destination. When you have one of these apps that give web mapping service, you can definitely save time on your daily commute. So, be sure to download a GPS navigation app on your smartphone. 

Virtual Meetings

In this time when alternative work arrangements and work from home set up are in place, digital technology plays a major role. Virtual meetings have become the lifeline of offices and organizations. With virtual meetings, companies are able to conduct small and large conferences at any time and any day. Likewise, online events have become a staple in order to sustain operations of various firms and offices.

By using videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Webex, or Google Meet, corporate executives, staff, and personnel are still able to perform their tasks and coordinate with each other. Regular reports, project pitches, and program presentations can easily be accomplished as these platforms provide features that support such activities. These useful tools enable firms to craft important decisions and policies with no hassle. Similarly, they can deliver information faster and accomplish project targets.

Benefits of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become valuable mainly due to the following benefits – time savings, cost effectiveness, and improved productivity. Virtual meeting softwares also support mobility. Thus, the probability of having to cancel, reschedule, or delay meetings is reduced.

The concern on distance and remote locations is no longer a problem with recent digital technology. As long as internet connection is available, it doesn’t matter where the office staff and external stakeholders are situated. They can still meet, plan, communicate, and collaborate through the use of videoconferencing. Another advantage of virtual meetings is that it is recordable. There is no need for minute notes to document the meeting proceedings. You can also record the whole meeting and share it to colleagues who will be unable to attend.

Also, you can do away with travel and food expenses which are usually part of traditional face-to-face meetings. These incredible options and flexibility lead to more engagement and productivity.

Choose the Best Internet Service Provider

Without a doubt, “time saved is time well spent.” Digital technology can help you save time and effort, especially when you apply the appropriate technology to the things you do. Part of this is choosing the best internet service provider that can guarantee unlimited internet.

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