This is the future of the internet after 10 years

Future of the internet - fiber internet - streamtech
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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Written by: Aiya Rodjel

In recent years, there has been a development of technologies such as fiber internet. This makes us wonder what will be the future of the internet in the coming years.

But going back, it’s been more than 30 years since Tim Berners-Lee’s introduction of the internet to the world. Since then, it has grown exponentially across the globe. It has impacted virtually all industries and just keeps on getting bigger. More than half of the human population is using the internet.

The Internet Engineering Task Force continues to work to make the internet work better, and billions around the world benefit from their work. Many look to the internet to network with others. Students use it to continue their education amid the pandemic. Some use the web to boost their finances and diversify their financial portfolio. Researchers use it to help humanity overcome countless problems.

It goes without saying that the internet will remain an integral part of society in the future. But how will the web look like after even just a decade? From different trends to experts’ outlooks, this article will talk about the future of the internet.

Hopeful Predictions from Pew Research Center

Hope for future of the internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

As per United States-based think tank Pew Research Center, the world is rapidly moving towards increased connectivity. In a nutshell, respondents of their survey think that the Internet will become ‘like electricity.’ This means it will permeate their daily lives whether they’re aware of it or not.

Most of the experts who took the Pew Research Center survey agree that the future impact of the internet will be positive. They will revolutionize human interaction, and impact everyone’s lives. The internet will usher humanity into greater heights, and make more amazing things possible. The interconnection will be speedier regardless of one’s geographical location. But what do they expect to happen?

Some experts caution against the overreliance on the internet. There’s more than one conspiracy theory that has dystopian predictions for the next couple of years. However, based on the information available on hand, the future looks pretty good. While a lot is possible in the next decade, experts agree that these are some of the trends people should expect for the future of the internet:

The proliferation of the Internet of Things

IoT - future of the internet - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by Bence Boros on Unsplash

Internet of Things or IoT is a concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. From wearable devices to ‘smart’ appliances, these electronic items are equipment with sensors, software, and technologies that elevate everyday living.

While IoT is permeating more households, the expectation for it is to boom in the next 10 years. From mobile devices to home appliances, people will embrace the power of ‘smart’ technology. It’ll make life more convenient on so many levels.

Aside from the convenience factor, the expectation is that smart gadgets will be more affordable as well. Tech companies work tirelessly to make their innovations available to bigger communities. Thus, you will not have to spend a to have an interconnected home.

With IoT, parents will be able to look out for their children wherever they are. They can monitor their activities on their respective devices. Parents can also contact each other with ease. They don’t even have to have their phones with them. Experts foresee that more gadgets will have more communication features.

The management of one’s office will evolve as well. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you can contact your officemates. Office operations will become more sophisticated. Tedious and repetitive tasks will become automated as well. In short, the future looks connected.

Through IoT, everyone can get more chores done efficiently. You can control items in the kitchen even if you’re in another room or even outside the house. Addedly, you can search for recipes online for the ingredients you have in your smart refrigerator. You can clean your house without exerting so much physical effort. The personal and professional possibilities are endless with IoT.

Artificial Intelligence Boom

AI - future of the internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Like IoT, it is expected that artificial intelligence or AI will impact everyone across all industries as well. AI has been the main driver of emerging technologies like robotics and big data. It is expected to continue to act as an innovator of technologies n the foreseeable future.

What do AI affect?

Driving is expected to become a thing of the past. Through AI, people can travel using autonomous cars. AI will make driving so much easier as well. They help drivers park more accurately, and come up with optimized routes to save on time.

The ongoing pandemic has put healthcare in the forefront of research. It is expected that AI will help streamline and speed up medical procedures. Analysis from AI technology is predicted to give patients a more personalized experience as well.

Finance is expected to evolve through the power of AI as well. Many people use the internet to pay their bills and shop. Given the convenience factor, this will expect to continue in the future. At the same time, more are expected to embrace mobile banking. Despite the threats, people will turn to the internet for their financial transactions.

Now more than ever, students rely on the internet for their studies. This trend is expected to continue in the next decade. Textbooks will be digitized, and AI will come up with ways to make the learning experience more enjoyable. At the same time, it is also foreseen that students will have a more personalized education through AI. They’ll be able to learn according to their own pace and capabilities. This will help them figure out their future as well.

The technology race is expected to become more competitive than ever. Internet users are become more sophisticated. Thus, there is a demand for more advanced technology. The demand for more affordable yet smart devices will boom as well.

Enhance Global Connectivity through the World Wide Web

Apps - future of the internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Almost everyone has access to at least one of the major social networks. The expectation is that people will be more reliant on the internet to stay connected with people around the world.

The ongoing pandemic has deterred a lot of travel plans and disrupted a lot of business models. Through the internet, companies have been able to pivot and help secure the future of their business. Companies have developed networks within their organizations. It is expected that this will continue in the next decade, allowing professionals to work wherever they are.

Your network is your net worth, and improving one’s internet presence will become easier than ever. Even after the pandemic, it is expected that people will be reliant on the internet to connect with people around the world.

It is human nature to be social, and social media has become a huge part of most people’s lives. Hence, it is expected that social media will continue to be popular in the future. It will remain an avenue to connect with others wherever they may be. It’s a way for some to rant about life, and connect with those who can empathize with them. This is expected to be prevalent even in the next decade.

Social media will also serve as platforms for the spread of information. Media companies have invested in their presence on the world wide web. Not only do they have their own web pages, they also have social media platforms as well. A lot of people read up on the latest news through social media. The trend is an online community expected to continue in the next decade. These networks are seen to grow stronger, and bigger in reach.

Heightened Security

Security - future of the internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Adi Goldtein on Unsplash

Unfortunately, with the proliferation of the internet comes threats to people’s security. As more people share sensitive and confidential information on the internet, the more threats there are. With billions of data shared around the world, it can be difficult to ensure your data is safe. However, data centers are in transition to being more advanced and sophisticated.

Thus, in the next decade, it is expected that hackers will become more advanced as well. At the same time, technology will rise to battle these potential threats. It is expected that researchers will come up with more ways to safeguard people’s data on the web. It is imperative to ensure the information given by netizens is taken cared of, after all.

People value their privacy, and it is likely that more people and companies will invest in technology that will guard their human rights and data. While there will always be people who will try to stir up some trouble, the future of the internet looks to be safer or at least, promising.

After all, a lot of users are willing to take extra steps to make sure internet protocol is followed. Filing a report will become easier. There will always be challenges. However, the development of privacy-protecting tech looks promising. Communications networks, the government, and security companies are constantly working on improving their systems. Overall, predictions point that safety will remain to be a top priority on the internet.

Steep Competition for Entertainment

competition for entertainment - future of the internet - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

A lot of netizens turn to the internet for entertainment. The future looks great. As more companies invest in excellent content and technology, the audience will benefit tremendously.

People have embraced movies and television shows on the web. In turn, more platforms have popped up to meet the audience’s needs. From short clips to full-length films, the options keep on increasing exponentially. There are great chances that streaming content will remain popular in the future.

There are many amazing storytellers around the world. The internet has leveled the field. As long as you have internet access and basic equipment, you have a way to showcase your art in the world. More talents can expand their network, and produce content for more netizens to enjoy.

The quality of content is likely to improve tremendously. The special effects will continue to evolve. Even the quality of the viewer’s experience is seen to become better than ever. A lot of netizens are willing to pay the price for entertainment. Thus, it is more likely that the technology in entertainment will enjoy a massive boost as well.

Entertainment doesn’t just involve movies and television. Projections say that the online gaming community will enjoy a massive boom as well. From better graphics to more interactive gaming platforms, it looks like gamers will be enjoying next-level gaming in the next decade.

Technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are likely to boom in the future. People will want to enhance their entertainment systems at home. Thus, gadgets will become more affordable. They will become portable as well. People like entertainment on the go. That’s why the expectation is that there’ll be the development of more devices so no one would have to be bored during their commute or travels.

The need for speed

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