Best Glamping Sites You Can Book in Advance

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Do you want to go camping without roughing it out? You can enjoy the great outdoors luxuriously by going glamping. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy Mother Nature without letting go of certain conveniences. If it’s your first time going camping, it’s an excellent way to get introduced to the outdoors without going out of your comfort zone.

This article will delve into the best glamping sites you can book for the best glamping experience in the Philippines. With reliable fiber home internet, you can find the ideal glamping site you and your friends and family can try.

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What is glamping?

First and foremost, what does it mean when you say you’re going glamping? The word ‘glamping’ comes from the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping.’ In the literal sense, glamping is basically glamorous camping.

Glamping is outdoor camping with certain amenities and comforts you usually don’t find in your typical camping site. You can generally find beds, electricity, and access to indoor plumbing when you’re going glamping. In some cases, you can even find a private natural swimming pool or other resort-style services at the glamping site.

There are sites that offer luxury suite tents, while there are some that have container homes as the glamping venue. Glamping is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila without getting uncomfortable. It’s a romantic getaway for couples and a possible adventure for nature lovers.

Glamping (Philippines) sites you should visit

Here is a list of beach resorts and similar glamping sites famous in the country:

Nacpan Beach Glamping (El Nido)

One of the most popular glamping areas in the country is Nacpan Beach Glamping in El Nido, Palawan. This particular site is located near Nacpan Beach. When you check in at Nacpan Beach Glamping, you get treated to four kilometers of a white sand beach with a gorgeous view.

There are nine tents to choose from. Each tent is tastefully furnished with two queen-sized beds. Styled with a neutral theme, you can find amenities such as natural sisal rugs, bedside lamps, a mini-refrigerator, a safe, electric fans, and air-conditioning at night.

When you stay at this place, you’ll have to share a communal bathroom with a shower room with two other tents. You’ll have to share a communal bathroom with a shower room with two other tents when you stay at this place. These communal areas are linked through a network of walkways through a lush garden, with a wash area outside each one for a quick freshening up.

What’s great about this site is how it gives you access to an exclusive beach. You can also enjoy activities such as origami classes using coconut leaves, playing board games, or simply lounging by a campfire. This resort located in Palawan also offers a sunset sailing booking service and private sailing trips, and private dinners on the beach.

As long as you have fiber internet in the Philippines, you can book a stylish glamping tent in advance at this fancy resort.

Domescape (Nasugbu, Batangas)

If you’re looking for a unique glamping spot, you should check out the Domescape in Nasugbu, Batangas. The first of its kind in the country, the Domescape features geodesic domes with air conditioning. Each dome on this site has amenities for a comfortable stay, including a kettle, microwave oven, humidifier, mini-fridge, and a private natural swimming pool.

Moreover, the domes have a see-through portion where the natural surroundings can be viewed inside. Each dome has rustic-themed decorations; some of them are Moroccan-inspired. Since the site is located in Nasugbu, you have access to beautiful coastal beaches and colorful marine life in various snorkeling spots.

If you’re looking for a much-needed digital detox, this is the place you should visit. There are no television sets or Wi-Fi connections within the resort. However, there are outdoor dining places and a bonfire area you can chill during the evening.

Because of its unique design, plenty of visitors are booking domes at this site. With an affordable home fiber plan, you can book your stay for a hassle-free experience.

The Birdhouse (El Nido)

If privacy is your top priority, you should consider checking in at The Birdhouse in El Nido. Located in Maremegmeg Beach, this small glamping hotel has five luxury suite tents. Each tent stands on large stilt platforms that feature breathtaking tropical views.

What’s nice about this resort is that each glamping tent has its bathroom. You also get treated to comfortable mattresses, fluffy pillows, eco-friendly toiletries, and soft linens. When you check-in at this resort, you can enjoy airport shuttle service, luggage storage, complimentary breakfast at the in-house restaurant, free water re-fill, and concierge services.

You don’t need to think about what to eat when you’re staying at their glamping tents because it has a restaurant called Nesting Table. This dining haunt offers a mix of Filipino and Western dishes, desserts, and cocktails, along with views of Bacuit Bay. For some added relaxation, you can also visit the Yoga Studio, El Nido yoga, which boasts a breathtaking sunset view.

The Birdhouse is found in a UNESCO Managed Resource Protected Area. Hence, it helps promote the island’s natural heritage and climate resiliency through sustainable practices. With reliable business internet, you can book a stay at this exclusive spot.

Cabanas de Nacpan Camping Resort (El Nido)

Another great glamping site in El Nido is the Cabanas de Nacpan Camping resort. Located just two kilometers away from Nacpan beach, this site is found in a quiet fishing village. You get treated to four kilometers of cream-colored sand and clear water that’s perfect for swimming and lounging under the tropical heat of the sun.

Every luxury tent in this resort is equipped with a queen-sized bed with pillows, linens, electric fans, and lighting. You also get to enjoy complimentary perks such as daily breakfast, use of the scooter, and private parking.

There are plenty of activities to choose from at Cabanas de Nacpan. You can go fishing, play table tennis, canoeing, diving, snorkeling, and board games and puzzles. There are also seasonable activities such as movie nights, walking tours, themed dinner nights, cooking classes, and live musical performances.

To book a stay or know more about the latest activities in the resort, you need fiber internet in the Philippines. It’s best to research in advance so you can plan your itinerary.

Soultribe Beach Retreat (Siargao)

If you love surfing and practicing yoga, you’ll love staying at the Soultribe Beach Retreat in Siargao. On this beachfront property, guests have the option to stay at beachside cabanas or jungle glamping accommodations. You get to choose between an ocean or garden view to treat your senses.

The beachside cabanas in this resort are equipped with air-conditioning, a private outdoor bathroom, and a private wooden verandah with seating and a hammock. Meanwhile, the glamping tents are designed with a traditional nipa canopy and deck surrounded by a garden of coconut trees.

The Soultribe Beach Retreat is a safe haven for health-conscious visitors because its restaurant, Khaya, offers organic food, healthy options, and delicious cocktails. Aside from surfing and yoga, you can also try stand-up paddling, kite-surfing, and horseback riding at the resort. Day trips and massages can be arranged as well.

To make the most of this beach resort, it would be ideal if you had reliable business internet. You can plan for the best vacation you deserve.

Nurture Wellness Village (Tagaytay) for barkada trips or a romantic getaway

If you’re looking for a spot that’s not too far away from the Metro, Nurture Wellness Village is the glamping spot you’re looking for. Each tent in the village is air-conditioned, and you get to enjoy the cool breeze of Tagaytay.

What’s nice about this spot is it offers big groups 24-hour butler service. You have someone to wait on you for your immediate needs. Couples are treated to a 30-minute head and shoulder massage.

Moreover, when you book a stay at this resort, you can take advantage of their complementary activities like their farm tour, healthy juice demo, and coffee roasting demo. Overall, this resort provides a beautiful glamping experience to help you escape the stresses of everyday life.

To book a tent in this glamping spot, you need fiber internet in the Philippines. You can maximize your retreat without any trouble.

Nayomi Sanctuary Resort (Balete, Batangas) for spacious glamping tents

Another great glamping site not too far away from Manila is the Nayomi Sanctuary Resort. This place offers accommodation options for families and big groups of friends. This spacious site offers ten tents to choose from, each with its own bathrooms and decks for outdoor lounging.

A stay in this resort entitles guests to complimentary breakfast and access to Nayomi Sanctuary’s restaurant, bar, and pool. It’s also a nice place to enjoy an evening bonfire and outdoor movie.

What’s great about the glamping experience in this spot is you get a spectacular view of the Taal lake. With lush greenery and fresh air, this is the relaxing respite you deserve.

You need an affordable home fiber plan to book a stay at this spot. This is so you can make the most of your glamping time.

San Rafael River Adventure (Bulacan)

If you plan to go on glamping with friends, San Rafael River Adventure is a glamping adventure you shouldn’t pass. This spot offers tents for couples and groups of up to eight people.

You should book this spot for your next getaway for various water activities and Bali-inspired glasshouses and cottages. They also offer access to select amenities such as the infinity pool, swimming falls, and slides. Moreover, you can try kayaking, paddleboarding, wakeboarding, horseback riding, and river cruising.

If you’re looking for natural attractions and a fun adventure, you won’t go wrong by booking a stay at this spot. For more information, you should research them online. With an affordable home fiber plan, you can plan for everything you need for an unforgettable experience.

Glamping Siquijor (Siquijor)

Located on an 8,000 sqm beachfront property in Siquijor Island, Glamping Siquijor is a place with gorgeous attractions, pristine beaches, hidden caves, and beautiful waterfalls. At Glamping Siquijor, you get to stay at sizable classic bell tents with king-sized beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, duvets, and lounges, surrounded by white sands, coconut trees, and a gentle breeze from the nearby seashore.

The place offers tents that are big enough for two people or bigger ones for larger groups. Aside from comfy beds, you get treated to a personal barbecue, dining utensils, fans, and air-conditioning as an add-on option.

For an unforgettable island experience, you can arrange island hopping tours or scuba diving. You can find your adventure in a magical setting by choosing this spot. You can research them using the fiber internet in the Philippines for additional information.

Looking for a private natural swimming pool and so much more

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Glamping in the Philippines treats guests to not only a fabulous outdoor swimming pool but also great activities that you can try. When looking for the best glamping sites in the country, you need reliable fiber home internet.

With Streamtech, you can exceed your limits as you search for the glamping tent that suits your style and needs. Whether you’re looking for a private balcony or white sand beaches, you can locate the glamping place of your dreams with an affordable home fiber plan.

Each glamping place in the country offers unique amenities, so you must figure out your priorities. Are you looking for your own tent with room service or wi-fi access and a private bathroom?

As long as you have fiber internet in the Philippines from Streamtech, you can plan for the best glamping trip ever. Aside from an affordable home fiber plan, we also offer cable television subscriptions. Thus, you can also surf the net to your heart’s content and watch TV. Contact our team to know more.

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