Try them Now: 12 Virtual Spooky Halloween Party Ideas this 2021

Virtual halloween party ideas - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

One of the most thrilling holidays of the year is Halloween. The whole world seems to be in a frenzy over it. This year is no exception. But it’s not just about tricks or treating this time since we can’t celebrate it the way we used to. Neither it’s just about the horror movies you can binge-watch this season. The pandemic is still not a reason to miss the fun. 

 There are plenty of ways you can get into the Halloween spirit without having an actual physical party. With a bit of imagination and a fast internet connection, you can throw the spookiest and most exhilarating virtual Halloween bash this year.


Before anything else, you must first come up with a Halloween theme. Planning becomes more effortless if you already have an idea in mind. It can be challenging to visualize how your event will look without one.

It doesn’t have to be about ghosts, zombies, or horror movie characters all the time. You can be as creative as you want. There are no holds barred. A perfect example would be the Squid Game. Due to its popularity, it will undoubtedly become a trend for Halloween this year. But if you don’t like it and can’t think of any, you can always look up Halloween Party themes on the internet. Once you’ve decided on your theme, then you can invite friends and family.

Regardless, we’ve rounded up 12 creative ideas for a virtual Halloween bash to get your imagination flowing. So, keep reading.

The Halloween Decoration Contest

Without the trimmings, no party is complete. Whether it’s a virtual or physical experience, the decor is what brings it all together. If you are a crafty person, it’s your chance to get your creative juices to work. Create spooky decorations like creepy crawlies, fake spiders from clay or dough. 

Otherwise, you can get jack-o-lantern, balloon banner, string lights, candy eyeballs, and a variety of party favors from a bookstore or novelty shop.

Even if you don’t have time to decorate, you can still get into the Halloween spirit by using your computer to create virtual Halloween-themed images and video backgrounds. There are a plethora of eerie and spine-chilling photos available online.

Then, to add to the excitement, ask your guests to send you a photo of their Halloween decorations. It should also explain why they believe it is distinctive or exciting. The most creative entry will receive a prize.

scary costume - halloween party ideas - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash

The Scary Costume Contest

Next to Halloween decors is the costumes. The most exciting and challenging aspect of this event is dressing up. It is when you can be whoever you want to be – either a character from a movie, a historical figure or a cartoon character. It’s even more thrilling when the other guests don’t recognize you.

You don’t have to buy an outfit since it’s a friendly competition. Instead, make do with what you have, whether it’s old clothes, make-up, or scrap materials. You can create one-of-a-kind attire with a bit of creativity. Red lipstick and magic wands can sometimes do the trick. If you need more ideas, you can look up creative Halloween costume ideas online.

To up the ante, ask everyone to contribute to the prizes for this activity. Then everyone will vote, giving everyone a chance to win. The top three most inventive and terrifying outfits win.

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Trick or Treat

What is Halloween without the trick or treaters? Every one of us harbors an inner child who delights in playing. After all, who doesn’t like candies and other special treats? You won’t unless you’re a Scrooge.

While we will still miss the extravagant merry haunting, you can still have spooktacular Halloween festivities online. And no one will sneer if you receive as many treats as you want. 

There are two approaches to this. One option is to send treat bags to the guests. Another alternative is to send digital rewards such as gift cards, bonus points, or game credits.

The Halloween Quiz

Taking a quiz is a fun activity. But first, you must come up with ten or more Halloween-related questions. It could be about Halloween history, movies, characters, costumes, candy, or something else entirely. Then, let your visitors respond via a guest book on your website or an online survey tool.

Another version is the Twenty Questions Virtual Party Game. For sure, everybody knows how to play this game. It’s similar to Pinoy Henyo, except that you must guess the correct answer within twenty questions.

Virtual Spooky Spot the Difference

Tell your guests to identify five differences between two pictures of people dressed up for Halloween. Then you send them a link to a Facebook photo album, or you can use your server. Since it is entirely visual and does not require typing skills, it is a good exercise for those unfamiliar with technology.

pumpkin carving - halloween party ideas - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash

Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Filipinos aren’t used to carving ghoulish gourds. Perhaps, we would prefer to eat it rather than use it as decoration. Besides, real pumpkins are pretty expensive. However, we enjoy including jack-o-lanterns in our Halloween decorations. It’s one of the event highlights. 

There are several ways to enjoy this enjoyable activity. One idea is to give participants decorating kits. The second step is to download  Virtual Pumpkin Carver. It may not be real pumpkins; nonetheless, it is entertaining. You can also hold an online Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest.

In any case, participants will send photos of their work, and everyone will vote on the most creative pumpkins.

The Spooky Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt is another fun activity for children and adults alike. To organize the game, make a list of objects and clues ahead of time. You can give the game a spooky spin because it’s Halloween.

Then, divide the players into two or three groups. Begin the game by providing the first clue. Then they can look for the rest of the items on the list on their own. However, set a time limit for the hunt. When the timer expires, count the items collected by each team. The team with the most number of items wins!

Monster Bingo

Who doesn’t enjoy playing bingo? This game never goes out of style. You can personalize it to make it even more entertaining. Instead of numbers, you’ll write questions or fun facts on the squares. It could be a joke among friends, a funny incident, or a reference to a specific person. Creating your unique bingo board is an excellent way to connect with others and build camaraderie. 

You can divide the party guests into breakout rooms to play. Participants can answer independently using their memory or personal knowledge. Additionally, they may confer with one another. The first player to fill any consecutive row, column, or diagonal, wins the game.

If you don’t have time to design your bingo card, you can find printable bingo cards online. You can also send the URL of the bingo card generator to the players so they can create their bingo cards.

The Halloween Hashtag Game

You know what a hashtag is, right? This game works through Twitter. Your friends must send their answers and pictures using the hashtag you create. For instance, #OnHalloweenIWore. If you chose this hashtag, you must post a photo of yourself dressed up for Halloween on the host’s Twitter account. 

The game has two rounds. First, they guess who the person in the picture is. Then, in the second round, they should think of that person’s Twitter username.

Tell Me Something Scary

Ghost tales are a time-honored tradition of Halloween entertainment. Ask your friends or teammates to share spine-chilling scary stories to spice up your online Halloween party. It could be from personal experience or a famous novel. 

Use ominous sounds like howls, hoots, and sobs to make this storytelling activity truly spine-tingling for your audience. Create suspense by shocking your audience as the story unfolds.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you can type keyword frightening stories on the internet.

Scary story - halloween party ideas - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Edilson Borges on Unsplash

Halloween Movie Marathon

Whether in fear or laughter, screams and shrieks can set the tone for your virtual Halloween party. One of the holidays with the most TV and film specials is Halloween. Consequently, you have an abundance of resources at your disposal to make your hair stand on end and your heart race. 

You can watch shows and movies with your friends through streaming programs such as Netflix Party, Metastream, or Syncplay. 

Here are some scary movies that you can watch with your friends.

  • Train to Busan
  • Friday the 13th
  • The Conjuring
  • The Shining
  • The Exorcist
  • The Ring
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Halloween
  • Paranormal Activity
  • Poltergeist

For a seamless and uninterrupted movie viewing experience, you must have a fast and reliable fiber internet connection.

Organize a Halloween Happy Hour

Suppose you don’t have time to plan a big Halloween party; invite friends for a casual Halloween happy hour. No costumes are required. Prepare a bar cart with red wine and party favors like caramel apples, fortune cookies, candy corn, ghost cupcakes, or pumpkin pie.

To set the mood, use your bathroom mirror and put a piece of dry ice behind it. Lighting a few candles can help heighten the eerie atmosphere. Then, play murder mystery games while listening to horror podcasts to get the party started. It would be fantastic if you had an ouija board. If there aren’t any, you can always play the spirit of the glass.

Final Thoughts

Inspire your family and coworkers with these Halloween-themed activities to get them in the spirit of collaboration and creativity. The options are limitless. There is also an enormous resource where you can get more inspiration.

Keep in mind that part of the excitement of Halloween is the buildup. Creating anticipation for your online Halloween party can add to the fun. Begin working on a sly design for your invitations. While haunted houses, graveyards, jack-o-lanterns, full moons, and spider webs contribute to an eerie atmosphere, recording a terrifying video invitation slays it.

Here’s a checklist to help you plan an incredibly spooky and fun virtual Halloween party.

  • Select a platform for your Virtual Halloween Party
  • Send out eerie invitations
  • Create an online registry or a guest book
  • Make a spooky playlist
  • Prepare a menu that includes Halloween-themed food and drinks
  • Choose the most bizarre Halloween background
  • Organize the mechanics of the contest
  • Select a few activities
  • Decide on the prizes

The Ultimate Virtual Halloween Party Host

Streamtech Fiber Internet

We all know what happens when you’re busy making other plans. But that doesn’t mean you can’t throw an epic Halloween party. 

With Streamtech, your party can have everything you want it to have – surround sound, high definition entertainment, and all of your social media connections in one place.  Streamtech’s reliable internet guarantees a good time for everyone involved.

Even if you can’t leave work or attend any Halloween events, you can still have your spooky party at home. We’re talking about playing video games like Fortnite online, binge-watching TV shows like Stranger Things, and having endless video conversations with your friends back home. With Streamtech, users can stream the highest quality Halloween videos. Furthermore, we even make it possible to stream video games directly to your TV.

Furthermore, Streamtech offers affordable home fiber plans with unlimited data. Subscribers will never have to worry about exceeding their data cap, as Streamtech’s high-speed fiber-optic network is so dependable. Hence, it exceeds limits. In addition, users can easily create their private network to remain secure. And we also offer cable TV services and cable and internet bundles perfect for the whole family!

With a fast internet connection, you can throw the most bizarre virtual Halloween party ever. You’ll be able to party all night whether you invite friends, neighbors, or people from all over the world.

To celebrate Halloween, Streamtech is waving its magic wand, offering fast internet speeds at a lower price. So hurry up and get ready to scare everyone. Visit our social media page to learn more about our plans and promotions.

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