Best Summer Poses and Creative IG-Worthy Shots this Summer 2022

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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Summer is the season for fun in the sun. And for the majority of Filipinos, it’s another fantastic opportunity to spend time with family and friends. While some opt to watch summer movies at home, most people eagerly anticipate soaking up the sun and basking in the beautiful weather. And what better way to capture and remember your summer memories than with creative shots that will make your Instagram followers envious?

There are many possibilities to get imaginative and take IG-worthy photos, whether at the pool, beach, or garden. But it’s much more exciting to share those creative shots if you have unlimited internet access. It’s as effortless as a camera click.

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Let’s get started with these suggestions for creating great summer images that will look great on your social media pages.

13 Summer Posing Ideas for Instagram-worthy Photos

Exploring different stances is an excellent approach to improving your photography skills. If ever you check your IG or do a Pinterest log in, you’ll see a bunch of creative summer shots. Likewise, since it’s summertime, you were probably hit by ads about destinations, featuring beautiful shots. It can be a sign that it’s time for you to embark on your own summer journey this year!

Comparing yourself to others is not a measure of value. However, since this digital time is highly influenced by social media, people wanted to make the most out of the pictures they share online. options

So, instead of just standing there, you can try these easy-to-follow tips to improve your summer poses. 

Straighten your back and shoulders. 

Slouchy photo poses may look good on some people, but they are challenging to perfect. When posing, your best bet is to relax and straighten your back. It will make you appear taller, thinner, and more confident in your swimsuit. 

Take a seat.

Sitting is always a comfortable position. When you’re at ease, you’re more likely to appear and feel natural in front of the camera. So take a seat on the seashore, on the sand, or on a bench.

Show off your toes.

Here’s another tip to make your legs look long and attractive, like a model’s. Try to point your toes while sitting, standing, walking, or leaping, and it will do the trick.

Put one foot forward.

One of the similar ideas popular to have an illusion of longer legs is this one. By stepping forward with one foot, you give your body a natural curvature. Not only that, but it also provides movement and interest to the image. If you’re trying to look taller and leaner, try stepping forward on the balls of your feet so that you appear to be on tiptoes.

Draw your belly button in.

This stance is ideal for wearing a two-piece bikini because it eliminates tummy creases when sitting and belly bloat when standing. Sucking your stomach in does have a significant impact on your photography positions.

Bring your hips in. 

It may sound strange, but pushing back your hips lengthens your body. It makes your waist appear smaller, creating a thigh gap. Try to turn your hips 45 degrees away from the camera. Then, tilt your torso forward to be directly in front of the camera.

Play with your hands

Using your hands to add dimension to your photos is a game-changer. Holding them away from your body will result in a more attractive silhouette. A classic pose is putting your hand on your hip. Otherwise, you can play with your hair or hold a prop.

Hold your chin up!

Avoid having shadows cast on your face by keeping your chin up. The light will most likely cast shadows on your face when it’s sunny. Thus, raising your chin slightly above parallel to the ground will allow more sunlight to fall on your face. Doing this will also help you avoid having a double chin in photos.

Take shots during sunrise or sunset. 

sunset ig worthy shot - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels

The midday sun is unflattering as it casts shadows around your eyes, chin, and other body regions. Take your bikini photos at sunrise or sunset so that the light falls horizontally on you. This has been one of the most IG-worthy trends. If you must photograph in the middle of the day, lie on your back or wear sunglasses.

Don’t be afraid to move. 

Though it might be challenging to capture the right shot with movement, adding motion to an image instantly transforms it into something more exciting and eye-catching. Remember, the best photos are those in which you look like yourself. So, be authentic and move as if you were in real life or engaged in some activity.

Let the scenery be the king.

Allow the person taking your photo to step back far enough to show the scene. This is, indeed, IG-worthy! Besides adding interest to your entire Instagram feed, it’s also easy to appear more attractive from a distance, which is always a plus.

scenery ig worthy - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels

Have similar ideas or alternate between several different poses.

Four of the most common positions are looking back, down, away, and sideways. Each posture alters the scenario while also being visually pleasing. So, it’s worth a shot. They’re also great for days when you don’t want to put on makeup. 

Use a Prop

Props, without a doubt, add character and depth to your photographs. Using brightly colored beach balls, sarong wraps, hats, and even cocktail drinks can help bring your summer visions to life. You should, however, position those things in a way that appears fresh and fascinating. Also, don’t go overboard, as too many items may spoil the photo.

Key Takeaways

While you can find similar ideas online, having fun is the only way to capture truly unique and IG-worthy shots. So, don’t be afraid to play around. Keep experimenting until you find what works best for you. That is, after all, the essence of summer.

As a final note, make sure you learn how to use the settings and controls on your camera before you start. And don’t be afraid to edit your images to their full potential. Most do! A few minor tweaks can go a long way. If you wish to get and share ideas with individuals with the same interests, you can download the free Pinterest app.

Give them your best shot

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Now that you know the value of having affordable fiber internet plans and the tips for taking creative, IG-worthy summer photos, you can get out there and start snapping away! We can’t wait to see what amazing shots you come up with. Happy Summer 🙂

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