Intel 12th Gen (Alder Lake) CPUs: What’s New?

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Written by: Mitch De Guzman

Have you heard the news? The Alder Lake Series, Intel’s 12th generation core processor, is now on the market. This groundbreaking processor family contains more elements than ever before to meet the constantly increasing demands of the technology industry. Without a doubt, the need for high-performance core processors (as with fiber internet) has skyrocketed in the last two years due to the rapid increase in digital transformation. Responding to this trend, Intel developed the Alder Lake processors, ideal for computing-intensive gaming and productivity tasks.

This article will evaluate the new CPU specifications and see how they differ from the previous generations. We’ll also look at how Alder Lake’s key features can help your device run faster and more efficiently. So, if you’re looking for a computer upgrade that can meet all of your computing requirements, read on!

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Key Features of Alder Lake Processors

Intel’s hybrid architecture of its 12th gen core processors brings together performance and efficiency in new and exciting ways. Additionally, Intel has altered the structure of its CPUs. This is to make them more compatible with ARM-based chips (such as Apple’s M1 family). This potent combination of P-core and E-core translates into a real-world performance innately tailored to your needs. Moreover, the Alder Lake series is the company’s first CPU to move beyond the 14nm process introduced in 2015. It even outperforms AMD processors. Here’s a quick rundown of what Intel’s 12th gen core processors for desktops bring to the table.

intel 12th gen processor - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Intel Corporation

1. Performance hybrid architecture

Performance cores are Intel’s most dynamic CPU cores to date. It can improve single-thread performance and responsiveness for computer-intensive applications such as gaming and 3D design workloads. On the other hand, efficient cores provide hyper-threaded performance for tasks that can run simultaneously (like image rendering). It also has efficient offloading of background tasks for modern multitasking. In effect, the CPU ensures superior performance by being able to handle multiple tasks at once with more pathways. And this is whether one is playing games or doing other things.

2. Optimized Interactive Experience

Intel’s Ultrahigh Definition Graphics performance lets you experience rich new things with better and more colorful visual support. With up to 8K HDR video and four 4K displays operating simultaneously, you can play games faster and more smoothly. Furthermore, 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors can reduce interruptions with improved noise suppression and video background blurring. Hence, Alder Lake chips are ideal for deep immersion and focus in elite gaming, exceptional productivity, spontaneous creation, and more.

3. Faster PC Connectivity

Another 12th Gen feature is Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), which offers exclusive, high-speed channels that other legacy devices do not. As a result, you can enjoy nearly three times faster connectivity without interference. Because of this, you’ll be able to work or study from home with greater freedom or unwind by watching videos in stunning HD quality. Even more so, if you have a dependable and fast fiber internet service like Streamtech’s.

Furthermore, Thunderbolt 4 allows you to connect your PC to multiple 4K monitors and other accessories using a single reversible cable. It’s an upgraded cable connection interface from Intel that can power your devices, transfer data, and display a video source to an external monitor all at the same time — all with a single port.

4. Improved power draw

Alder Lake CPUs consume less energy than previous generations, allowing you to accomplish more without worrying about running out of power. This hybrid model will enable devices to maintain performance for extended periods while improving battery life.

5. Streamlined Workloads

Intel integrated the Thread Director into the hardware so that performance and efficiency cores can work dynamically with the operating system. It adapts scheduling guidance based on actual computing needs rather than static rules. In other words, the thread director routes the appropriate workload to the proper core at the right time. On top of that, it aids in the prioritization and management of workload distribution by routing tasks to the most optimized thread. 

intel 12th gen mobile processor - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Intel Corporation

Intel 12th Gen Core Mobile Processors

While Intel added a whopping 22 new desktop processors to its Alder Lake lineup, the new mobile processors are arguably more intriguing. The overclockable desktop processors with Intel’s new hybrid architecture proved competitive and cost-effective. However, the primary battleground for volume sales is usually the mid-range and notebook segments. As a result, Intel also released 28 new mobile processors for laptops.

Intel has segmented its 12th gen mobile chipsets into the following market-specific components:

  • The robust 45W Alder Lake H-series supports combined CPU+discrete GPU gaming and workstation designs. 
  • The modest 28W Alder P-series supports thin and light laptops with faster and premium designs.
  • The energy-efficient 15W Alder U-series supports the more affordable devices.

These mobile processors use Intel’s big LITTLE hybrid design, including performance and efficiency cores. It’s similar to how ARM chips pioneered single-threaded efficient cores for low-priority tasks and multi-tiered performance cores for everything else. Today, Intel introduces the H-series portfolio based on a 6P+8E silicon design.

H-Series Mobile Processors: Alder Lake-H Series

The new 12th Gen H-series processors are based on the Intel 7 process and provide the following benefits:

  • The 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900HK is the fastest mobile processor, with up to 5 GHz frequency, 14 cores (6 P-cores and 8 E-cores), and 20 threads. It outperforms Intel’s previous generation and the competition in terms of performance.
  • Alder Lake-H’s maximum performance provides unrivaled gaming experiences across leading gaming titles and content creation tools. Indeed, the new 12th Gen Intel Core H-series is the world’s best mobile gaming platform, outperforming the previous market leader, the Intel Core i9-11980HK, by up to 28%. Additionally, it is more than capable of handling the demands of content creators. Users may notice up to a 43% increase in 3D rendering performance. 
  • Alder Lake-H has broad memory support for DDR5/LPDDR5 and DDR4/LPDDR4 modules with speeds up to 4800 MT/s. That’s a first for the Alder Lake-H mobile processors.
  • Connectivity is nearly three times faster on exclusive high-speed channels without interference from legacy Wi-Fi. The integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+)5 allows users to work and learn from home while also relaxing with smooth, high-quality streaming.
  • Thunderbolt 4 supports up to 40Gbps transfer speeds and PC connectivity to multiple 4K monitors and accessories.
  • Eight CPUs are available, ranging from the Core i5-12450H to the massive Core i9-12900HK, with 14 cores (6 P-cores and 8 E-cores) and a 5GHz frequency. These new chips are more energy-efficient than ever before. However, the Core i9-12900HK is overclockable, meaning it can run faster. 

Who are the ideal users of the H-series?

Intel’s new 12th Gen Core H-series mobile processors are ideal for performance-hungry gamers, creators, and engineers since they deliver desktop-caliber performance on the go. Moreover, Intel’s hybrid architecture includes Intel’s most recent high-performance Golden Cove cores and high-efficiency Gracemont E-cores, all built on the Intel 7 manufacturing process. 

Intel’s big win for this generation is combining the CPU and the chipset into a single package for its 45W processors, rather than relying on a mobile chipset.

The P-Series: Alder Lake-P

The P-series from Intel consists of seven CPUs, ranging from the Core i3-1220P to the Core i7-1280P. These mobile chips are optimized for thin and light laptops requiring more performance than a standard U-series CPU. The i7-1280P has 14 cores, 20 threads, and a 4.8GHz clock at a base TDP of 28W. (up to 64W when boosted).

U-Series Processors: Alder Lake-U

Intel’s 12th gen U-series processors complete the mobile portfolio. The Alder U series is ideal for low-cost laptops and future designs (like foldable PCs). Ten processors are available, ranging from the Core i3-1210U to the Core i7-1265U. However, the i7-1265U is a powerful processor with 12 threads, a 4.8GHz clock base of 15W, and a boost of 55W.

New Intel Evo Experiences for the Mobile World

The 12th gen Intel core mobile processors also herald updates to Intel’s Evo platform for laptops and other on-the-go form factors. These modifications have been validated against third-generation specifications and key experience indicators from Intel’s Project Athena innovation program.

Aside from responsiveness, adaptive battery life, instant wake, and fast charge, additional system requirements and tests known as “intelligent collaboration” have been added. New technologies such as AI-based background noise cancellation, integrated Intel Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), Intel Connectivity Performance Suite6, and optional AI-accelerated camera imaging effects provide a better experience when collaborating with videoconferencing apps.

intel evo 12th gen - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Intel Corporation

The New Intel vPro Platform for Every Business

Intel introduces two new Intel vPro platform versions for small businesses and large enterprises. After decades of setting the industry standard for hardware-based security and performance, Intel takes advantage of the enterprise-grade performance of 12th gen Intel Core processors to engineer a more tailored approach for businesses. Check out these new editions to see what they have to offer.

Intel vPro Enterprise

It is a comprehensive platform for businesses of any size (from small to large scale enterprises), with high-end computing, top-notch security, modern manageability, and stability. In addition, Intel vPro Enterprise for Chrome can run on the Chrome operating system.

Intel vPro Essentials

Additionally, Intel vPro Essentials meets the fundamental computing needs of small businesses, including built-in security features and basic PC management features.

Intel vPro and Intel Evo Design

This platform is ideal for people who work on the go and need new user experiences, as it combines the best PC technologies into a single business laptop solution that has been proven to work. Furthermore, it includes business-class performance, hardware-based security features, remote management, and stable PC fleets.

The Alder Lake CPUs’ Feature Highlights

Intel is, without a doubt, the world leader in semiconductor conductor circuit engineering. Its new processors’ massive improvements are both astonishing and overwhelming. As such, here is a the first six important points for your convenience.

  1. Intel releases the 12th Generation Intel Core mobile processor family, featuring the flagship Core i9-12900HK. It is the fastest mobile processor ever and the world’s best mobile gaming platform built on the Intel 7 process.
  2. Intel introduces the new 65- and 35-watt 12th Generation Intel Core desktop processors, which provide maximum scalable power and performance for gaming, creation, and productivity.
  3. Intel has released specifications for the upcoming 12th Gen Intel Core U-and P-series mobile processors, which will power the latest ultra-thin and light laptop designs.
  4. It has released updates to the Intel Evo platform, including new specification technologies, key experience indicators (KEI), and intelligent collaboration.
  5. Intel introduces two new Intel vPro platform offerings (Intel vPro Essentials and Intel vPro Enterprise) for expanded commercial support from small businesses to large enterprises.
  6. There are 28 new mobile and 22 desktop processors, with sophisticated power gaming and creator-focused laptops and desktop CPUs, enterprise-ready systems, and other applications.

Additional Summary About Intel 12 Gen

  1. Alder Lake supports DDR4 or DDR5 memory (LP4x/LP5). Desktop PCs can use x16 PCIe Gen 5 and x4 PCIe Gen 4, while mobile devices can use x12 PCIe Gen 4 and x16 PCIe Gen 3, Thunderbolt 4, and Wi-Fi 6E.
  2. Intel’s new multi-threaded performance core, which features the Golden Cove cores, has an average of 19% more IPC than Rocket Lake’s Cypress Cove architecture. On the other hand, the smaller Gracemont cores are for single-threaded performance. Datacenter variants also support AVX-512 and AMX. These new AI-focused matrix-multiply ISAs are disabled on consumer chips.
  3. The Intel Thread Director efficiently assigns threads to either the P-core or the E-core, improving system performance across single-threaded and multi-threaded applications.
  4. While there are six flagship models available for the desktop, including the Core i9-12900K, the i7-12700K, and the i5-12600K, Intel also provides plain KF models devoid of graphics. 
  5. Intel’s new processor necessitates the purchase of new motherboards. Due to the socket difference, previous versions of Intel motherboards will not accept this chip. You’ll also need a compatible LGA1700 bracket for the new CPU cooler.
  6. Finally, to get the best performance from your new CPU, you might need to install Windows 11. 

Indeed, the new Alder Lake new processors make it possible for you to do anything you set your mind to, whether it’s epic gaming, browsing, or streaming. 

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