Here’s a List of the Best Korean Drama Websites This 2021

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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

Whether you’re a Korean drama newbie or a long-time fan, we bet that you’re always on the lookout for new titles to watch.

Thankfully, Korean dramas are a lot more accessible now through various streaming platforms and fiber home internet. Gone are the days when you’ll have to wait for a week after its initial telecast to watch a properly English-subbed episode or (only veterans would know) searching for CDs with the complete episodes of a K-drama. 

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Filipinos were die-hard fans of telenovelas. As we welcomed the 2010s, we were also greeted by a new wave in television series: Asian dramas, the Korean wave in particular. Korean dramas are strangely enticing. The more you watch, the more you won’t be able to stop. They have the most interesting plots, actors, romances, and soundtracks. It’s also a factor that there is a big difference in culture.

There are many factors that make K-drama a hit, particularly among Filipinos. Here are some of them:

1. Refreshing, forward-looking content

According to an expert, Korean entertainment companies have been effective in creating “new and disruptive” content, citing the recent hit “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” which tackled mental health among males.

2. Promotions and fan base

On top of this “very robust system” is the aggressive promotions of K-dramas, similar to what is done with music talents in South Korea.

3. Shorter length

Another factor that may have drawn Filipinos to K-dramas is its length.

Where to Watch Korean Dramas Online

There are a lot of Korean drama sites and apps where you can watch your favorite Korean dramas legally. If you watch Korean shows on legal K-drama sites, there are some benefits. You get to watch Korean dramas with English subtitles, so you can understand them better. Depending on the site, you can choose from 240p to 1080p in the quality of the video. It’s also possible to download K-drama episodes from some of the websites and apps so that you can watch them at a later time. There are also ads and not enough Korean dramas to choose from.

People in the Philippines can watch free Korean dramas on these sites. Whether you have a smartphone or a laptop, you can still go to these sites and watch dramas for free. These are the websites where you can legally watch Korean dramas in 2021.

1. AnimeTv

This channel, dubbed “Animetv,” is great for Korean anime lovers. This website is accessed on a daily basis by millions of individuals from all over the world. AnimeTV’s domain name has been altered, and the website has a new interface. One of the most notable benefits of this website is that it enables users to watch Korean anime episodes even when their internet connection is poor. Numerous Korean drama episodes and series are neatly grouped on Animetv.

Additionally, this website allows you to watch Naruto: Shippuden and other anime for free. Fortunately, the service allows visitors to stream drama without having to create an account.

2. AsianCrush

Asiancrush is another excellent website to download Korean dramas. They provide a large variety of free programs and movies. Following that, you may subscribe to have access to the whole K-variety collection. Here you can watch Chinese dramas like The Heirs, Descendants of the Sun, and Youth with You Season 2.

There are many occasions when you are unable to determine which show to watch. With its random button, Asiancrush has the answer. By clicking on it, a random K-Drama will begin streaming. In developing nations, the free site for watching shows is not available. AsianCrush is as popular as Netflix and Hulu, with millions of fans.

3. Dramacool

Dramacool is a name that is familiar to the majority of Korean drama viewers. Apart from a huge collection of Kdrama materials, Dramacool also contains a sizable collection of TV episodes and films from other Asian nations. Dramacool updates new dramas and episodes more frequently than the other sites. The sub is excellent. Additionally, Dramacool’s website is free of advertisements and pop-ups.

4. DramaHood

The website is one of the most well-known, owing to its advertising prowess and capacity to appear practically anywhere. As with other websites, this one provides a big collection of Korean drama. The video and audio are of great definition and are easy to follow. The website’s user interface is rather challenging, which complicates the process of looking for a certain drama. Without genre-based search, the hunting procedure becomes extremely tedious. There are just a few server possibilities. This occasionally disrupts the drama’s flow many times and is pretty frustrating.

5. Dramanice

Dramanice used to offer the most gorgeous interface to download Korean drama. Following the domain name change from to Along with Korean dramas, the site also has Chinese and Japanese dramas. The website has a variety of classic and current Kdramas, as well as subtitled videos. There is nothing on the categories menu. To navigate the site, use the search bar or the alphabetical menu.

6. iFlix

Video-on-demand service with a Freemium model, iFlix’s primary focus is on distributing Korean dramas to chosen Asian nations, as well as Western and Asian programming. By 2020, the cooperation between Iflix and WeTV, named WeTV iFlix, would allow both platforms to exchange licensed and original content. As a result of the cooperation, Iflix and WeTV’s K-drama lineups are comparable. If you’re looking forward to accessing Iflix and watching Korean drama online, visit or download the app from Google Play, Apple App Store, or Huawei App Gallery.

6. iQiyi

iQiyi is the ideal streaming site for fans of Korean and Chinese television. The platform is also available over the web, but must be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. Several of the shows are available for free viewing! iQiyi VIP benefits include early access to new episodes, HD streaming, advanced viewing, and access to Blockbuster titles. Subscription Plans: Php15 for the first month and Php129 for each subsequent month for the Standard VIP Plan. Monthly payment of Php249 for the Premium VIP Plan.

7. KissAsian

Among other websites, this one is one of the best websites to watch Korean drama online. The website features a consistent and natural user experience that is simple to use and understand. This website’s Korean drama serials are far more than those of comparable websites in terms of quantity. Although the site features a large number of Korean dramas spanning from classics to recent releases, the site does not skimp on content quality. The site’s subtitles are updated practically instantaneously and are of high quality. This site is available in the majority of countries worldwide and is completely free to view without requiring a sign-in. This legal website is one of the most highly regarded among other Korean websites for seeing any olden-golds.

8. Kocowa

Kocowa is a legal streaming service committed to bringing Korean material to an American audience, including variety shows, Kpop, and Korean dramas with high-quality English subtitles. Although it is a subscription service, it provides several excellent dramas for free. Additionally, it provides the newest updates of popular shows for free viewing within 24 hours in the TASTE24HR area. Additionally, this site features 1080P material with easy-to-follow subtitles. Kocowa is distributed exclusively throughout North and South America.

9. Netflix

Clearly, Netflix is no stranger to Korean drama. The subtitles on this website are simple to read and follow without detracting from the drama’s ambiance. This subscription-based website is available in virtually every country. While money and sign-in are required, the website is quite trustworthy and is used by millions of individuals. Unlike other websites, this one features not just Korean drama but also other Asian drama. The website’s security is impenetrable and highly sought for. The user interface is simple to navigate, and the user flow is very fluid. Additionally, this website has a download and offline watching option, which makes it much easier to use when on the road.

10. ViewAsian

As the name implies, ViewAsian is a website dedicated to Asian dramas. However, you’ll notice that this site primarily focuses on Korean dramas, however, thousands of English-subbed Japanese and Chinese dramas are also available. The text is accompanied by high-quality subtitles.

11. Viki

When it comes to a secure spot to view Korean dramas, Viki is the first name that comes to mind. However, it is not concentrated on Kdramas, and you will not be as fortunate to watch any of the freshest or most popular Kdramas as you like. On the plus side, all the Korean dramas in Viki are legal, so you can feel secure watching Korean movies online for free with English subtitles or in other languages. (The Viki community’s subbers have made every effort to provide you with high-quality subtitles in different languages.)

12. Viu

This is a high-quality site with a lot of advantages. The website features a big collection of drama and material. Viewing drama is completely free and does not require a subscription or an account. Additionally, the content is available offline in a higher resolution and with better subtitles than on the majority of other websites. The Korean dramas on the internet are easy to find and have excellent audio-visual quality. On-air drama is immediately posted, complete with subtitles. It is regarded as the safest of all Korean drama websites. The service is highly suggested for people who are apprehensive about attempting to view Korean drama on unlicensed websites.

13. WeTV

Tencent-owned WeTV also provides free access to Korean dramas and online dramas. You may access WeTV through its official website ( or by downloading the WeTV app from Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Huawei App Gallery. Episodes without VIP marks are available for free viewing. The WeTV app includes additional material and features not available on the internet. You may watch Kdrama with English subtitles and up to 1080p video quality. It features a filter option that allows you to arrange shows by category, allowing you to easily choose your chosen Kdrama genre. Additionally, you may download them and view them later using the app.

14. YouTube

Youtube also provides free streaming for a selection of Asian programs. For Korean programming, the KBS World Youtube Channel frequently posts archived episodes that are freely accessible. Youtube has announced the debut of its Premium and Family Plans for Youtube Originals programming.

The YouTube channel KBS WORLD TV is operated by KBS and shows Korean dramas, primarily family dramas, with English subtitles.

Red Shoes, Revolutionary Sisters, Miss Monte-Cristo, Be My Dream Family, Homemade Love Story, No Matter What, Man in a Veil, Discovery of Love, Brillian Heritage, Once Again, and Wonderful Days are just a few of the drama series released by KBS World TV. Additionally, the SBS-led SBS World YouTube Channel features Korean dramas from the television network. Nonetheless, the channel employs region limitation. To circumvent this, you may download any free VPN that supports servers in Australia or Europe.

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