What are the most useful online learning apps you should have?

why download the most useful online learning apps - streamtech fiber internet
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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Online learning has paved the way for millions of children worldwide to continue their education despite pandemic restrictions. In the Philippines, distance learning takes place through different methods. Some children attend classes through radio learning or one-on-one sessions with their teachers. However, the most popular learning method in the country is remote learning via the internet.

Online learning is made possible by having the right tools in your arsenal. Aside from having a mobile device or computer and a reliable internet provider in the Philippines, both educators and students require tools or apps for online learning. This article will discuss the best educational apps to make distance learning more efficient and effective.

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Google Classroom for distance learning

One of the most popular mobile apps for online education is Google Classroom. This all-in-one app is one of the best free resources on the internet. Through Google Classroom, students and teachers can manage, measure, and enrich learning experiences.

Through this free app, online classes are managed through Google’s suite of products. These include Google Docs, Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Calendar. To teach online may be challenging, but these apps for online learning have been instrumental in making the experience more manageable for many people.

Teachers can manage their lesson plans while checking if their students complete assignments or not. They can keep track of multiple students while taking care of their lesson materials.

Online students can work on their to-do list while keeping track of their learning progress. They can also send messages to their classmates and teachers without unnecessary distractions.

Whether you’re a student or teacher, this platform allows you to organize online classes through cloud storage, communicate with others remotely, and stay organized. With Google Classroom, you can manage online learning at your own pace. The best part? Google’s suite of free apps is completely free.

Zoom Education for Online Education

zoom education - most useful online learning apps - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

One of the best educational apps around is Zoom Education. Amid the pandemic, Zoom has removed its 40-minute limit for basic accounts for primary and secondary schools. What’s great about this online tool is that it allows you t record classes, which is especially useful for those learning online courses on their own time.

Other educational institutions have even subscribed to premium plans to take their learning methods to the next level. Zoom Education seamlessly integrates with schools’ learning management systems. Hence, teachers can schedule and start meetings directly within their available platforms.

Zoom Education goes beyond virtual classrooms. This is the best app to hold public events like student orientations or professional development sessions. Zoom is already known for its video conferencing capabilities, but Zoom Education takes online education to the next level.

Moreover, Zoom Education has advanced features to facilitate learning more efficiently. These include polling, recording transcripts, and the ability to assign co-hosts to a meeting. These factors combined make Zoom Education one of the best apps around. With fiber internet for home, students and teachers can make the most of Zoom Education.

Kahoot to Make Online Learning Fun

Preparing engaging PowerPoint presentations is essential to keep students interested while taking online classes. However, many students can get distracted while pursuing their education at home. Fortunately, there are educational apps that can make learning more enjoyable. A great example of this is Kahoot.

Kahoot is a fun way to keep students engaged during online classes. It is a game-based learning app that helps improve the engagement level of students. This free app work for different subjects and languages, which means students from other countries can join in on the fun.

Through Kahoot, you can ask a math problem via quiz format, which makes learning seem more of a game than a chore. There are scoreboards to motivate students to put their best foot forward while learning.

With Kahoot, teachers can create fun quizzes, host live games, and so much more, allowing students to show their competitive side and have fun even while at home. Plenty of students misses the social interaction of in-person classes. Kahoot will enable them to master each lesson without getting bored. As long as you have high-speed internet, you can maximize this free app’s fun features.

The Khan Academy

If you’re looking for educational apps that make online learning more personalized, you should look into the Khan Academy. This app offers users practices, instructional videos, and a customized learning dashboard. This platform’s mission is to provide excellent free education for inquisitive minds worldwide.

What makes this app so popular is how you can adapt it to suit your learning styles. It’s a great tool to make learning online more manageable.

Moreover, access to the Khan Academy is free. Hence, you don’t have to spend much to manage your school requirements. In addition, this app utilizes adaptive technology to gauge learning gaps. This platform has partnered with NASA, MIT, and even the Museum of Modern Art to elevate students’ learning experiences.

Moreover, this app has free tools for teachers and parents. Hence, the app empowers everyone to support the entire learning experience for students. Students and teachers are given all the necessary tools to make learning online more effective. You can make the most of Khan Academy and its beneficial features as long as you have fiber internet for home.


Young people have developed a penchant for learning new skills. When you introduce new concepts to them in a friendly way, they get motivated to pursue them. That is why it is worth learning from educational apps that make the process fun.

The future is in technology, and that is why you should consider learning to program. Programming is a great way to teach students problem-solving skills and logic. These are skills students can use in school and real life.

Hence, it’s a good idea to expose children to basic programming in their early years. As a start, you can utilize the app called Scratch. Scratch is a free, nonprofit coding platform that helps budding programmers with the basics. With high-speed internet in your arsenal, the possibilities with this app are endless.

Students can learn how to interact with computers and create interactive stories, online games, and other cool things on this app. What’s excellent about Scratch is how the lessons are crafted enjoyably. They’re built for young students who are eager to learn. Lessons are made simple and easy to follow. Thus, a student wouldn’t get intimidated by learning new skills.


One of the reasons why learning apps have a bad reputation is the lack of student interaction. FlipGrid is one of the rare apps for online learning that seeks to solve this issue.

FlipGrid offers users a simple, free and accessible video discussion experience for teachers, students, and families. This app enables educators to start conversations and engage their students in a creative digital environment where everyone can share their ideas and personalities. With fiber internet for home, you can interact with other teachers and students wherever they may be.

This educational app is unique because it encourages open discussion among all parties. Students will feel more confident and comfortable being proactive in the digital classroom. If you want students to practice their public speaking skills, this educational app can do the trick. This skill will be instrumental in various industries in the future.

Why should you download educational apps?

why download the most useful online learning apps - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

The digital classroom has made it possible for teachers to continue their lessons. However, most teachers were not trained for teaching through a screen. Learning apps provide the resources teachers, and students need to make learning online more effective. Here are some of the top benefits of downloading educational apps today:

Easy access to educational resources

Some apps for online learning are designed to set reminders about classes, while some provide supplementary information to take one’s understanding to the next level. Some websites can help you get organized, but finding your own system can take much work.

With an educational app, you can complement all the teachings students learn from the classroom. These apps fill the gaps or challenges students face in online learning. Moreover, they’re made to be kid-friendly. Hence, you don’t have to worry about complicating your student’s learning experience.

Better communication

In in-person classrooms, it’s easier for students and teachers to interact. Even if a student’s question is not answered during class, that student can simply ask the teacher once the course is over. This free communication space has been taken away by distance learning, primarily because teachers and students are physically apart.

The truth is that not all questions are answered in the digital classroom. Access to learning apps provides all parties with platforms to share feedback and apparent misunderstandings.

In addition, students get to talk to each other better in educational apps because they’re not distracted by social media or other attention-grabbing matters. There are so many things at home and online that can steal students’ attention. Leaning apps help them focus better.


What’s excellent about educational apps is how they can be accessed anywhere, anytime. You can access all the resources you need if you have a mobile device or computer. This mobility allows students to enter an online classroom wherever they may be.

All you need is a stable internet provider in the Philippines, and you’re ready to go. Now that students are learning from home or wherever they please, this freedom of movement is essential. You can access all the necessary apps and websites as long as you have the essentials.

Entertainment factor

Many students get quickly bored with their online classroom readings and the like. In turn, they tend to think of school as laborious and a total chore. These learning apps are designed to make learning online more fun.

There are videos, sound effects, and games designed to educate without being overbearing. In turn, students become more motivated to expand their horizons when accessing a fun learning app. Nowadays, it can be challenging to keep students’ attention. Learning apps aim to remedy this dilemma.


When you correct grammatical errors or missing citations manually, you tend to use more paper and other resources. With the use of apps, you use your mobile device or computer to streamline the education process. As long as you have fiber internet for home, you can access the online classroom and necessary websites for school.

Online Education in the New Normal

Streamtech Fiber Internet

The fact of the matter is that the education system will never be the same again. Educational institutions, students, and their families need to pivot to the demand of the times. While distance learning has its challenges, the benefits outweigh the risks.

Students have the right to proper education. To open all the necessary videos, websites, and learning apps to continue their studies, they need fiber internet for home. That is where Streamtech steps in.

As one of the newest internet service providers in the Philippines, we enable teachers and students to continue their studies wherever they may be. We empower students to exceed their limits and expound their horizons.

With our high-speed internet plans, you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet for a stable internet connection. Whether you’re researching for the latest trends or an in need of a citation generator, you can do all these and more with Streamtech as your partner.

Not only do we supply fast and reliable fiber internet for home, but we also provide our subscribers with cable television. Hence, you can continue your studies while keeping yourself entertained in the comforts and safety of your home.

If you wish to maximize all the fantastic educational tools online, you should invest in high-speed internet plans from Streamtech. You’ll have everything you need and more at an affordable price. Contact our team today to get started. We also have a Facebook page where you can see our daily updates.

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