What is the Philippine National Cybersecurity Plan 2022?

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Have you noticed that internet providers in the Philippines have been aggressive in their expansion efforts lately? In recent years, different government agencies and private companies have been working hard in order for the country to measure up to the international community. However, efforts made are not only for the improvement of internet speed in the country.

There are also improvements in terms of cybersecurity. In this article, we’ll discuss the Philippine National Cybersecurity Plan 2022. We’ll talk about the role of the government in this plan as well as the progress made so far. This will give people a better understanding of communications technology.

The role of DICT in the ICT sector

Role of DICT - national cybersecurity plan 2022 - streamtech fiber internet
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The establishment of the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) was in 2016. Upon its creation, its mandate is to become the primary policy planning, coordinating, implementing, and administrative entity of the government in terms of the national ICT development agenda.

In terms of policy planning, the the task of the DICT was to ensure that the country maximize ICT initiatives to advance the education standards within the nation. Addedly, it identifies and prioritizes all E-Government systems.

Not only is the DICT in charge of the continuous operation of internet speed improvement in the country, but it is also has the task to foster competition within the telecommunication industry. Additionally, it ensures that these businesses are in compliance with all the government standards.

Communications technology may have paved the way for a lot of advantages but it also brought upon the dangers of cyber threats. To ensure consumer protection, the DICT is in charge of safeguarding the data privacy of people.

In addition to setting cyber resiliency measures, the DICT also exerts several efforts for the Philippines to be a cybersecurity-educated society. This is to protect people from cyber-enabled crimes and understand the seriousness of cyber risks.

Lastly, the DICT also has the mandate to ensure critical ICT infrastructures were in place. This is so the entire country will be equipped with the information assets it needs to be globally competitive. To make sure the DICT upholds its mandates and advances the nation into the future, the plan was born.

How did the National Cybersecurity plan 2022 begin?

start of national cybersecurity plan 2022 - streamtech fiber internet
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In order for the DICT to perform its mandates, there’s the establishment of the National Cybersecurity plan 2022 in 2017. This is to ensure the security of the country’s constantly evolving ICT environment. With the development of the ICT sector comes threats to people’s personal information.

The plan has four primary goals. One goal is to assure the continued operation of our nation’s critical infostructures, public and military networks. The second goal is to implement cyber resiliency measures to enhance our ability to respond to threats before, during, and after attacks. Its third goal is effective coordination with law enforcement agencies, while its last goal is for the Philippines to be a cybersecurity-educated society.

The National Cybersecurity Plan was for the DICT to achieve its primary goals while actively addressing cyber threats with the help of cybersecurity experts. The plan served as a blueprint for information security governance. It helped the law enforcement agencies involved in the ICT development of the country work together systematically as well.

Not only did the plan provide oversight for the country’s ICT development, but it also paved the way for effective coordination between different players in the Philippines. It serves as the roadmap for ICT key stakeholders to take part in policing and safeguarding cyberspace against cyber threats.

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The ICT proliferation of government agencies

Before the announcement of the National Cybersecurity Plan, not all government agencies had their own web address and corresponding sites. While some agencies were more advanced than others, the imbalance caused some offices to be at a disadvantage. In turn, it affected a lot of people.

Limited presence on the internet made it difficult for government offices to address important concerns. This challenge made it hard for people to obtain the information or the crucial documents they need for various purposes. At the same time, it also makes challenging for a business to set up and coordinate with the government.

The National Cybersecurity Plan gave government agencies across the Philippines the resources to update their ICT assets. This is so the government can make its services more accessible to the public. It also served to protect Filipino citizens from any false information on the internet.

The plan also paved the way for inter-government networks development. This critical information infrastructure was developed for faster coordination with all agencies governing their areas. The government networks also made sharing of important information so much faster.

This upgrade in technology assets helps in the security of important data. It also made compliance with government protocols so much easier. Thus, the ICT proliferation of government agencies across the nation helps protect its citizens.

The role of the National Cybersecurity Plan on cyber threats

While the age of artificial intelligence and sophisticated connectivity initiatives comes an advanced persistent threat to businesses, military networks, and people. Data privacy is of critical importance. If malicious parties obtain your personal information, compromise could be on so many different levels.

The plan makes sure the government is active in implementing cyber resiliency measures for the protection of the nation. It laid the groundwork for more players in the country to know how to address cybersecurity threats. At the same time, it also made the nation be more resilient against possible threats.

Technology has made it possible for even small business owners to market their services and products. On the other hand, this growth also spurred the rise of possible threats. The involvement of the government ensures businesses across the Philippines are in compliance with all cyber-security-related matters.

Protecting the nation requires all business players in the nation to have an understanding of cybersecurity. In order to secure businesses and their customers, the plan pooled resources for them to be informed of the safety guidelines in place.

The National Cybersecurity Plan also paved the way for a coordination center for the protection of personal information. Anyone who has access to the internet can fall victim to scams and malicious activities. The plan ensures the protection of the Philippines’ citizens by coming up with a quick response to possible scams.

Law enforcement agencies and cybersecurity

Data privacy is of crucial importance on so many levels. Not only does the plan ensure all stakeholders are in compliance with the law, but it makes sure there is accountability involved. This means that companies that fall victim to hacking are made accountable. This also ensures that people are assured that they will be better protected moving forward.

Threats to cybersecurity are not limited to hacking and the spread of personal information to malicious parties. It can also involve a disruption in the supply chain and the like. This affects not only business operations but the quality of their products or services as well.

This is why the government needs to be actively involved in cybersecurity issues. There is a need for some accountability. The plan makes sure that there are actions when the data of people get compromised. This gives citizens more reassurance that their personal data is a priority of the government.

While the security measures in place serve as guidelines for all players involved to respect people’s privacy, the law still remains. In turn, the National Cybersecurity Plan makes the coordination between law enforcement agencies faster.

Forming a cybersecurity-educated society

Education is crucial to the cybersecurity of businesses and individuals. While access to the internet has provided some growth and connection to the world, there is also a massive amount of cybersecurity threats.

For people across the Philippines to understand how crucial their data is, the National Cybersecurity is aggressive in its effects to educate people about the importance of the protection of data. Educating the nation helps protect people’s data so much easier.

Exposure to the internet at an early age does not happen to everyone. To this day, limited is the understanding of the repercussions of unsecured internet sites. For everyone’s protection, the plan has made it possible for the government to reach everyone with mobile phone access. This has made the dissemination of information so much easier and faster.

In addition to spreading information via text message, the Department of Information and Communications Technology also works hand in hand with other media and businesses to educate the nation. This is why people usually watch infomercials on cybersecurity when they watch movies in cinemas.

If more people have a better understanding of the importance of cybersecurity, there will be fewer cyber threats to address. At the same time, people would be aware of what to do when a threat does arise. While it is nearly impossible to prevent all kinds of cybersecurity threats, the National Cybersecurity Plan makes sure more people are informed of what best to do moving forward.

Other technology improvements

The National Cybersecurity Plan doesn’t just improve the information security of the Philippines and its citizens. It also paved the way for the ICT sector to take its efforts to the next level. The plan made the development of critical information infrastructure faster and more sustainable. It also made the coordination between all parties involved to be streamlined.

In turn, people across the country have benefited from the growth in technology. With better connectivity comes growth not just in the industry, but across different businesses as well. In turn, the Philippines gets to keep up with the demands of the world.

As more sophisticated threats arise, the Department of Information and Communications Technology can take action accordingly with the plan serving as the guide for progress. The plan serves as a guide, not as a checklist. This flexibility allows the government to be better equipped to address relevant issues and also use the best technologies available.

Modern problems require modern solutions. Through the plan, the government and the rest of the nation can move forward in an interconnected international society knowing there are measures in place for everyone’s safety.

The power of the internet

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