Beautiful Online Art Galleries You Must Visit Now

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Written by: Maine Dela Cruz

Museums and art galleries not only provide the public with beautiful images and tales to share on social media, but they also educate us in the most profound and meaningful ways. They narrate our history as a people and remind us of the lessons we can learn from the past. However, the art scene has been affected by the pandemic, causing some art galleries to close their doors to the public.

Nonetheless, the art world has provided an escape for most of us during the lockdown. There is no doubt that art has been an important part of our lives. If you need some inspiration, the wonderful world of art is here for you.

Missing your museum dates? Worry not, visiting these stunning galleries only requires two things: a smart device and WiFi for home.

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Online Art Galleries in the Philippines

In celebration of National Arts Month this February, we’ve curated a list of online art galleries in the Philippines you can visit in the comfort of your homes and at your own pace.

1. National Museum of Fine Arts

Also known as the National Art Gallery, it displays works by our country’s most renowned painters, like Juan Luna’s Spoliarium and Botong Franciso’s Filipino Struggles through History. It created Sulyap Museo, a 360-degree virtual tour that allows visitors to virtually experience the museum’s galleries. The University of the Philippines Manila Chorale serenades e-visitors to improve their experience. This national gallery includes Juan Luna’s landmark Spoliarium, the museum’s main attraction, and national visual artist Carlos “Botong” Francisco’s 260-foot mural Filipino Struggles Through History. The mural was included on the National Register of Cultural Treasures. Visitors may discover more about individual items in the exhibition halls by clicking on them.

2. Museo de Intramuros

In May 2019, Museo de Intramuros reopened its doors to the public. It features religious relics like altarpieces and paintings that have been gathered and curated over the years by the Intramuros Administration (IA). It now features ten displays, including six online exhibitions featuring religious sculptures made of a variety of materials, including bones and wood. This collection comprises ivory figurines from Macau and Goa, as well as other works of religious art created during the Spanish colonial period.

3. Ateneo Art Gallery

The Ateneo Art Gallery in Quezon City, dubbed the “first” museum of Philippine modern art, exhibits contemporary and experimental works like paintings, sculptures, and installations. Additionally, it features the late business mogul and art collector Fernando Zobel’s personal collection. Through this link, visitors may explore the museum’s three levels of displays.

4. Ayala Museum

The Ayala Museum reopened on February 9, 2022, following a year-long closure for renovations. Despite this, it has maintained a significant Internet presence through its website’s online services for arts and culture. The Ayala museum’s official YouTube channel also highlights the rich culture and customs of indigenous Filipinos through handpicked material on a variety of subjects, including life and religion.

5. Presidential Museum and Library

Interested to learn more about our vibrant, albeit rather gloomy political history? Then take a 360-degree virtual tour of Malacaang’s Presidential Museum and Library via Google Arts & Culture. Online visitors can peruse portraits and photographs of former presidents and their families, political campaign souvenirs, historical book collections, and other intriguing artifacts associated with our forefathers.


FilipinoArt’s primary goal since its inception in October 2019 has been to inspire local residents and art enthusiasts globally to support Filipino artists by purchasing their original paintings. FilipinoArt is a first of its sort in the Philippines, including a vast collection of works by independent artists. Its collection of contemporary works also consists of paintings, drawings, digital art content, sculptures, photos, and mixed media works. This online painting gallery represents almost 300 artists from the Philippines and other countries. With a growing collection of over 1,100 handpicked artworks, the art gallery also showcases new art each time and a variety of art styles, genres, and themes. Feel free to browse its collection and buy original art.

7. Qube Gallery

Qube Gallery’s primary exhibition space is in Cebu City, Philippines, with satellite walls located across the city via a partnership with the Abaca Group. We are a member gallery of Artsy, the largest and most renowned online art marketplace in the world. We have participated in international art fairs since 2013, including Art Kaoshiung and Art Tainan in Taiwan, the Tokyo International Art Fair in Japan, Art Apart in Singapore, and Art Central in Hongkong. Maris Holopainen and Pia Mercado co-manage the gallery. Both have a longstanding interest in modern art and its promotion in their area.

8. León Gallery

León Gallery debuted in 2010 and soon established a reputation for focusing on museum-quality and historically significant Philippine art. Additionally, it is a seller of painstakingly selected Philippine antiquities ranging from the pre-Spanish era to the nineteenth century. The gallery’s distinctive heirloom and estate artifacts include antique furniture, Spanish-Filipino ivory and silver, valuable Oriental ceramics and porcelain, rare carpets, and jewelry. Additionally, León Gallery is fortunate to represent nearly all of the Philippines’ National Artists for Visual Arts and Sculpture, as well as the most interesting and significant contemporary artworks by famous artists.

Online Contemporary Art Galleries by International Artists

Since many art galleries are now made more accessible, this is also your chance to view works of international artists and stunning art online. Get inspired by these international art galleries online.

1. Google Street Art Project

The Google Street Art Project provides a platform via Google where you can view some of the world’s most amazing street art. Street art occupies a bit of a no man’s land between the public realm and the gallery, transforming the urban space into something of an ephemeral outdoor art museum. Street art can offer a window into the culture, history, activism, and movements of society.


SINGULART is an online gallery for contemporary art. It allows collectors and art lovers alike to buy original works in complete security from nationally recognized artists. Certainly, from abstract canvases, figurative paintings, drawings, or even street art and graffiti, it offers an international selection of work in a variety of styles and techniques. SINGULART is also helping emerging artists from around the globe to sell their works to art lovers. That said, you may also purchase photographs or paintings on its site. Additionally, SINGULART carefully selects artists from around the world. It uses rigorous guidelines: number of exhibitions, artist residencies, awards, and inclusion in public and private collections. Visit this online art gallery to explore these beautiful works.

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