Best Online Ticket Booking Sites for Your Travel This 2022

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Now that the world has become more open to travel, it’s the perfect time for flight booking for your next summer adventure. Whether you’re looking to explore the country through domestic flights or international flights to explore the world, online flight booking is the way to go.

Which websites should you go-to for the best flight ticket booking rates? This article will explore the best websites you should head to as you search for flights and destinations this season. With these websites and a trustworthy fiber internet in the Philippines by your side, you can plan the best summer vacation for you and your loved ones:

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Skyscanner for online flight booking

If you already have a departure date and destination in mind, you should consider booking your flight with Skyscanner. Whether you’re exploring Asia, planning a trip to Europe, or Australia, you can find the best flights according to your budget and schedule via Skyscanner.

Skyscanner is connected with different domestic and international airlines. You don’t need to go to every airline’s official website through this Skyscanner. You can even find promotions and the best price on Skyscanner.

In addition to cheap flights, Skyscanner offers other services, such as booking hotels and cars. Skyscanner even recommends activities to include in your itinerary. You just have to advise which city you’re looking to explore. As long as you have fiber internet for home from an internet provider in the Philippines, booking plane tickets and other travel needs is a breeze with Skyscanner.

Cleartrip for flight ticket booking

Whether you’re looking for round trip, one-way or multi-city tickets, you can find the best flight options with Cleartrip. This platform gives you the best departure time and return date choices.

What’s fantastic about Cleartrip is you can indicate if you already have a preferred airline. Hence, you can fly to your destination of choice on your favorite airline. Cleartrip is known to offer a lot of promotions. Thus, you can save money while searching for the following countries you wish to explore.

To maximize every feature on the website page, you should have fiber internet in the Philippines as you explore their website. You might even get to avail the best rates on the internet.

Makemytrip for international flights

If you’re looking for student-friendly rates or senior citizen fares, the journey will be easier when you plan your trip via Makemytrip is India’s number one travel super app, and people worldwide love searching for the best rates on this website.

Aside from flights and hotels, this app also arranges bus trips and train rides for passengers. They even offer homestays, taxi bookings, and activities. Hence, you can book all your transportation needs through this website. You can pay for all your needs through their user-friendly app.

To book your departure and return flight via Makemytrip, you must have fiber internet for home from a robust internet provider in the Philippines. You can plan your complete trip through this app.

Yatra for business class passengers

If you’re looking to catch flights in style, you should search flights via Yatra. Travelers can not only book flights through this website, but even charter a plane to other nations. In addition, Yatra also offers budget-friendly options for round-trip tickets. Whether you’re going all out or staying within a conservative budget, Yatra is a great option to explore.

You can also book domestic flights through Yatra. If you want to go to Cebu, Davao, or Manila, this is one of the best options to explore. You simply need to download their app to start booking your flights.

Cebu Pacific for domestic travel destinations

If your goal this summer is to explore the country further, Cebu Pacific should be your airline and app of choice. This budget-friendly local airline is known to offer exciting promotions regularly. Visit their website, and you might even find ideas for your next trip.

What’s great about Cebu Pacific is it details the travel requirements for destinations. Aside from domestic flights, Cebu Pacific also flies to select international destinations. You can fly to Singapore, Australia, Japan, and other countries in Asia via Cebu Pacific.

To explore every route and services on the Cebu Pacific app, you need fiber internet in the Philippines. You might even get to avail their best price for flying locally.

Philippine Airlines for more international flights

If you’re flying from Manila, Cebu, or Davao, you should search flights on Philippine Airlines. This local carrier offers plenty of local and international destinations. You can travel to Canada, the UK, Australia, Singapore, and many more through this airline.

Philippines Airlines has a dedicated airport for flights leaving Manila. Hence, you’ll deal with fewer passengers as you leave the city. It’s no wonder why flying PAL is so popular in the country.

To make sure you get the best deals and search for the most optimal flight schedules, you should download the PAL app. With fiber internet for home from a robust internet provider in the Philippines, your online check-in with PAL will happen without a hitch.

Searching for the best flight options in the country and beyond

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Whether you’re looking to explore the Philippines or go beyond for a quick getaway, you need fiber internet for home through a trustworthy internet provider in the Philippines. For the perfect summer vacation, you should invest in a fiber internet plan from Streamtech.

With Streamtech, you can exceed your limits and plan for your next summer trip. Looking for the best hotels and activities will be a total breeze with our budget-friendly internet plans. Aside from fiber internet, we also offer cable television bundles. Hence, you can book flights and hotels while watching your favorite television shows.

This summer and beyond, you should treat yourself to the best life has to offer. Now’s the perfect time to take the trip of your dreams. Connect with us today to know more.

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