Slow or Intermittent Internet Connection? Check these 9 Reasons Why

intermittent internet connection - streamtech - fiber internet
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Intermittent internet connection is one of the worst villains we encounter in this digital age. By far, we all share the same sentiment – it hampers the effectivity and efficiency of whatever activity we do online. Be it working from homeonline learning, shopping, banking, etc., interrupted internet connection thwarts us from delivering the immediate quality results required.


And with reality defining our present and future processes as cyber and electronic, we need to get this problem solved!

Frustrated at work - intermittent internet connection - Streamtech fiber internet

                                     Photo by by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

To address the issue, it is important that we know the underlying reasons behind such occurrence. We should first ask ourselves a very important question: “what might have caused such slow or intermittent internet connection?”


There are various things where we can attribute such interruptions. Primarily, our common notion is that our internet service provider is facing outages or technical problems.


These can include inconsistent or variable speed that might be caused by traffic congestion. Basically, it is when there are more and more people accessing the connection in one area at the same time. There occurs a circuit collapse, which then leads to service interruption. More so, downtimes due to link failures from source routers also results in connection problems. Additionally, error in operations is another possible problem – from wiring problems to incorrect configuration upon installation. Lastly, and most obviously, failing equipment of the ISP is another major issue that can cause an internet outage.


While all of these might hold true at times, there are also some instances where the culprit is very local. In fact, they are within the bounds of our own homes. In the succeeding sections, we will discuss some misses on our end that can cause intermittent internet connection.

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Your Router’s Power is Not Working.

If you are unable to connect to the internet, the first thing to check out is the power of your router. Of course, it is essential to see those green, flickering LED lights in the router. This signifies that your router has power. Hence, if you cannot see any light at all, it means that you fail to connect the router to the power source. Most probably, it has been unplugged or loosely plugged. You can check the outlet where the router should be connected to confirm if this is the case.

Router off - Intermittent internet connection - Streamtech fiber internet

                                     Photo by Misha Feshchak on Unsplash

But knowing you need internet connection almost 24/7, who would want or intend to unplug the router? Of course, it is very unlikely that someone will do that intentionally. Nevertheless, if you are in a household where there are either children or pets, there is a chance that they are innocently culpable. As always, children are curious about the things they see. And the blinking green light of the router can be quite an attraction. Then, they can be led to following the cables and unplugging the router cord from the socket.


Moreover, another possibility is your pet/s playing with the same cables of the router. It has always been fascinating to see our pets curiously playing about something. But when our important online activities became at stake – disrupted – due to our pets’ doing, that might not be cute at all.


If these were the cases, the best thing to do is to keep the cables safe and secured. As much as possible, out of reach from your kids, or safely enclosed from your pets.


There are Faulty Wirings, Damages in the Cables, and Corrosion.


When your subscription is still a Digital Subscriber Line or DSL, it is significant to ensure that cabling is proper. According to Mr. Telco’s website, there are some instances where we opt to have added extension lines from the main socket, to reach our desired destinations. Let’s say, your bedroom or home office area. Said series of wiring, most especially if not done by a licensed technician, could later cause problems in the telephone line where the signal is sourced. Hence, when the need arises, it is important to have these skilled people do the job than just DIY.

Corroded socket - Streamtech fiber internet

                                               Photo by Cabled Up Australia

In the same manner, another possible issue for intermittent connection of DSL subscribers is corrosion of cables and sockets. Since these types of hardware are usually made up of metal, steel, or lead, they are prone to corrosion. Certainly, when you are experiencing slower connection than before, a little inspection may enlighten you of the reason. Maybe there is a need to fix or replace these worn-out parts of your network system. This is most especially true when it has been a long time since you’ve last check on them.

damaged cable - Streamtech fiber internet

                                                    Photo by Net VN

Similarly, damaged cables are a typical scenario. Going back to the pet example above, there is a possibility for animal bites to be evident on your network cables or connectors. That is the reason why it is one of the main questions by some ISP’s customer service representatives. Severe damages may even cut some wires inside them which are responsible for data and signal transmission. Thus, you can expect either your internet to be fully non-operational or your connection to be very unreliable.


But the good thing is you can always dial up your ISP should you find out that there are damaged cables or connectors.


Improper Configuration of Own Smart Device.


Most of the smart devices today, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones have configuration settings that are easily manageable. By accident or due to some technical reasons that we may not be fully aware of, these devices’ configurations can be altered. But worry no more! In just one click on “troubleshoot problems” or “check on the problem on your network settings,” we can easily fix them. This way is easier and is a more immediate resolve.

Airplane Mode On - Streamtech fiber internet

                                        Photo by Stenn Ritterfield on Unsplash

But aside from that very technical configuration aspect, there are also very menial things that we sometimes overlook. For instance, you might have accidentally turned-off the wifi feature on your smart phone or laptop. If that is the case, then you will really be unable to connect to the internet. On the other hand, the same thing goes if you have accidentally turned on the “Airplane Mode” of your device.


Router might be Out of Date.


Simultaneous with the continuous evolution of technology trends is the upgrading of product features. In the case of routers, innovations now include smarter antennas than before. This allows more and farther or moving devices to still be able to connect to the internet. More so, there are also additional features of reduced signal interference, meaning, signals can now pass-through crowded areas.

Old router - intermittent internet connection - Streamtech fiber internet

                                                Photo by

Likewise, there is always an upgrade of smart devices, at par with each other. Hence, your household might be using modern devices while still connecting to an antiquated equipment set-up. This is when you will expect faster speeds because you have new smartphones or tablets, but actually experience intermittent internet connection because your router cannot keep up.


Consequently, as part of regular maintenance, router must also be in point with the kinds of devices you are using.


Home Appliances Interfere with Wifi Signals.


Yes, that is true. Some home appliances like your microwave can possibly interfere with your wifi signal. But how?


In reality, both your router and microwave produce radio waves. The former is for internet connection, so you can comfortably browse the world wide web and social media. On the flip side, the latter is for the purpose of just heating your meals. Microwave technically has meshed sealant door designed to repress the waves from going out of that electronic box. However, there are still leaking radio frequencies, which are the ones that might be interfering with your signal.

microwave interferes with wifi signal - Streamtech fiber internet

                                                  Photo by Science ABC

As a result, our best practice should be to put our routers out in the open. It must be far away from your microwave or any other home appliance emitting or transmitting radio frequencies. Through this, you are lessening the possibility of slow or intermittent internet connection.


Devices Outnumber the Bandwidth and Speed of Your Internet Subscription.


This is one of the most common reasons for intermittent internet connection. When there are so many devices connecting in just one Service Set ID (SSID) or wifi, the connection becomes very slow. It’s because of the fact that there is a heavy sharing of bandwidth, thus, affecting the speed.


Accordingly, it is very crucial to know that for every internet plan speed, there is a maximum number of devices to enjoy that promised speed. For instance, an internet plan with a speed of 25 Mbps is good three (3) devices doing normal browsing, video conference, or SD streaming. On the contrary, a 50 Mbps internet subscription is ideal for households with more than 3 devices. Then, they can do heavy browsing, file transfers, and high-definition streaming.

Anyway, if you are experiencing slow connection, you might want to check the number of users at that given time vis-à-vis your internet subscription. If you feel that your home activities won’t do with your current subscription, it is best to have an upgraded plan. The best recommendation is to switch to fiber internet, if not yet, as speeds are faster and connections are more reliable than DSL.


Bills Remain Unpaid, Forgotten.


Sounds obvious and crazy? But this happens to some people. There are actual instances wherein we see ourselves complaining about how bad our internet service is without realizing that we are the ones who forgot to settle our monthly outstanding balances. Surely, our internet connection will not just be intermittent but interrupted.

Bills unpaid - Streamtech fiber internet

To avoid this unbelievably recurring situation, the best practice is to set a reminder a few days before your actual due date. This will give you ample time to settle for it, allocate money to pay for it; resolve if ever there will be issues with payments not reflecting on your ISP’s system; or enroll it in a recurring auto-charge arrangement, if you prefer to pay using a credit card.


Signal Does Not Reach Your Device.


Needless to say, intermittent internet connection is attributable to weak signal or no signal at all reaching your device. If you live in a more spacious home or a multi-storey house, there will be areas unreachable. There is just a specific range that the signal from your router can reach. Thus, one of the solutions is to relocate your router to a spot closer to your area.


Maybe You Need a Wifi Extender.


If you already addressed all of the above-cited possible local issues yet you are still experiencing slow or intermittent internet connection, maybe it is time to get a wifi extender. Thanks to recent technological advancements that lead to this device’s invention.


Basically, a wifi extender is a device boosting existing wireless signals to expand your wifi network’s coverage. The process starts with the booster collecting the weak or residue signals from your router. Then, it strengthen or amplifies them prior launching them again, giving more and farther devices almost the same level of access to your wifi network.


Now, you may ask yourself, “when do I need a wifi extender?”  The parameters are simple. You should get a wifi extender if:


  • Some zones in your home are dead spots.
  • You experience slow or intermittent internet connection.
  • Getting the fastest internet possible is your goal.
  • You have a very spacious home.
  • There is a need or want to widen the reach of your wifi connection.


Say No More to Intermittent Internet Connection with Streamtech Extendifi!


Looking for a quality wifi extender that will solve all your problems on slow or intermittent internet connection?

Streamtech fiber internet extendifi wifi extender

Streamtech offers Planet Extendifi Wifi Extender. It basically eliminates dead spots in your homes. Also, you will more likely be able to connect as many gadgets as your whole household uses.

Essentially, it has the following features:

  • Management and control of devices’ access;
  • An app that will identify the optimal position of the extender;
  • Anti-virus software for malware and other viruses;
  • Quality services;
  • Monthly review of connected devices and encountered threats;
  • Firewall and wireless encryption.

Now, you will be able to get wifi that is strong everywhere in your house.

Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, offers fast, reliable, and unlimited internet to its customers across the country. It has plans for fiber home internet, that can be cable and internet bundle, and dedicated internet access for SMEs and huge businesses.

Aside from Extendifi, its other products include vlogging kitsgaming kits, and digiclass bundles. You have the freedom to choose which of the internet plans and services best fit your home or business’ online needs.

Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy an upgraded internet experience. You may visit its official Facebook Page for more details.

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