Finding the Right Internet Subscription for Your Online Needs

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Can you imagine the world without the internet? It is going to be tough for a lot of individuals to live in this time without this technology. The internet has become a significant part of how people conduct their everyday activities. In fact, it is now considered more as a necessity rather than merely a frill because of its enormous contribution to the different fields in society. Hence, getting the right internet subscription becomes a pressing concern as well

The internet has changed the way we communicate and interact with each other. It has transformed the means we do business, and even the manner we do things at home. Certainly, we see how immense this tool can improve our quality of life. 

Internet’s Impact to People’s Lives

Even amidst the pandemic, the internet has given us the comfort and convenience we need. People are unceasingly experiencing the many benefits it has afforded despite the challenges of the health crisis. Likewise, it has ensured that we can still be at ease regardless of the many protocols and restrictions this state of ‘new normal’ has brought into our lives. 

Now, people have electronic gadgets and mobile devices that have given them the opportunity to make life more enjoyable. All these use the internet in order to serve their purpose. It cannot be denied that this technology is playing a great role in our daily grind. As people’s activities have continuously shifted to the digital realm, the internet shall remain to have incredible influence over our personal and professional endeavors even in the future. 

Types of Internet

The internet is no longer just a source of information. Through this tool, you can perform a lot of task including shopping, finding online jobs, working from home, establishing a business, and attending online classes, among others. It is truly wise to invest in the right internet subscription in order to maximize the advantages of this technology.

Before you decide on which internet subscription to get, it is best to know the different types of internet. You also need to know which ones are available in your location. 

1. Dial-Up/Analog

This type of internet technology is considered obsolete and is difficult to find by now. However, it is still worth mentioning as this was the original mode of getting connectivity. Dial-up connection allows access to the internet through a standard telephone line and the use of a modem. Basically, you will need to connect the telephone line to the modem in your computer and dial a specific number given by the internet service provider.

2. Digital Subscriber Line

DSL - right internet subscription - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo from Britannica

DSL or digital subscriber line is a type of internet that transmits digital data over a network via a telephone cable. This technology uses copper wiring from standard landline phone systems to deliver internet signal. Unlike the dial-up mechanism, DSL allows the user to do web browsing and make telephone calls at the same time. This is possible because the DSL system separates the telephone signals into three bands of frequencies. The lowest band permits making telephone calls, while the two other bands areyou’re your downloading and uploading activities.

3. Cable

Another type of broadband technology is the cable internet. This type uses copper coaxial cable lines in order to provide internet connectivity. As compared to DSL, these cable lines deliver faster internet speed. However, the service would be more expensive as this comes in a bundled package with cable television.

It is also common that you will be sharing the connection with people who have subscription services in your area. Consequently, you may experience reduced speed particularly during peak hours.

4. Satellite

As the name suggests, satellite internet delivers connectivity to your household or office via communication satellites. It uses satellite dish for the two-way communication so telephone lines or cables are no longer needed. This type of internet is rarely used as it may provide slow internet speed due to signal transmission. 

It is a good choice for those who are located in rural or distant areas where cable, DSL or fiber optic facilities are not available. However, as compared to other internet types, you are less likely to experience network outages with a satellite connection.

5. Fiber Optic

fiber optics - right internet subscription - streamtech
Photo by Compare Fibre on Unsplash

Fiber optic internet or simply fiber internet is a form of technology that uses special strands or fibers that are bundled together into large protective optic cables. The use of fiber-optic cables is advantageous in terms of transmitting signals over long distances. They are also more resilient as they are less prone to normal wear and tear.

Fiber internet is the best option as compared to other internet types as it provides faster and more reliable connection. As a fairly new technology, it is perfect for more demanding online activities.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an ISP and Internet Plan

Aside from the availability of a particular internet technology in your area, there are other vital factors you need to consider when choosing an internet service provider, as well as the internet plan that you will subscribe to. 

1. Internet Speed and Bandwidth

Who would not want the fastest internet connection possible in your location? For most customers, speed and bandwidth are considered primary considerations when choosing an internet service provider and an internet plan. 

To clarify these two tech terms, speed is the rate at which data can be transmitted through download or upload. On one hand, bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted. Users would often use them interchangeably but there is a difference between these two terms. Nonetheless, both are measured in megabits per second (Mbps).

2. Your Online Activities

Since a number of individuals have been working from home, doing business online, or attending virtual classes, it is safe to say that we are using the internet more. One activity such as video streaming or online gaming may require faster internet speed than just simple web browsing or merely checking one’s emails.

Here’s a chart from media website that shows internet speed recommendations for various activities and their required usage.

3. Number of People Using the Network

When finding that ideal internet speed, you also need to consider the number of users and devices that will utilize the network. For instance, your household may comprise of three, or five, and even 10 people. Each person may also be using one to three devices including mobile phones, laptops, or other smart gadgets. 

Each of your activities may also vary. You may be using the internet for your work such as web conferencing, video calling, social media, and downloading or uploading large files. While some may do video streaming and online gaming, other members of the household may do videoconferencing for online classes at the same time. Thus, you will have to make certain that your internet speed has the appropriate bandwidth to ensure hassle-free connectivity for everyone.

4. Download and Upload Speeds

internet speed - right internet subscription - streamtech
Photo by Frederik Lipfert on Unsplash

If you are not too keen on download and upload, these two terms may seem the same. However, the two concepts are different. If you are to use a speed checker, download speed refers to how quick internet users can retrieve data from an internet site or server to their devices, while upload speed means how fast internet users can send data from their devices to the internet network.

Nobody needs to go the entire day at their laptops or mobile devices hanging tight for a download to finish. For most households, the decent download speed is 10 Mbps for each user. On one hand, an upload speed of 5 Mbps is considered good.

5. Reliability

Nowadays, reliable internet connection is indispensable for people’s personal and professional endeavors. This factor has become a big consideration for customers to use a product or service. No one wants to have erratic connection because having intermittent internet is huge trouble and is counterproductive.

In order to find out the reliability of the internet connection provided by a company, it is recommended to check online reviews from customers in your area. Moreover, it is imperative to consider other factors that may affect connection in your locality. For instance, adverse weather conditions may disrupt your internet connection. However, reliable connection is assured if you choose fiber internet service. As you may know, fiber-optic cables are more resilient and less susceptible to wear and tear.

6. Customer Support

Good customer service is essential when choosing the right internet service provider and internet plan. Customer support can provide the right advice on what plan or package that will suit your needs. No matter how fast the internet speed is or how reliable the connection may be, it is inevitable that you will experience some technical problems in the future. You may not be able to handle troubleshooting by yourself so it can be reassuring that the service provider has a good technical support team.

It will be helpful to check customer reviews or consult with friends about their ISP to determine which one has the credibility in prioritizing support for their subscribers.

7. Cost and Contract

You have to think through the cost of the internet plan prior to subscribing to any service. It has to be reasonably priced and within your means, without compromising the quality of internet that you can avail. No one wants to try too hard on subscribing to an incredibly fast connection that you cannot afford and wouldn’t need. It is important to factor in the monthly due, the appropriate speed, the installation or setup fees, and the length of contract you will be required to sign up for.

In terms of the contract, a typical service provider may draw up a contract that lasts for a year. Others may require you to sign up with them for 2 years. Certainly, there are ISPs such as Streamtech that provide customers fast and reliable internet connection with monthly subscription rates that are reasonable. 

8. Bundling and Add-ons

Some internet companies may offer packages or bundling promos such as unlimited internet with cable TV service. These bundling services may enable you to get a better deal with your monthly subscription.

ISPs may also offer add-on high quality devices or gadgets in order to enhance your home and office connectivity experience. 

Finding the Perfect Internet Speed


An internet plan is never the “one-size-fits-all”. Every individual or each household has different needs based on their lifestyle and day-to-day activities. You will need to assess your own circumstance in order to find the suitable internet speed for your regular use.

The internet speed of 25 Mbps is primarily apt for normal browsing, videoconferencing, and SD streaming. This is also fitting if there are three devices that will be connected in your network. If you have internet speed of 50 Mbps, you can already carry out heavy browsing, file transfer, and HD streaming. Likewise, this speed is great for more than three devices. 

If you are into huge file transfer, online gaming, and HD streaming, then you should go for an internet speed of 75 Mbps. This speed is also appropriate for up to five devices. On one hand, a speed of 150 Mbps is great for massive file transfer, online gaming, and ultra HD streaming. It is also suitable for multiple devices. 

Get the Right Internet Subscription from Streamtech

With the need for the ideal internet plan that will cater to your lifestyle requirements, it is essential to choose the right internet service provider. 

Great news! Streamtech, the newest wave in fiber internet in the Philippines, gives the best home fiber internet that will suit your own unique routines. It also provides an upgraded internet experience for residential subscribers to match your household needs.

With Streamtech, you can get fast, reliable, and unlimited internet plans that are also affordable. The internet service packages can also be bundled with cable TV services through Planet Cable.

Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy upgraded internet experience and enhanced connectivity! Visit its Official FB Page for more details.

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