Know the rights and responsibilities of workers and employees

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Written by: Aiya Rodjel

Now that Labor Day is upon us, it’s the best time to reflect on the rights and responsibilities entitled to employees. We should always uphold the safety and health of every worker, for their dignity. While company rules may differ from one another, certain employee rights apply to all companies.

This article delves into the requirements employers have to adhere to in order to provide a safe environment for their workforce. With an affordable internet plan, you can keep yourself in the loop with the latest news and information on labor rights and laws.

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Workplace safety

Employers have the requirement to provide all employees with a workplace that is safe from possible harm. Their offices or work sites should have occupational safety protocols in place to ensure everyone is has a comfortable working area.

What does this mean, exactly? If there are potential hazards in the workplace, the workers should be provided with equipment to avoid accidents and toxic chemicals. Not only that, this means access to electricity twenty-four hours a day, air conditioning (when applicable), and clean washrooms. People can work safely where they’re comfortable performing their assigned tasks.

In case of any accident, the employer should provide employees with access to medical attention. There should be a first aid kit on-site in case of minor incidents. In case of a major accident, the employer should have emergency contacts on standby to help the ailing employee.

This also entails an environment free from workplace bullying. There should be no discrimination against people because of their sexual orientation, age, religion, or disabilities. A safe workplace is somewhere people can be themselves without worrying about possible discrimination.

Employers must give a written warning to co-workers who make the work environment hostile because of discrimination. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure all the employees respect each team member accordingly. Harassment should not be tolerated. Once there are filed complaints, the employer should look into the concern immediately.

Workplace health

Now more than ever, there has been an emphasis on workplace health. The ongoing pandemic has redefined workplace safety to include the health and safety of every member of the organization.

Amid the pandemic, an employer must ensure the work environment follows safety protocols. This means employees should have ample space for social distancing. They should also have equipment and other necessities like face masks and alcohol.

If an employee is sick, he is entitled to sick leave. This is so he can recuperate accordingly. While not all companies may pay for medical treatment, employees should, at least, have the time to rest and recover.

Health and safety don’t just cover physical health nowadays. There is an emphasis on the mental health of the workforce. Employees shouldn’t be subject to working conditions that can cause harm to their mental health. They should also be given resources to help them cope with their jobs as well.

The work experience differs from one person to another. The employer is responsible for looking out for its workforce. They should maintain an environment that allows people to perform their duties without driving them to the bone. Today, there is an emphasis on work-life balance. Business shouldn’t affect people’s rights to live a life outside work.

Holidays and workers’ compensation

Stipulations should be in the written contract. These should include what kind of leaves employees are entitled to employees upon regularization. The employer’s instructions should inform the employees what compensation they can expect from their job at the very start.

In the Philippines, there are 18 public holidays. Paid holidays mean employees are will have their entire day’s pay even though they shouldn’t report to the office or work site. At the same time, employees have the right to refuse contact from their employer on rest days.

If an employee has to work on a regular holiday, he should have a double pay. If that holiday also falls on an employee’s rest day, he will have an additional 30% for that particular day.

Both parties should sign contracts before an employee starts working for an employer. These contracts detail the job’s scope of work and compensation. Employers and employees should agree on the amount to be paid and when the employee should be paid each month. The working hours should also be detailed so the employee would know when he is required to work.

In the Philippines, employees are entitled to thirteenth-month pay, which is equivalent to one month’s salary. An employee’s amount would depend on the number of months he’s worked for the organization. If he’s only been with the company for a few months, the thirteenth month’s pay he gets is equivalent to the months of work rendered.

Work training for all the employees

At the very start, the employer should screen each employee to ensure he can perform the assigned tasks. He should have the physical and mental capacity to do whatever requirement there is.

However, the company should provide employees with the proper training to fulfill their responsibilities efficiently and effectively. Training is a requirement for the team player to contribute to the organization as best as possible.

The human resources department usually have the task of providing training schedules and classes for employees to improve their work. They can task certain members of the team to lead training sessions. They can get a group training organization to take care of the training.

Training sessions should be revisited regularly to ensure they adhere to industry standards. The world continues to change, and employees should be ready to adapt accordingly. The employer should ensure work protocols and procedures are relevant so every employee can perform to their best abilities.

Employers and employees should be able to work with one another to better the organization. With regular training, employees can contribute significantly. They can also grow as professionals.

As an employee, you would appreciate employment with room for career growth. With growth comes better pay and opportunities. Two parties should work together to provide employees a chance to prosper.

Even if the employee was from a labor hire agency, the organization should equip him with the necessary training to do the job right. Fortunately, the are plenty of resources online that can help employers with these employee rights. With reliable business internet, suitable entities can be tapped for added assistance.

Organization resources

Each employee should have the resources they need to conduct their jobs accordingly. The scope of resources differs from one organization to the other.

Most companies provide employees with computers to send company e-mails and other electronic correspondences accordingly. It is the employers’ responsibility to safeguard their data. Workers should also have access to the internet to perform work tasks accordingly.

Fortunately, employers can get a reliable business internet through an affordable home fiber plan. Typically, worksites have connections to fiber internet in the Philippines. However, most employees have been working from home or are subject to hybrid work due to the pandemic.

On the one hand, employers should ensure that employees can access all relevant work files and the like anywhere. However, employers are not necessarily required to provide fiber in the Philippines for each employee.

The good news is that there are affordable home fiber plans in the Philippines, so employees can continue working from home. They can easily connect with other employees in the comforts and safety of their homes.

Job security

Every employee should have assurance they have the security of tenure once after regularization. Employee dismissal should only happen in the workplace for a just or authorized cause and only after due process.

The job contract stipulates that the company has the right to dismiss any employee before regularization for whatever reason. However, things change once the person is a regular employee in the company.

On the other hand, the employer can terminate an employee if he violates his contract. Before the termination takes place, that person should be given a written warning and spoken to by his superior. Before the official dismissal of the employee, he should have the chance to explain his side.. He should understand why he was denied in the first place.

To research what grounds an employer can dismiss an employee, you need reliable business internet. You must understand if the grounds for terminations are legal or not.

Right to Self-Organization and Collective Bargaining

Under the law, employees have the freedom to form or join any legitimate worker’s organization, association or union of their own choice. Unless that particular employee is classified as confidential, he has the right to form or join unions for collective bargaining and other legitimate concerted activities.

Unions are important for employees. This is to give them the best work environment possible. Unions can help fix and administer terms and conditions of employment. The same must always be at par with government-mandated standards. At the same time, unions put a mechanism for resolving their grievances.

Why is it important for employees to have the freedom to unionize? Over the years, many employees have been subject to harsh and unjust working conditions. This may entail too many working hours or exposure to health hazards.

While it is the responsibility of an employer to look out for the health and safety of employers, the current protocols in place may not be ideal. Occupational safety can literally save lives. Unions allow people the platform to air their grievances and fight for a just workplace.

Fighting for the rights and responsibilities of workers and employers

Unfortunately, there are instances wherein employees are subject to unjust working conditions and an unsafe workplace. At the same time, not all employers respect the rights and responsibilities of employees.

In case the employer violates the rights and responsibilities of their workforce, employees can turn to the government for assistance. Through government intervention, employees can fight for their right to health and safety. They can also seek justice in case their employer wronged them in any way.

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has the task to look out for the welfare of employees in the Philippines. In cases wherein the health and safety of workers are in compromise, DOLE has the power to intervene and fight for employees’ rights.

If employers refuse to honor the contract and law, a worker may issue a complaint about the employer to be accountable. Now more than ever, people should recognize the respect they deserve in the workplace. Health has been a primary concern for employers and employees amid the pandemic.

Knowing more responsibilities employees should be aware of

Streamtech Fiber Internet

Employee rights are something every member of the workforce should be aware of. If you think other employees are subject to unsafe work, matters should be remedied accordingly. It is every employee’s duty to safeguard their rights and responsibilities.

This Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on. You can thing about the things for improvement in the workplace. As an employee, you should follow company rules and regulations. However, you should have the voice to help uphold the safety of everyone in the workplace.

Knowledge is power, and with fiber internet in the Philippines, you have access to all the resources you need for a safe and secure workplace. That’s why every organization should subscribe to reliable business internet.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deplete organization resources to provide employees with the best workplace possible. With Streamtech, you can exceed your limits through the power of an affordable home fiber plan.

Through Streamtech, not only can you access all your work files and communicate with your team, but you can also lead a well-balanced life. We provide you access to fiber internet in the Philippines and cable television as well.

Knowing your rights and responsibilities as employees can change your life for the better. Contact our team today to empower yourself with all the resources for the best workplace. You may also browse our Facebook page for more details. We’ll hook you up with reliable business internet you can afford.

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