Top Technology News Aggregator Websites of 2021 – and Why You Should Definitely Follow Them!

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Photo by by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Written by: Gab Angeles

With technology now pervasive as ever, it’s best to stay on top of what’s new and poppin’. Given the significant need for fast and reliable internet connection, indeed, technology has managed to upgrade and remake itself at a pace that’s getting harder for us consumers to catch up on. 

That’s why it is vital for us to have a news aggregator website that is trustworthy when it comes to delivering the most recent tech news for you. After all, web content is the prime purveyor in delivering up-to-date information when it comes to the technology industry and everything that it encompasses. 

Hence, it is vital for enthusiasts and tech geeks to be able to get their tech-news fix through this easiest and fastest way—via news aggregator websites.  

Thing is, there are too many of them out there, and now, turning into a “review aggregator” of these aggregators has become essential. You will find that some are industry staples while some prove to be the more promising up-and-coming start-ups. 

too many tech news aggregator - fiber internet - streamtech
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Given this realization, what should be our content measurement to get the best possible list of news and content aggregators from all those out there? That’s where the list below comes in. This article will give the audience insights on the top tech news aggregator websites. 

So brace yourself as we take you into a comprehensive scan of the internet sources where you should read articles. They are the ones topping lists, search results, crawled by search engines, and sometimes feature in media. They are not mere data aggregators but authorities as tech aggregators. Below is a list of the best news aggregator websites currently out there!


TechCrunch is undeniably the best and most-read technology news aggregator website. Even people who aren’t that much into technology rely on the data of this aggregator for their day-to-day technology advancement fix. 

This is one of the news aggregators that focuses mostly on the business side of technology. It manages to highlight the latest deals, transactions between big tech companies, and news of what’s up and coming in the industry. 

What’s cool about TechCrunch is that they’re able to additionally give out emerging trends in digestible formats, along with in-depth business profiles, thorough briefers for new products and possible milestones in the industries, and the typical tech news that we all love to read. If anything, one can say that TechCrunch is the top news aggregator website when it comes to tech.  


Gizmodo is another great news-aggregator website, with its offerings a bit wider than that of other news aggregator websites. Aside from just tech news, they are also responsible in dishing out daily takes on science, science fiction, design, and hard sciences. 

As an aggregator, it’s a one-stop shop for any geek and nerd looking for the freshest takes in their personal interests, easily making Gizmodo a strong contender when it comes to being a leading news aggregator website. They actually also have their fair share of honest to goodness product reviews, guides for gadgets, exclusive tech news, and many more. 


TechHive is a news aggregator website more focused on “smart” product trends for home and daily use. They’re mostly concerned with items that make use of technology to make day-to-day life easier—and we can’t disagree with the fact that this is a booming niche that keeps on growing on a day-to-day basis as more people adapt and become more tech savvy. 

They mostly do reviews, news, and guides for gadgets that deal with home security, home entertainment, general lighting with controls, and even smart appliances. Despite focusing on a very specific niche, TechHive still manages to get its name on the lead. 

CB Insights

CB Insights also provides a fresher and more adult take when it comes to the span of news aggregator websites out there, as it’s more of a platform ran by machine intelligence that allows for the curiously tech savvy to be updated on private company financing and the angel investment database. 

As an aggregator, it is able to give its users a quick and easy way to view sales, leads, prospects, and deals that overall create a clearer picture for people who are trying to fabricate a playbook for venture capital companies that compete with one another. 

Cord Cutters News

Cord Cutters News is an aggregator that’s more focused on the general audience that’s looking for updates with subscription based streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV, and of course, Netflix. They also offer updates on streaming services such as Fire TV, Chromecast and even live TV. 

Call it archaic, but it’s a great supplementary site for any tech news aggregator as it properly and holistically encapsulates the television and streaming niche, easily making it as the proper go-to site, if you’re looking for something new to watch. 


Focused mainly on guides for more modern tech gadgets, MakeUseOf makes sure you easily learn how to get around in dealing with new tech that may prove to be quite highfalutin, while also discovering new cool things that you probably didn’t know most tech can offer. It’s a news aggregator website that’s mainly focused on giving people a take on start-ups and things that may probably hit off moving forward, making it a good space to check out from time to time.  

Life Hacker

Everyone wants to feel like a hacker, that’s why Life Hacker is there to help people make use of and maximize technology for their day-to-day musings. Alongside the typical tech news comes tips and tricks on how you can optimize your daily workflow and chores by having technology optimize it for you in the best way possible. 

We’re telling you, you’re never going to live your life the same way again after you adapt to the suggestions of this aggregator. It can easily make you feel like you have an entire deck of cards up your sleeve. 


Computerworld is a tech news aggregator mainly focused on—well, if you still haven’t guessed it yet—computers. Their focus on IT mostly zeroes in on tech giants such as Windows, Mobile, Apple, and Office. It mostly gives out information on news, deals, and bundles from the aforementioned – showcasing collaborations, new web browsers, updates on the blockchain, productivity suites, and general updates on Apple, Microsoft, and Google. 

How To Geek 

How To Geek is a news aggregator website in the form of an online technology magazine. It provides quick briefers on the latest gadgets, along with proper guides that come with it, providing a sort of deep dive on the featured technological feat. The charm of How To Geek mostly sits on the fact that they offer guides that are easy to follow and understand, making it easy for experts and neophytes to get in on the latest technological trends and advances.  

Of course, to be able to visit these websites and read all these news, it is an important reminder to have high speed internet connection

Subscribe to Streamtech Fiber Internet - to read on those tech news aggregators is an aggregator mostly focused on finance-related tech, their innovations and product development, and the gateways that you can start off with getting into them. The cool and convenient thing about is that they have managed to become a holistic source for all things FinTech—from news, insights, commerce reports, and top industry trends. It also provides a great view of super niche industries, making it a useful and reliable source whenever needed. 

Product Hunt

Product Hunt mostly focuses on tech products that they deem worthy to be posted in this well curated news aggregator website.It offers an extensive guide and review on the tech world’s latest websites, products, and mobile apps that everyone is already talking about or is about to get in on. Addedly, it is one of the best ways to stay updated on what’s poppin’ in the industry and to keep in touch with all the latest technological trends and tools that are bound to make life easier.  


Mostly focused on hardware and gadgets, PCWorld zooms in on laptops, smartphones, desktops, operating systems, and even productivity software. PC geeks and smart-phone aficionados will have a blast going through PCWorld’s extensive list of guides and reviews. This is not to mention the fact that they have super helpful listicles. Said contents make it easier for you to decide on what gadgets to purchase as you need them. 

They offer highly reliable information and expert advice with anything related to gadgets and hardware, making them quite a giant among the news aggregator websites existent.  

Digital Trends offers the most up-to-date coverage in tech subjects. It has extensive reviews that provide enough details for you when choosing to purchase a certain tech merchandise. They’re known for making super helpful videos that allow for people to quickly digest information in the most concise manner. They’re also known for the deals that they exclusively offer in their site. These can be as partnerships and paid sponsorships as they do pass them by a lot of times.  


CNET, mostly known as an international news source for everything related to technology, is another example. They provide up-to-date news, reviews, prices, videos, how to articles, listicles, and even a forum for you. In these channels, you can talk to like-minded people with the same experiences as you. It’s a very helpful source for all things technology. It thereby make it a leading news aggregator website worldwide that people know and love.  


ZDNet is a more adult-focused tech news source website. It shares breaking news, research on business technology, and analysis. These help professionals stay up-to-date with trends, studies, and advancements in the technological industry. They’re good in giving everyone a healthy dose of the latest IT trends. They also provide the hippest events, and the most shocking issues that everyone should know. Indeed, this ensures that you’ll be up to date with technology.  


Pocket-lint is a gadget-centric website. It gives you the latest and the greatest news when it comes to electronic product reviews. They keep you up-to-date on the latest gadgets, home cinema equipment, audio systems for professional and home use. 

Digital cameras for both starters and experts, cars, and even mobile phones. The wide niche they cater to allows them to become a one-stop website for people who are targeted by most if not all niches that they update on, making it quite a notable entry on this list. 


Everyone who’s into tech (even those only scratching the surface) knows PCMag. We see hard copies of their magazines on news stands alongside the T3’s and the TIME’s. But there’s more to that. PCMag is a news aggregator website giant. It gives complete and thorough features and reviews on all the latest advancements when it comes to computers. 

This aggregator gets comprehensive not only on computers but also the peripherals you can get them with. This is to make your life easier. More so, they provide readers and users the upgrades you can add on to each device. Of course, this is to make everything a little less load-bearing. This cult favorite manages to give the best possible tests and reviews to most famous and controversial tech product and services. 

They also give breaking reports on tech news and trends. Thus, it’s easy for their loyal patrons to stay updated on what’s hip and happening in the tech industry. The most helpful segment in their site is the shopping advice with price comparisons. It allows consumers to easily glance and make a decision to their hardware and software shopping carts.  

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We do hope this quick list of the top news aggregator websites this 2021 helps you. This is especially important if you are exploring what more the world and industry of technology has to offer. Make sure you’re always up to date and never out of touch! It’s best to subscribe to an internet promo that can manage to keep you always connected. 

Streamtech is one of the up-and-coming internet service providers that can do just that—offering affordable plans and bundles while also giving out excellent customer service and unparalleled performance. Check out their fiber plans and promos, because we’re more than sure that a perfect offer is out there and just waiting for you to avail it!  

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