What It Really Means to be a Tech-Savvy Mom, and the Best ISP for Them

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Mother’s day celebration is just around the corner. That is when we specifically celebrate our beloved light of the family. Even up to this day, the adage “Mother knows best” still holds true. In fact, mothers of this era are considered ‘empowered women’. Mommies, ‘mamas’, or ‘nanays’ no longer conform to the traditional concept of being ‘house-bound’ to simply do home chores and just take care of the children.

Technology, most especially fast and reliable internet, has become instrumental in transforming moms into driven, aspirational, and innovative individuals. The so-called ‘millennial moms’, who have embraced the benefits of technology, have changed the way society regarded women. According to an article, these millennial mothers have done away with the boundary between working mom and stay-at-home mom as both are earning income and making money.

Rise of Digital Moms

The impact of digitization to people’s lifestyle has immensely evolved. This is due to the pandemic that left people here with no option but to stay indoors in order to be safe from the virus.

The internet has hugely influenced how Filipino mothers have adopted to digital behaviors. These changes in the ‘new normal’ have made moms embrace these digital platforms as essential factors in making their daily decisions and in going about their everyday grind.

Mothers use Internet more

Even before the pandemic had disrupted world’s normalcy, Internet usage among Asian women has shown to increase once they become mothers. A study cited by media company techinasia.com conveyed how the conventional stereotypical view of mothers is slowly fading from society’s consciousness. 

These moms have become pre-occupied with online activities aside from just doing household chores. Majority would also spend less hours watching television. Instead, they would devote their leisure hours on their mobile gadgets to browse the web.

Social Media is Primary Source of Information

social media - get the best isp - celebrate mother's day
Photo by Nathan Dumalo on Unsplash

The prevalence of social media has also found its way to the then ‘homemaker’ and now considered ‘Filipino digital moms’. According to a survey, social media platforms have become the primary source of information for these mothers.

Survey data showed that 46 percent of mothers would go online to access information. Majority of these respondents would turn to social media, particularly Facebook, to find answers to their queries on parenting and other concerns.

Mothers are Often Active Online

The easiest way to communicate with moms is through social media. Data from the digital mom survey revealed that mothers are active online before sleeping at night and in the morning before the day begins. This is particularly true for working mothers. 

Likewise, mothers would spend about five hours daily on social media or messaging applications. Among the various social media platforms, moms would prefer using Facebook, followed by YouTube, and Instagram.

Multiple Social Media Activities

Like any other individuals, social media have become an entertaining and educational realm for mothers. You may never know it, but moms do a number of activities on social media. They love sharing images and videos on their own accounts. Moreover, live streams are an amazing way to spend their break time from work or chores.

As a haven for products and services, moms also look into consumer reviews. They even write reviews and purchase products from various product pages. 

Companies would have to be attentive to consumer reviews, particularly on social media. Consequently, 50% of moms check on consumer reviews prior to making purchase decisions. 

Online Shopping

The online shopping platforms have been considered necessities for mothers. In the same digital survey, it was revealed that more mothers have utilized various online shopping platforms due to the imposed community quarantines in the past year. 

Commonly, most moms would shop online for baby products, food and groceries, health supplements, cosmetics, accessories, and electronic gadgets, among others. As survey showed, Shopee and Lazada are the most popular online shopping apps for Filipino mothers

It is also interesting to note that these mothers are expected to continuously do online shopping in the future. This new normal shopping habit will likely remain even if this pandemic will be over.

Online Deals and Sales

Moms are bargain hunters. They would always search for the best shopping deals and sales. Where else can they find these huge bargains and discounts? Online shops and platforms would constantly hold sales and offer big discounts.

Practical as they are, moms would tend to switch between various e-commerce shops to check where they could get the better deals. They are always on the hunt for the best bargains, promo codes, money-saving offers, and freebies.

Parenting Apps, Learning Portals

parenting app - access via the best isp
Snapshot from Google Play

As learning has shifted online, mothers have also transitioned into exploring applications and portals in order to improve themselves. For new moms or expectant mothers, they tend to seek information and guidance from parenting apps available online. More so, digital mothers consult websites for health care queries.

Furthermore, digital communities especially catering to mothers have sprouted. These have become helpful for stay-at-home mothers seeking for companionship, recommendations, and conversations.


Challenge to Traditional Moms

In this digital age, it is quite a challenge for conventional mothers to keep up with the latest trends in technology. As reinforced by the pandemic when everything seemed to turn online, it is recommended to keep up with the demands of the times.

The internet is such a useful tool in order not to be left behind. Indeed, the internet can help strengthen the bonds of the family. It can even nurture the relationship of the family members when used properly. 

Also, hurdling this transition challenge will be easy with the aid of fiber internet.

Transition to Traditional to Tech-Savvy

The transition from being the traditional mom to someone who is tech-savvy may be easier said than done. It can be a draining process. Nonetheless, with an amazing internet service provider who can give the right tools such as unlimited fiber internet, it will be truly worth your time and effort.

Are You Ready for the Shift?

There are three factors that can gauge how ready you are to becoming a tech-savvy mom. The first one is your knowledge on using smartphones for tasks such as making calls and doing messaging or SMS. Another is your familiarity with word processing software such as Microsoft Office. Finally, it is imperative to have knowledge on using Internet or web browser. If you have all three, your potential to digital savviness is high.

digitalization - happy mother's day - celebrate with the best isp
Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Questions to Ask

Aside from having the fundamental know-how on technology, it is also important to assess your interest on this digital realm. Here are some questions that may assess your level of enthusiasm towards being tech-savvy:

  1. Are you interested to discover new means to communicate with people?
  2. Do you want to learn fresh ideas on making life easier with the help of technology?
  3. Are you fascinated with new platforms to learn new things and gain knowledge?
  4. Do you want to be familiar with new ways to purchase stuff for you and your family?
  5. 5. Are you interested to know about gadgets and devices that can help you do things online?

If you answer YES to all these questions, definitely you are on a promising path toward tech-savviness.

Steps to Becoming a Tech-Savvy Mom

Typically, it is the children who are more knowledgeable when it comes to digital devices and gadgets. However, moms can easily keep up with their children by remembering these simple steps:

1. Be willing to learn


The first step will always be a person’s openness and willingness to learn new things. It will not be easy in the beginning but if you are able to carry a mindset that is prepared to accommodate new ideas, everything will turn out fine. Just think about how you will enjoy being able to connect with your children when it comes to new tech trends.


2. Learn the processes bit by bit


Learning shouldn’t be drastic or you will find yourself squandering every time you acquire new information. It is understandable that for tech newbies, more time is needed to absorb the different facets of technology. Just remember to grasp significant bits of information at your own pace.


3. Research more on new-found knowledge


As you absorb every piece of information, it is wise to start researching on other details that could complement and supplement your new-found knowledge. Perhaps you may start with the terms and concepts introduced online. Searching Google, using fiber internet, will always be handy when you have questions to ask.


You may have heard of QR codes, or payment portals, or discount codes. These may get your fancy on getting more information about tech stuff.


4. Apply your new skills to family

The best test to determine if you are able grasp these new tech skills is to apply them. You may want to start trying them out with your children. It will also be helpful if you get their feedback on how you are faring with these new learnings.

Perhaps, you can start by challenging your photography skills and capture images of your family members. You may also try sending them online using your mobile phone. Or probably test your skill on converting these images to new file formats.

If you want to level up this challenge, you may want to try using QR codes when you are entering malls or grocery shops. 

5. Continue learning

Cliché as it may seem but learning doesn’t stop. It is a lifelong process. You have to be receptive to new ideas and consider learning more things. It may seem that technology now is already at its peak. But you should realize, there is more to come.

Advantages of Being a Tech Savvy Mom

It may seem like a painstaking idea but being a tech-savvy mom can bring in more benefits than what you can realize.

mother's day - work from home - get the best isp
Photo by Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

Improved productivity

With your knowledge on technological stuff, you can manage every aspect of your daily routines using an appropriate app or software. If you are a working mom, you can easily handle all the responsibilities both in the office and in the household. 

Better organization

The beauty of using technology is that you are able to organize your tasks. You are sure to find the right app to help you arrange everything in one click. Thus, no forgotten schedules and no overlooked appointments. What’s better – you have more time in your hands because you are able to efficiently manage your everyday grind with the aid of technology.

More Time for the Family

For digital moms who have embraced the advantages of using technology, they can attest that one huge benefit is that they have more time for their family. Today, as children are also inclined with digital gadgets, mothers can easily use these opportunities to bond with their kids. 

Enriched Creativity

It cannot be denied that the web offers so many platforms to harness your creativity. Moms can easily find portals or websites that can nurture their hobbies. Whether you need to enhance you cooking skills or improve your handicraft, or just to be “artsy-fartsy”, you can find avenues to gain more knowledge on such fields.

Virtual Platforms for Professional Development

Since education and learning have become virtual due to the pandemic, moms can find websites that can help them acquire new skills. There are various institutions that offer online education for professional development. Mothers can even find high-paying jobs online and be able to work from home. For instance, the demand for virtual assistants is constantly growing.

Business opportunities

Mothers who are ‘business-minded’ can find numerous possibilities of establishing businesses online. Even stay-at-home-moms, who do not want to sacrifice quality time with their spouses and children, can explore ways to earn income. 

Women are known to be creative and innovative in crafting ideas on what to sell. Through unlimited internet, you can set up online stores to promote various products found in your locality.

The Internet Service Provider for Tech-Savvy Moms

Streamtech - fiber internet - get with the bst ISP.

For tech-savvy moms, it is important to choose an internet service provider that can give the ultimate web experience for you and your family.

Streamtech, the newest wave of fiber internet in the Philippines, offers unlimited, high-speed internet to homes and businesses across the country. The internet service packages can also be bundled with cable TV services through Planet Cable.

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching, having unlimited fiber internet with fast and reliable connection is the best reward you can give yourself.

Subscribe to Streamtech now and enjoy upgraded internet experience and enhanced connectivity! Visit its website for more details. 

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