Most Famous TikTok Effects Trending this 2022

Tiktok effects - streamtech fiber internet
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Your Tiktok videos can take on a whole new dimension with the use of trending TikTok songs plus the best TikTok filters and effects. Fortunately, TikTok offers a wide range of creative effects and editing tools to use while making video content. All they’ll need is a fast fiber home internet so that they won’t get disconnected while preparing their TikTok videos.

Then, just locate the effects icon on the left side at the bottom of the video production interface. TikTok divides creative effects into a few categories, under the effects menu, including trending, new, interactive, editing, and beauty.

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Elements of Tiktok Videos

Although a TikTok video may appear to be easy, there are many moving pieces. This article will go over some of the factors one needs to consider while creating a video, such as a look, sound, story, and details.

The Look

Let’s take a look at the icon that says “make a video.” The plus sign or “+” icon appears at the lower center of the screen when you first open the TikTok app. Simply tap on the icon, and you’re done! You can now start making TikTok videos of your own.

The Sound

What viewers hear is just as essential as what they see when it comes to crafting a decent TikTok video. That’s why Tiktok offers huge music and sound library to go along with your videos. You can just easily choose one that fits the content you are aiming to prepare.

The Story

TikTok is all about telling stories. And a good narrative might appear out of nowhere. You may use TikTok to make a captivating film about a DIY project, a beauty tutorial, or even a day in your life.

The Details

You can make your videos more memorable by including a few essential characteristics that make discovery simpler. Consider including concise descriptions in your videos so that viewers can comprehend what you’re trying to express immediately. And to make it easier for viewers to find your videos, use relevant hashtags.

Photo by wagnerokasaki on iStock

Most Popular Effects on TikTok this 2022

Of course, a lot of people have been fond of exploring the variety of filters available on TikTok. That’s why we have made this list below so you can check them out for yourself as well.

Wacky Mirror

This is one funny effect on TikTok that is trending this year. Basically, what will happen when you start recording is that it will make a wiggling effect. You can find it by clicking the left button at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

Time Warp Scan TikTok Filter

Another funny effect on Tiktok is famous as the time warp scan filter. A blue line moves downward or sideward. Then, the portion of the screen already covered will be frozen. That’s why a lot of people have been using this effect on TikTok in extending things.

Slow Zoom Effect on TikTok

You can locate this TikTok filter by looking for arrows pointing to a face shape in the list of effects. Some of the app’s viral videos included creators feeling the center of attraction or the protagonist of a movie.

Comic Me

TikTok users shine bright with this filter as they were able to create a comic-like version of themselves. Once they started to record a video, the effect turns their faces into a comic version.

The Green Screen Background

Since the first picture was presented on the silver editing screen, visual effects have been the gold standard for cinema production. The green screen is famed for its capacity to transport people to another planet, and TikTok has now included a brand new ‘green screen’ effect to assist users to get the most creative tools possible. You can also add effects when you create a video using the “green screen.”

You Can Get an Image from Your Camera Roll

Look for the #greenscreen icon in the “Trending” section of the “Effects” menu. You may even choose any photo from your camera roll or phone gallery to use as your background. TikTok creators have been doing the same.

Other popular TikTok filters and effects include the fantasy filter, bling effect, inverted filter, and color customizer filter. These filters and effects are really helping to enhance your TikTok content. They can also attract and inspire viewers to create their own videos.

how to use tiktok effects - streamtech fiber internet
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

How to use Tiktok filters?

While Tiktok effects are intended to produce dynamic or creative graphics, TikTok filters and effects are used to make subtle alterations and work similarly to Instagram photo filters. In the bottom menu, tap the plus (+) icon at the center. When recording your video, hit the red record symbol. After recording one video, there will be a preview screen to check if you want to proceed to upload.

You can also upload or use a clip from your smartphone. In the vertical menu’s upper-right corner, tap Filters. If your video includes a lot of white colors, this menu may be difficult to view. Along the bottom of the screen, a number of filters are available, as previously mentioned.

Tiktok effects work best with a fast and reliable internet connection

Streamtech Fiber Internet

It sure is fun doing some TikToks with the use of TikTok filters and effects. Just click the search bar to view the most popular Tiktok filters. But, it works much better when you have a fast and reliable internet connection, just like Streamtech Fiber Internet.

Fiber internet is now the best alternative for users in terms of dependability and speed. Congestion is no longer an issue because data and information are conveyed utilizing fiberglass. In comparison to, say, wired DSL, it is also more robust to natural calamities.

Streamtech, the Philippines’ newest wave in fiber internet, has just improved fiber internet in the Philippines. In fact, it offers up to 25 Mbps fiber internet for as low as PHP 1,499. This is perfect for your TikTok video creation and editing of your chosen TikTok effect. You can always start by just tapping the recording screen, and the connection will not be a worry.

So, check out the Streamtech official Facebook page now to know more about its residential plans and packages for businesses. You may also contact our customer care department for help, through our hotlines: (02) 8808-2323 or 0919-057-8888.

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